How Much Does It Cost to Develop an Education App?

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an Education App

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Education App?

Technology advancements have brought a radical change in almost all industries. The education sector is also transformed with the power of modern automation technologies. The education applications for Android and iOS have redefined the way of conventional teaching and learning processes.

On the other hand, usage of smartphones is also a driver for the increased downloads of various mobile apps, including educational applications like BYJU’s and Coursera. The reliable services of e-learning apps increasing the number of paid subscribers thereby profits to app owners.

In this article, we let you know the popular e-learning apps types and features, and benefits. We also help you have an idea about the development cost of the education app.

What are Educational apps/E-learning apps?

Educational apps are like a bridge between instructors and learners. Emerging automation technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning have further made educational apps more engaging and user-friendly. Moreover, in the current COVID situation, the best e-learning mobile apps for Android/iOS make online learning easier and safe.

What are the major types of E-learning apps?

Online learning apps are broadly classified into two categories. They are-

  1. Educational apps for instructors
  2. E-learning apps for students

Besides, based on the purpose of use, a few more significant types of m-learning apps are available in the market.

  • Learning management apps
  • Subject-related education apps
  • Education apps for professional IT courses or Online course learning apps
  • E-learning apps for grading
  • Multi-purpose learning apps
  • For parent and teacher communication
  • Gamification apps and so on
  • Language learning apps
  • Entrance-exam preparation apps
  • Education apps for tracking student’s progress

Hyena, one of the top e-learning apps development companies, can build educational apps that shift offline teaching/learning to online smoothly.

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    What are the benefits of trending educational apps or e-learning apps?

    Nowadays, online learning is a trend in the education industry. Educational mobile apps are becoming popular with increasing user download rates. In this pandemic, from primary and secondary to universities are using e-learning apps to teach their students online.

    The advantages of online learning apps or e-learning applications:

    • Efficient learning: Educational applications facilitate students to learn the subject in a more personalized way. It makes online learning more interactive and efficient.
    • Flexibility in Learning: Students can grab knowledge and attend lectures by sitting at the convenience of home. They can access the app anywhere and at any time as per the student’s flexible timings.
    • Better Digital Communication: Education apps also help to maintain a healthy relationship between parents and teachers. The apps allow teachers to clarify parents’ queries regarding their pupil’s learning progress.
    • Knowledge-oriented activities: Multipurpose educational apps allow students to improve their skills on various subjects, aptitude, and many other Knowledge-oriented activities.
    • Money-saving Process: Subscription charges of online learning apps are much lesser than a student pay for instructors.
    • Remote Learning: E-learning apps help students learn anytime, even away from the classroom. They ensure faster learning and improve students’ ability to grasp the topic more deeply.
    • Online resources: Mobile apps help students to access a manifold of eBooks, online materials, and other subject-related pdf’s anytime they want.
    • Entertainment: Top E-learning apps change the face of traditional education. The best online learning apps transform topics into games format to attract users. Thus, unlike sitting ideal for a long time in the classroom, the apps enable students to learn more interest.
    • 24/7 Availability: Educational apps always stay active and facilitate students to log-in and start learning all the time.
    • Systematic Learning Way: The best online learning applications in the USA & India ensure smart and systematic learning methods.

    6 Top Interactive E-learning Apps or Education Apps

    Here are a few popular e-learning apps for Android and iOS devices.

    1) BYJU’s- The best online learning app

    Buju’s is a popular online learning app in India with 50+ million subscribers. Its engaging video lessons help students understand, learn, and remember the concepts with ease. Further, with its Byju’s Classes features, students can book free tutorials and clarify their doubts instantly.

    The app also covers the syllabus of state-level Boards, ICSE, and CBSE for classes 6-10. The e-learning app also helps in learning Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology for classes 4–12.

    This famous educational app helps 11-12 class students prepare for competitive exams like IIT, JEE, and NEET.

    Byju’s is also stood as the most popular learning platform for preparing for government exams. It provides live classes to hit competitive tests such as Bank PO, IAS, UPSC, and many others. 

