How Much Does it Cost to Develop Virtual Assistant Apps?


How Much Does it Cost to Develop Virtual Assistant Apps?

Intelligent virtual assistant apps have been ruling this digital space for a while. They are enchanting alternatives to typing since virtual assistant apps will activate on user voice commands. Whether you command a virtual assistant to play music or track climate conditions, they ensure brilliant performance.

Siri, Amazon Alexa, Cortana, and Google Assistant are the most popular mobile voice assistants with the best device compatibility. The Artificial Intelligence(AI)-powered mobile voice assistants respond to user requests quickly and follow commands precisely. It has attracted 71 million smartphone users to install AI-based personal voice assistant apps on their mobiles. However, most of the newer mobile versions now pre-installed with the fixed virtual assistant apps.

If you are looking out to create personal assistant apps for Android or iOS, we help you out. Herein, we have compiled a list of top virtual assistant apps and a detailed guide on how much it will Cost to develop on-demand Virtual Assistant App.

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10 Best trending personal assistant apps in 2023

1) Siri- An Advanced iPhone voice assistant for smart interaction

Apple’s Siri set the foundation for virtual assistant development. It is one of the famous personal voice assistants available for iOS users. This voice-controlled personal assistant alters the way you interact with iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac, and iPod Touch.

The app is pre-loaded with over 600 commands that allow users to activate Siri quicker. Here are the other benefits of a Siri-like smart voice assistant.


Advantages of a popular mobile voice assistant like Siri

  • Instantly access and read mails on request
  • Siri can type and send text messages
  • Gives updates on weather reports
  • Efficiently read newspapers that you selected
  • It can check contacts and make a call
  • It plays a vital role in automating smart home devices
  • Setups timer and alarms
  • Best as task reminder
  • Browse search engine for data that you need
  • It navigates you to reach your destination without hassle
  • Siri can respond faster in 21 different languages
  • It can translate words and phrases when you need
  • Plays music and radio that you wish to listen
  • Users can book and access trip details
  • Works with smart devices that are compatible with HomeKit

App Rating: 4.5/5
Installs: 500+million iPhone Users

Hyena, a leading mobile apps development company in the USA & India, builds Siri-like voice assistant apps.

How much does it cost to develop an app like Siri?

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    2) Amazon Alexa- The best AI voice Assistant

    Amazon Alexa is one of the users’ favorite virtual voice assistants available for android, iOS, Windows, and Amazon devices. Using the Alexa app, you can listen to music, get news updates, get reminders, set alarms, and many more.

    Users can easily connect to their Amazon music account, create a personalized playlist, and get updates on the latest music trends. Further, this AI-based voice recognition tool also helps you stay connected with the Alexa-enabled smart home devices.


    Benefits of AI-powered voice assistant apps like Alexa

    • It gives updates on news and weather
    • You can control smart home devices on the go
    • Stay connected with the compatible echo devices
    • Connect to Amazon music and choose and listen to a collection of songs that you love
    • Users can make calls or send a text to Alexa-enables devices for free of cost
    • Schedule meetings
    • Creates shopping lists and finds recommendations
    • Alexa books flight, bus, and train tickets for you

    App Rating: 4.4/5
    Installs: 50+ million

    What to know How much does it cost to develop an app like Amazon Alexa?

    Hyena, the best personal voice assistant apps developer, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, creates best-in-class AI mobile apps.

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    3) Google Assistant- One of the top virtual voice assistants for Android

    It is one of the pretty smart personal voice-enabled assistants for android users. With simple Ok Google command, you can activate the mobile application on your Android mobile. It helps you to manage your tasks and control smart devices.

    cost-to-develop-google-assistance app

    What can smart mobile voice assistant apps like Google Assistant do?  

    • Users can make hands-free calls and send text messages
    • It opens and reads emails upon request and also drafts emails to contacts
    • As like Siri and Alexa, it plays pleasant music of your choice
    • Downloads video files from the internet and play them for you
    • It helps users to connect audio streaming and media services like Spotify and play your wish list
    • Gives information related to nearest restaurants and other places
    • It finds the nearest car parks
    • It updates traffic information and directs you towards your destination
    • Set alarms and reminds you of scheduled tasks
    • Updates and reminds of your shopping cart

    App Rating: 4.2/5
    Installs: 100+ million

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      4) ELSA Speak- The best personal assistant for learning the English language online

      ELSA (English Language Speech Assistant) is one of the famous virtual speech assistants that assist users to speak English proficiently. It helps students or entry-or-medium level English learners to pronounce the words in an American accent.

      This popular AI-powered app using advanced speech recognition technology helps aspirants pronounce words correctly. It will be your best English trainer and help you get the best score band in IELTS and TOEFL.

      It allows you to take a speech test and check your speaking proficiency score to tackle competitive exams with more confidence.

      ELSA Speak has 5 million active android users and has over 3.6 million other active users in 101 countries.


