How Much Does it Cost to Develop Real Estate Apps?

cost to develop an on-demand real-estate app

How Much Does it Cost to Develop Real Estate Apps?

Mobile applications help humans get instant services digitally. Advanced mobile applications are not only limited to provide certain services. Every industry is investing in mobile apps development for digitizing services and reach targeted audiences faster.

Intelligent mobile apps assist users in booking travel trips and getting household essentials and healthcare medicines right away at the doorsteps. The mobile apps also allow users to broadcast audio or videos and have a blissful time listing to music and other videos that users love.

Apart from the above kinds of mobile apps, the demand for real estate mobile apps is also gaining momentum in the market for the past few years. The digital convenience of property apps is attracting more users when they search for a house.

Top real estate apps or leading property mobile apps are helping users to find residential or commercial spaces for rent or lease instantly. They are the best platforms for searching for a house for sale in desirable locations online. The real estate applications will also save money since they reduce the need for agents.

In this article, we would like to give you a detailed guide on potential real-estate apps development or Cost to Develop Real Estate App. If you are a real estate services provider, developing mobile applications ensures quick brand awareness and helps you sell flats like cakes.

Here is the list of the best Seven real-estate apps that offer the best house-searching experience to users.

Top 7 real estate apps in the USA for Android or iOS

1) Zillow- The best real-estate app to find your dream home

Zillow is the most popular US-based real estate marketplace app. It allows users to buy or sell buildings and rent apartments. It has a cool feature that helps users to explore home virtually using 3D home tours and photos.

It has 10+ Million installations as of 2021 and is available on Android and iOS app stores for free.

Zillow-app development cost

Benefits of trending real-estate apps like Zillow

  • It makes home search hassle-free and help users find attractive houses at their fingertips
  • Based on interest, users can rent a home or apartment in minutes
  • It allows both direct or virtual home tour with its 3D home tour feature
  • Push notifications updates users on new home listings
  • With its Draw Search feature, users can easily find nearby homes with best-in-class local amenities
  • It allows users to save and share favorite houses with others
  • The app’s Zestimate feature assists users in calculating a house value
  • In-app filters assist customers in finding the best home quickly. The filters include school districts, location, pricing, pets allowed/not, HOAs, and many more
  • The app provides details of neighborhoods, restaurants, parks, and many other spaces to help customers make quick decisions
  • Renter profile features help customers contact the property owners in real-time
  • Availability of Zillow-owned homes for sale or rent at attractive prices
  • This real-estate app is available for both Android and iOS users.

Hyena, a top mobile app development company in the USA, can build Zillow-like star rating real-estate apps.

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    2) Trulia- A leading real-estate platform in the USA

    Trulia is one of the top real estate apps in the USA for rent a home, buy a home or sell a home.  With over 1 million home listings for sale, Trulia helps users find perfect homes. It has 35+ filters that assist users in searching for a desired builds or apartments for rent using custom keywords.

    cost to develop app like trulia

    The app has 10+ Million installs and is available for Android and iOS.

    Advantages of on-demand real-estate apps like Trulia

    • A single platform to buy, rent or sell homes from approximately 1 million property listings
    • Users can choose from different type of properties such as a range of condominium, single BHK, apartments, and many more
    • The app also gives high-resolution photos of neighborhoods and local spaces.
    • Offers drone footages using and 3D virtual tour
    • 34 neighborhood heat overlay maps help users find the right home that matches their lifestyle
    • Gives data related to the financial details like property tax, sales history, and more
    • It sends alerts on homes for sale, price drops, and nearby homes for rent
    • Powerful calculators help users get an idea of the overall cost of the property
    • Flexible filters to find rentals or properties that allow pets or not

    Want to know How much does it cost to develop an app like Trulia?

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    3) Most trending real-estate marketplace app in the USA

    cost to develop app like realtorIt is the best alternative real estate application to Zillow or Trulia. It is one of the popular American real estate marketplace apps. It comprises a list of pleasant and beautiful homes and is the right choice for those looking to buy a home or rent a home.

