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Make a Big Difference with Big Data Analytic solutions

Big data is gaining momentum across industries since companies are rapidly adopting new ways to store and process their enterprise data. Global businesses are now heavily investing in advanced big data solutions to explore valuable insights and optimize business results. Hyena, the best Big data solutions provider, enables clients to maximize their business value by using their enterprise data in a meaningful approach for creating lucrative business decisions.

Being a leading AI, ML, and Big data services, solutions, and applications provider, Hyena provides results-oriented automated solutions that help enterprises transform their data into revenues. Our advanced big data solutions help startups and established organizations derive impactful perceptions into data to embark on profitable business outcomes.

We also assist companies in strengthening their brand value by offering advanced mobile applications to their customers. Our Big data app developers can build customizable mobile applications that meet the specific requirements of our clients.

Big Data Services

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Our Big Data Services & Solutions

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Strategy and Consulting

Hyena creates an efficient strategy that ensures smooth adoption of big data technology across your operations. By analyzing your business needs, Hyena’s consultants frame out a big data strategy that adds business potentiality and makes your business ready in line with market trends and compliance.

Data Analytics solutions

Our team of Big data analysts with vast experience in using Big data technology can explore valuable hidden patterns from data to predict market trends and customer purchasing patterns and behavior online. Such impactful solutions help enterprises stay updated with the market demands.

Design A Prototype

With our industry experience in Big Data, our group of experts designs a model that replicates the planned big data solution. We test and implement a sample version of the proposed solution to evaluate its impact on our client business.

Application Development

Hyena, a top big data application development company, designs and develops the best mobile apps that help businesses increase user experiences, boost operational efficiency. We are specialized in building customer-centric mobile applications with rich features and attractive UI/UX design.

Big Data Implementation

Hyena assists clients in realizing the power of innovative results-driven big data solutions. Our Big data experts help companies augment their data management processes by implementing strategic data solutions for improving performance and reducing operational costs.

Support & Maintenance

Our next-level Big data services and solutions are not limited to big data consulting and application development services. With our dedicated technical team, we also provide 24/7 support and maintenance services to our clients.

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    Our Clientele

    Hyena has earned reputation and respect from its client by delivering top-notch customized IT solutions. We have satisfied clients from all over the globe.

    How is Big Data beneficial to mobile app development?

    Hyena builds advanced mobile apps featuring Big data capabilities
    1. Integration of big data analytics into mobile apps ensures the best user experience
    2. Customizable big data-enabled mobile applications meet user needs
    3. Lifts overall application performance
    4. Big data solutions help companies analyze customer behavior and make quick business decisions
    5. Improved user engagement and maximize conversions
    6. Aids enterprises generate more app revenues

    Hyena, the best Big data company, offers Enterprise big data solutions, big data consulting services & application development services at attractive quotes.

    Sensitive Data Discovery
    • Develops and launch error-free mobile apps faster than our rivals without compromising in quality
    • Our strategy of adopting emerging technologies for developing intelligent mobile apps and creating enterprise solutions helped us stay more competitive in the industry.
    • We are expertise in developing applications using Natural language processing, speech recognition, image recognition, fraud detection, anomaly detection techniques, and many more.

    Why Hyena for Big Data Services & Solutions?

    Because we deliver secure and prolific Big Data Solutions and Applications!
    • Hyena has expert Big data app designers and developers who delivered the best big data applications for enterprises across diverse industries.
    • Our desire and dedication towards building profitable enterprise-centric big data solutions and cost-effective services made us unique in the industry
    • Our proven strategies and practices help us deliver projects on-time
    • Our ability to develop custom-made big data apps made us the best partner for many organizations to tap their Big data application development services.
    • A proven track record of qualitative big data applications extends our brand value in the market

    Hyena is ready to transform your workflows with our efficient big data solutions.

    Industries We Serve

    Deliver The Best Big Data Solutions & Applications For Diverse Industries
    Banking & Finance

    Hyena, an advanced AI company, blends data analytics and machine learning to build feature-rich and robust big data solutions for the Fintech industry. We modernize and help your business to embrace the wave of digital technologies for enhancing productivity, customer retention rates, and overall business results.


    Hyena, mobile healthcare solutions alter the way individuals interact and get treated by healthcare providers. Using the power of AI, ML, and Big data technologies, we help healthcare service providers reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, and deliver excellent patient care.

    Retail & E-commerce

    We build fully-customizable e-Commerce apps that reshape the existing operational way of brands and customer engagement approaches. We also add unique, high-performance, and conversion-oriented features to your existing e-Commerce application to match your audience’s expectations.


    Hyena, a leading Big data services and solutions provider in Bangalore, India, builds enterprise-centric and customer-centric mobile applications and solutions for manufacturers to achieve better resource management, higher productivity, and operational efficiency.

    Media & Entertainment

    Know your media consumption rate with Hyena’s application development services featuring advanced technologies. We build custom entertainment apps with user-friendly interfaces to engage customers on apps for a long time.


    Our customizable e-learning mobile applications and solutions like e-training apps and LMS systems decrease the communication gap between students and instructors while strengthening digital learning methods.

    Tourism & Travel

    Our custom mobility solutions promote the travel business to the next level. Hyena offers unbeatable travel solutions and apps that make journeys comfy and help companies achieve higher user retention rates.


    We are a leading provider of intelligent automotive solutions and services for brands. Hyena accelerates automation across the processes and improves productivity and profits by integrating AI, ML, and big data tools and technologies into the existing systems.


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    Client testimonials

    Satisfied clients are the bedrock of any strong business and ours is no exception. Read our testimonials below.
    Hyena’s AI-powered solutions helped our C-level Executives to generate real-time reports and insights on operational activities performed across our various locations. They developed an AI-based virtual assistant that can learn and improve every business conversation automatically without manual effort.

    Telecommunications Giant


    Hyena optimized the capability of our m-learning applications. We achieved 40% increased students subscription. We are succeeding beyond our targeted boundaries with implementing Hyena’s AI solutions. Thanks to Hyena!

    BYJU’s, the Learning App

    Bangalore, India

    Hyena has delivered an incredible predictive analytics solution to us and made us a performance driven online retailer in India. Compared to prior financial years, we witnessed 50% of increased sales during the year.


    Bangalore, India

    We partnered with Hyena to fill a skill gap across our IT domains. New hires helped us to complete the major IT project we targeted within deadlines as promised to our clients.

    IT Company

    Dallas, USA


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