      Advantages famous AI-based mobile apps like ELSA Speak

      • It is one of the best English speaking apps for students, professionals, and travelers
      • It helps you clear IELTS, TOEIC, and TOEFL
      • Allows users to take speech test and get reports instantly
      • Enhances vocabulary and confidence
      • The best tool for learning English pronunciation
      • Builds personality and let you speak like an American Citizen
      • Available for Android and iOS

      App Rating: 4.9/5
      Installs: 5,000,000+

      Get in Touch and Know How much does it cost to develop an app like ELSA Speak! Get in Touch and know how we build a voice assistant using python or ELSA Speak app development cost or How much does it cost to develop an app like ELSA Speak or Google Assistant app development cost or Cost of on-demand Virtual Assistant!

      5) DataBot- The best virtual talking mobile robot

      DataBot virtual assistant is among the best AI personal assistant for Android and iOS users. It searches in the browser and gives you accurate answers to your queries within seconds.  It has a cool feature that the DataBot creates multimedia presentations from scratch level. By taking user’s voice commands, DataBot picks images and text and prepares decent slides for you.

      The assistant can speak in English, Spanish, Korean, Arabic, Portuguese, French, and many other languages of your choice.

      Virtual-Assistant-DataBot-development costWhat can Famous AI digital assistants like DataBot do?

      • It speaks in your language
      • This smart AI bot sends messages and emails with the help of DataBot
      • Creates multimedia presentations using your commands
      • Finds precise answers for users questions
      • Instantly shares content over social media and emails
      • Since it is a cross-platform app, it works simultaneously on mobiles and laptops
      • Understands your voice and behavior patterns, and it works as you need
      • Speaks multiple languages and enhances user experience
      • Saves notes and reminders
      • It tells you daily Horoscope
      • It calculates big numbers in seconds for you
      • It learns new words from conversations like Jarvis Bot
      • You can customize the DataBot appearance as you like
      • Search for news, jokes, quotes, music, and many more for you

      App Rating: 4.2/5
      Downloads: 5+ million

      Would you like to create a smart digital Chatbot like Jarvis or DataBot?

      Then, Hyena is the right Chatbot apps development partner that works hard to develop your dream project.

      Know more about DataBot app development cost for Android or iOS

        6) Robin: A popular AI voice assistant for Android

        Whether you are looking out to know climate conditions, sports details, news, or politics, Robin AI personal assistant updates you all the time. It entertains you by playing music and videos unlimitedly.

        robin-voice-assistance app development cost

        Significant advantages of AI virtual assistants like Robin

        • It creates a playlist for you and plays the songs you love based on your mood swings.
        • Help you drive to the destination quickly and safely and never let you stuck in traffic.
        • It plays music on the go and makes your drive blissful
        • Makes and attends your calls, sends messages, and sets alarms
        • Converts your speech into text and send it to contacts on demand
        • Plays music from a range of categories as you like
        • Intelligently tracks and locates parking spaces and nearest fuel stations
        • You can post and view updates on social media accounts
        • Get updates on sports news, business news, and tech news
        • By taking a photo of a particular product, Robin gives you the details of the product price

        App Rating: 4.1/5
        Installs: 1+ million

        Are you looking to build a Robin-like similar Ai-based voice assistant?

        Hyena is a top mobile apps developer in the USA and trusted by Fortune 500 companies. Our Android apps and iOS app development services take your business to new heights faster.

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          7) Lyra- android & iOS personal voice assistant to understand your needs

          Lyra is a personal artificial intelligence-based voice assistant. Initially, it is available only for Android users, and now we also have Lyra for iOS users. Sending messages, calling, opening other mobile apps, weather and traffic reports updates, and navigation are a few significant features of Lyra.

          lyra voice assistant app development cost

          Benefits of multilingual virtual assistant like Lyra

          • It plays YouTube videos
          • Instantly translates words and phrases
          • Quickly finds nearby restaurants and places
          • Search contacts and make calls
          • Open Google maps and directs you in traffic-free routes
          • Save notes and reminders for you
          • Weather forecast
          • Entertains you by telling jokes

          App Rating: 4.1/5
          Downloads: 1 million

          Get in Touch and know How much does it cost to develop an app like Lyra!

          8) Bixby-the best voice recognition app for Android

          Samsung’s assistant Bixby is one of the best virtual assistant apps with one million downloads in 2020. The app is available only on Samsung devices only. This multilingual virtual assistant responds faster to user commands.

          Samsungs-assistant-Bixby-app development cost

          Unique benefits of a quick responding personal assistant app like Bixby

          • This descent virtual assistant does web searches
          • It downloads apps from Google Play
          • It has an attractive feature that allows users to find landmarks and others by taking a photo.
          • It helps the user to translate foreign languages
          • It also supports smart home devices
          • It organizes tasks in a day as scheduled
          • You can set up reminders
          • You can take a selfie with stickers by giving a command to Bixby
          • You can move to the last app that you opened with Bixby
          • You can mute the phone, take a screenshot, and lift calls with just a click

          App Rating: 3.9/5
          Downloads: 1+ million

          Get in Touch and know How much does it cost to develop an app like Bixby!