    Cost to Build eLearning AppBenefits of popular educational apps like BYJU’s

    • Byju’s like top e-learning apps for Android/iOS supports students in learning subjects deeply
    • Its online classes by India’s best teacher ensure one-to-one mentoring and instant doubt resolution
    • Aspirants can practice sessions for perfection and a better understanding of the subject or competitive exam patterns
    • Offers unique learning approaches based on students grasping power and interest
    • Students can revise the topics and practice test papers
    • Attractive Scholarship
    • The best online learning app for competitive exams, including government exams
    • Students can quickly track their learning progress and improve the skills that they lack.

    Want to know How much does it cost to develop an app like Byju’s?

    Let’s talk to Hyena’s expert mobile app development consultants right away.

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      2) Udemy- The best digital app for learning IT Courses Online

      Udemy is a top online learning app that helps aspirants to learn professional courses in an easy-to-grasp manner. With over 3500 leading online video courses list, the app stood as one of the popular educational platforms in India.

      Online courses related to coding, development, Java, Python, SEO topics, design, photography, and many more encourage learners to improve their skills to the next level.

      It is available on both Android and iOS app stores and has 10+ million subscribers.

      Cost to Develop an App like UdemyWhat features make the Udemy app unique in the e-learning industry?

      • Learn offline helps learners download the video course content online and can learn them in offline mode.
      • Udemy-like best-in-class e-learning apps allow users to watch online video courses with Chromecast and AitPlay
      • Reminders: The app sends push notifications regarding their learning schedule
      • Quizzes: In-course quizzes help learners to check their knowledge on specific topics
      • Q & A: Students can ask questions to instructors and get answers instantly
      • Offers free and paid subscriptions over 3500 courses

      Hyena, the best online learning android apps development company, has a team of skilled mobile app developers, designers, and QA testers.

      If you plan to create a full-fledged e-learning app like Udemy, let us know your app requirements. We use the right technology stack for developing a powerful educational app.

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      3) Vedantu- the best live learning app

      Learning coding at the age of 6-12 is amazing and possible through top e-learning applications. Vedantu is one of the most popular online learning applications that provides coding skills to kids.

      It offers various courses for students from classes 1-12. The app also helps students prepare for competitive exams such as JEE, NEET, and NDA exams.

      Vedantu also comprises a library of recorded lectures, course materials, test papers, assignments, and so on.

      Cost to Develop an App like Vedantu

      Features of most trusted online learning apps like Vedantu:

      • Offers free access to all online classes and content
      • The best online learning app for school students
      • Free coding classes makes kids experts in coding skills
      • Gain knowledge on Turbo Maths, Rocket Pro, Grammer, and many other co-curricular programs
      • Through paid V Pro pack that allows students take attend online classes, practice tests, revision before exams, assignments, and many more.
      • Available for Android and iOS
      • 24/7 learning help
      • Questions raised by students are answered within minutes by experts
      • Beyond the school exams, it helps users to prepare and get ready for competitive exams

      Know about the development cost to create an educational app like Vedantu. 

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        4) Toppr- Trending online education platform for competitive exams

        Another leading education app that stood on our list is the Toppr education application. Toppr app makes learning more interesting. It has a library of subjects in all classes across CBSE, ICSE, and UPSB boards.

        Especially for students from classes 8th -12th, it provides online classes, mock tests, adaptive practices, and revisions for improving knowledge and testing their performance on topics.

        Like other popular learning apps that we listed, the Toppr learning application is more tending towards competitive exam preparations. JEE Main, JEE Advanced, AIIMS, CA Foundation, and NDA are a few of the exams that Toppr includes.

        The app has 10+ million active users as of 2021.

        Cost to Develop an App like Toppr

        Benefits of Best Learning App for CBSE, ICSE, and State Board Students

        • It is best for online coaching platform for competitive exams
        • Adaptive practice to personalize your learning
        • Mock tests, Quizzes, and practice tests to check your performance
        • Unique course content to meet the educational needs of different classes.
        • Provides recorded sessions
        • Both free and paid options are available for both Android and iOS users
        • Free learning sessions for class 5-12
        • Video classes of the complete curriculum of CBSE
        • It is the best entrance exams preparation app for JEE, AIIMS, CA, and more
        • The online learning platform for preparing medical & engineering exams
        • Attractive scholarships for students from Class 5 – 12

        Get in touch to know How much does it cost to develop an app like Toppr?

