Top 10 iOS App Development Companies in USA

Top ios App Development Companies in the USA

Top 10 iOS App Development Companies in the USA

As of the first quarter of 2021, there are nearly 115 million smartphone users in the USA. It means that the iPhone Operating System (iOS) has acquired over half of the smartphone market share in the country. Such increasing usage of the iPhone has created bulk opportunities for iOS app development companies in the USA.

The iPhone mobile app development services providers are rushing to develop more personalized and innovative mobile apps for various purposes on demand.

Yes, the iPhone app development industry is flagging off a profitable signal in the USA. For every need, there is an app. Mobile applications have occupied most of the space in iPhones. For instance, Instagram is like social apps for chatting and entertainment, Kinemaster is like a popular video editing app and Skype-like business apps.

Similarly, the demand for service apps like TaskRabbit is also in craze in the USA. Further, if users need laundry services, professional massage, and facial services from the comfort of their homes, they can book services using the desired mobile app. Such usage of mobile apps is opening wide opportunities for novel application development in the USA.


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In this article, we have given the list of the best mobile app development companies businesses USA where you can hire the best Mobile Apps Development Company USA. Here we go!

Top iOS/iPhone App Development Companies USA

#1. USM Business Systems- Top iPhone App Development Company in the USA

USM Business Systems is one of the leading mobile apps development companies in the United States of America. The company is providing app development services for brands and entrepreneurs across various business verticals. Retailers, FinTech companies, and e-commerce players, travel agencies, healthcare service providers are all reaping the benefits of USM’s advanced mobile app solutions.

Recently, with its innovations in AI app development projects, the company is popularized as a top AI company for developing Artificial Intelligence-based mobile and web apps development.

With It has an expert app development team who can create best-in-class and flawless mobile apps within deadlines. Being the best mobile app development agency in the USA, USM never compromises in building apps that meet clients’ vision. Besides, on the performance and functionality side, it has all capabilities in making apps efficient beyond client expectations.

It is specialized in providing:

  • Native Android mobile apps development services
  • Native iPhone or iOS mobile apps development services
  • Web app development frameworks
  • Enterprise-centric CRM Development Services
  • Employee management software like HRMS development services
  • IoT app development services
  • AI app development services
  • ML app development services
  • Blockchain app development services 

#2. Intellectsoft- The Best iPhone App Development Company USA

Intellectsoft is one of the best iOS mobile application development companies in the USA. It offers a range of software and mobile app development services. The company assists brands in creating custom apps and modernizing the way they promote their services. It offers:

  • iOS app development services
  • Android app development services
  • Hybrid apps development
  • UI/UX design
  • Web app development services
  • App development and IT Consulting

The company has delivered hundreds of mobile apps across various domains. Driven by experience, reliability, transparency, proficiency in app development, the company has got a place in the list of the leading iOS Mobile App Development Services provider in the USA.

#3. – A Popular iOS Mobile Application Development Company in the USA

Hyena Information Technologies or is a popular full-stack iPhone App Development Company USA. It has a specialty in adopting the app development market trends and making apps compatible with the smart IoT and revolutionizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) tech-enabled devices, wearables, or systems.

Hyena’s iOS mobile app developers make use of modern technologies and create the most collaborative mobile apps on Android and iOS platforms. Its app development services include- Native iPhone application development services and Native Android apps development services.

Further, being the best AI App Development Company (USA), it is delivering intelligent AI apps for enterprises. Moreover, Hyena’s professional AI app developers in the USA will strategically integrate AI-powered Chatbot features in apps for better engaging application users.

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#4. Simpalm- One of the top iPhone App Developers USA

Simpalm is a leading mobile application development company in Washington DC, USA. Since its incorporation in 2009, the company has successfully delivered nearly 300 mobile and web apps.

It provides iOS, Android, React Native, and Flutter apps development services to banks, finance companies, social media companies, and retailers. It is an expert in B2B and B2C app development.

The company is delivering reliable app development services in Virginia, DC, Maryland, and Chicago.

Simpalm offers-

#5. Quy Technologies- One of the top iPhone/iOS App Developers 2021 USA

For over a decade, QuyTech is engaged in providing mobile app design and development services. Driven by its creative and collaborative UX/UI designing capability, we have listed QuyTech in the list of top iOS mobile app developers in the USA.

It offers:

  • Enterprise-level Software development services
  • Android/iOS application development services
  • React Native app development services
  • Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) based gaming app development
  • AI and ML development services
  • Chatbot development and integration services
  • Custom CRM application development services

The company offers all the aforementioned services to Healthcare, Retail, Real Estate, Education, Travel, and other business verticals.

#6. AppClues Infotech: A Well-known Mobile App Development Company In America

AppClues is one of the best software development companies in the USA. It is an expert in developing mobile apps with perfect color schemes and graphics.

With embracing fluctuating market trends, customer preferences, and emerging mobile technologies, AppClues is creating creative, innovative, and advanced mobile apps that improve client satisfaction.

From gathering requirements, prototyping, and UX/UI design to modules development, quality testing, and deployment, the company provides complete app development services to clients across the USA and other demand markets.

AppClues’ software development services include:

  • iOS application development services
  • Android application development
  • Cross-platform application development
  • Enterprise mobility development services
  • E-commerce development services
  • Mobile E-wallet app development
  • UPI apps development for Android and iOS

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#7. Messapps- Top iPhone App Developers in New York, USA

Messapps is the biggest iPhone mobile app development company in the USA. It offers application development and consulting services for organizations and SMEs.

The company is established in 2013. The company’s app developers aim to create apps or software applications that run for years without app crashes. This core value is attracting more businesses towards Messapps.

Driven by reliable and scalable application development services, Messapps was awarded many titles, including:

  • Top app development company USA by app future
  • Top App Developers World Award by ITFirms
  • Top App Developers New York by GoodFirms and Clutch

#8. The BHW Group- Top iOS App Development Company in Texas, USA

The company has 15 years of successful track record in developing software, mobile, and web apps. It has delivered 400 app development projects for customers across 23 business verticals.

The company has a team of iOS and Android app designers and developers who can transform app ideas into bespoke mobile apps. Further, the company is also offering the design and development of software applications that automate business procedures.

#9 Bluestone Apps- Native & Hybrid Mobile App Developer In The USA

Bluestone Apps is one of the Top Mobile App Development Companies in Dallas, Texas (USA). Since its inception in 1996, it worked on thousands of native and hybrid mobile apps development projects and ginned immense knowledge on app development technologies.

It has developed:

  • Audio/video streaming apps
  • Travel booking apps
  • E-commerce apps development
  • Fitness apps
  • Food delivery apps
  • Video conferencing apps
  • mobile healthcare app, etc.

#10. Five Pack Creative- One of the Best Mobile App Development Companies In Frisco, Texas, USA

It is a leading Mobile App Development Company in Frisco, TX, USA. Along with offering custom mobile app development services, it has its footprint in the IT Staff Augmentation industry. It is an expert in creating user-friendly, engaging, responsive app solutions for startups and Fortune 500 companies in the United States.

These are a few top mobile app development companies in the USA.

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