How Much Does It Cost To Develop YouTube Mobile App?

Cost To Develop YouTube Mobile App

How Much Does It Cost To Develop YouTube Mobile App?

YouTube is amongst the top video streaming apps that allow users to watch videos across a range of categories such as music, beauty, stories, live news, and other educational-related videos. The app is trending in the entertainment industry with nearly 10,000,000,000+ downloads.

Since people are unlocking YouTube-like apps for listening to the music that they love for relaxation or watching live news to stay up-to-date on current affairs going across the world, investment in YouTube-like mobile app development is appreciable and profitable. Undoubtedly, YouTube clone app development will ensure the best business results in this digital space.

Herein, we have discussed the cost, features, technology stack, and business benefits of a trending YouTube-like video streaming app in 2022. 

How Much Does It Cost For YouTube-like App Development

Why Is The Demand For YouTube App Touching The Sky Limit?

It’s a proven fact that video content is the best way to grab information more quickly than audio content.

How many of you agree with me on this statement?

I hope that 99.9% of you people raised your hand to say “YES” and agreed with my statement.

Nowadays, video content is a weapon for businesses to attract the attention of the end-users, promote services, and improve conversion rates. Today, many of us might open YouTube mobile app for watching personal or study tutorials or for some other entertainment videos or web series.

Further, the COVID-19 pandemic has enlarged the downloads and demand for YouTube-like top video streaming apps. Moreover, the ban of TikTok in India has even further encouraged the number of active users of the YouTube app in the country.

Now, the app is giving intensified competition to Netflix and become the best alternative to other popular video streaming applications like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney+Hotstar.

So, if you have plans of investing in YouTube clone app development, firstly, you must go through what features are making this app more user-friendly and generating profits for the app owner. Here are the standalone features of the YouTube-like video broadcasting app.

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    Cost To Develop YouTube Mobile App

    Key Features and Functionalities Of Top Video Streaming App Like YouTube

    The organizations have been attracted to the tremendous growth of YouTube, especially in the recent past. They are stepping towards its clone mobile apps development.  If you are the one looking ahead to YouTube clone app development, make sure of integrating the below features that will give a big hit to your mobile app. 

    YouTube Mobile App Features

    Let’s have a look at the must-have features of YouTube-like crazy live video streaming app development.

    • Simple Registration

    Offer your audience an easy and quick app login facility to save their time and ensure quick access to the app content. Also, you must enable your audience to access the app features and functionalities using their Facebook and Gmail-like social media accounts. It will improve user experiences and make your application stand out from the clone app world seamlessly.

    • Multi-Way Authentication

    It will ensure high-level security to the user’s profile content and personal watchlists. Adding this feature will make your application reliable across the app stores.

    • Custom Search Functionality

    Currently, YouTube-like popular video streaming app has millions of channels that comprise vast video content. But, the Search facility of YouTube allows users to find and stream unlimited video content in seconds. It is one of the reasons behind the popularity of YouTube-like famous video streaming mobile applications.

    Hence, without the SEARCH feature, you cannot offer personalized services to your audience. Integration of search module along with user-specific filters lets you provide rich user experiences and increase brand value in the mobile app industry.

    • Live Streaming Facility

    Live streaming is one of the best features that must integrate into the YouTube clone app. YouTube allows users to broadcast and watch high-quality live video content in remote locations from anywhere. It has increased the user-friendliness of the YouTube app.

    So, you can also add this feature in the YouTube clone app, enhance convenience level, user experiences, and make your application occupy space on the first page of Google Play and Apple App Stores.

    • Reliable App Monetization

    YouTube-like best video streaming apps for Android and iOS offers YouTubers get paid for their video content if it crosses a certain benchmark. This feature will increase app reliability and allow video uploaders to generate money seamlessly. It will upturn your app credibility and benefits your business in terms of more user base and conversions.

    • Library Feature

    This feature into your YouTube-like popular video streaming app allows your app users to have a look at their watch lists, wish lists, and saved videos. It will also help app admins to explore insights from the content stored in the library and offer appropriate video content to them.     

    • Commercial Advertisements

    Instead of taking this as a feature, 90% of the functionality of this feature will fall under one of the best app monetization strategies. Yes. It is the best strategy that will allow app owners to create extra money from the application. These are the advertisements that you can play in-between or can play before the video starts. It will enhance conversions. 

