IoT Mobile App Development: Benefits & Development Cost

IoT technology

IoT Mobile App Development: Benefits & Development Cost

Just imagine, you came out and forgot to switch off your smart TV or Smart LED lights at home. And, you might get late to go home back. How could you turn off all devices remotely?

Is it possible?

Of course, it is not possible without having Internet-Of-Things (IoT) mobile apps on your mobile device. Download and installation of popular IoT mobile apps for android and iPhone operating systems is an intelligent thought to remotely control all IoT sensor compatible devices with simple clicks.

Yes. Users can manage all the IoT-powered gadgets through mobile apps at any time from anywhere. Thanks to such connected and advanced IoT mobile technology.

Herein, we have compiled a list of the best IoT mobile apps (along with features and benefits) that have occupied most of the space in the IoT industry. We will further explore the step-by-step process of IoT mobile apps and the estimated cost of IoT-powered mobile apps (Android/iOS).



Hyena, the #best mobile app development company, will help you in building and introducing the best IoT application into this digital sphere. Let’s look at the most-used IoT solutions across industries.

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The Top 5 IoT Use Cases By Industry

Here are top IoT apps for versatile industrial and personal purposes-

  1. IoT apps for Retail & Supply Chain Management

Retail and supply chain management businesses will stand in the first line to embrace the revolutionizing digital technologies. The role of IoT apps for retail and supply chain management is to increase visibility across supply chain operations.

Smart inventory management apps or IoT-based warehouse management apps are gaining popularity across the retail and supply chain management industries.

By adopting IoT-powered apps and sensor-equipped devices, retailers are digitally tracking stock levels and also well-balancing production demand.

Further, IoT, along with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities, is taking the automation level to the next stage.

According to Statista, nearly 75% of retailers have invested in inventory management automation solutions by the end of June 2021. IoT and AI-powered inventory management apps will automate the end-to-end supply chain processes.

IoT systems will also play a vital role in tracking and virtually monitoring the entire product lifecycle from production and storage in warehouses to logistics distributors and point-of-sales.

Yes. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine learning (ML), and IoT-infused software applications can also predict demand patterns and assist retailers or distributors in optimizing stock levels.

Personalized marketing, inventory management apps, warehouse monitoring robots, real-time shipment tracking, and data accessing apps are all a few best examples of IoT apps in retail sector. IoT in retail examples will ensure greater visibility into operations and offer digital experiences.

Hence, the deployment of IoT apps for retail and supply chain management or AI solutions in retail and supply chain operations will eliminate the need for a human workforce to some extent.

The best examples Of IoT apps In retail sector:

QueueHop is one of the best examples of IoT apps in retail sector. It enables customers to self-check their outfits with a gentle touch in the app. The app is also integrated with an RFID-enabled anti-theft tag to prevent thefts. The tag is unlocked once the payment is made for the product.

IoT-based buyer behavior tracking devices are other significant IoT apps for retail that helps in tracking in-store purchasing patterns of buyers and deliver personalized product recommendations and improve their shopping experiences.

Like these, there exist several IoT apps for retail and supply chain management that augments operational efficiencies, automate & reduce the supply chain & logistics costs, and ensure high-level customer experiences.

Overall, this IoT-powered application makes product selection, scanning, and billion digital and enhances the shopping experience for shoppers.

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  1. IoT Mobile Apps For Smart Home Automation

Here is one of the top benefits of IoT mobile app development in this digital and connected era. In this hectic busy schedule, people don’t have enough time to do their tasks properly. They are switching to IoT Sensor-powered smart home devices to make their life easier and more convenient.

IoT technology has a great potential to control smart home devices, including lighting systems, Thermostat devices, alarms, indoor cameras, and so on. Users can operate these smart home products remotely using IoT mobile apps.

The best example of IoT apps for smart home automation:

Amazon Alexa mobile app is one of the famous and most-popular IoT apps for controlling smart home appliances. The app is not only used for playing music, making a shopping list, or for organizing your to-do routine tasks but, it is something else. This mobile app allows users to control the functionalities of all compatible smart devices.

By installing this smart IoT mobile app, users can connect with their house on the go. They can switch on or switch off IoT-enabled devices like Air conditioners and refrigerators.

Similar to Alexa, Honeywell Home App, Nest App, Google Assistant App, and Apple Home Kit App are a few of the best examples of IoT-powered mobile apps for smart home automation.

Since the downloads of these apps are keep increasing and crossing a million benchmark, IoT mobile apps development to control smart products will have a bright scope and generate revenue inflows for businesses.

