How Much Does It Cost to Develop Text-to-Speech App Like Speechify?

Cost to Develop Text-to-Speech App Like Speechify

How Much Does It Cost to Develop Text-to-Speech App Like Speechify?

The voice of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is spreading all over the world and modulating many of the conventional aspects of businesses of all sizes. Moreover, Machine Learning (ML) and Predictive Analytics are two big breakthroughs of this leading-edge technology. These sub-technologies of AI are creating waves in the tech industry. AI, in coupled with ML and predictive capabilities systems and applications building learns from data and helps organizations make informed decisions that help businesses derive value over time.

Accordingly, text-to-speech and speech-to-text conversion techniques are also a buzz in the AI world. Driven by continuous advancements in AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies, text-to-speech and speech-to-text enabled software solutions or mobile applications are holding immense prominence.

Top mobile app development companies enabling seamless conversational capabilities to convert natural human language into text or vice versa across diverse applications. Integration of these leading-edge capabilities ensures enhanced accessibility and signifies a future where communication becomes more customized and efficient. Hence, text-to-speech recognition fosters a new era of human-to-software integrations in the years ahead.

Speechify is one of the best AI mobile apps in this category. It is a top and well-recognized text-to-speech and speech-to-text solution that has had over one million downloads since its date of launch. Driven by exceptional text-to-speech capabilities, this AI mobile software solution elevates reading experiences by offering AI-generated natural human voices.

Leveraging conversational AI capabilities, speechify can seamlessly transform your books into audio files. It means AI’s text-to-speech capabilities will truly modernize your reading sessions. These kinds of AI apps are in demand in the market as they are easing interactions with digital materials and optimizing accessibility.

This article gives you brief information on features and functionalities to integrate into Speechify like AI mobile app development. Herein, we have also discussed the cost of creating Speechify clone app.

Must-Have Features To Develop An AI App Like Speechify 

Speechify app development cost

It is essential to understand the features and functionalities of the best AI voice generator apps or text-to-speech apps like Speechify before commencing the mobile app development procedure. Here is a list of the best features that you should consider for Speechify-like text-to-speech app development or other similar apps that are becoming popular.

  • Multilingual Support

It is one of the key features of AI voice generator apps like Speechify. Making app multilingual support offers a transformative benefit through fostering global access and breaking down language fences. This feature focuses diverse linguistic preferences and allows users to transcribe text-to-speech in their local languages.

  • Personalized Accent Preferences

Delivering AI voices as per user-preferred accents is one of the best approaches for improving personalization and accessibility. Listening to books documents or novels in natural and human-like AI voices in regional accents in customized pitch and volume optimizes user experiences. This feature ensures personalized.

  • High-quality Audio

Speechify’s AI-generated natural human voices deliver content at a proper tempo and optimize listening experiences. Leveraging text recognition and deep learning technologies, mobile app development companies are making content-reading apps more interactive. It is one of the best features of AI apps that read text and deliver high-quality and crystal-clear voices.

  • Upload Documents

Speechify has become one of the user-friendly and popular AI apps for Android and iOS users with its incredible feature set. Simple and hassle-free document upload feature making it more interactive and personalized. This feature helps users import files from various sources, such as drives, mailbox, or computers into the application.

Hence, to create an app like Speechify make sure to integrate this feature to ensure convenient document upload and listening experiences on the go.

  • In-app Scanner

It’s a smart feature that takes AI voice generator apps or text-to-speech conversion mobile apps to new heights. Adding an in-app scanner allows mobile app users to scan the content by using mobile camera and listening the any materials happily.

  • Utmost Synchronization

Application compatibility, portability, and scalability are two major factors that mobile app development agencies focus on for ensuring seamless synchronization across multiple devices, including mobile apps, tablets, and web access. It improves app loyalty and user convenience level.

  • Third-party Integrations

Integration of third-party APIS like social media integrations, digital apps integration, and ebooks will optimize the application functionality and performance and help your audience switch to external content apps download content, and turn any text into audio files.

  • User Interface (UI) and User Experiences (UX)

Speechify-like mobile app development with a simple UI offers quick and comfortable navigation experiences to users. It is one of the significant factors that impacts the Speechify app development.

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  • User Profile

It is a very common feature in mobile app development, particularly developed for end-users. This feature helps users maintain their profiles, including personal information, documents they have uploaded, and subscription details (if any) on a single dashboard.

These are a few best features that give speechify clone app development a big success. During the text-to-speech app development process, proper research and analysis shortlisting quality, and results-driven features are mandatory to appreciate your investments in AI apps over time.

How Much Does It Cost for AI App Development like Speechify? 

Your investments in Speechify-like AI text-to-speech app development are profitable in this technology world. AI app development is highly profitable and is essential for businesses to be competitive and provide out-of-the-box services to their audience. If you are planning to build a Speechify-like application, you might be looking to know about its development costs.

Speechify app development cost will fall between $40,000 to $150,000. Since the Speechify clone app development needs integration of AI technologies, implementing custom AI features might cost more, but offer users a personalizes reading experience.

However, the cost of AI app development will depend on many factors, including-

  • Complexity of the mobile app UI/UX design
  • Complexity of voice recognition algorithms
  • Application development platform
  • Complexity of features and functionalities
  • Integration of AI and Natural Language Processing features
  • Hourly rate of mobile app developers, team size, and geography
  • Third-party API integrations
  • Tool, technologies, and UI frameworks
  • Post-launch maintenance and support costs

These are a few factors that decide the actual cost of Speechify-like mobile application development. In addition to all the above-mentioned cost-impacting features, the cost to build an app like Speechify also depends on the development time. If the feature’s complexity increases, the amount of time taken to build a Speechify-like application will increase. So, every phase in the software development life-cycle will be interlinked and influence the final development cost of the speechify application.

Further, to develop Speechify-like applications, mobile app developers must need licenses to integrate third-party data sets and APIs.

Why Choose Hyena for AI Development Services? 

Hiring an expert and top mobile app development company, with best practices in using AI technologies, will better understand your business requirements and develop an efficient text-to-speech AI solution like Speechify.

Hyena, a top AI development company in the USA, UAE, and India, will provide a range of AI app development services and solutions. Ranging from research, planning, data building (to train AI algorithms), and requirement analysis to AI/ML development (front-end and back-end), integrations, deployment, and post-launch support services, Hyena offers everything.

By associating with Hyena, our expert AI development team, including developers, designers, testers, and QA analysts, will collaboratively work with your internal team and develop an application that meets your requirements.

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Wrapping Up!

Text-to-speech and speech-to-text mobile apps have been revolutionizing the way people interact the digital content. They are offering natural and expressive AI voices and ensuring accurate transcript services to the users. Speechify-like apps were not only improving accessibility but also redefining people interacting with their digital copies.

For reading summaries of books, documents, emails, web content, and many more in just minutes on the go, people switching to Speechify-like apps. Such widespread adoption of Speechify-like AI voice generators or digital content reading apps will promise a bright future if you invest in similar app development.

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