How Much Does It Cost to Develop Online Medicine Delivery App?

Medicine Delivery Apps

How Much Does It Cost to Develop Online Medicine Delivery App?

The second wave of COVID-19 is infecting people with rapid speed across the world. People are in scary to go outside and bring their home essentials. Of course, it is not safe as well. In this tough situation, mobile applications helping us to order necessary goods and services from home. All marketplace applications work intending to deliver products right at the doorstep of customers.

We have online grocery delivery apps, online learning apps, and online shopping apps. Likewise, on top of all other marketplace applications, medicine delivery apps are helpful to order medicine at the convenience of home.

Yes, you don’t need to go and stand in a long queue at the pharma store for purchasing your medicines. Life-saving medicines will knock on your doorstep if you install online medical delivery applications on your Android or iPhone.

The best thing is that if you are unable to type the medicine name, upload the picture of the prescription and get all medicines right to your residence. Moreover, unlike physical pharma stores, online medicine ordering applications offer tempting discounts on every purchase. It is another reason behind the increased popularity of medicine delivery apps.

Herein, we have compiled a list of top online medicine delivery apps for Android /iOS. Look at the list of best mobile apps to order your meds.

Top 7 Best On-demand Online Medicine Delivery Apps in India 2022

1. Practo – Online Doctor Consultations & Appointments

Practo - Hyena

How much does it cost to develop an app like Practo?

We all well know with this name. It helps users to book a doctor’s appointment online for a quick consultation. In the recent past, Practo has introduced an innovative online medicine delivery that applies to the market.

This leading doctor consultation and medicine delivery application is available on both the Google play store for Android users and the Apple app store for iPhone/iPad users.

The app can deliver nearly 40,000 medicines for various purposes. With the partnership of leading drug development companies and local pharmacies, Practo ensures safe delivery at the time without fail.

It also has an advanced feature of auto-filling medicines names when you upload a prescription picture. It offers a hassle-free app experience to elders.

Currently, it is providing reliable services to people across 100 cities in India like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bengaluru, and many other dense cities.

It has over 5 million app downloads and its network comprises over 1lakh registered multispecialty physicians yet.


Key features of Practo online pharma app:

  • Get instant video consultation from 25+ specialists
  • Hassle-free booking services for online doctor appointments
  • Order drugs online for door delivery
  • Book lab tests (free home sample collection is available)
  • Get unlimited online medical consultations by subscribing to paid health plans
  • Provides expert-written health content and guidance to be healthy all the time

Are you looking to develop a Practo clone app?

Reach our mobile App expert to know more about Cost to Develop an App like Practo or How much does it cost to develop an app like Practo or Practo app development cost or Cost to Develop an Healthcare App. Hyena, a top mobile app development company in India, builds trending online medicine delivery clone apps like Practo. Get in Touch.

2. 1MG- India’s best online pharmacy with a wide range of Prescription and OTC medicines

1mg - Hyena

How Much does it cost to develop an app like 1mg?

1mg is stood in the list of top 10 online medicine delivery apps in India with over 10 million downloads across Apple’s app store and Google Play Store. This 4.4-star rating mobile app is the best platform for ordering all types of medicines. Users can also order and get healthcare kits and products at their doorstep from the 1mg application.

The best thing about the 1mg online medicine delivery app is that users can also get complete details of medicine usage, dosage, side effects, etc. 1mg provides online medicine delivery services to customers across Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and many other locations in India.

Advantages of best-in-class online medicine delivery app like 1mg:

  • Purchase medicines
  • Buy healthcare products
  • Book lab tests at various labs. (1MG also offers home sample collection)
  • Book doctor appointments
  • Get free/paid consultation with healthcare specialists
  • Set reminders for pills
  • Users can order quickly by uploading prescription
  • Money-saving discounts on prescriptions

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Want to know the cost to develop on-demand Medicine Delivery App?

Reach our mobile App expert to know more about Cost to Develop an App like 1mg or How much does it cost to develop an app like 1mg or 1mg app development cost or Cost of on-demand Pharmeasy app.

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    3. Pharmaeasy – Online Pharmacy & Medical Store in India

    Pharmaeasy - Hyena

    How Much Does it Cost to Develop An App Like PharmEasy?

