Top Mobile Banking or Digital Banking Apps In UAE

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Top Mobile Banking or Digital Banking Apps In UAE

In this digital era, people are geared to access everything remotely. Digital banking is one of the most popular trends in the UAE’s banking industry. Unlike services delivered by traditional banks, mobile banking applications equipped with advanced online banking features are ensure convenient access to banking services.

Mobile banking apps for Android and iOS remove the burden of standing in a long line and in-person visits to banks for money withdrawals or other services. These mobile apps for the banking sector let users manage their banking accounts securely and comfortably from their smartphones.

In this article, our mobile app developers have captured a fewdigital payment apps in UAE for those people or businesses who are living in the UAE. These top listed online banking apps for android have been crowned with “Emirate’s Most Popular Banking Apps”.

Businesses or mobile app development companies in the UAE can benefit from cloning any of the following applications and reap the benefits in 2024.

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Best Mobile Banking App in the Middle East, UAE

Here is the list of top money transfer apps in UAE. Based on the features and the functionalities, our expert mobile developers compiled the list of the best mobile apps in banking in UAE. Here we go!

#1. Mashreq Neo

Mashreq Neo is one of the top digital banking apps for Android in the UAE. The app has got the Best Mobile Banking App in the Middle East Award in 2020 by World Finance.

Launched by Mashreq Bank (Dubai) in 2017, this digital banking application offers a range of services that occupy the most space of the modern digital banking space. This banking application makes banking services more convenient, comfortable, and highly accessible 24*7.

Here are some of the best features of mobile banking apps:

  • The app offers safe and easy banking functions since it has advanced security features.
  • Users can open digital banking accounts all through from the app in minutes.
  • Instant online money transfer services: Users can remit money to banks across 35 countries.
  • Attractive cashback up to AED 2,500 on remitting balance to Neo wallet from other accounts
  • The app gives 1.25% interest on savings.
  • Track trading data in real-time from the app
  • It is best for paying bills and maintaining a good credit score.
  • Being the best finance app in UAE, Neo also offers instant personal loans to eligible digital account holders. Hence, users can manage all finances through the app in simple taps.
  • It is available for Android and iPhone mobile devices.
  • The app has got a 3.8-star rating from Android users and a 4.1-star rating from iPhone users. 

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    #2. Liv.UAE

    A popular digital banking app which is offered by Emirates NBD. The digital banking drive become like an evolving trend in this forward-thinking era. Liv.UAE has plenty of user-friendly features and an attractive User Interface (UI).

    It is a perfect digital banking solution for those who are looking ahead to meet their banking needs virtually.

    The people of UAE can easily download, enter contact details, and scan Emirates ID to access the app’s digital banking functionalities at their fullest.

    Currently, over 300,000 people across the Middle East region are using Liv.UAE app for their banking needs.

    Here are user-centric features of trending UAE’s mobile banking apps like Liv.

    • The app lets users open an instant account.
    • Liv app is also recognized as the top FinTech apps in the United Arab Emirates. The app allows users to track their expenses in real-time.
    • Users can swipe the debit card and transfer money to Liv.UAE app with ease for ease of use
    • Exclusive discounts on using Liv for paying for favorite dining and lifestyle places
    • Users can pay for Du, Etisalat, DEWA, Nol, and Salik from the app.
    • Users can request or send money to others using social channels.
    • 2% interest on account balances
    • Users can manage finances effectively. Hence, the app enables users to meet their banking goals and track expenses.
    • Available for both Android and iPhone mobile operating systems.


    #3. E20

    It is the best mobile banking app in UAE. E20 is shining like a star in this new era of digital banking for improving the online banking experience. It is popularized as the best digital business baking app in Dubai, UAE.

    It is offered by the Emirates NBD- the Best Bank in Dubai and UAE. Being the best mobile banking app in Dubai, it offers highly reliable and secure online banking services for entrepreneurs and SME businesses, the bank has launched this digital mobile business banking service platform in 2019.

