The Magic of Natural Language Processing in AI Mobile Apps

NLP Process in business

The Magic of Natural Language Processing in AI Mobile Apps

“Hey Siri, what’s the weather today?”

When you activate artificial intelligence-powered Siri (an application for the iOS operating system), with this command, you can get the most precise information related to today’s weather. It is all the magic of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and speech recognition technologies.

If you have iPhone, you might be thrilled with advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based virtual assistant-Siri performance. Though it uses a manifold of AI technologies such as machine learning and speech recognition, NLP is like the heart of the Siri application.

Here, we would like to guide you on how the integration of NLP technology makes mobile apps or software applications robust and smart. We also focused on how to create NLP-powered mobile apps for businesses.

What is Natural Language Processing?

Understanding human languages is a typical task for devices since machines need to assess syntax, semantics, sentiments, and much more inhuman voice. Natural Language Processing can do this seamlessly.

NLP is an AI technology that empowers devices and applications to read and interpret languages spoken by humans and give responses accordingly. It is the driving force behind speech recognition apps, digital assistants, text-to-speech, emotion analysis, and many more.

Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri are two of the best applications of NLP-powered personal voice assistants.   

Current Applications and Future Possibilities of Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Where Is NLP Widely Used?

  • NLP plays a vital role in creating language conversion software or applications like Google Translate
  • NLP is the most popular technology for personal virtual voice assistant apps development like Alexa and Siri.
  • Natural language processing is the best technology for voice responsive apps that manage calls like a human representative.

The Best Use Cases Of Natural Language Processing (NLP) Technology

The benefits of Natural Language Processing in mobile apps are abundant. Aside from interpreting human spoken languages, NLP is also a recognized technology and being used in multiple real-world applications. Here are a few advantages of the use of NLP in software applications.

  1. NLP for Filtering Spam Mails

The biggest tech company-Google is using NLP to recognize the most common words, idioms, and sentences in spam messages and prevent them to hit the inbox. It is why all the spam text goes to the spam box instead of our inbox.

  1. NLP Apps for Recruiting

Nowadays, to make the process automate and fast, organizations are investing in AI-based recruitment tools integrated with NLP abilities. Natural language processing along with machine learning technology helps recruiters scan hundreds of resumes simultaneously and pick the desired candidate who matches the job criteria.


  1. Identifying Forged News   

Software or applications that were designed using NLP can pick and remove the fake news that is going viral on social media channels. This might be helpful for service companies to stop further spreading of news across channels.

  1. NLP for Real-time Security

The U.S. Intelligence Community and the public security authorities are increasingly deploying AI and NLP applications to process and analyze the enormous amount of online and raw data during crime investigations precisely.

  1. NLP for Sentiment Analysis

NLP is the best way to understand the mood of the public. Analyzing customer voice emotions expressed in social media portals is a significant approach to address customer demands.

Popular social media channels like Facebook and Twitter are using NLP software in their applications to analyze the sentiments of targeted audiences. It helps businesses to drive business decisions in providing more desired and personalized services to users.


  1. NLP for Market Intelligence

Digital marketers are increasingly using natural language processing techniques for knowing their audience preferences. With the power of AI, machine learning, and NLP, businesses are exploring valuable insights into customers’ data and creating results-driven business strategies to provide more customer-centric services.

  1. NLP for Grammar Checking Software

The quality of digital or physical content plays a significant role in ranking and generating leads. Artificial intelligence and NLP are the two best-advanced technologies that auto-correct errors and checks grammar in the content.

For instance, Grammarly is one of the most-used NLP-based software used for checking grammar, spelling and also highlight incorrect sentence formations.

  1. NLP in healthcare

With an aim to increased patient outcomes and automate processes, healthcare organizations are using AI and NLP to alter the way they deliver services to patients.

Natural language processing solutions in healthcare helps patients communicate with physicians virtually. Besides, from scanning patient’s electronic health records and clinical documentation to speech analysis and risk adjustment model, AI and NLP is widely used in the healthcare sector.

Applications of AI in Healthcare

How Much Does It Cost To Build Mobile Apps With NLP Capabilities?

While there are many technologies are available to create innovative mobile apps, such as augmented reality, virtual reality, device tracking, connected IoT sensors, the craze for AI technologies is at peak level.

Businesses are focusing on integrating natural language processing capabilities in their service apps in the form of chatbots to respond to customers’ queries 24*7. One of the most significant benefits of NLP-powered applications is that individuals with physical disabilities can also communicate and access the apps seamlessly.

Hence, the best mobile app development service providers suggesting enterprises integrate NLP capabilities in devices and mobile apps to provide more personalized services to customers.

If you plan to build AI mobile apps for your business, you might be eagerly looking to know the cost of AI/NLP app development.

    How much AI apps or NLP apps for Android and iOS cost in 2021?

    If this is your question, here is the best answer. For instance, an NLP-powered chatbots application development will cost somewhat around $20,000 to $80,000.

    However, as we discussed in our previous blogs, the mobile app development cost varies based on many factors, including app complexity, app design, app features, development platform, app type, and location of the app developers. All these factors might fetch a difference in estimates of app mobile app development cost.

    ai app development

    Final Words

    The future of mobile app development will move around AI technologies. Moreover, NLP technology will have an incredible impact on the mobile app development industry in the next coming years. The advanced AI technologies will make apps and digital virtual voice assistants more intelligent and interactive.

    So, it’s time to power up your business applications, systems, or machines with significant AI technologies and make a difference in providing services to the targeted audience.

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