How Much Does it Cost to Develop Instant Messaging Apps?

cost to develop app like whatsapp

How Much Does it Cost to Develop Instant Messaging Apps?

The best chat apps for Android and iOS helps people send text, video clips, and audio file instantly and makes the interaction with loved one easier. Instant messaging applications allow users to send group messages and make video calls at any time from anywhere.

People love to download the best video chat apps to stay in touch with their family and friends. Though WhatsApp remains the most popular messaging app, other apps like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Discord, and Telegram are a few top chat apps in the market available on Android or iOS app stores for free.

In addition, Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Team are also top-rated as popular communication apps that help businesses interact with their workforce. In this COVID pandemic, these top communication tools management to stay connected with teams when they are working remotely.

If you are in plans to build messaging mobile apps, this article might be helpful to get detailed information on-

  • Top instant messaging apps or chat apps or business communication apps
  • The Best Team Communication apps for businesses
  • Significant features of Messaging apps like Telegram or WhatsApp, or Zoom
  • How to create an instant messaging app or business chat application?
  • The Best Technology Stack for developing Chat apps
  • How much will it cost to build a full-fledged chat app?

Top instant messaging apps in the USA for Android and iOS

Based on the active users, we have compiled a list of the best chat apps in the USA.

1) WhatsApp- one of the most used chat apps in the USA & India

WhatsApp is the most popular mobile messenger app worldwide. The app will report over 2 billion monthly active users globally. Besides, as of stats, over 100 billion messages are being transmitted in a day using WhatsApp.

This popular mobile messenger app has billions of users across the USA, India, and other countries. Let’s look at the benefits of WhatsApp as a popular messaging application.


Benefits of on-demand messaging apps like WhatsApp:

  • WhatsApp uses mobile data and has no subscription fees to access the application.
  • Users can send and receive text, pictures, videos, and files in an encrypted manner
  • One of the best advantages of instant chat apps is the apps allow users to send or receive voice messages
  • Group chat or group calling is added benefit with WhatsApp-like messengers
  • Users can call and talk unlimitedly for free of cost with anyone at any time using the WhatsApp calling feature
  • It facilitates users to access the app content on desktop over the internet via WhatsApp Web functionality
  • Not only for the domestic communication purpose, but the app allows users to send or receive text internationally for free
  • You can also transmit single text to multiple contacts on a single go
  • Users can customize WhatsApp wallpaper and notification sounds

These are a few of the advantages of the ever-green chat app globally.

Like India and Brazil, WhatsApp is a trending chat app in the USA with billions of audiences. It’s a fact that 27% of American internet users aged between 25-35 years old are accessing the app for communicating with their friends and family members.

Hyena, the best mobile app development company in the USA, has decades of industry experience in app development. We develop best-in-class WhatsApp alternative apps. We create mobile apps (for Android and iOS) that bring quick success to brands and businesses.

Let’s talk to our app development experts to know How much does it cost to develop an app like WhatsApp or Cost to Develop an App like Whatsapp or WhatsApp app development cost or Cost to Develop on-demand Messaging Apps?

Get your free quote for WhatsApp Clone App

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2) Telegram- The best messaging app for personal and professional use

With a 4.4 star rating, Telegram stood in the list of the top instant messaging app in the USA and other countries. It has 500 million active users across the world and is ranked as the most downloaded chat app globally.

This on-demand fastest messaging app allows users to access content from mobiles, tablets, and desktops simultaneously. It means safe and reliable synchronization is ensured with this mobile app.


Advantages of on-demand messaging apps like Telegram

  • Telegram allows users to send unlimited media and files.
  • Chat history or files shared on Telegram will be stored in the Telegram cloud. So, the app saves your device space.
  • Ease of use and high-level security to conversation
  • One of the best communication tools for group chats with up to 200,000 members
  • Allows sharing files with 2GB without hassle
  • Telegram facilitates users to set up bots for precise tasks.
  • Reliable messaging mobile app with photo and video editing tools
  • Ideal messaging app for hosting online communities
  • High privacy and fast content delivery

If you are looking to develop Telegram clone apps for clutching market trends for online chat apps, Hyena is your best partner for your messaging app development.

Let us know your app requirements. We design an appealing UI and develop your messaging tool with the most advanced features set.

Let’s talk to our app development experts to know How much does it cost to develop an app like Telegram or Cost to Develop an App like Telegram or Telegram app development cost or Cost to Develop on-demand Messaging Apps?