    This 4.5/5 star rating mobile app has over 10 million downloads, and free versions are available on Google Play Store for Android users and Apple’s App Store for iOS users.

    What made a successful real-estate app in the USA?

    • Search Properties feature made the search for a property or home easy with built-in filters
    • 3D virtual viewing of homes enables buyers to get a detailed view of the property
    • Neighborhood noise level heat map personalizes buying experience
    • Updates and notifications to customers on price drops and new listings
    • A plethora of app filters to customize your search
    • Its mortgage calculator helps users find a property within their budget limit
    • Integrated map help users find locations of the homes with ease
    • Detailed photos of homes that are for sale
    • Allows users to contact real-estate agencies via emails, calls, or messages
    • Customers can get details of the property price, sales history, taxes, nearby schools, and other local amenities.

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      4) Redfin: A trustworthy real-estate app for house purchase

      cost to develop app like RedfinIt is a convenient tool for accessing reliable data of properties that are on auction. Users can customize their home search with the help of intuitive filters. The cool feature of Redfin is that it allows customers to book a free in-person or video chat instantly and close the deals faster.

      It has over 5 Million installs in app stores and is available for both Android and iOS users. Google Play has rated Redfin at 4.4/5 stars, and the Apple Store has rated the Redfin app at 4.8 stars based on 645K customer reviews.

      Few of the most popular features of best-in-class real-estate apps (in the USA) like Redfin

      • Quick login to Redfin account and can view saved homes history on the app or Redfin web portal
      • Easy to share links and photos of homes that are on sale
      • It allows users to book a home tour within the app
      • The best open house management tool helps users explore homes near schools or school districts
      • Users can find the right home that matches their needs with custom search filters
      • Mortgage calculator assist customers in calculating property taxes, insurance, loan amounts, and others
      • Sends instant alerts and notifications to customers regarding new homes
      • The flexibility of video chat and in-person property visit
      • Exclusive insights into surrounding locations and neighborhoods

      Hyena, one of the top house hunting apps developers in the USA, can create the best alternative to famous real estate app like Redfin. Our mobile app development services help you kick start the digital journey and hit the market with intelligent mobile applications.

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        5) The best real estate app for rental search

        apartments-app development costIt is one of the famous real estate apps in the USA that help users find the safest apartments to rent. Approximately 25,400 apartments have been listed on the app and helping people find their perfect fit. It also has a list of 633 houses, 19,824 condos, and 499 townhomes for rental purposes.

        The app has acquired the hearts of over 5 million customers across Android and iOS platforms.

        Customer-centric features of real estate apps like

        • Explore rentals (apartments, open houses, condos, and townhomes) across Chicago, IL
        • Highest quality house listings
        • Hassle-free process of leasing commercial spaces
        • The best platform to connect with renters and lease your properties
        • Users can view photos and HD videos of properties all at the convince of home
        • Sends notifications on new listings that match customer search criteria
        • Customer can connect real estate agencies or property owners right from the application

        Hyena is a leading mobile apps development services provider in the USA. We develop feature-rich real estate applications that hit the apps stores. Build an unbeatable house hunting app and give touch competition to Zillow or Realtor.

        Get in Touch to know How much does it cost to develop an app like known for the best convenient tool to find rental spaces in Chicago.

        6) Zumper- The best digital platform to find apartments for rent

        Zumper app development costZumper is another largest US-based online rental platform to find apartments and houses for rent. Virtual tours, in-person visits, Images, real-time alerts, and custom searches are a few of the best features that make the app so popular.

        The app has 1 million installs and available on Android and iOS app stores for free.

        Benefits of Zumper-like free-to-download rental application

        • Users can choose from 1 million properties across the USA
        • Helps users browse listings with quality photos and videos
        • Users can set the price and start to customize their search till they find perfect resident spaces
        • Real-time alerts and notifications upon new house listings
        • Easily book virtual home tours to view the property
        • Continuous update of house listings
        • Supports multiple rent payment modes, such as credit cards, online transfers, and so on

        Get in Touch to Know How much does it cost to develop an app like Zumper!

