How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Health and Fitness App like Fitbit?


How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Health and Fitness App like Fitbit?

The Health and fitness of an individual are key for a beautiful family and also for a progressive country. People these days have a busy schedule to meet their goals but it is important to add sports to the daily routine. Following a balanced lifestyle of exercise and diet will always keep you active. You can find many health and fitness apps in the market that help you to analyze your vitals and reach fitness targets during daily workouts.

Everyone is becoming more health-conscious and this increased the demand for fitness apps. The increase in mobile usage has led to the development of apps for different purposes including health. Fitbit is one of the popular health and fitness apps for both Android and iOS devices. It will act as your fitness partner and give a clear idea about your sports, workouts, sleep, nutrition, and stress. The application also has personal guidance and health programs to upgrade your fitness level. You can make use of the work from home videos in the Fitbit app and stay healthy.

People are trending towards a healthy lifestyle and a perfect health and fitness app with all necessary features will help you to follow a healthy lifestyle and reach fitness goals. The development of the best health mobile app will bring more revenue. We are a top healthcare apps development company and can help you to build a fitness app like Fitbit.

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What is Health and Fitness Application?

The health and fitness mobile app is one place for personalized workouts, food plans, and health advice. You will have a clear idea about the calories burn and intake on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Users can also have guided programs and coaches will help you more in the process. Gathering for workouts and sharing progress on social platforms will motivate others to get healthy and fit.

The popularity of these apps is increasing rapidly since 2020. The fitness apps downloads have taken a rise by 67% from the previous year. It clearly states that these mobile applications have a great demand out there. A leading health and fitness mobile app with all the necessary user requirements will grab the scalability of the market. Hyena is the top health and fitness apps developer in India who can build a definitive fitness application at a minimal cost.

About Fitbit Mobile App

Fitbit is a fitness company that provides products like activity trackers, smartwatches, and wearable devices. These are used in daily activities to count the number of steps climbed, distance walked, heart rate, and other fitness metrics.

In 2014, Fitbit introduced a website and mobile application for Android and iOS platforms for fitness tracking. This app has over 5 million downloads on both platforms serving their users. You can connect the activity devices to the app with Bluetooth to check all vitals during workouts and also have a balance between food, weight, and exercise. Users can also set goals daily to reach long-term health targets. The Fitbit mobile app will accompany users to achieve a complete view of their physical activities.

Features of Health and Fitness App

The key features of any mobile application will impact the cost of development. Here we will discuss the important factors that the best healthcare apps for Android/iOS require to reach the users.

  • Tracking Vitals of User

Fitness apps like Fitbit are popular because of measuring the essential metrics of the person during activities. Your app should be able to track the number of steps, heart pulse, blood pressure, and other vitals. It will help them to monitor regularly and avoid unnecessary conditions like dizziness or breathing problems. The health and fitness app should have this basic feature to engage more users.

  • Food Login

A combination of a perfect diet regime and workout plan can only give desired fitness results. You can log daily food and water intake to check your nutrients, proteins, fat, and carbs. It helps you to plan a daily exercise to burn out the calories.

  • Workout Videos

We can not plan for outdoor physical activities in some situations and this should not be the reason for unhealthy habits. The workout videos available in the health and fitness app give you free access to exercise from your lawn.

  • Personalized Goals

Every user will have a different body response to their regular activities. The same fitness plan will not work for everyone. So, the health and fitness mobile app should analyze the user data and customize their goals.

  • Social Platforms Interaction

Encourage your fellow people in fitness by sharing your reached goals in social media accounts and communities. The app easily connects your family and friends to throw activity challenges, adventures and share expert articles of fitness advice.

  • Connect with wearable Devices

Any health and fitness mobile app is useful only when connected with other external devices like smartphones or wearable devices. The Bluetooth feature in the app connects with these devices and helps in easy tracking of daily activities and exercise.

  • Gamification

Games in your health and fitness app will engage active members and help to acquire new users. The rewards, reaching levels and badges will make your way to reach the audiences. Make sure you have a gaming element in your healthcare mobile application.

  • Chat Option

It helps the user to interact with the experts for solutions to any kind of health and fitness query. They can also chat with their fitness community to create daily challenges and connect people with similar goals and help them to uplift each other.

  • User Registration

The quick and easy user registration will improve the user interface of the application. Fitness apps with simple login steps will save time for your users. Make the login process simple with email, phone number, and password and password recovery mechanism.