Let’s talk to Hyena’s expert mobile app development consultants right away.

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    3) Facebook Messenger- A popular chat app for text, audio, and video calls

    Facebook Messenger is one of the leading chat apps in the USA and all over the world.  It has 5 billion downloads via the Google play store, and the number might increase in coupled with app installs through the Apple app store.

    This all-in-one communication app offers manifold benefits to the users.


    Benefits of chat apps like Messenger  

    • One of the significant benefits of the messenger app is that users can chat or call Instagram contacts through the app.
    • Users can create a group and make a video call with approximately 50 people.
    • Users can send unlimited text and voice messages.
    • Its vanish mode clears chat history once the user exits the chat window.
    • Users can comment and express their emotions using in-app emojis.
    • With its innovative messenger video chat and room options, the app facilitates users to watch movies and videos with their loved ones
    • Users can record and send voice messages instantly for free of cost
    • File sharing is also a key advantage of Facebook Messenger
    • On top of all, it allows you to send or receive money in an encrypted manner
    • Available on Android and iOS app stores for free

    Hyena, one of the top mobile apps developers, can build a feature-rich instant messaging app like Messenger. We take less development time but not comprise in mobile app quality and performance.

    Get in touch to our app development experts to know How much does it cost to develop an app like Facebook Messenger or Cost to Develop an App like Facebook Messenger or Facebook Messenger app development cost or Cost to Develop on-demand Messaging Apps?

    4. Skype- Smart messaging application for free IM and video calls

    Skype is the best go-to messenger app for business communication. It is one of the most used chatting apps for business purposes over Android, iOS, and web platforms.

    This top-rated & famous business messaging app is fast and reliable. With a simple user interface in appealing colors, it is one of the easy-to-use chatting apps.


    Advantages of business messaging application like Skype

    • Free to downloadable app for chatting and calling
    • Ensures outstanding audio and HD video quality
    • It allows group video calls with over 24 members
    • Instant message delivery even the poor internet connection is the best thing about Skype
    • Send photos, videos, files with large size without hassle
    • Users can also select and share the contacts with others easily through its share contacts feature
    • Add spice to chat and express your feelings through cute emojis

    If you planned to build the best alternative messaging apps to Skype-like Talky, Viber, and Whatsapp, you need a top mobile app development company like Hyena. 

    Being one of the USA-based largest mobile app development companies, Hyena creates bug-free Android/iOS apps. We have a dedicated group of skilled mobile app developers, creative UX/UI designers, and quality assurance teams. Hyena promises to develop ultimate Skype-like instant chat apps.

    Let’s talk to our app development experts to know How much does it cost to develop an app like Skype or Cost to Develop an App like Skype or Skype app development cost or Cost to Develop on-demand Messaging Apps? Get a free quote for your project right now.

    Know about How much does it cost to develop an app like Skype

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      5) WeChat- The best alternative chat app to Skype and WhatsApp

      More than as a chat application, WeChat is also be used as a social media app. It was the primary reason behind the increased downloads of approximately one billion in the app stores.


      Why WeChat become a popular mobile chatting app in the USA?  

      • Users can make video and voice calls or attend video calls from anywhere and on any device
      • It offers new ways to communicate with voice messages and selfie stickers
      • Users can update their stories and share their happiness with contacts
      • With a single click, users can share their real-time location with others
      • It allows making group video calls with nine members
      • Users can create large groups with 500 members for chatting and sending text or voice messages and more
      • The most encrypted mobile app for e-payment with the WeChat Pay option
      • Like Facebook Messenger, this trending messaging tool allows users to record short videos and post them on a timeline.
      • A range of stickers and push notifications regarding text updates and all
      • Like Messenger, WeChat is helpful to promote and launch various marketing and ad campaigns
      • Not only for personal use, but WeChat is also a unique Instant Messaging (IM) app for businesses
      • Access the app in 20 different local languages
      • Available on Android and iOS stores

      Know how much does it cost to build a leading chat cum social media app like WeChat? 

      The above listed are a few of the best instant messaging mobile apps for businesses and personal use. There are also other IM apps that are best for communicating with teams.

      Get in touch to our app development experts to know How much does it cost to develop an app like WeChat or Cost to Develop an App like WeChat or WeChat app development cost or Cost to develop on-demand Instant Messaging Apps?


