How Much Does It Cost To Build A Fintech App?


How Much Does It Cost To Build A Fintech App?

FinTech mobile apps are now like the heart of banking, finance, insurance, investment, and credit companies. Since the past few years, Fintech app development has become the best way for financial organizations to taste quick success.

The craze for Fintech apps is majorly deriving from people’s switch to online services. From instant money transfer and money lending to stock investments, people are using cashless payment systems and finance apps. Mobile finance apps are ensuring greater convenience, high-level security, speed credit approvals, and improved customer services.

So, if you have plans to develop a FinTech app, you might be eager to know the cost of a FinTech solution. In this article, we guide you through the must-have features of the FinTech app, Technology stack, and let you know How Much Does It Cost to Develop a FinTech App in 2024?

What Are FinTech Apps?

FinTech applications or Finance applications let banking and finance companies deliver all financial services digitally.

Finance apps help companies deliver money remittance services, internet banking, trading services, tracking personal finance and expenses, exchange of virtual currencies such as bitcoins, cryptocurrencies, credit services, virtual auditing, quick billing, and many more financial services. Finance companies can deliver all financial services to end customers with Fintech Apps.

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What Are The Significant Types Of FinTech Mobile Apps?

If you are ready to invest in FinTech App Development, then you should know your business niche and know what financial services you are planning to digitize for your targeted audience.

Here are a few popular types of FinTech apps that have occupied the most space in the digital banking sector in 2021 and ensure immense opportunities for banks and other finance companies in 2022.

  1. Online Loan lending apps
  2. Insurance apps
  3. Online investment apps
  4. Digital banking apps
  5. Consumer finance apps
  6. Online bill payment apps
  7. Budget management apps
  8. Online Tax filling apps
  9. P2P payment apps
  10. Cryptocurrency exchange apps, etc.


So, based on your business niche, select the mobile app type and kick start the development process with more confidence under the guidance of the best mobile app development company.

Whether it is Android app development or iPhone app development, your ultimate focus should be on creating a bug-free and user-friendly app and offering convenient online banking and financial services to your audience.

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    What Features Makes Your FinTech App Unique and User-friendly?

    Every company has its objectives, goals, and unique visions. So, there is no way to fix a set of mobile app features and functionalities. Features will vary from app to app and industry to industry. Based on your business operations and the services, create the best FinTech app for Android/iOS by including user-friendly features that meet the expectations of your audience.

    Here are a few must-have FinTech app features to consider during FinTech mobile app development for generating higher sales and ROI.  

    • Attractive User Interface
    • Easy and simple App register/Sign-up/Sign-in form
    • Multi-level authentication (PIN entry, fingerprint, or face recognition) for high-level security and privacy to accounts
    • E-wallet integration
    • Budget Tracking facility
    • View Transaction History
    • Refer and Rewards campaigns for Cashbacks
    • Quick Money transfer and exchange currency
    • In-app automatic IFSC code detector facility based on Bank Branch Details
    • Settings for Edit Profile, bank details, or Security codes
    • Artificial Intelligence Chatbot development for providing 24*7 customer support
    • In-app credit/utility bills payment facility
    • Track credit score
    • Push Notifications

    Depending on the features and functionalities that you integrate into your FinTech application, you can estimate the mobile app development cost.

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    Tools and Technologies Used For FinTech App Development

    The programming languages, tools, and User Interface (UI) frameworks will also play an essential role in the development of powerful and bugs-free mobile applications at an affordable budget.

    • Tech Stack for Native Fintech Apps

    Fintech apps for iOS or Finance apps for Android are called native applications and are specific to a single platform. The use of Objective C, SWIFT, Apple Xcode, and the iOS SDK is the perfect choice for native iOS apps development. For native Android apps development, use Java, Kotlin, Android Studio, and the Android SDK.

    • Cross-platform mobile applications

    The development of Fintech apps that run seamlessly on both Android and iOS platforms mostly uses Native, C #, and Flutter.

    Now, let’s move on to the cost to develop a FinTech app based on its complexity level. 

    How Much Does It Cost To Create FinTech Solutions for Businesses and Individuals?

    B2B and B2C FinTech applications meet the desired financial needs of businesses and individuals. Based on your app requirements, Mobile app development companies USA will set the price for your application. Being the top mobile application development company, we estimate that the cost to create a FinTech app would be like below.

    • The development cost of a FinTech app with basic features set for Android or iOS will range from $25,000-to-$40,000.
    • The cost of Fintech app development with medium-level complexity by integrating the app with AI technologies and more functionalities will range from $45,000-$85,000.
    • The development cost to create a fully advanced Fintech or finance app for Android and iOS platforms will go beyond $100,000+.

    Here is a detailed view of app development costs based on their type.

    Cost of Mobile App By Android/iOS Mobile App Type

    FinTech App Type Development Cost
    Banking App Development Cost $35,000-$75,000
    Money lending App Development Cost $30,000-$60,000
    Online Insurance App Development Cost $32,000-$75,000
    Mobile Investment App Cost $50,000 and $100,000
    Consumer Finance App Cost $50,000 to $200,000+


    If you go for FinTech mobile app development with advanced features such as real-time credit score tracking, loan EMI calculator, data analytics for tracking budget or expenses, the budget will reach beyond expectations.

    However, these are all rough estimates. Businesses should not depend on this budget limit. The cost of app development might vary based on a number of factors such as app functionalities, third-party API integrations, and design complexity.

    The average cost of mobile apps development also depends on the experience of the mobile app developers, the location of Android app developers/iOS app developers, the hourly rate of app developers, and many other factors.

    According to Statista, let’s see the average app development cost of a mobile Fintech application if we assume that the app developer is in the USA or the software development outsourcing company that you hire is located in India or European nations. 

    Cost of Mobile App By Android/iOS Mobile App Developer Location


    App Development Company Type


    Development Cost (USD/Hour)

    iOS Android Web/Windows
    Mobile apps development companies in USA/North America 150 168 150
    Mobile app development companies in the UK 70 70 68
    The best mobile app developers Eastern Europe 35 35 43
    Mobile applications development companies South America 43 34 29
    Native/hybrid mobile app development agency in India 30 26 21
    Mobile application development Companies Singapore 63 59 42
    Mobile apps development company in Australia 110 110 90
    Mobile application development agency in Indonesia 11 12 14
    Source: Statista


    The below figure depicts the hourly rate of mobile app development cost by region.

    mobile app development cost

    As depicted in the above figure, if we compare the app development cost in the US with other European or Middle Eastern countries, we can notice that Fintech mobile app development cost is quite higher and cannot be affordable for startups.

    But,, the best AI-powered finance apps developer in the USA and India, offers you the best price and creates your FinTech app with unique and advanced features and functionalities that meet your audience’s financial needs.

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    The best Fintech mobile app development company can overcome all the challenges across FinTech product development processes. Top Fintech app development companies in USA can create data-compliant safety Finance apps with third-party components like secure payment gateways, analytics systems, social network integrations, in-app AI chatbots, and deliver outstanding Fintech apps for your business.

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