How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Live Video Streaming Apps for Android & iOS?

Cost To Develop a Live Video Streaming Apps

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Live Video Streaming Apps for Android & iOS?

Online video streaming applications are tremendously becoming popular in the past few years. The rapidly emerging digital world has made entertainment more comfortable and easier.

Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, and there are many top players in the on-demand video streaming app industry.

Herein, we would like to give you a detailed guide of top video streaming apps in India, the features and benefits of trending streaming apps, and the development cost to create on-demand video streaming apps.

Here is the Most Popular Live Video Streaming Apps:

When it comes to top Live Video Streaming Apps or video streaming apps, undoubtedly Netflix will roll in our minds. But, there are many other excellent video streaming applications beyond Netflix. Amazon Prime, Disney+Hotstar, and Zee5 are the best alternative online video streaming apps to Netflix.

Here is a list of the best live video streaming apps in India.

1) Netflix- A famous video streaming app in India:

Netflix is a top online video streaming app in India with over 1billion installs. It facilitates users to search and stream TV shows and movies right on their devices faster. The best thing about Netflix is that it allows users to create and manage five profiles for experiencing unlimited family entertainment. Further, it also notifies the user regarding new releases and series episodes. You call our executive to know How much does it cost to develop an app like Netflix?

Cost To Develop a Live Video Streaming Apps like Netflix

Major benefits of live movies streaming apps like Netflix

  • The best Ultra HD video quality
  • Stream movies with crystal clear sound quality
  • Video streaming with no latency
  • The best streaming app that offers quick loading on devices
  • Users can stream and watch popular TV shows and the best movies
  • A catalog of award-winning of series and special stories
  • Auto recommendations assist users to watch the latest movies and TV shows
  • Availability of content for kids entertainment
  • The preview feature of Amazon Prime helps users to watch videos and movies quickly and get updates on the next episodes.

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2) Amazon Prime Video- A top online video streaming app in India

It is the second most popular video streaming application in India. With a beautiful collection of movies and shows, Amazon Prime Video stood as a leading video streaming app in the country. Along with offering quick movie and TV streaming services, the app is also the best sports streaming services provider in India.

The app’s availability in multi-languages ensures a personalized entertainment experience for users. Moreover, over 100 channels are available for prime members.

Users can also download videos they love and watch them offline. It is one of the best features of the best video streaming apps like Amazon Prime Video. Currently, the app has 100+ million active users in-app store.

Cost To Develop a Live Video Streaming Apps like Amazon Prime video

Advantages of on-demand and quick video streaming apps like Amazon Prime

  • One of the primary benefits of live video streaming applications like Amazon Prime is that it allows users to download videos online and watch them in offline mode.
  • Stream and watch movie trailers and various TV shows over the internet
  • With its Chromecast and Fire TV feature, the app supports streaming from phone and tablet to TV screen for clear visibility
  • The rewind/pause/fast forward menu offers a personalized viewing experience and lets you watch missed TV episodes that you love.
  • Amazon Prime Video app on Android or iOS offers content in many languages for user convenience.

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3) Disney+ Hotstar- A popular live video streaming app in India

Disney+Hotstar is one of the top video streaming apps in India. Like Netflix and Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar also has been acquiring viewership in recent years.

It allows users to stream high-quality movies, sports, and news faster but clear. It has content that satisfies all generations. The app comprises a library of TV channels and the best movies. It personalizes the user experience by offering app content in various languages, including English, Bengali, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Marathi, and many other languages.