    Irrespective of business size and model, Small to medium-sized companies can register and join with E20.

    The app is loaded with plenty of useful features to make lifestyle and digital banking needs more convenient and in-hand.

    What are the benefits of installing on-demand mobile banking apps UAE like E20?

    • Users can instantly transfer money between local and international bank accounts
    • Users can track and view all payments and transfers
    • All-new dashboard for viewing expenses, savings, and investments
    • Quick access to beneficiaries for remitting the money in seconds.
    • Users can stay on top of Telecommunication, Utilities, RTA, and Credit Card bills
    • In-app chatting facility for more personalized services
    • Offers on fixed deposits
    • Users can apply and track the status of their personal loans
    • Businesses can manage all finances with ease
    • The app runs seamlessly on a laptop, mobile devices (Android and iOS), and tablet.

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      #4. YAP

      It is one of the top digital banking apps in the UAE. YAP is a leading digital banking app in UAE offered by RAKBANK. It made online banking in UAE seamless. With featuring intelligent and innovative digital banking tools, the app helps users to have control over their accounts all the time.

      The app is featured with money-management tools that provide analytics reports of expenses and let users well organize their balances.

      Further, users can also experience outstanding digital banking functionalities such as virtual debit cards, instant no-fee money transfers to YAP 2 YAP, QR code scanning and payments facility, and many more.

      Few more significant features of UAE’s digital banking mobile app like YAP:

      • Insightful spending analytics for better budget management
      • Local and international money transfers in just a few clicks
      • Safe and secure digital banking experience.
      • Multi-currency card feature that makes digital currency exchange easier and faster.
      • It is the best money transfer app in UAE that offer zero charges on international money transfers
      • No minimum balance restrictions
      • The Yap app is available to download from Google Play and Apple App Store.

      #5. ADIB Mobile Banking App

      Mobile banking solutions like ADIM are making banking services available to the customers 24*7. Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank’s (ADIB) mobile app is one of the tough competitors to Emirates NBD’s digital mobile applications in UAE. It is one of the best payment apps in UAE with its secure online payment features. ADIB is offering manifold benefits to the users of its mobile applications.

      This progressive digital banking application help users control their bank accounts right from their mobile devices.

      What users can do with this on-demand digital banking solution?

      • This top Dubai online banking app can track savings details in real-time
      • View or download all transactions
      • Manage credit card bill payments
      • Money transfer to local and international bank accounts
      • Track credit card spends
      • Recharge mobile devices and Salik credit
      • Android user ratings: 4.2/5 and iPhone user ratings: 4.0/5 star rating.

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        #6. ADIB Amwali Mobile Banking App

        It is another popular digital baking app listed in the top 10 online banking apps offered by ADIB. This innovative mobile banking app is aimed to deliver one-stop digital banking services to UAE’s youth.

        The benefits of opening a digital account with ADIB Amwali are:

        • Send or receive money instantly
        • Youth can learn money management skills
        • Set financial budget goals
        • People can track spending digitally.


        How Much Does it Cost to Develop Mobile Digital Banking Apps?

        Rpa use cases in banking

        The banking app development cost for Android with basic features costs around $50,000 and whereas a complex design and full-featured banking mobile app cost around $150,000. Mobile banking app development cost also depends on time required for these digital banking apps approximately needs 3-4 months.

        This estimated cost will depend on various factors. Such as:

        • App development platform (Android/iOS)
        • App features (Basic, medium, complex level)
        • App Type (Native or hybrid)
        • Mobile app developers team size, location, and experience
        • The technology stack used for mobile application development
        • Mobile app development timeframes

        These all factors will change the estimated cost of the Android apps or iPhone apps.

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        Being the top mobile apps development company, we focus on our client business objectives, targeted audience size, and project goals.

        Such research will assist leading mobile app developers in UAE in creating to make their client’s projects more customer-centric and aid them in developing enterprise profitable mobile applications.

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