How Much Does it Cost to Develop an AI-based Fitness App like GOQii?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an AI-based Fitness App like GOQii?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an AI-based Fitness App like GOQii?

How To Develop AI-based Fitness App Like GOQii?

The fitness and healthcare app development industry is projected to reach approximately $120.4 million by 2030. This tremendous anticipated growth is primarily driven by people’s switch to fitness apps. Yes. People are increasingly using fitness apps for monitoring their calories burnt through regular workout sessions. Fitness apps are also popularizing and using for counting steps walked and tracking heart rate, sleep quality, blood pressure, and other vital signs of health.

This trend is attracting organizations to develop intelligent Fitness apps with a set of unique features. Mobile app development companies are integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in consumer apps and business-centric apps to deliver outstanding experiences and take the level of digital transformation to new heights. An AI-powered Fitness mobile app like GOQii is one of the best examples of technological innovation.

GOQii app is a smart preventative healthcare or fitness application that allows users to monitor and track their health and fitness. With over one million downloads, the GOQii app has become the best Healthcare and Fitness app for Android and iOS in India. The app’s features and versatile functionalities are ensuring its success.

GOQii App Overview 

GOQii is a leading health and fitness OTT Platform which is available for both Android and iOS users. The app offers fitness-driven video coaching sessions, online doctor consultations, and fitness tracking tools like user-friendly features and functionalities. The app is popularizing with its coaching feature that allows users to get personalized fitness recommendations to make users healthier and fit.

The application is developed using AI technology to monitor and track life-threatening health conditions based on lifestyle. This popular AI-based diet app also allows users to order nutrition-rich organic and healthy products from an in-app e-commerce store. It is an added benefit to the application. Users can order food items, vitamin supplements, and exercise equipment and get them at their doorsteps.

GOQii Android app has attained a 3.9/5 star rating while the iOS version has got a 4.1/5 star rating. This most-downloaded fitness app makes use of AI technology to ensure the best user experiences in tracking fitness, evaluating health risks, and improving their health conditions. 

Cost To Develop An App Like GOQii

What Made GOQii A Trending Fitness App?

My straightforward answer is the set of features or functionalities of the GOQii mobile app. If you are looking to invest in GOQii clone app development, you must add the features that we listed below. Hyena, the best custom mobile app development company, has a team of expert full-stack developers who have proven knowledge on creating Fitness Tracking and healthcare apps.

Here are a few significant features that you must add to your GOQii-like a popular health and fitness tracking application.

Features of the best Well-being App like GOQii

  • GOQii Doctor: This feature allows people to consult a qualified and expert doctors online and get health improvement tips.
  • GOQii Coach: Through GOQii-like a famous fitness application, users can request and watch motivational and fitness preserving videos from trained and expert dieticians & fitness instructors. GOQii app also allows users to conduct in-app chatting with call to the respective personnel seamlessly.
  • GOQii Health Store: GOQii app is designed and developed in such a way that the users can view and order nutrition-rich products and opt door delivery. Hence, GOQii-like trending fitness app in India can also be used as an e-commerce platform to order goods at anytime from anywhere.
  • Health Tracker: It is one of the best user-friendly feature of added in GOQii mobile application. It helps users to track vital health signs and also ideal app for maintaining virtual records for tracking fitness and health.
  • Risk Assessment Feature: Based on trackers information, in-built health risks assessment tools assist people in evaluating their health risks and improve health conditions. The app also gives a comprehensive healthcare report of every user based on the assigned input.
  • Risk Assessment Feature: Based on trackers information, in-built health risks assessment tools assist people in evaluating their health risks and improve health conditions. The app also gives a comprehensive healthcare report of every user based on the assigned input.
  • In-app Chatbot: Here is where GOQii app is making a big difference in compared to the other health and fitness tracking application or well-being apps. Integration of in-app AI-powered Chatbot feature will assist the brand to stay in touch with the users 24*7. It will improve app reliability and user experiences.
  • Quick Share: GOQii iOS and Android versions allows users to instantly share their health and fitness logs to friends or family members on different mediums with ease.
  • Simple Registration: A simple registration and login forms facilitate quick access to app functionalities and enhance app installation rates. To provide quick access to app functionalities and making users feel convertible and convenient, GOQii is offering simple registration process.
  • Simple UX/UIs: App design too plays a key role in increase the number of app downloads, installations, and active users. Simple and easy to understand User Interfaces will enrich app visibility, usability, and friendliness.
  • GOQii Karma: The app gives rewards virtual currency points to users on reaching their every fitness goal. The users can donate the points and the GOQii team on the other side converts this virtual currency into real money and transfers to the charities.
  • GOQii Cash: The app offers cash rewards to users and they can be used to buy healthcare products or workout equipment from GOQii Store.

Features of the best Well-being App like GOQii


These are a few interesting features of GOQii-like the most downloaded fitness app in India. Fitness app development with the features listed above is a pretty good idea in this infection-speeding era. Being healthy, maintaining a diet, staying fit and cool, and boosting immunity power is mandatory to live healthily and combat COVID-like hazardous viral infections.

As the GOQii app offers fitness tips, diet suggestions, order products, virtual video workout sessions, and other health management recommendations, the popularity of this one-stop-fitness solution is climbing to new heights.

How Does GOQii AI-based Diet App Work? 

GOQii is the best iOS app for tracking fitness parameters and being healthy. Upon user registration and login into the applications, GOQii’s user-engaging landing page will assist users to choose the services and instantly access the app content.

Users need to register with their age, email ID, gender identity, and weight to get the best health tips and food recommendations from experienced and qualified fitness instructors and diet physicians.

Further, based on the fitness objectives, the GOQii app allows users to choose their trainers, communicate with them over a call or chat, and watch live videos of workout sessions. It will allow users to attend regular fitness sessions and be healthy. Fitness trainers will also provide diet tips on user interest. Moreover, users of GOQii can pair their wearable devices with mobile apps and keep on monitoring health signs.

As we discussed in features, the app offers real and virtual currency cashback to users. The points can be used as per the T&C of the GOQii mobile app.

The Step-by-Step Process Of GOQii Clone App Development 

Before initiating the development process of AI-based Fitness App Development, here is an agile process that makes development approach smooth and hassle-free.

  • Do market research for estimating the application density.
  • Plan your development strategy aligned with the client’s requirements
  • Choose the best set of programming languages, UI frameworks, and tools to make your AI-based fitness apps more efficient and bugs-free
  • Form team structure: UX/UI designers, front-end and back-end developers, and testers
  • Start developing app elements as per the app’s vision.
  • Test thoroughly to make the application efficient and improve performance
  • Launch a bugs-free app for users to download and use
  • Implement monetization models such as freemium, in-app ads, and subscriptions


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    How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like GOQii Fitness Software?

    The cost of Fitness apps with mid-level complexity will be ranged from $30,000 and $50,000. However, the development cost of health and fitness application is based on the time and hourly price of custom app developers. 

    Major factors that affect the cost of app development:

    • The complexity of the fitness application: Basic, Medium, or Advanced
    • Integration of modern features and functionalities
    • Making apps compatible with wearable devices
    • Type of app platform: Native, Hybrid, or Cross-platform
    • Number of hours and time is taken for Designing, Development, and Testing
    • Mobile App development models: In-house or choosing offshore software development company
    • Development team size
    • Maintenance and support expenses

    Whether you are ready to hire an iOS app development company or an Android app development company, focus on hiring the best custom app developer who has proven experience in creating bespoke fitness apps. Hyena is the best mobile app development company with over two decades of experience in software development.

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