    Phamareasy, with a vast portfolio of drugs and healthcare-related products, ranked as a leading online medicine app in India. A part of its online drug delivery services, the app also helps users to take lab tests at its partnered laboratories located across 40 cities in India.

    Driven by its quick delivery time and portfolio of branded medicines, Pharmaeasy soon reached an increased number of customers in the country. Currently, the app has 10+ million users and is acquired 4.5 out of 5 user ratings.

    Today, Pharmaeasy stood as a trendy online medicine delivery app in Hyderabad, Pune, and Bangalore.

    Key benefits of Pharmaeasy online drug delivery app:

    • Order quality-checked medicines
    • Order via prescription feature ensures quick order
    • Book for various diagnostic tests
    • Offers a range of healthcare products such as nutrition and fitness supplements, personal and skincare products, and so on
    • Buy COVID essentials such as sanitizers, multivitamin capsules, and immune protein powders, etc.
    • Offers attractive discounts on each product
    • Sends scheduled refill reminders to users
    • Attractive deals and e-wallet cashback

    Reach our mobile App expert to know more about Cost to Develop an App like Pharmaeasy or How much does it cost to develop an app like Pharmaeasy or Pharmaeasy app development cost or Cost To Develop Online Medicine Delivery App. Hyena creates the best online drug delivery app like Pharmaeasy with less development time at an attractive price.

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    4. NetMeds – Trusted Indian Online Pharmacy

    NetMeds - Hyena

    How much does it cost to develop an app like NetMeds?

    Netmeds is one of the top online medicine delivery apps in India. It enables users to order a wide range of medicines for getting relief from hazardous diseases.

    Since its inception in 2010, the app continues to provide consistent medicine delivery services to customers. Besides, through the NetMeds application, users can also book a blood test and physician consultation.

    This trendy mobile app is available on Android and iPhone.

    Key benefits of online medicine delivery applications like NetMeds:

    • Offers Ayurvedic, Homeopathy, and Unani drugs
    • A collection of fitness and related products
    • Offers Diabetes needs
    • Offers orthopedic and many more health kits
    • Provides instant doctor consultation
    • Foot massage kits
    • Invite and earn feature to get attractive discounts and coupons for next purchase


    Reach our mobile App expert to know more about Cost to Develop an App like NetMids or How much does it cost to develop an app like NetMids or NetMids app development cost or Cost to Develop an Healthcare App.

    Want to build a similar app to NetMids? Hyena develops the best online pharmacy app like NetMeds. Talk to us right away.

    5. Apollo Pharmacy –Buy online from India’s most trusted brand Apollo Pharmacy

    ApolloPharmacy - Hyena

    How much does it cost to develop an app like Apollo Pharmacy?

    Apollo Pharmacy is another leading Indian online medicine delivery app. With its popularity across offline pharmacies and healthcare facilities, Apollo is successfully providing online medicine delivery services across major cities in India.

    Along with comprising a range of medical products, the app also helps users book physician consultations in an emergency. This innovative mobile app assists users in tracking their disease symptoms and getting an expert consultation right away.

    Moreover, the digital health record facility of Apollo Pharmacy brought the brand name to the app in the Indian online drug delivery market.

    The app is available on both Android and iPhone/iOS platforms.

    Key benefits of a top-rated Apollo Pharmacy e-pharma App:

    • Book appointment with Apollo doctors
    • Buy COVID care medicines
    • Diabetes care and pain relief drugs
    • Book lab test including RTPCR
    • Book medicines for curing cold and respiratory issues
    • Buy Vitamin supplements and diet and fitness related products
    • View lab reports and healthcare records
    • Avail benefits of discounts for online purchases
    • Provides healthcare-related articles, videos, and expert advice

    Reach our mobile App expert to know more about Cost to Develop an App like Apollo Pharmacy or How much does it cost to develop an app like Apollo Pharmacy or Apollo Pharmacy app development cost or Cost to Develop Doctor Appointments booking App.

    Want to build a similar app to Apollo Pharmacy? Hyena develops the best online pharmacy app like Apollo Pharmacy. Talk to us right away.

    6. MedPlusMart – Online Pharmacy Store in India

    MedPlusMart - Hyena

    How Much does It Cost to Develop an App Like MedPlus?

