How Much Does it Cost to Develop IoT Application?

how-much-does-it-cost-to-develop an iot app

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an IoT Application?

Since the digital transformation is witnessing rapid growth, the way we connect with devices has changed. In particular, using the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and Internet-of-Things (IoT) technologies, mobile applications are ensuring enormous potential benefits for businesses.

The manufacturing industry is one of the industries that is automating end-to-end processing and boosting productivity with the help of IoT-based mobile apps. Using intelligent mobile apps, the global manufacturers are remotely connecting with the production divisions.

The best IoT-powered mobile apps also help manufacturers track machine performance accurately through mobile apps.

Herein, we have compiled a list of the top five mobile apps that boost productivity and efficiency and let businesses experience digital manufacturing across production and assembly environments.

Here is our top list of mobile apps in manufacturing and will understand the Cost to Develop an IoT App.

Top 7 Mobile Apps for Manufacturing Industry for Boosting Productivity

  1. Manufacturing 360:

Manufacturing 360 (MFG 360) is one of the popular IoT-enabled applications that help manufacturers get video demonstrations on assembly and parts manufacturing. It assists manufacturer’s complete tasks efficiently with the power of advanced manufacturing technology.

Manufacturing 360 app development costBenefits of popular manufacturing applications like Manufacturing 360

  • Detailed information on parts manufacturing
  • Content on manufacturing robots’ deployment
  • Guidance on implementing advanced logistics simulation.
  • Improves workforce productivity.
  • Latest news and market trends

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  1. Manufacturing MRP:

It is one of the on-demand manufacturing apps that send notifications to employees regarding their daily tasks. It also alerts production departments upon changes in the end-product quality. So, manufacturers can get 24/7 real-time updates on operations and increase productivity with ease.

Advantages of most-used manufacturing apps like Manufacturing MRP application

  • User-friendly production management tool
  • Gives control over production, supply, and workforce
  • Manufacturers can get statistics online
  • Quickly re-schedule production or supplies

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    1. Internal Quality Audit (IQA) Report:

    If you are engaged in product quality control and audit functions, this popular manufacturing app will make your tasks easier. This powerful IQA Report app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

    Benefits of IQA report like trending manufacturing app 

    • It helps in the monitoring audit process
    • It meets organizations auditing requirements
    • Assists organizations run under the applicable regulatory
    • Compare audit findings and makes firm regulatory compliance

    If you need a mobile application to track your employee productivity, then approach Hyena. We create best-in-class manufacturing apps that ensure higher yields. Let’s talk. 

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    1. Equipment Inspection App:

    Equipment inspection mobile apps help the manufacturer to inspect device performance and track machinery failures from mobile.

    Advantages of the best mobile apps in manufacturing

    • Users can conduct detailed heavy equipment inspections anytime from anywhere
    • Check the performance of all components from remote locations
    • Send alerts about machinery maintenance and repair services if needed
    • Collect and save heavy machinery data through the app
    • Store and retrieve inspection forms without hassle
    • Improve data accuracy and optimize efficiency

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    1. Roambi Analytics:

    Roambi Analytics mobile app is another best mobile application for manufacturers. It allows users to view and share business data with resources with ease.

    Benefits of most-popular manufacturing apps like Roambi Analytics

    • Easy to view and track sales data
    • Quickly create analytical reports and make informed decisions faster
    • Share datasets with employees for optimizing performance
    • This intelligent manufacturing tool runs effectively on iOS platforms

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    1. 5S Audit App:

    It is a popular mobile app used in the manufacturing industry. It allows manufacturers to conduct and report audits digitally. Further, automatic scoring and progress indicators, digital signature capture, timestamp are a few of the best features of the 5S Audit app.

    The Benefits Of The 5S Audit:

    • Reduces unnecessary tools in production areas
    • Evaluates and scores key audit indicators
    • Automatically stores audit process
    • Measures the audit progress for optimized business outcomes

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    1. LeanApp:

    It is another best revolutionary mobile application for manufacturers.  It helps users to on focus producing quality products by reducing wastage. It will improve productivity and reduce manufacturing overheads.

    Benefits of manufacturing mobile apps like LeanApp

    • Suggest employees in different stages of a product’s life cycle for best outcomes
    • Its TAKT calculator and interactive worksheets features allow manufacturers to draw the flow of layout with ease.

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      How the best mobile apps in manufacturing help businesses?

      Mobile apps not only meet individual needs and also provide incredible benefits when using them for businesses. Technology-driven companies across the world have been focusing on developing intelligent mobile apps to automate end-to-end manufacturing processes.