          9) Jarvis- on-demand AI-based virtual assistant for android

          Jarvis-AI is another popular virtual assistant developed using the power of artificial intelligence. It recognizes the voice, understands it, and reverts to commands faster than a human does.  It has a bundle of cool features that meets your desired app needs.

          Jarvis-app-development-costThe best features of virtual personal AI assistants for android

          • It makes calls, opens apps, sets alarms.
          • The AI assistant helps you stay updated with the local news.
          • It reads messages
          • AI-powered Jarvis can connect Wi-fi and Bluetooth with secured networks.
          • It switches flashlights to get things on dark mode.
          • Alerts on charging and low battery
          • It’s a hot-word detector. This audio listening feature help users activate the app faster with commands

          App Rating: 4.1/5
          Downloads: 500,000+

          Get in Touch and know How much does it cost to develop an app like Jarvis!

          10) Extreme- Simple virtual personal voice assistant for Android

          It is another leading voice recognition application available for Android. The extreme personal voice assistant is an expert in communicating or interacting with the user through voice commands. This highly responsive personal assistant has a plethora of smart features that help you get things done smarter.


          Features of digital voice assistant apps like Extreme

          • It dials contacts and writes emails with input given by the user
          • Effectively use the search engine to get information that you require
          • Supports multiple languages, including English, Hindi, Tamil, Spanish, French, and many more
          • The best personal voice assistant that helps you take a hands-free selfie
          • It gives you the most up-to-date information on sports
          • Keep you entertained with music and videos
          • The best digital partner to find places on the map with you

          App Rating: 4.3/5
          Installs: Over 1 Million

          Talk to our mobile app development experts and know How much does it cost to develop an app like Extreme.

          Are you planning to launch a world-class AI-based mobile virtual assistant app for Android/iOS?

          So, you are supposed to know what the best AI apps are and the technologies used for AI apps development, and how much does an AI app costs to build?

          However, we have the list of the top AI personal voice assistant apps above. So, you can happily choose the one and invest in AI clone apps. But, before you commence the AI-powered app development process, you should choose the right technology stack for the AI apps development.

          Which Technologies are Best for The AI Apps Development?

          The development of personal voice assistants using Artificial Intelligence (AI) needs cloud support and other coding languages.

          Siri or Google assistant-like popular personal voice assistant apps have developed using speech recognition and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies for interpreting and processing languages. The AI apps also need to include machine learning capabilities to make faster decisions upon receiving user commands.

          A few other advanced AI-based voice assistant apps like Amazon Alexa use the IoT technology to interact with smart home devices such as smart lights, thermostats and smart door locks, etc.

          Further, image recognition, voice biometric, noise control, and text-to-speech are other significant technologies used for AI digital voice assistant development.  

          How Much does it Cost to Develop an AI-based Virtual Voice Assistant like Siri, Alexa, or ELSA Speak?

          The development cost of an AI-based assistant depends on various factors, including technologies used, platform, design tools, the complexity of the artificial intelligence, experience, and location of mobile app developers, etc.

          The estimated development cost of an AI-powered personal assistant app will be around $40,000 to $55,000. However, the integration of advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies will increase the estimated cost of mobile apps between 20% and 30%.

          AI development needs the best mobile app developers who can create refined algorithms and develop efficient AI mobile apps. Hyena, the best AI apps development company in the USA, India, with hands-on experience in using technology, is your perfect AI mobile apps development partner.

          Get a free quote for your AI project!

            The Future of AI personal voice/virtual assistants

            The voice-controlled AI digital assistants for Android or iOS like Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, ELSA Speak, DataBot, and many are becoming popular and assisting users with their breezy features.

            Since downloads of AI virtual assistants are increasing year over year, it is easy to forecast the future of AI voice-enabled Apps. The market value of AI virtual assistants is 2.58 billion in 2020. Due to the rising demand for trending AI apps, The market value might triple by 2026.

            So, it is the best decision to put your valuable investments on AI development to keep your business forefront in this digital space. Being one of the top AI development companies, Hyena predicts that AI voice-enabled Apps will have a bright future.

            Get our AI experts consultation to know the Cost of on-demand Virtual Assistant.


            Emerging artificial intelligence technology completely alters the way we live. In particular, AI-powered digital voice assistants are making human lives more convenient. Whether the apps are for personal or professional purposes, AI virtual assistants ensure brilliant performance. They work beyond your expectations.

            Our AI app development team creates AI clone apps or AI personal assistant apps for Android/iOS from scratch and fuels your business profitability.

            “Build potential AI-powered apps and remain competitive in the digital world”


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