    • Subscriptions

    YouTube-like popular video streaming app is allowing its users to subscribe to their favorite video channels and get notifications instantly upon uploading new content in that channels. It will updates the users about their favorite channels, make your brand name stay under their tips always, and increase user count.

    • Like, Dislike, Comment, Share, Download

    These are all user-friendly features that allow viewers to respond or send comments on videos that they watched. It will create a communication bridge between app owners, YouTubers, and the audience. On the other hand, integration of this feature in your YouTube clone app will allow you to optimize the quality of the video content and let you better engage your audience.

    • Create and Upload Videos

    The number of channels in YouTube-like video sharing and streaming applications is continuously growing and now has over 50 million channels. This number would reach beyond one’s expectations in the near-term future since in every one minute there are thousands of videos have been uploaded into this trending video streaming application.

    Add features that benefit YouTubers for increasing the value of the application. If you allow your audience to create and upload videos with simple clicks it adds value to your application.

    • Make Your App Wireless Compatible

    Integration of this feature into your YouTube clone app for iOS or Android assist users in accessing app content on compatible devices by pairing them through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. So, users can broadcast live videos and take the app functionalities to the next level.

    • Dashboard Integration

    It will assist admins or app owners to create the best marketing strategies from the user’s search behavior, most subscribed channels list, the performance of the application, and so on.

    • Microphone Availability

    This in-app voice recognition feature is one of the best and the most advanced feature that makes your app stand away from the clone app world. It will facilitate your users to search for their desired video content using their voice.

    Hyena, the best AI Development Company, can integrate your application with advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Speech Recognition like advanced technologies and makes them more competitive in the industry.

    • Watch Videos Offline

    If you are commencing the development of app features, make “Watch Offline” a mandatory feature to provide more convenient services to your audience. This feature allows your app users to watch saved videos in offline mode anytime anywhere. It ensures a convenient viewing experience for your users.

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    Technology Stack To Create An App Like YouTube

    • Programming languages: JavaScript, Python, PHP, Kotlin, Objective C, Swift
    • Technologies for front-end development: HTML and CSS
    • Frameworks: Laravel, React Native, Django, and Ruby on Rails
    • Servers: Apache and Microsoft’s Internet Information Server(IIS)
    • Databases: MongoDB, PostgreSQL and MySQL

    Tips To Create 100% Accurate YouTube Clone app

    • Hire the best mobile app development company and pour your investments into secure hands
    • Do deep research on statistics of YouTube app performance and active users count
    • Design a simple and attractive interface to better engage your audience
    • Select the best app development platform
    • Customize YouTube original theme and launch with your brand logo
    • Deploy video-sharing app with basic features in the first phase
    • Add more features that your users looking for.

    How Much Does It Cost For YouTube-like App Development?

    YouTube is a market leader in the global entertainment industry. If you are looking ahead to YouTube-like trending online video streaming app development, you should hire the best mobile app development company.

    A mobile app development services provider with a team of forward-thinking project managers, intelligent app developers, creative UX/UI designers, and app quality testers would help you create a million-dollar application without any hassle. If you hire top app developers with all mentioned resources, you can get your app developed faster at an affordable budget.

    Here is a price estimation of YouTube clone app development.

    • The cost of a YouTube-like app development cost on android or iOS: $25,000-$40,000
    • The cost of a YouTube-like entertainment app with an advanced microphone feature will range from $40,000 to $75,000.
    • Video streaming app development for Android and iOS with in-app AI Chatbot features would go beyond $85,000.

    We, being the best mobile app development company USA, Hyena has listed a few factors that would greatly impact the estimated mobile app development cost. Here are the factors that influence the mobile application development cost.

    • Features List: App features number and its complexity in development decides your app budget.
    • App Platform: Android app development cost will differ from iOS app development cost based on the application compatibility and features list.
    • UI Complexity: the complexity level of the application interface will have an impact on the overall estimated app budget. Video streaming mobile apps development with a simple interface is quite cost less than apps with complex UI.
    • The location and team size of #mobile app development companies (USA, India, UAE, UK, Kuwait, and the Middle East) would also bring a drastic change in the development cost of YouTube-like trending online video broadcasting mobile apps.

    We hope that this article has given you all the required information to build YouTube-like app development. Hyena, a leading mobile app development company, offers you the best Android app development, iOS app development, E-commerce app development, web app development, and custom software app development services.

    Approach us @ with all your app requirements. We build a future-specific and features-rich app for your business.

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