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Cost To Develop a Live Video Streaming Apps like Disney + Hotstar

Benefits of most popular live video broadcasting apps like Disney+Hotstar

  • It is the best go-to video streaming app for Indian entertainment
  • Watch unlimited movies and TV shows online anywhere at any time of your choice
  • Transmit live cricket and enjoy a personalized viewing experience online
  • Stream and watch high-quality trending TV shows and Star India channels like star plus
  • A library of blockbuster and evergreen movies across 7 languages.
  • Allows users to stream live news from top News channels in India
  • A collection of authentic stories written by the best Indian storytellers

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4) YouTube- A top-rated video streaming app for Android and iOS

It is one of the most popular video streaming platforms that is installed on every 90% of smartphones. This famous mobile app allows users to create their channels and post their content online. Besides, its feedback or reviews section helps users to get valuable reviews for their video content. Moreover, its premium feature allows users to access and listen to the audio in the background while checking other works on the phone.

development cost to Develop a Live Video Streaming Apps like YouTube

Benefits of YouTube: The most used video streaming app in India

  • Watch and subscribe to favorite channels and videos
  • Allows users to explore popular music, gaming, beauty-related, news, and many more
  • Watch stories, premieres, and Live streams
  • Create or upload your own content from your mobile device
  • YouTube premium to stream and watch ad-free content in different languages

Hyena, the largest mobile app development company with vast industry experience, can design and develop perfect YouTube clone apps.

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    5) Zee5- A largest video streaming application in India

    Zee5 is another biggest streaming app with 4500+ movies, 200+ web series, 90+ regional news channels, and many more. It allows users to enjoy video content which is available in 11 display languages and 12 content languages. Moreover, its smart search feature facilitates users to search through voice and improves user experience. Currently, this popular video streaming app has 100+ million active users in-app store.

    Hyena, a leading mobile app development company in the USA, India, Dubai, has experts with hands-on developing best-in-class video streaming apps. Being the best mobile app development company, we create feature-rich live video or TV show streaming apps.

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    Cost To Develop a Live Video Streaming Apps like Zee5Top Benefits Of Live Video Broadcasting Apps Like Zee5

    • Broadcast live TV shows, channels, movies, and news on your device
    • Provide ad-free video streaming services
    • You can watch promos and the latest TV serial episodes before they telecast
    • Let user watch 4500+ Blockbuster movies
    • Allows users to stream and watch a wide range of regional news over the internet
    • Seamless video streaming and playback is the best feature of top-rated video streaming apps like Zee5
    • Personalized video or movie recommendations base on the user search enhances app experience
    • Accessibility of popular TV shows and favorite programs anytime and anywhere
    • You can enjoy the best of international series on streaming apps like Zee5
    • You can stream and watch kid’s special content Chhota Bheem, Monsters and Pirates, and so on.

    If you want to know How much does it cost to develop an app like Zee5, reach us to get FREE quote.. Let’s talk today to our expert mobile app developers!

    6) SonyLiv- The best live video streaming platform in India

    SonyLiv is one of the famous video streaming apps with the best of live sports, including cricket, UEFA Champions League, The Emirates FA Cup 2020/2021, and many more. It also helps users enjoy movies and TV shows in multiple languages.

    Further, with 100+ new premium and international web series, this leading video streaming application match your mood with the content you love. One of the benefits of SonyLive is allowing users to watch 2 screens at the same time. It has 100+ million downloads as of May 2021.

    Hyena, one of the top mobile app developers in the USA, builds SonyLiv clone apps with more advanced features that your users love to click.

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    Cost To Develop a Live Video Streaming Apps like SonyLiv

    Benefits Live video streaming app like SonyLiv

    • SonyLive streaming app offers a wide variety of video content to meet the needs of individuals.
    • Users can stream and watch live TV shows and serials online with full HD quality.
    • The best app for streaming live cricket and other sports, watch them online, and help users stay updated with the latest sports news, results, and so on.
    • One of the best advantages of live video streaming apps like SonyLiv allows users to watch interesting original web series in Hindi and English.
    • One user can create and manage five profiles.
    • The split-screen feature help users watch two screens simultaneously.
    • You can watch Hollywood movie premiers.
    • SonyLiv Games features to add fun to the entertainment. It allows users to play games and win prizes too.

    If you want to know How much does it cost to develop an app like SonyLive, reach us to get FREE quote. Get in Touch!

