How Much Does it Cost to Develop eBook App like an Amazon Kindle?


How Much Does it Cost to Develop eBook App like an Amazon Kindle?

Driven by the advancements in technology, the reading and learning habits of people are shifting to digital ways. Without holding a book or a newspaper in the hand, they are happily reading manifold content by just swiping on their smartphones with their fingertips.

Yes. Electronic books or e-books are personalizing the reading or learning experience of users. With comprising millions of libraries in various genres, digital books assist users to read magazines, newspapers, books, and other content indoors or outdoors anywhere for free. Such enormous libraries and accessibility of content all at the convenience of the user made eBook applications more popular than hard copies.

The increasing downloads of trending eBook apps like Kindle have become an advantage for businesses. From the biggest technology giants to startups, enterprises are in plans to commercialize the online reading habits of people.

However, this lockdown period might increase the installs of crazy and information-oriented eBook applications. It is the right time for businesses to develop on-demand eBook mobile apps and generate profits.

If you plan to develop an eBook app for Android or iOS like Kindle, this article might help you out. Herein, we have given a detailed guide on:

  • What is a digital book like Kindle?
  • What are the benefits of trending eBook apps like Amazon Kindle?
  • What feature made Kindle-like eBook so Popular?
  • The development process of Kindle-like eBook applications
  • What Technologies and Tools are required for eBook app development?
  • How much does it cost to build an eBook app like Kindle?

Let’s get started!

What is Kindle?

Kindle is one of the most popular eBook mobile apps developed by Amazon. By giving access to approximately 1.5 million e-books to users, the app has made revolutions in the digital industry.

Users can have a blissful time in reading popular magazines comfortably and conveniently. The best thing about the app is that magazines on the Kindle-like eBook app offer you high-resolution images in vivid colors.

Built-in dictionary for searching the meaning of words and Google for browsing more content related to the topics are a few of the best features of Kindle-like eBook apps. The app also ensures better synchronization between devices.

Kindle app development cost

This trending digital book application has acquired over 100 million installs as of 2020.

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    What are the benefits of trending eBook apps like Amazon Kindle?

    • Efficient learning: eBook applications allow e-readers to learn the subject or topics in a more personalized way. It makes online reading and learning more interactive.
    • Greater Flexibility: e-readers can read eBook content all at the convenience of their home. They can access the app anywhere and at any time as per their interest and flexibility.
    • Knowledge-oriented Books: eBooks allow readers to improve subject or project-related skills digitally.
    • Money-saving Process: Millions of eBooks are available for free on Kindle-like applications. The paid eBooks are also much lesser in price than printed books.
    • Online resources: Digital books help students or professional or magazine readers access a manifold of content anytime they want.
    • 24/7 Availability: eBook mobile apps allows users to log in and access the app content 24/7

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      What Features Made Kindle-like eBook So Popular?

      • Quick Registration

      It is the first step that allows users to access the eBook app. Kindle’s easy login process makes users login to the app with simple clicks. Users can use the same login credentials across multiple devices to read free eBooks or purchase paid Books from over 650,000 titles.

      • Availability of Multi-lingual Books

      The most popular Kindle-like eBook apps allow users to read content in multiple languages. It can be done through its Translation of Languages feature.

      This feature allows users to instantly translate the words into known languages and read with ease. Such innovative feature ensures user convenience and improves app personalization.

      • Availability of Audio Books

      This feature is developed for users who hate to read lengthy content. Users can listen to the audio of the desired information they are looking for.

      Kindle-ebook-app development-cost

      • Built-in Dictionary

      It is another appreciable feature of the popular eBook mobile apps like Kindle. Its multi-lingual dictionary feature helps users to search meanings of words in seconds with a single tap on it.

      • In-app Wikipedia and Google Links

      Here is another advanced feature of digital books. It helps users search for required information over the web using built-in Google and Wikipedia links.

      • Detailed Index or X-Ray View

      This feature allows users to know the inner content of the eBooks they choose. It represents end-to-end title information such as chapters name, sub-titles, and images in a graphical representation.

      • Platform Availability

      It is one of the best reasons behind the increasing downloads of Kindle-like famous eBook app. This app is available on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. This multi-platform availability of the application is making it a breakthrough application in the market.

      • Auto Synchronization

      This feature is one of the reasons behind the popularity of the best eBook applications like the Amazon Kindle app. The application easily syncs your selected eBooks between Android, iPhone, Desktop, and iPod. So, it allows users to continue to read leftover content of the specific eBook on multiple devices.

      • Customization

      Users happily customize the app while they read eBooks. The app allows users to modify the font size, background color, and screen brightness of their choice.

      • Free and Paid eBooks

      Users can read millions of free eBooks in the app. The trending eBook application also allows users to shop for digital books from bestsellers. Users can purchase books from 200K Kindle-exclusive titles and 650K Kindle titles.

      • VoiceView Screen Reader

      It is an advanced feature that helps users interact with eBooks with voice commands. This VoiceView feature is primarily developed for people who have vision problems. It reads content that is on the screen loudly and automatically navigates to inner pages.

      • In-built lights

      This feature help users read online books comfortably at night mode. Users can switch built-in lights on nights. The color of the screen can be adjusted to blue or white or black as per the user’s convenience.

      • Quick Notes and Highlights

      This feature allows users to bold and mark the content with attractive colors available in the app. Further, the app also facilitates the user to make notes and share them using Evernote web clipper.

      • Page Flip

      It helps to navigate to pages or books quickly with just a gentle swipe with fingertips.

      • Book Collections

      Here is another attractive feature of eBook apps. It allows users to well-organized their collection of eBooks based on titles, subjects, or projects.

      Step-by-Step Guide to Kindle-like eBook Application Development

      The best eBooks app development company plans a strategic app development approach to create efficient and high-performing applications. Let’s look at the step-by-step development process of eBook mobile apps.

      Kindle-like eBook Application Development

      • Requirements Gathering

      For developing successful mobile apps, in-depth knowledge of project requirements is essential. From features and app platform to app type, everything needs to be finalized in this step.

      • App Design

      eBook apps with attractive UX/UI gain the user’s attention and hits the app stores. App design with medium-sized elements and graphics adds more beauty to your reapplication.

      • App Development & Testing

      In this stage, app features, front-end, and back-end server parts are developed. App testing and bug fixing also take place for making the app more efficient and respond quickly.

      • App Deployment and Maintenance

      App deployment on the operating system you choose is the final step. Be it Android or iOS make sure the app should give outstanding performance on the selected platform. 

      What Technologies and Tools are required for eBook app development?

      Required Technology Stack for eBook App Development

      • Programming languages: Swift (iOS app), Kotlin (Android app)
      • Networking: Alamofire (iOS app), OkHttp3 (Android app)
      • Back-end Development: Node.js, Express 4, MySQL (database), API Swagger
      • Storage: Amazon S3
      • Payment: Braintree

      technologiesHow Much Does It Cost To Build An eBook Reader App Like Amazon Kindle?

      The cost of iOS eBook apps development or Android eBook apps development ranges from $15,000 to $95,000. However, the development cost of any mobile application varies based on the features set you added to the application.

      Further, the cost to build eBook mobile apps might also go beyond the estimated cost based on the platform, mobile app type, design complexity, team size, and hourly rate of the mobile app developers.

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        An e-book application development needs the most advanced features such as app customization, graphical representation of the index, VoiceView, page flip, built-in browser navigation links, etc.

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