      The 6 Promising Internet of Things Applications

      The 6 Promising Internet of Things ApplicationsBenefits of adopting customized mobile apps in manufacturing

      • Increased Workforce Productivity

      Usage of mobile apps in manufacturing assists floor managers in monitoring the productivity of the workforce. Managers can track and suggest their employees who are working on production lines remotely if needed. They can also easily track the overall productive hours of employees, how much time they spent on each task, and all.

      • Better Inventory Management

      It is easy to access inventory data in real-time by using mobile applications in manufacturing. Based on the demand for production, this data helps to manage stock.

      • Maintains Data Accuracy

      Any industry should maintain quality data and obey compliance policies. Businesses can increase the accuracy of the data and can maintain compliance safety information using mobile apps.

      • Faster Decision Making

      If you have better access to data, it will be easy to make informed business decisions that fuel business growth. Since mobile apps assist users in accessing vast data related to products, orders, deliveries, and stock, they are efficient tools for making faster business decisions.

      Are you looking to develop the best manufacturing apps like Manufacturing 360 or Manufacturing MRP?

      Then, you have to choose the best IoT apps development companies. Here is the list of top 5 Internet-of-Things (IoT) services and solutions providers in the USA and India.

      Top Internet of Things (IoT) Companies in the USA

      1. Amazon

      Amazon is one of the biggest technology solutions providers in the world. It provides IoT application development services for a range of industries. It assists businesses to meet their enterprise mobility needs with its proprietary Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT platform. This platform enables industrial applications and devices to connect and interact in a secure way over the internet.

      1. Microsoft Corporation

      Microsoft Corporation is another largest Internet-of-Things (IoT) consulting services and solutions provider in the USA.  Of course, it is one of the technology giants and has a strong footprint in the IoT sector. With the help of its Azure Cloud Management Services, the company is developing the best IoT platform that can easily hot millions of connected devices.

      1. Verizon

      Verizon stands in the list of the top five best IoT companies in the United States. It is focusing on building smart communities and smart energy grids using IoT technology. With its secure and reliable IoT development Platform, ThingSpace, Verizon is creating best-in-class IoT applications for enterprises.

      1. Hyena Technologies

      Hyena is a leading Internet-of-Things (IoT) App development company in the USA. It has immense experience in developing intelligent IoT mobile apps for startups and brands. It provides IoT app consulting, IoT app design, and IoT app development services.

      The company also provides Android apps development services and iOS app development services using the latest artificial intelligence technologies.

      Get in touch and get a free quote for your IoT project!

        1. IBM Corporation

        IBM Corporation is a multinational technology company based in Armonk, New York. It is developed a scalable and secure IoT platform called, IBM Watson IoT Platform. This IoT platform lets designers benefit from next-generation IoT services and help them create and connect applications with data gathered from devices securely.

        The company is also focusing on developing the most advanced IoT apps for home automation. It helps users easily control IoT-enabled smart home devices from their Android or iOS devices at anytime from anywhere.

        1. Cisco Systems

        Cisco is one of the top Internet-of-Things (IoT) solutions providers in the USA and other emerging nations across the world. The company builds IoT solutions that help businesses automate their operations and services and also assist in protecting their network from threats.

        1. Oracle Corporation

        Oracle is a leading Intelligent IoT apps development company. By capturing data collected from connected devices that are embedded with sensors, the IoT applications give more insights and visibility to users.

        The company is primarily focusing on modernizing the manufacturing industry and improving efficiencies with IoT-powered mobile applications. Oracle’s IoT apps also help in monitoring connected assets, logistics, and workplace environments efficiently.

        How much does it Cost to Develop Manufacturing Industry App?

        Platforms for IoT Application Development


        How Much Does it Cost to Develop an IoT App?

        The Cost of on-demand Manufacturing Industry app depends on many factors, including the complexity of the application, project requirements, technical complexity (such as backend development, third-party integrations, payment gateway integrations, if needed),  and hourly rate of the best mobile apps developers.

        Hyena, the top mobile apps developer in the USA, can build feature-rich manufacturing apps at attractive quotes. We estimate that the cost to create mobile apps for manufacturing will be around $30,000-$95,000. However, based on your project’s requirements, the app development cost might exceed the estimated boundaries. 

        Factors Affecting the Cost of an IoT App Development


        Manufacturing apps for Android or iOS simplifies complex manufacturing tasks and helps in achieving smart production ways. The adoption of intelligent mobile applications across manufacturing processes saves money and empowers the workforce to perform tasks more intelligently and efficiently.   

        About Hyena:

        Hyena Information Technologies is a leading mobile apps development company engaged in the development of Android apps, iOS apps, and web apps for various industries. We use emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet-of-Things to build world-class apps that promote your brand.

        We look ahead to develop the Most advanced mobile application for your manufacturing business.

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