        7) HotPads- The best apartments and homes finder app

        HotPads-best apartments and homes finder appHotPads is one of the most popular apartments and home rentals apps in the USA. It makes finding apartments or homes to rent stress-free. Massive listings for rent, property photos, advanced filters, and area highlights are a few best features of real estate apps like HotPads.

        It has over 1 Million active users across various locations of the United States. The free versions of the app are available on Android and iOS app stores.

        Benefits of HotPads-like on-demand USA real estate applications

        • Find rentals at attractive rates
        • Save and share homes or apartments
        • Advanced filters to find homes that fit user’s needs
        • Map views to get the details of nearest spaces
        • The hybrid view feature helps users search home faster
        • Search alerts notify users when new buildings for rent are listed
        • Sends updates on price drops and market demand for apartments that users saved

        Hyena, the best Android/iOS apps development company, creates feature-rich real estate clone apps.

        Want to Know How much does it cost to develop an app like HotPads?

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          If you want to develop the top real estate apps in the USA like Zillow or Trulia, or Realtor real estate apps, you need to understand the secret behind the success of these applications.

          Various factors such as brand image, app design, and many more might contribute to the success of the app. But, on top of all, a customer-centric feature set is the best factor that engages customers and helps your app hit the app stores. Let’s see the significant features that you must add to your real-estate application.

          What features contribute to the success of a real estate app?

          • Easy Login or Sign Up

          The more login ways you offer to users, the easier it will be for them to access the app. It means that flexibility of login with an app login page, social media accounts, and Google accounts ensures stress-free login and increases user retention rates. Also, two-way authentication processes by sending verification code to the user’s mobile will further make your app more reliable and trustworthy.

          • Search Filters

          This feature helps users to find homes by prices, location, gate facing, and rooms with ease. Thus, while ensuring greater flexibility, app filters assist customers in finding the best spaces that match their preferences faster.

          • Property Photos

          A real estate app or property app must post high-resolution images of properties. A business can promote a realistic appearance of the interior and exterior of houses or commercial spaces by uploading photos.

          • Virtual Videos

          It is another brilliant feature that you must add to your real estate app. virtual videos of buildings help businesses convert customers to leads. However, this advanced virtual reality feature might increase the development cost, but it adds an extra touchup to your application.

          Hyena, the best real estate mobile apps developer, can create best-in-class real estate apps with advanced 3D property view features.

          • Property Submission

          This feature helps users to add and sell their properties online securely. It would also assist users in uploading their homes for rental purposes. If you are planning to build the best real estate app like Zillow, the integration of this feature helps you earn commissions from property owners and buyers on every successful purchase.

          • Property Details

          Everyone wishes to buy or rent properties that pose no obligations from local authorities or neighbors. Top real estate apps give a range of information related to nearest spaces, schools, landmarks, other amenities. It helps customers to pick the right property that matches their needs and culture.

          • Geo Tracking

          GPS tracking or Geo tracking is one of the significant features of real estate apps. It helps to track the location of properties they choose in real-time.

          • CRM Integration

          This feature assists real estate agencies in tracking their status of potential leads. Agencies can easily view and manage leads and prospect customers intelligently with CRM integration into the app.

          This feature also allows agencies to send notifications and discounts and offers to interested candidates. This marketing strategy promotes the brand and profitably runs the business.

          • Multiple Listing Service

          Integration of multiple listing feature assist customers finds a range of properties from various categories. Agencies can display a variety of buildings or apartments with world-class amenities that meet user’s needs.

          • Behavior Tracking

          This advanced feature enables real estate service providers to access the search patterns of app users. Based on this assessment, real estate companies can offer the best houses or flats that meet their search criteria and helps them find homes with ease.