      7) JioCinema- The best alternative to Netflix

      JioCinema is the best alternative video streaming app to Netflix and Amazon Prime. Its super south swag with a collection of 4,000+ South Indian movies offers an incredible video experience to the users.

      Apart from movie buffs, this on-demand video streaming app also allows users to stream and watch TV shows, music, trailer & clips in their regional languages. Besides, its picture-in-picture more helps users to watch the TV shows they love and check other personal messages simultaneously.

      Cost To Develop a Live Video Streaming Apps like JioCinema

      Advantages of live video streaming apps like JioCinema

      • Users can stream TV shows, music videos, and clips
      • Allows you to set HD quality of videos of your choice
      • Extra entertainment with unbeatable super south swag
      • Offers a wide range of collection of movies across genres
      • Let you stream popular TV shows
      • Ad-free video watching experience
      • Enjoy original Korean dramas like Melting Heart dubbed in Hindi
      • You can watch supreme comedy films in various languages, including Tamil, Bengali, Telugu, and Marathi`

      If you want to know How much does it cost to develop an app like JioCinema, reach us to get FREE quote. Get in Touch!

      8) Hungama- Trending HD quality streaming app for Android & iOS

      Hungama is stood in the list of the top music streaming apps in India, with over 15 million songs in its library.  The on-demand Hungama music streaming app allows users to listen to a collection of songs from all genres that they love in different languages.

      From old classics to romantic songs and music videos, the Hungama app offers boundless entertainment. Currently, it has 10+ million active subscribers in app stores. You an call our expert to know How much does it cost to develop an app like Hungama or Hungama app development cost.

      Cost To Develop a Live Video Streaming Apps like Hungama

      Benefits of live music streaming apps like Hungama

      • Listen to 1 million songs and watch music videos
      • Users can stream radio-live and on-demand channels for users
      • Hungama app is can be used as an mp3 player
      • Mesmerizes users with HD songs, DJ mixes, romantic numbers, melody songs, and many of the best music albums
      • Users listen, earn and redeem coupons and listen to exclusive music for free
      • It sends recommendations to Hungama subscribers based on their music interest for improving the app experience
      • Stream and listen to mp3 songs on choice
      • Provides ad-free video watching facility with Hungama Pro

      Talk to our experts If you want to know How much does it cost to develop an app like Hungama or to know Cost to Develop an App like Hungama.

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        Must-have Features Of Famous and on-demand Video Streaming Apps for Android and iOS

        The set of features makes your application unique and brings success across app stores. If you have plans of creating a world-class video streaming app, you must get your app developed with the below features.

        Significant features of video streaming mobile apps for user’s panel-

        • User registration or login process
        • User profile for managing personal app accounts
        • Video Library of a collection of movies, videos, and TV shows across genres
        • On-demand video content in different languages
        • Quick search option to search for movies or videos the users love and improve the app experience
        • HD video quality and resolution to watch movies in real colors
        • App lock feature to ensure privacy and prevent others from opening the content history
        • Multiplatform support for targeting Android, iOS, and Windows viewers
        • The subscription feature helps to enjoy premium offers and get notifications on the latest movies and TV shows
        • Safe and Secure payment gateways
        • Social Media Integration for quick login and easy sharing
        • Reviews and ratings for giving feedback
        • Personalized content recommendations for improving user experience

        Features need to be included in streaming apps for Administrator Panel:

        • Upload video: for uploading and managing a massive collection of movies and other video content
        • Add Feature: for adding videos, movies, albums, music, or artists
        • Delete feature: for quick deletion of specific videos, movies, albums, music, or artists
        • Edit feature: for editing specific videos, movies, albums, music, or artists
        • User Management feature for organizing paid subscribers and other users who are using the app on free
        • Ad management for managing advertisements, pop-ups, and promotions
        • One-click video publication

        Apart from the above listed general features of the video streaming app, get your app developed with a few advanced features for quick brand extension and stand out from the crowd in the market.

        Here we go.