        5) Coursera- The best education app for learning coding & Analytics

        Coursera is a free-to-download mobile application available for both Android and iOS users. Since its market launch in 2012 till yet, Coursera has over 2 million students.

        It offers free and paid course content to students and working staff. This online learning cum training platform helps in strengthening on-demand professional skills.

        Its wide portfolio of courses, certifications, and guided projects made it a one-stop platform for online learning. Currently, the app has over 4,200 courses and certification programs and approximately 450 projects.

        Cost to Develop an App like Coursera

        Benefits of leading education apps in India like Coursera

        • It provides content that is mapped with the curriculum
        • The app help aspirants to become masters trending technology courses
        • Content from leading universities and tech giants help you learn and advance skills quickly
        • Engages students with course content and certifications that help in getting high-level jobs
        • Help you advance your professional skills with 450+ guided projects
        • Multi-lingual educational content helps students get valuable content from experts across the globe
        • Offers courses on photography, music, and creative writing, and so on

        Get in touch to know How much does it cost to develop an app like Coursera?

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        6) Duolingo- The best education app for learning languages

        Duolingo is a very popular mobile app for learning various languages, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Greek, Swedish, Romanian, Turkish, and Portuguese.

        Besides, the app also helps learners to improve their writing and communication skills in interactive sessions.

        Cost to Develop an App like Duolingo

        Advantage of language learning education apps like Duolingo

        • Easy to use app for free
        • Learn with fun: Improve skills by playing in-app games
        • Offers training equal to university-level education
        • Users can track their progress and check the proficiency and command on languages they are learning

        Are you looking to create your own Educational app?

        So, before commencing educational app development, you must know about the features and functionalities of educational apps.

        Know about the How much does it cost to develop an app like Duolingo.

          What makes your Educational app successful in app stores?

          The answer is “App Features”.

          Yes. Features you will add to the education app make the application hit the app store quickly. Education apps with rich features list and functionalities increase the demand for your app. It will increase the app download rates as well.

          Let’s move on to significant features that are needed to develop a full-fledged online learning app.

          Significant Features of E-learning app for students

          • Sing-up/Registration
          • User profile
          • Filters for quick search
          • Course Materials
          • Quizzes and Online Exams
          • Push Notifications
          • Payments for subscriptions
          • Menu for finding upcoming lessons and tasks
          • Videos and Live tutorials
          • Rating and Feedback for posting questions
          • Course download or read facility
          • Video and text chatting
          • Multi-language support

          Your educational app must offer all the above services to students or aspirants.

          Significant features of an educational app for teachers

          • Signup/login: For accessing the app
          • Professional profile
          • Students Management: For managing students
          • Course feature: For creating and posting course list quickly
          • Test feature: For testing the student’s ability and analyzing the online learning progress of a student
          • Push notifications: This help to notify the instructors about the conducted test and new students subscriptions
          • Video and text chatting

          Significant features of an educational app for the Admin Panel

          Like the students and instructors panel, the admin panel also plays a vital role in ensuring high-quality app performance. Admin helps to promote and manage quality content throughout the app. The below are the must-have features for the admin panel.

          • Account Management
          • Badge Management
          • Students/Teacher Management
          • Subjects/Courses Management
          • Subscription Management
          • Payments Management
          • Filters and Content Management
          • Reports and Analytics
          • Discounts and Promo Coupons Management
          • User Feedback Management

          What Technology Stack is best for creating a powerful educational app?

          Once you have an idea about the features list, once must look at the required technology stack for developing an efficient online learning app.