          • EMI & Interest rate Calculators

          The addition of this advanced feature will surely increase the real estate apps development cost. But, it helps customers in checking interest rates and EMI on applicable properties.

          • Push Notifications

          The house searching app or property app should have a push notifications feature. This feature assists agencies or admin to send alerts on properties they are interested in and deals on price drops.

          • Online Chat or Call

          A virtual assistant through AI chatbots is extremely the feature that you can offer to customers. Integration of smart digital assistant features into apps helps agencies provide 24/7 customer support services. It also increases personalization and app experience, thereby brings success to your online business.

          Alongside, direct online conversations with agents should also offer to customers. This will allows customers to get more details of properties that they choose to buy or rent.

          • List of Trending Properties

          This feature helps users to find recently listed buildings and other trending properties that are in demand.

          • Wishlist

          Like online shopping apps, real estate apps should also facilitate users to add properties to buy in the future.

          • Quick Social Sharing

          This feature allows users to share the properties with friends or other family members. Along with promoting brands and flats, social sharing features help businesses smartly generate more revenues.

          • Calendar

          Calendar integration into a real estate application will help real estate agents and customers mark open dates for property visits on the mobile app.

          • Rewards

          This feature always attracts users and strengthens the bond with the app. Real estate companies can offer rewards and customer can redeem them when they need.

          These are few significant features and their functionalities that must include in your real-estate application.

          Technology Stack for Real Estate Mobile App Development

          To make your application successful in app stores, you should use the right technology stack for real-estate app development.

          Here is the technology stack used in top real estate apps development:

          • Java or Kotlin for Android apps development
          • Swift and Objective C for iOS apps development
          • CoreData or Realm frameworks for managing saved properties list
          • Amazon S3 for storing listings in the cloud.
          • Mapbox or Google Maps API for integrating custom maps
          • Firebase SDK or Apple Push Notifications Service for push notifications

          How much does it cost to create a real estate app for Android/iOS in 2021?

          The mobile app development cost depends on various factors, including:

          • Features and Functionalities
          • App Size
          • App Development Platform
          • App UX/UI design
          • Developers location

          Features List:

          The Cost of Real estate app development depends on the set of features included in the application.

          • The development of a real estate marketplace app with basic features will costs around $10,000-$13,000 for a single platform.
          • A real estate app like the Trulia application with advanced features will costs around $15,000-$30,000 for a single platform.
          • The cost to create on-demand real-estate app additional functionalities like CRM integration will cost around $30,000-$65,000 for both Android and iOS.

          User-friendly app design:

          The real-estate app design will play a crucial part in providing a seamless search experience to customers. Integration of property photos and other listings should be clean and easy to understand by a normal user. It is possible when you develop your app with a simple app design.

          Convenient platform:

          The app platform on which you are planning to get your app developed decides the app costs. Since Android has over 80% of the smartphone market share, the app development on Android needs to support more devices and is higher than iOS.

          Developer Location:

          The cost of trending real-estate app development will also depend on the location of the mobile app developers that you choose. Top real estate mobile app developers in the USA will charge around $90 to $250 per hour for developing the application. And, the UK-based mobile app developers will charge $50 to $180 per hour for real estate app development.

          developer location

          Hyena, one of the top mobile apps development companies in Bangalore, USA, will quote attractive prices for your real-estate project. We will develop a custom property app for Android/iOS at around $25,000 to $60,000. However, the development cost will vary based on your app requirements.

          Let’s talk about your project! 


            The real estate market is booming and gaining popularity worldwide. The real estate apps help agencies sell, lease, or rent residential or commercial buildings online.

            If you are a real estate company, building innovative mobile applications would surely fuel your online business growth. It promotes your brand, helps agencies directly communicate with customers, increases market reach, increases retention rates, attractive commissions, and so on.

            Invest in real estate app development and grab all the above benefits. So, pick the best real estate marketplace apps from the above list and let us know your unique app requirements. Being the most trusted mobile apps development company in the USA, we build potential real estate clone apps for your business.

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