        • Login via Social Media

        Your mobile app must allow the user to access the app in multiple ways.  Along with the general login process, if you facilitate the user to login through one-click social media platforms by verifying their accounts will increase the user retention rates. Because short and sweet login methods are impressive and make login faster.

        • Behavior Tracking

        Technology makes everything possible. You can track and analyze the user interest based on their search for content. A video streaming mobile application for Android/iOS should send recommendations to the users when the content they love is uploaded in the app.  This strategy helps to promote the latest content for getting a bagful of views.

        • User Onboarding

        The best video streaming service providing mobile app should be designed with an eye-catchy user interface for navigating the user with ease once they logged in to the app.

        • Role-based Dashboards

        This helps video streaming service providers to build the best marketing strategies based on insights derived from user’s behaviors and searches.

        • Video Sharing

        It is another significant benefit of popular video streaming applications like Amazon, Netflix, and Zee5. Users can copy the links from the video library and share them right from mobile to their friends and family members.

        • In-app voice assistance

        It is one of the most advanced features that should be integrated into a video streaming app for its success. It allows users to search for video content with voice commands. It acts like the popular voice assistants- Alexa or Siri.

        Hence, the in-app voice assistance feature ensures user convenience and lets them explore video content without touching their mobiles.

        • Referrals & Reward Programs

        Offer users reward points on watching videos. It will attract users, increase views count, and thereby let them log-in to the app frequently.

        Likewise, data storage and management and real-time analytics features are also significant and play a vital role in the development of on-demand video streaming mobile apps.

        • Internal storage facility

        Trending video streaming applications (in the United States) come with a local storage feature. It helps users to download and store videos or TV shows and view them later. Thus, the best video streaming applications like Netflix offers a convenient viewing experience to users.

        Technology Stack to create video streaming apps:

        Here’s the best technology stack that may be used to make a live streaming app.

        • Programming languages: Swift, Kotlin, Java
        • Content delivery network: Cloudflare/Amazon CloudFront
        • Hosting: Amazon EC2
        • API server: Node.js
        • Media processing platform: DaCast, Wowza
        • Streaming protocols: WebRTC, RTMP
        • Database: MySQL, Oracle
        • Push notifications: Firebase Notifications
        • Messaging queues: AWS Simple Queue System

        How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Live Video Streaming Apps?

        Developing a video streaming app like Netflix, YouTube, or Hulu with basic features will cost around $35,000-$50,000 for a single platform.

        But, if you plan to create a video streaming application with advanced features for both Android and iOS platforms, the development cost will be around $75,000 to $85,000 and beyond.

        However, the cost of video streaming app development depends on the features list, app platform, app design, team size, and location of the mobile app developers.

        App Features: The more features you will add-in, the higher the development cost will be. Apps can be categorized into three categories- Simple, mid-sized, and complex types. Mobile apps with advanced features will cost as higher as applications with general features.

        App Compatibility: The number of devices your app supports will also decide the development cost to create video streaming apps. Android has greater compatibility across the smartphone market than iOS. Hence, developing a mobile app on Android OS will cost higher than the development cost of building an application on iOS.

        App Design: To attract users, video streaming apps need to be integrated with graphics, animations, and 3D objects. It will provide a better user experience. Adding such icons in the design might cost expensive but adds value to your app.

        Maintenance Cost: Mobile App development and deployment do not decide the overall Cost to develop on-demand Live Video Streaming Apps. The maintenance cost of the mobile app development after its launch on app stores will also increase 20% of the estimated app development cost.

        These are the few cost impacting factors that one must consider before estimating the development cost to create a video streaming application like Netflix or any others.


        Be smart while choosing your mobile app development partner. There are many best mobile app developers in the USA and India with a proven track record of top-notch mobile applications.

        Hyena, one of the leading mobile app development companies in the USA, India, and UAE, can build your video streaming application with advanced features and functionalities, and beautiful app design. By reducing app development time, we develop your dream applications within a time frame as promised.

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