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    1. IoT Apps for Healthcare and Fitness Tracking

    The use and demand for IoT apps for healthcare and fitness tracking are increasing in the world. The benefits of IoT mobile app development for healthcare are incredible.

    IoT mobile app development for tracking and monitoring health and fitness is a trend in the global markets. IoT apps for smartwatches are attractions in this digital age.

    Leveraging IoT mobile technology, the tech giants like Samsung and Apple have developed IoT apps for wearables. These apps can easily track various health signs such as pulse rate, temperature, calories, sleep quality, steps walked in a day and many more. These insights delivered from IoT apps help users stay fit and healthy.

    The IoT applications can also healthcare service providers or caretakers to operate thermometers and blood pressure monitors remotely and track the health conditions of patients who are under home treatment.

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    The best IoT apps for Fitness Tracking and Patient Care

    Fitbit is recognized as the popular health and fitness tracking app for Android and iOS devices. With over a 4.1 app rating and nearly 50 million downloads, FitBit has got a brand image as the best mobile app for monitoring health conditions.

    This IoT app for mobile devices offers nutrition programs, 240+ video workouts, meditation sessions, etc. Fitbit app has intelligent sleep tools for monitoring the sleep quality of users.

    Further, the most essential feature of this popular healthcare and fitness tracking mobile app is that users can monitor their heart rate 24/7. A brilliant mobile application.

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    1. IoT apps for Kid or Pet Security

    It is one of the benefits of IoT mobile app development for security and surveillance. IoT mobile applications for Android or iPhone are playing a key role in providing security to kids and pets. Parents can monitor their child’s moves every minute by attaching GPS navigators to their wearables. Parents will also get instant alerts if kids cross the permitted geolocation boundaries.

    Likewise, IoT-enabled sensors will track pet movements and send notifications directly to the smartphone app. Hence, IoT-enabled mobile applications are best to monitor kids and pets 24*7.

    Here are a few significant benefits of IoT-powered child tracking or pet tracking mobile apps:

    • Tracks kids in case of snatching
    • Monitors children or pets 24*7
    • Monitors pets with behavioral glitches
    • Let parents remotely monitor and control the application
    • IoT location-tracking apps help parents stay cool

    Examples of Most-installed IoT apps for Kids or Pets Monitoring

    Pawscout, FitBark Dog Activity Monitor, Petcube, and Tagg are a few IoT apps that help owners track their pet’s location and monitor their pet’s activities all the time. These pet finder applications enable users to find the exact location within a specific radius.

    Similarly, Angel Child Monitoring and ItsMyChild are popular Internet-of-Things apps for finding the kid’s location.

    Would like to know the cost of IoT app development?

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      1. The Internet-of-Things Mobile Apps for Automotive

      Nowadays, every object is connected over the internet. The data can be retrieved at any time from anywhere from shared cloud platforms. It is all because of advancements in technology. In particular, the rapid development of IoT-powered apps and devices.

      Smart-connected cars have equipped with various sensors to monitor and record driving time, parking time, average speed, maximum speed, fuel level, temperature and humidity levels inside the car, and many more.

      Users can directly get all this information to their smartphones. IoT mobile applications connect to car sensors and access the vital signs gathered by them.

      Moreover, IoT mobile apps development for Automotive is important for controlling various other functionalities such as tracking vehicle location, navigating routes, and auto-opening or closing the car doors, etc.

      These are a few major IoT mobile app development benefits and development costs for various industries. Herein we have discussed top IoT apps for versatile industrial and personal purposes. However, the advantages of IoT android and iPhone apps are not limited to the above use cases. Industries are gaining control over their facilities and operations using IoT apps.

      Now, let’s take a look at how much IoT app development costs.

      How Much Does IoT App Development Cost?

      The cost of IoT app development will be somewhere around $30,000 to $65,000. However, since the types and purposes of IoT mobile applications vary based on the industry, IoT app development costs will also differ.

      The application features, functionalities, size, application type, category, and IoT developer’s experiences and location will all decide the actual cost of IoT app development. There is no wonder that your IoT app development cost will reach around $100,000 because it depends on the complexity level of features and designs.

      Being a top IoT app development company we will give you a precise quote for IoT application development.

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      IoT mobile application development is a trending concept in this digital era. The demand for IoT-based mobile apps is high from all corners of businesses. These intelligent tech solutions make the user’s life simple, easier, comfortable, and convenient.

      Internet-of-Things-powered mobile applications or systems are the heart of many industries. From manufacturing, healthcare, and smart home automation to education and security, IoT apps are increasingly adopting for multiple purposes.

      Let’s kickstart the IoT app development project and let your audience taste the digital experiences.

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