Top Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai, UAE

Top Mobile App Development Companies in UAE

Top 5 Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai, UAE

We discussed in many of our mobile app development articles that mobile application development is the best revenue source for enterprises and brands in this digital world. And, Being the best mobile app development companies in Dubai, UAE, we are very much sure that mobile app development will let brands interact with their audience virtually, build brand loyalty, and profits.

Businesses are also believed that intelligent and interactive mobile apps are key to remain in a leading position and give tough competition in this connected world of an ecosystem. Over 80% of global brands have already switched to mobile applications to deliver seamless services to their patrons and become successful service providers in the industry.

If you are looking to hire mobile app development companies in Dubai, UAE, this article helps you find the best mobile application developers in Dubai, UAE. Herein, we have given a list of top mobile apps development companies in the UAE, and you can hire one for getting your app developed.

#5 Best Mobile Apps Development Companies in Dubai, UAE

1. Hyena Technologies or

Hyena Technologies is a USA-based software application development company. It is one of the best android, iOS, and web app developers in Dubai, the USA, and India.

Services of Hyena Include:

  • IoT Application Development Services: Hyena’s IoT app development services and solutions unlock hidden growth opportunities for businesses in this digital era. By using the perfect tools, programming languages, frameworks, and technologies, Hyena creates innovative IoT apps to control and manage compatible devices and applications remotely at any time.
  • Cloud Migration Services: Hyena is the best reliable tech partner for global businesses in providing secure and efficient cloud migration services and solutions. With an extreme focus on accelerating digital transformation across businesses, the company offers cloud migration solutions that reduce work complexity, monitor apps or systems, improve data security, minimize maintenance costs, and overall ensures the best business results.
  • HR Management Services: Hyena’s proprietary Human Resource Management System (HRMS) software application is best useful for payroll management, attendance tracking, recruitment management, referral-based recruiting, leave approvals, business travel requests, performance updates, employee feedback facility, and so on.

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    2. FuGenX Technologies

    FuGenX Technologies is ranked as the No #1 top mobile apps development company in Dubai. This leading technology services company is specialized in mobile & web apps development, mobile game development, AI development, ML development, IoT apps development, and Blockchain development, etc. It is also one of the best enterprise mobility services and solutions providers in India, the USA, and Dubai.

    With approximately 15 years of industry since its inception in 2008, the company worked on 750 mobile and game apps, over 450 web apps and delivered nearly 100 successful IT projects.

    Key Services of FuGenX

    • Mobile Apps Development Services: FuGenX is a leading android apps development company in Dubai. The company’s apps development services also include iPhone apps development, PhoneGap apps development, Xamarin apps development, Android VR apps development, and much more.
    • AI and ML Services and Solutions: FuGenX is ranked as the No #1 AI/ML apps development company in Dubai, UAE. With a team of professionals who have massive experience in using AI, ML, deep learning, data science, big data, and robotic process automation technologies, the company can develop intelligent and interactive AI-powered mobile applications.
    • IoT Apps Development Services Company in UAE: The Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology is a boom in the global market. By implanting agile app development approaches, the company develops IoT-enabled mobile apps that help users in controlling and managing sensor-enabled devices. The company creates IoT apps for wearables, retail, healthcare, and automotive divisions.
    • Web Application Development Services: Being one of the top web application development companies in Dubai, FuGenX develops world-class, efficient, and responsive web apps for customers across the USA, India, UAE, and other overseas markets.
    • Enterprise Application Development Services: FuGenX Technologies provides custom enterprise application development services that address the unique needs of enterprises. The company’s enterprise software development services increase productivity and scale up business operations.

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    3. Diginix AI

    Diginix AI is one of the leading Information Technology (IT) Services and Solutions providers in Dubai, UAE. It is one of the popular mobile app development agencies in Dubai. It offers iPhone application development, android app development, and hybrids app development services in Dubai.    

    Services of Diginix AI

    • iOS App Development: With a deep knowledge of the latest programming languages and cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, Diginix develops innovative applications for iPad, iPhone, and iWatch.
    • Android App Development: By delivering results-driven and futuristic mobile app development solutions, the company is stood on the list of the best custom android application development company in Dubai, UAE. It creates native android apps for various industrial verticals.
    • Hybrid App Development Services (in Dubai, UAE): Being the best hybrid mobile app developers in UAE, the company is developing brilliant cross-platform apps for businesses and help them in reaching a more targeted audience across various platforms and generating cash flows.
    • Web App Development Services Company In UAE: Using PHP, Laravel, Angular JS, Node JS, and React JS, bespoke web apps. It also offers web designing services, including UX-UI design, custom template design, and web portal design in UAE.

    4. OpenXcell

    OpenXcell is one of the largest web, custom software, and mobile application development companies in the USA, UAE, and India. Since its inception in 2008, The company is worked on 1,100 projects, including healthcare apps, e-learning apps, pet’s food apps, fitness apps, delivery apps, e-commerce apps, and many more.

