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Deployment of the virtual workforce or AI robots across production environments has been gradually increasing, especially in the manufacturing industry. To handle repetitive tasks and prevent manual errors in production lines, manufacturers deploy intelligent robots. But, this trend has extended to 90% of businesses across various industries. Be it the healthcare or retail industry, to reduce operational costs and automate processes, companies are using disruptive Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools.

Hyena, one of the best AI app development companies, builds next-generation RPA solutions and applications that replicate and perform human tasks faster. Along with enhancing operational efficiency, our RPA solutions act as a virtual workforce for achieving higher productivity.

Robotic Process Automation Services

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Our RPA Services Offerings

Kickstart RPA journey to speed up your digital transformation

RPA Consultation

Hyena, the best AI application development company, has expert RPA consultants who help businesses to understand the need for automation across their processes for clutching growth opportunities.

RPA Development

Hyena, a leading RPA application development company, is specialized in creating feature-rich mobile apps that bring automation across enterprise workflows and increase productivity.

RPA Implementation

Hyena, the best Robotic Process Automation services provider, configure and develop AI and ML-powered bots for process automation. Our RPA experts seamlessly implement, test, and deploy automation solutions.


We provide automation bot management, risk management, and application maintenance and support services. We also augment your workforce to update their knowledge in line with the trending RPA tools to manage automation solutions efficiently.

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    Our Clientele

    Hyena has earned reputation and respect from its client by delivering top-notch customized IT solutions. We have satisfied clients from all over the globe.

    Why is Robotic Process Automation in Demand?

    RPA is the best automation solution for wide business applications!

    AI robots are capable of performing human tasks with more accuracy and perfection without interacting human workforce. Such applications or tools don’t need any interfaces to accomplish tasks. They can seamlessly handle all tasks that are programmed to perform in a precise manner. Here is where RPA and AI technologies are in high demand in the market.

    • RPA is incredibly useful for performing repetitive tasks
    • RPA plays a vital role in processing enormous data input
    • RPA will organize rule-based business processes intelligently
    • RPA enable systems quicker but accurate performance
    • RPA technique also best useful for cross-application processes
    • RPA solutions empower businesses to run cost-reduction processes
    • Low error rates and increased productivity
    Sensitive Data Discovery

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    Industries We Serve

    We build advanced apps for industries with a blend of AI, ML, and RPA tools.
    Banking & Finance

    Hyena, an advanced AI company, blends data analytics, machine learning, and RPA to build feature-rich and robust automation solutions for the Fintech industry. Automation in customer account management, credit data validations, loan approvals, and financial claims processes is achieved with our RPA solutions.


    Hyena acquired best-practices in the design and development of healthcare apps with the power of AI, ML, and RPA technologies. Our solutions automate patient data migration, healthcare record maintenance, claiming insurance, and medical bill processes.

    Retail & E-commerce

    We build fully-customizable e-Commerce automation solutions for customer management, brand management, and marketing and sales automation. We also add unique, high-performance, and conversion-oriented features to your existing e-Commerce application to match your audience’s expectations.


    Hyena, a leading AI mobile app services provider in Bangalore, India, provides automation solutions for automating conventional manufacturing and logistics processes. We also develop RPA solutions and applications for comparing product prices and achieving automation in supply-chain management processes.

    Media & Entertainment

    Hyena help businesses increase customer loyalty and retention with intelligent RPA automation solutions. We use RPA and AI for building customizable applications and solutions that automate service request processes with RPA bots which in-turn results in increased media consumption rate.


    Create a conducive learning environment with RPA. Our customizable RPA solutions automate attendance management and various other admin tasks. We build advanced e-learning apps and LMS systems and online assisting Chatbots to fill the communication gap between students and instructors.

    Supply Chain Management

    Automate mundane tasks like order processing, tracking, and inventory level monitoring with RPA. We develop excellent RPA solutions that bring automation across supply-chain management and improve operational efficacy.


    We are a leading provider of automation solutions and services for brands. Hyena builds powerful RPA applications to automate and modernize the process of vehicle sales. Besides, we also help companies automate inventory tracking and payment processing tasks.


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    Client testimonials

    Satisfied clients are the bedrock of any strong business and ours is no exception. Read our testimonials below.
    Hyena's AI-powered solutions helped our C-level Executives to generate real-time reports and insights on operational activities performed across our various locations. They developed an AI-based virtual assistant that can learn and improve every business conversation automatically without manual effort.

    Telecommunications Giant


    Hyena optimized the capability of our m-learning applications. We achieved 40% increased students subscription. We are succeeding beyond our targeted boundaries with implementing Hyena’s AI solutions. Thanks to Hyena!

    BYJU’s, the Learning App

    Bangalore, India

    Hyena has delivered an incredible predictive analytics solution to us and made us a performance driven online retailer in India. Compared to prior financial years, we witnessed 50% of increased sales during the year.


    Bangalore, India

    We partnered with Hyena to fill a skill gap across our IT domains. New hires helped us to complete the major IT project we targeted within deadlines as promised to our clients.

    IT Company

    Dallas, USA


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