Artificial Intelligence AI in Healthcare Industry

AI In Healthcare Industry benifits

Artificial Intelligence AI in Healthcare Industry

AI In Healthcare Industry: Top Use Cases of AI In Healthcare and Benefits

AI In Healthcare Industry 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare industry is a trend in the global healthcare industry. In Digital Health, mHealth, Telemedicine, and Robot surgeries, AI has a significant impact. AI applications in healthcare are transforming conventional healthcare models and ensuring incredible operational benefits to service providers.

The market research reports say that approximately 60% of the global pharma and healthcare organizations are investing in AI for remote monitoring operations and augmenting medical imaging and diagnostic processes. Patient care and quality control as the next important use cases of AI in Healthcare. Here are a few most popular use cases of AI in the healthcare sector. 

Top Use Cases Of AI In Healthcare Sector 

#1. Remote Patient Data Monitoring & Risk Analytics 

The healthcare sector is already experiencing the positive impact of AI technology. Remote monitoring of patient’s data is one of the top benefits of AI in healthcare. AI medical apps, using deep learning and ML capabilities, will analyze and derive insights into patient’s health data. These insights will assist physicians in determining the health risks and providing the right diagnosis at the right time.   

#2. Virtual Nursing Assistant        

Virtual nursing assistants are the best examples of AI applications in healthcare. AI-powered virtual nursing assistants in mobile apps will assist users in many ways. There are many types of AI healthcare virtual assistants, such as patient health monitoring assistants, symptom tracking bots, and doctor appointment scheduling assistants.

#3. Medical Imaging & Diagnostic

Here are other best use cases of AI in medical and healthcare industry. Artificial intelligence aids radiologists and pathologists to detect patterns in medical images like X-rays and CTs faster and identifying abnormalities in seconds. Such disease identification techniques help radiologists generate accurate health reports and assist doctors to provide better diagnose.

Medical Imaging & Diagnostic

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#4. Drug Discovery & Development

AI in the pharmaceutical industry is stretching its significance across the services. Using AI and ML-like technologies, pharma companies and drug development companies are identifying new drugs to treat unmet health conditions.

On the other side, Ai technology is also playing a vital role in making clinical trials faster and more efficient. AI-powered healthcare and medical mobile applications can monitor patients’ records and identify the right candidate to make drug clinical trials quicker. Hence, the future of AI in drug development industry will be expected to create a high business in the coming years.

Drug Discovery & Development

#5. AI For Hospital Management 

Healthcare AI apps will digitally and efficiently manage the complete information of in-patients and out-patients. From appointment bookings and patient in-clinic visits, and treatment services to services delivered and final payment information, AI helps the management to streamline entire admin tasks. 

#6. AI Surgical Robots        

AI and ML-powered surgical robots are performing minimally invasive surgeries based on interpreting the surgeon’s commands. AI robot-assisted surgery assists doctors in attending complex surgeries from remote locations in emergency conditions.

Since they use conversational AI techniques, AI robots can be controlled flexibly with doctors’ commands. Hence, smaller incisions, faster recovery time, and high success rate as the core benefits of AI robots, and their use and adoption are highly increasing in the healthcare industry.

AI Surgical Robots

#7. AI Healthcare Wearables        

Fitness tracking and well-being apps are the best examples of this AI application in healthcare. AI-powered wearable apps using the capabilities of the IoT and cloud technologies will help users to track their health conditions 24*7.

AI-based fitness apps can measure their sleep quality, they can view their calories, and they can also track their fitness. Hence, implementing AI in wearable health apps is used for monitoring health signs and getting the medical consultation at the right time if needed.

#8. Telemedicine: Remote Patient Assistance

It is one of the use cases where the importance of AI in healthcare industry is popularizing. Telemedicine is a significant path to deliver value-added remote medical assistance services to patients in their home comfort. It is a current trend of AI in medical and healthcare. Patients can connect with doctors over online and get medical advice and real-time recommendations to get recover from their illnesses.

AI-powered Telemedicine software help patients get instant consultations from specialists anywhere at any time.       

#9. Cybersecurity 

The healthcare industry gathers and stores enormous amounts of highly sensitive and confidential information. The global healthcare industry is witnessing million-dollar losses due to data breaches.

The use of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare will prevent data leaks or cyber threats with ease. Advanced threat detection techniques and risk monitoring applications will continuously monitor the network, identifies vulnerable areas, and notifies the data security team about the threats. Hence, AI applications will helps healthcare providers in protecting information systems from cyber-attacks.

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 These are the top 9 use cases of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare industry. These are the top areas where the impact of AI is positive and flourishing.    

The Future Of AI In Healthcare Industry 

The future of AI applications in the healthcare sector is promising. Among all other AI healthcare use cases, AI for developing personal nursing assistants, real-time patient monitoring solutions, personal health tracking apps, and admin workflow assistance solutions will have higher scope in the future.

With 24% of the total market share of artificial intelligence in healthcare, digital nursing assistants and connected AI apps will be expected to occupy the majority of space in the coming years.

Followed by AI robot-assisted surgical tools and software and Telemedicine are the next biggest applications that will have more demand in the coming years. Overall, AI technologies will turn out to be transformational drivers in healthcare ecosystem.


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How Much Does AI Costs For Mobile Healthcare App Development?

The cost of healthcare mobile apps with AI features will be quite expensive than developing traditional healthcare applications. But, remember one thing, AI adds value to your application and makes it unique and stand out from the clone apps world.

Being a leading AI consultancy and development agency in the USA, we estimate that the cost of an AI-based healthcare application might reach over $200,000. However, you can experience a price variation at the end as it depends on app features, platform, design, technology stack, development time, and like factors.

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Wrapping Up

Artificial Intelligence is a trending topic in the healthcare industry. AI helps doctors, management, and patients in many ways. AI-based healthcare apps smartly assist patients in online doctor appointment bookings, getting telemedicine services, monitoring their health conditions, etc. Similarly, AI healthcare solutions and applications will allow doctors to detect diseases and provide better care services.

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