          Required Technology Stack for Educational App Development

          • Programming languages: Swift (iOS app), Kotlin (Android app)
          • Networking: Alamofire (iOS app), OkHttp3 (Android app)
          • Back-end Development: Node.js, Express 4, MySQL (database), API Swagger
          • Storage: Amazon S3
          • Payment: Braintree
          • Search: Elastic Search
          • Push Notifications: FCM
          • Other tools: Amazon SES, Amazon SNS

          Hyena, a top mobile app development company, uses powerful tools and technologies to build value-driven e-learning applications.

          How to make your Education App Success? Let’s talk to our expert mobile app developers and know what it needs to be successful in the app stores.

          The Development Process Of Trending Educational Apps

          The best e-learning application development company always follows a strategic app development approach to make a bug-free app for your business. From research, requirement gathering, and planning to app development and deployment needs to follow clean processes.

          Step-1: Research and Idea: If you want to build a successful mobile learning application, you should have a clear idea about the project. The content related to the courses that you want to include in the app should be collected. So, this needs thorough research works to keep your app unique and stay ahead in the online learning competition.

          Step-2: App Design: Mobile learning applications with attractive User Interface (UI) improves app popularity.  Easy to use app interface gives quick access to the app content. Design the UI with medium-sized elements and graphics for quick access.

          Step-3: App Development: Once the design phase is accomplished, you can commence the development phase. App features, front-end, and back-end development everything comes in this phase. App testing and bug fixing will also take place in this phase.

          Step-4: App Deployment: Once all app elements were developed, just deploy the app on the operating system you choose. Be it an Android or iOS operating system, an application should provide brilliant performance on the selected platform.

          How Much Does it Cost to Create an Educational App?

          How Much Does it Cost to Build eLearning App?

          The development cost of an on-demand education app depends on various factors. App features take most of the development time and cost.

          Be it Android development or iOS development, the development of features that are needed for students takes approximately-

          develpment cost of elearning apps

          Now, we will look at how much time it will take to develop educational app features for teachers.

          development time in hours

          Mobile app development in India is less expensive and affordable even by a startup company. The average price of e-learning app development in India will be around $30 to $55 per hour. The educational app development cost in the USA will be roughly $100-$200 per hour.

          The time taken for the development of the features will impact the development cost. Besides, the technical factors such as application design, the platform you choose, and the technology stack you used will also change the total estimated cost of mobile apps development for the education industry.

          The cost of education app development can be roughly starting from $15,000 to $45,000.  As we discussed, it might vary based on the technology stack, platform, features, and location of the top mobile app developers.

          If you are looking to create an education app like ByJu’s, Hyena, a leading educational app development company in the USA, India, UAE, is your best mobile app development partner. We design and develop best-in-class and top-rated online learning apps at affordable prices.

          Get a free quote for your e-learning project.

          Need an Estimated Cost To Develop Online Education App?

            Are Education apps profitable?

            Learning through mobile apps is not the future, it is widely happening in the present. BYJU’s-like successful online learning platforms are boosting the education sector to shift into online.

            Here are a few statistics that let you know the demand for educational apps worldwide.

            • Statista says that over 43% of the students in the USA are benefiting from the trending e-learning apps for quick learning.
            • 81% of the students worldwide say that they are improving their learning skills faster using on-demand educational apps.
            • As of Google, on global-wide, top education or e-learning applications have over 20 million users.
            • On average, 400+ universities are using the best education apps like YouTube Edu for publishing lectures and study materials online.
            • Top online learning apps stood in third place in apple’s app store with acquiring 8.5% of the overall app download share

            With the above stats, you can analyze the growth of the e-learning industry. E-learning application development is one of the best mobile learning solutions to make education available online.


            There are huge benefits to developing education apps in this pandemic. They make learning smart and facilitate students to learn comfortably and conveniently. By connecting with the right educational app development company, you can introduce the best online learning application in-app store.

            Hyena, one of the top mobile app developers, has delivered the best online learning platform, BYJU’s. Right from the app UI design and features to app launch, support, and maintenance, we provide end-to-end mobile app development services to enterprises. We build customer-centric mobile apps faster but more efficiently.

            Let us know your app idea. We make it live and profitable.

            Need an estimated development cost of an e-Learning app?


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