    Services of OpenXcell

    • Custom Software Development: OpenXel is a leader in providing custom software application development services in UAE. From conceptualization, design, and development to testing and maintenance, the company offers end-to-end software development services to enterprises.
    • Mobile apps Development in UAE: The company develops cutting-edge native and hybrid/cross-platform mobile apps for businesses.
    • UX/UI Design Services: OpenXcell is one of the best UX/UI design services providers in the UAE. With a team of creative app designers, the company creates an appealing User Interface/User Experience design that well interacts with the users and improves app personalization and experience. 
    • AI and ML App development Services: With changing user preferences towards intelligent mobile apps, the company will also integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies into mobile applications on-demand.
    • Web Development Services: OpenXcell is the leading web apps developer in Dubai, UAE. Based on clients’ business objectives and app requirements, the company develops web applications that support all versions seamlessly.
    • Blockchain Apps Development: The company’s Blockchain development services are highly secured and improve business performance. It offers smart contracts development, cryptocurrency wallet development, and many other Blockchain-enabled applications.
    • E-commerce Development Services and Solutions: OpenXcell is a leading e-Commerce apps development company in Dubai, UAE. It builds the best marketplace platforms for enterprises. It offers Magento development, WooCommerce development, Bigcommerce development, Shopify development, and CS-Cart development services.

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    5. Cubix

    Cubix is the top software and mobile app development company headquartered in Karachi, Pakistan. The company offers custom software application development and mobile apps development services for businesses from across the globe.

    To become a leader in the apps development industry and the first choice for enterprises across Florida, Dubai, Karachi, and other emerging markets, the company strives to offer world-class app design, development, and testing services.

    The company is also an expert in the development of digital solutions and also proficient in integrating enterprise-level digital solutions with existing systems. A few of the proven digital solutions of Cubix are Cubix Happyforce (HR solution), Cubix Shop (Marketplace solution), Chat Bot (digital virtual assistant solution), Cubix Insight Machine (Machine maintenance solution), etc.

    The company is established in 2008 and worked on over 600 app development projects for nearly 550 clients.

    Core Services of Cubix.

    • Mobile Application Development: With a team of creative app designers and expert mobile app developers, Cubix develops mobile apps on various platforms, including Android, iOS/iPhone OS, and wearables.
    • Game Development: Being the best mobile gaming apps development company in Dubai, help companies clutch more targeted audiences with thrilling and adventurous gaming apps.

    The company can build mobile games for android, iPhone, and Windows platforms with impeccable UX/UI designs. It is an expert in developing 2D, 3D, and isometric mobile gaming, watch gaming, VR gaming, and TV gaming apps.  

    • Blockchain App Development- This service includes Blockchain development consulting services, E-wallet platform development, smart contract development, Blockchain apps for managing enterprise supply-chain functions with more transparency, and decentralized Blockchain setup, etc.
    • Augmented Reality (AR) Apps Development: The company is a popular mobile applications developer in Karachi and Dubai in developing modern AR apps. The company develops industry-specific AR apps that are best helpful for virtual trading, virtual reality payments, 3D visual presentations, getting digital insights of machines, and gives real-time guidance in tracking nearby stores.

    Now we will have a brief on cloning of which mobile applications ensure a bright future for enterprises in Dubai, UAE Market.

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    Best Mobile Apps in Dubai, UAE

    If you are planning to invest in UAE’s mobile app development market, first of all, one should browse the list of best mobile apps in the country. This analysis would help businesses to develop clone apps for the most downloaded mobile apps in Dubai.

    Here is the list of the most popular mobile apps in Dubai, UAE.

    Top business mobile apps in UAE

    • Zoom Cloud Meetings- a video conferencing app with group messaging, screen sharing, virtual meetings features.
    • Microsoft Teams- A business app for chatting, online meetings, files transfers, assigning and tracking tasks, and calendar invite features.

    Famous Education mobile apps in UAE

    • Google Classroom- It is one of the top mobile apps in the UAE’s education sector. It helps instructors to create assignments and conduct online classes. It also helps the admin to connect with pupils all the time.
    • Kahoot: most-download education app in the UAE. 

    Popular Entertainment mobile apps in the UAE

    • Netflix: Netflix is the global largest entertainment app to stream and watch movies, TV shows, web series, and documentaries.
    • Yalla: It is UAE’s famous entertainment app with high downloads. It is a live group audio chat and games community app that allows people to choose chat rooms and participate in the conversation.

    So, based on the industry you serve, choose the top mobile apps in UAE and create the best alternative app with unique features set.

    Wrapping Up

    As we discussed in many of our articles, it is a fact that mobile application development will be a strategic way for businesses to gain a competitive edge in this highly modest landscape.

    Whether you are a startup or brand, when you are looking to hire Dubai app developers, it will be a tough task to choose one among the hundreds of application development companies in Dubai, UAE.

    Based on industry experience, service quality, delivering projects, and the number of clients, we curated the above list of mobile apps development companies in Dubai, UAE as leading players in the industry. You can hire any one of them and get your futuristic mobile application developed faster.

    Let us know your app requirements and get a free app quote right away!



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