    You don’t need to rush to a pharmacy to buy medicines if you install the MedPlus app on your mobile. MedPlus is the best e-pharmacy application useful for ordering medicines, vitamins & supplements, OTC drugs, personal care, baby care essentials, and other healthcare and nutritional products.

    The app also allows users to upload the medical prescription to add medicines to their cart and get them within 2 days.

    It has over 1 million app downloads and available on Android and iOS.

    Key benefits of MedPlus online pharma delivery App:

    • Order medicines by brand
    • Purchase general health and household products
    • Get reminders for your pills
    • Store locator helps users find nearest pharma store for quick delivery
    • The health records feature helps users stay tuned with their health
    • Flexi Rewards scheme ensures huge money savings to customers.

    Reach our mobile App expert to know more about Cost to Develop an App like MedPlus or How much does it cost to develop an app like MedPlus or MedPlus app development cost or Cost to develop on-demand Medicine Delivery App.

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    7. MedLife – India’s Largest Online Medical Store


    How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App Like MedLife?

    Medlife is another best Android/iOS app for ordering medicine online. The app with a simple user interface makes online drug ordering easy.

    Medlife app offers high-quality medicines such as Ecosprin, Telma, Janumet, Shelcal, and many more intending to cure diseases of its trusted customers.

    Till yet, over 500K users are using Medlife e-pharmacy app to meet their emergency needs.

    Key benefits of Medlife online medicine ordering app:

    • A range of medicines are available within an app
    • Time and money-saving medicine shopping
    • Medicines get delivered to your doorsteps within 2 days
    • Drugs are sold by certified vendors
    • The best alternative for drugs are available at the Medlife app
    • Book Lab tests and doctor appointment
    • Buy healthcare, baby care, and other essentials
    • Get discounts on every service and product.

    These are a few of the top online medicine delivery applications in India. There are many other e-pharmacy apps available in the app store.

    Need an estimated cost to develop online medicine delivery app?

    Reach our mobile App expert to know more about Cost to Develop an App like Medlife or How much does it cost to develop an app like Medlife or Medlife app development cost or Cost to develop on-demand Medicine Delivery App.

    Want to build a similar app to Medlife? Hyena develops the best online pharmacy app like Medlife. Talk to us right away.

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      Essential Features of Medicine Delivery Apps

      Key features for customers:

      1) Easy registration and login: For accessing the app quicker

      2) User profile: Assist users in managing their information like personal details, order details, payments history, and so on

      3) Upload Prescriptions: Users can upload doctor’s prescription and get medicines at their doorstep

      4) Product Categories: It helps users to search for the needed drugs with ease

      5) Filters: For a quick search

      6) Medicine Information: It gives details of uses, dosage, side effects, brand, expiry date, price, and other helpful information related to the drug

      7) Add to Cart: It helps users to add medicines they need to their cart for reviewing the price details and ordering quickly.

      8) Multiple Payment Modes: It facilitates users to pay for their order as they feel convenient and safe. Integration of various payment methods ensures a more personalized app experience for the users.

      9) Order Live-tracking: It’s a vital feature that allows customers to track their order status with ease.

      10) Doctor Consultation: It facilitates users to consult and get health tips from doctors online. This feature helps users to confidently use the products available on the app.

      11) Push notifications: This feature notifies users’ about their orders, deals, special offers, and many more.

      12) Deals & Discounts: Users can buy medicines at the best prices and will also aid e-pharmacies to attract more users to use the app

      Must-have features of drug delivery apps for Pharmacists

      1) Quick registration: Like user registration, all e-pharmacy apps should also have a login page for pharmacists to manage their profiles.

      2) Inventory management: This feature helps pharmacists to upload out-of-stock products.

      3) Data management: It helps in uploading pharmacists’ details such as pharma store address, contact details, and all. This feature helps in extending trust over their medicines.

      4) Medicine details management: It is one of the essential features that a customer looks out our. This feature aids pharmacists in uploading drug information into the app seamlessly.

      5) Product Price Management: This assists e-pharma stores to quote the drug price as per the market.

      6) Order Management: It helps to store customer order details in a crystal-clear manner for easy packing of medicines.