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    Benefits of Using Health and Fitness App like Fitbit

    We have listed out a few benefits of the health and fitness app like Fitbit that help us to improve the wellness of our health and keep us motivated.

    • Track Your Steps

    Everyone participates in some sort of activity while completing their regular tasks. Check how your small moves like climbing steps, walking, lifting objects can help in burning your calories and reach your goals.

    • Stress Management

    The hectic routine and target to achieve have introduced stress into everyone’s life and affecting health. The Fitbit app facilitates you with free audio tracks to start the day with calm and mindfulness intentions. You can also listen to relaxing soundtracks for better sleep.

    • Sleep Time Tracking

    Good sleep at night is key for an active next day. You can check your sleep score in the Fitbit app and make changes to your nightly routine with sleep goals and reminders. The weekly analysis graph will give clear information about the achievement and improvement of sleep.

    • Track progress

    The progress in your fitness with a healthy diet will always push your limits. The Fitbit app sends notifications to the users every week to look over the achieved goals. It also sends you the rewards for achieving your fitness target.

    • Notifications

    The health and fitness app like Fitbit sends the notification of the scheduled workouts, sleep timings, water, and food intake. As it is important to complete the task everyday for better results of your fitness and health.

    Tech Stack for Health and Fitness App

    After you have decided on the features of your health and fitness it is time to check the tech stack. Let us study the leading fitness mobile app Fitbit and get the details of the programming, data storage, frameworks, and API. We got in touch with top mobile apps developers from Hyena and listed out the requirements.

    Programming Languages: C, Java, HTML
    Cloud Data Storage: IBM SoftLayer
    Framework: Spring Framework, Android SDK
    API’s: Runscope
    Group Chat: HipChat
    Tracking Issues: JIRA

    Market Scope of On-demand Health and Fitness App Like Fitbit

    The fitness and exercise apps have seen a large scale revenue in the last year. As the lockdown is initiated in every nation the gyms and fitness studios have turned their way to virtual fitness.

    The market value of health and fitness app market size is valued at $ 4.4 billion in 2020 and is expected to have a growth rate of 21.6% from 2021 to 2028. All these stats show the growing trend of online fitness training. If you have an idea of developing a mobile application then follow the present drift of health and fitness apps. Hyena is the best mobile app development company that guides you from the baby steps to build the application.

    How Much Does it Cost to Build a Health and Fitness App Like Fitbit

    The app elements are the main factor that affects the cost of developing a mobile application. Apart from them the time, location, and platform will also show influence on building an application.

    The Cost to develop on-demand health and fitness App with average features for Android and iOS is $15,000 to $30,000. If you want to add the additional features then the cost may vary from $24,500 to $175,000.

    If you want to know the estimated budget value for developing your app, contact us with your requirements. Hyena is the best fitness apps developer in Bangalore, India with a strong technical team that can guide you through the process with a free consultation.

    Cost to Develop a Health and Fitness App like Fitbit

    Factors that Affect the Cost of Mobile App

    Here you can check for a few key elements that show the impact on cost development.

    • App Platform

    The health and fitness apps should be compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. Android has about 85% of the smartphone market which results in many device compatibilities. So, the development cost of Android is slightly more than other operating systems.

    • Team Size

    The App development team size will also define the cost of the mobile app building. We need to have a complete pack of developers, managers, designers, and testers. Hyena, a leading mobile app development company in Bangalore, India that has all resource requirements to hand over your app in a precise time.

    • App Design

    A user-friendly app design will always make you stand out from the pit hole of the app stores. It will intact your users and never let them leave. So, never compromise with your design even if it adds up to your development costs.

    • Development Time

    The development time of the mobile app depends upon the features and number of platforms. This in turn will have a direct effect on the app development cost. So, you need to have a clear idea about the features of the mobile app. Get in touch with us to get accurate time duration and cost involved.

    • App Developers Location

    The mobile app developers charge on an hourly basis that shows an effect on app development cost. Developers from various locations charge differently depending upon their experiences. Here we have mentioned the cost of developers according to region.

    App Developers from the U.S: $50 to $250 per hour

    App Developers from India: $10 to $80 per hour


    We hope the information above will give you complete guidance regarding the cost to develop a health and fitness app like Fitbit. Hyena is a leading mobile app development company in Bangalore, India with outstanding designs and services. If you still have any doubts regarding the procedure you can simply contact us. We have a good track record of delivering products to the customers in given time and a reasonable budget. Happy to serve you!

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