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      The Best Team Communication apps for businesses

      #1.     Microsoft Teams- The best team communication app for businesses

      The COVID pandemic has changed the way organizations communicate with their teams. Among other business chat apps, Microsoft Teams has become a rapidly growing app with increased app download rates. As of 2020, it has over 153 million downloads and of which, 100 million installs are from Google Play Store.

      Microsoft Teams is helping companies to connect with their employees anywhere at any time with ease. Be it related to the project work or business planning, this popular business communication app brings teams on a single platform.

      microsoft-team-app-development cost

      Benefits of on-demand business messaging app like Microsoft Teams

      • Quick conversations in a secure way with all the teammates
      • The best digital workspace to discuss significant projects and get things done
      • Easily assign task list and set specific dates to accomplish the to-do list
      • Dashboard features help teammates to view file links, work progress, and other shared content
      • Quick to create a meeting schedule and start chatting with colleagues as soon as you join the meeting
      • Stay connected anytime from remote locations

      Get in touch  to our app development experts to know How much does it cost to develop an app like Microsoft Teams or Cost to Develop an App like Microsoft Teams or Microsoft Teams app development cost or Cost to Develop Messaging App??

      #2.     Zoom- one of the best business communication apps

      This free-to-download mobile app stood as the second-largest team communication app with 477 million downloads in 2020.

      This cloud-based video conferencing app helps teams connect with others through audio or video or by both. This online calling platform is available for android, iOS, Windows, and Linux platforms. The app allows users to take 40 minutes of video calls for free, and if the time exceeds the limit, you should get the paid premium version.


      Benefits of on-demand communication tool like Zoom for businesses

      • It offers high-quality audio and HD video quality
      • Mobile screen sharing feature with the best quality
      • Unlimited text, photos, files sharing
      • Users can make or receive calls with business number seamlessly
      • Users can setup auto-receptionists to answer and route calls
      • Undisrupted services over Wi-Fi, 5G, 4G/LTE, and 3G networks
      • Voice mail and call recording features to share and manage phone calls smartly
      • Teammates can join from anywhere and from any device with the Zoom invite link
      • Can schedule and update meeting timings before the meeting gets started
      • End-to-end privacy to business conversation
      • Organizers can also create public polling

      Are you looking out to develop an instant messaging app like Zoom?

      Let’s chat and know How much does it cost to develop an app like Zoom!

      The other popular communication apps like Google Meet, Discord, WhatsApp Business, and so on are available for personal and professional use.

      Hyena, the best Android/iOS apps development company, has a proven portfolio of a range of mobile apps for businesses across diversified industries.

      Let’s talk to our app development experts to know How much does it cost to develop an app like Zoom or Cost to Develop an App like Zoom or Zoom app development cost or Cost to Develop Messaging App?

      Need an estimated Cost to develop on-demand Instant Messaging Apps?

        Significant features of Messaging apps like Telegram or WhatsApp, or Zoom 

        To make your chat app successful in the app stores, you should add unique features list and develop a flawless mobile application.

        Let’s see a few significant features that make Chat apps so popular. 

        What features make messaging apps like WhatsApp or Google Meet popular?

        • Quick Sign-up and verification process
        • Instant text messaging feature
        • Group chat facility with many people
        • Instant text or video forward option
        • Mute notifications/ group chat
        • Hide user/group
        • Broadcasts messages
        • In-app filters
        • In-built Stickers and emojis
        • Unlimited video conferencing and video calls
        • Smart search feature to find contacts quickly
        • Location sharing
        • Wall theme settings to personalize the app
        • Multiple file support for sharing docs faster without hassle
        • Easy to customize content size/font/color
        • Preset message settings
        • Customizing status with auto-reply
        • Alert on status change

        To make your messaging app unique among the list of top chat apps, you should integrate the below-advanced features into your application. 

        a. Cloud Synchronization

        Images, audios, documents, and videos are stored in Google Drive. Such a backup option is popularly used by various chat apps like WhatsApp as well. Cloud synchronization benefits both users and admin in terms of:

        1. Minimum requirement analysis
        2. Google Drive backup restoration
        3. Configuration of Google Drive backup settings
        4. Troubleshooting Google Drive backup 

        b. Push Notifications

        Integration of push notifications into on-demand chatting app help businesses grabs user attention by sending updates regarding the media or chat. 

        c. GPS Tracking

        GPS integration is an important feature to be added to the apps like WhatsApp or Telegram. It benefits the user to share the current location.

        d. Lock chat feature

        This advanced feature adds more value to the WhatsApp or Telegram clone apps. Users can lock their chat history or media files.

        e. Profile Modification

        Profile edit feature allows users to alter names and edit background themes and colors.