      7) Deals & Discounts: It helps pharmacists to upload special discounts on medicines for attracting users, thereby increasing sales

      Significant features of the best online medicine apps for Admin Panel

      1) Dashboard: Simple dashboard design helps admin to manage end-to-end operations from order management to delivery effortlessly.

      2) Marketing Management: It helps the admin to organize in-app marketing campaigns without damaging app reputation.

      3) Analytics and Reports: Analyzing reports related to orders, payments, customer retention rate, and app performance is a vital task for an admin.

      4) Vendor management: To make your app successful in the app store, you must list registered pharmacies for ensuring reliable medicine delivery services. The vendor management feature helps the admin to handle pharmacists well.

      These are must-have features that need to be included in your new online medicine delivery app.

      Well. Now, if you are planning to invest in e-pharmacy app development, then choosing the right technology stack matters a lot.

      Let’s see the best technology stack for developing an online medicine delivery application.

      Technology Stack used in Online Medicine Delivery App Development

      Technology stack plays a vital role in creating an efficient app that ensures bug-free performance for a long. The best mobile apps development company like Hyena uses a powerful tech stack for the development of trending e-pharma mobile solutions for enterprises.

      For the success of any online medicine delivery app, technology used is very important. Here is a list of some of the common technologies that a proficient mobile app development company uses to create a robust and fully functional on-demand online medicine delivery app:

      Front-end development: Java, Angular, CSS, HTML
      Platforms: Android, iOS, Web App
      Back-end development: Laravel, NodeJS, Python
      In-app message: Batch
      Payment Integration: PayPal API and Braintree SDK
      Database: MongoDB
      Cloud Environment: Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud
      GPS: Google Maps SDK for Android and MapKit framework for iOS
      Social Media Login: Google, Twitter APIs, Facebook

      If you are an enthusiast to create your e-pharmacy application, you might be very eager to know about the development cost of an online medicine delivery app.

      How much will it cost to create an on-demand online medicine delivery app?

      Even though we have a features list and technology stack to create an e-pharmacy app, it is a complex task to estimate the development cost of an online medicine delivery application.

      A full-fledged app development cost goes beyond our expectations due to the below-cost impacting factors.

      • Features you added in the app
      • App development platforms
      • Online medicine delivery app UX/UI design
      • Team size
      • Location of the mobile app developer

      These factors decide the development cost of any mobile application.

      If features are more, then the development time and overall development cost of an app will increase.

      If you plan to add advanced features such as – Electronic health record management, in-app scanner, expert online video consultations, lab tests services, reminders of medicine intake and refill, searching for nearby pharmacies, then the development cost will be much higher than the estimated price.

      Besides, the app platform also matters a lot. The Cost to Develop a Healthcare App for Android is higher than developing the app on the iOS platform.

      The location of the mobile app developers you choose for getting your app developed will also a significant cost impacting factor. Compared to the app developers in the United States and other European nations, mobile app development in India is affordable even by startups.

      Being a leading mobile apps development company in India, Hyena’s gives you the best price for online medicine delivery app development. For instance, the development cost of online drug delivery applications like Practo, 1mg, and NetMeds will costs around $20,000-$30,000 for a single platform.

      If you want to develop an online medicine delivery app with advanced features that work seamlessly on two platforms, the development cost may reach $35,000-$50,000.

      Need an estimated development cost of Online Medicine Delivery App?

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        The COVID pandemic has created a wide scope for online medicine delivery apps in India. To order medicines and get instant doctor consultation services, the demand for e-pharmacy apps will swell up in the coming years. Such easy-to-user medicine delivery apps not only benefit users but also ensures profitable business to app owners and increased sales to pharmacies.

        If you develop an online medicine delivery app in this pandemic, it will definitely hit the app store quickly. The value for online pharmacy apps is expected to propel in the next couple of years.

        Are you looking for a top online medicine delivery app development company to create your app?

        Hyena Technologies is your best Artificial Intelligence mobile app development partner. We create feature-rich and world-class Android apps and iOS apps on demand. We have developed trendy apps, including Online Medicine Delivery apps for businesses across various industries.

        Driven by vast industry experience, Hyena builds the best app solution based on your project requirements.

        Talk to our app development experts and get a free quote for your app.




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