        How to create an Instant Messaging App or Business Chat Application? 

        The development of the best instant messaging app for Android or iOS needs a clear roadmap from planning and design to the development and deployment phase.

        The best mobile app development company you choose for getting your app developed must-have resources with better knowledge of features list and UX/UI design. Besides, they should be proficient in estimating the development costs and time needed to launch a full-fledged app in the stores.

        The step-by-step process for Instant messaging app development: 

        • Ideation & Competitor Analysis 

        In-depth analysis is essential to come up with a standalone app with unique features.  Hyena, a top mobile app developer in the USA, builds a successful mobile app development approach.

        • Wireframe design

        It is an early step of the UX/UI design process. Wireframe design plays a vital role in the development process. It will be helpful for app designers to create an attractive UI that enhances the user experience.

        • UX/UI Design

        An eye-catching user interface is essential to engage app users. In-app icons and graphics should be in minimum size to delight the users. Hyena’s creative UX/UI team with unbelievable design skills creates appealing mobile app designs for your messaging applications. Let’s Talk!  

        • Front-end App Development  

        Using advanced app development technologies and tools, mobile app developers commence front-end development. In this stage, the development of database, prototype, and UI development will take place.

        • Back-end Development

        In this phase, the top mobile app developers will develop the app server, web server, and database. Whether you use cloud or on-site, the server is the heart of any app network.

        Hyena, one of the leading mobile apps development companies in the USA, UAE, and India, develops a fully protected back-end part that organizes data storing and processing in an encrypted manner.

        • App Testing

        This stage focuses on delivering apps without bugs. The quality assurance team conducts various testing like usability, performance, and functional testing to verify the app functionality and develop error-free mobile apps.

        • App Store Submissions

        Submitting app in the app stores (Apple’s app store for iOS apps and Google Play Store for Android apps) is a complex task. Here, the top mobile app development companies launch the app into the stores where users can download it.

        • Support & Maintenance

        Once the Android app or iOS app is live, mobile app developers provide 24/7 app maintenance and support services. Here, the admin tracks application functionality and performance continuously.

        The Best Technology Stack for developing Chat apps

        The right technology stack is vital for the development of error-free messaging applications. The most used technology stack for WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, or telegram-like chat apps will be:

        Technology stack for iOS-based chat apps

        • Programming Languages: Swift and Object C
        • ToolKit: Apple Xcode
        • Software Development Kit (SDK): iOS SDK

        Technology stack for Android-based chat apps

        • Programming Languages: Jave and Kotlin
        • ToolKit: Android Studio and Android Developer Tools
        • Software Development Kit (SDK): Android SDK

        Technology Stack for Cross-platform App Development

        • React Native and Javascript
        • Xamarin and C#

        Well. We have the features list to develop a messaging application on Android and iOS platforms. We also come across the chat mobile apps development process and technology stack required for mobile app development.

        If you are looking to grab the market demand for online chat apps, it is essential to know the development cost of chat apps.

        Need an estimated development cost of an Instant Messaging app?

          How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Full-fledged Chat App?

          Before you start the development of a messaging application, you should know a few things that impact the development cost.

          The cost of Messaging App Development depends on the features, platform, design, and hourly rate of the development team.

          The mobile app development platform (Android/iOS/Windows) also decides the development cost. The app cost that runs on a single platform is less expensive than the app getting developed for dual platforms.

          Likewise, a chatting app with basic features will cost less than an app with advanced features listed in this article.

          The development cost of a messaging app like WeChat or Skype also depends on the region. If you choose mobile app developers from the UK, USA, and European nations, a massaging application with basic features set for one platform will be $45,000-$50,000.

          The top mobile app developers in India will charge around $50,000-$99,000 to develop a messaging application with a complex UI on two platforms.


          Businesses have to start to use instant char apps or team communication tools to fill the gap between teams or people due to the COVID pandemic.

          It was already proved that chatting applications or video conferencing apps like Zoom apps set the trend in this pandemic.

          Are you planning to build an Instant Messaging App?

          Choose Hyena as your mobile app development partner. We are one of the best instant messaging mobile applications development companies in the USA. We also provide Android apps development, iOS apps development services, web apps development, IoT apps development services to enterprises across India, UAE, UK, Kuwait, and other countries.

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