How Much Does It Cost to Develop An app like Uber?


How Much Does It Cost to Develop An app like Uber?

Transportation is one of the key sectors that is reaping the benefits from futuristic mobile applications development. Most of the mobility service providers are investing in digital channels and allowing their customers to plan and book a ride through mobile apps comfortably. They are offering secure and convenient door-to-door mobility services to people on-demand.

uber app users dataAccording to Statista, the ride-hailing and single-ride booking app services sector is witnessing a rise in investments every year. Here is a detailed view of on-demand service apps’ investment growth by sector.

The above figure states that transportation is the first industry that is reporting the highest investments in digital apps development. So, if you are in the travel sector and mobile app development would be the best decision to create a profitable business in this digital sphere.

In this article, we would guide you about the unique set of features, functionalities, and development costs of one of the best ride-booking app like Uber.       

A Small Brief About Trending Uber App

Uber is one of the best examples of the online cab booking app. It offers convenient and affordable rides and rentals. Uber is a famous trip booking app in 100 cities across 85 countries.

This trending mobile travel app offers flexible types of mobility services such as single passenger rides, ride-sharing with fixed routing, and ride-sharing with dynamically selected shortest routing. On top of it, the app also allows users to send or receive packages within promised time securely.

Must-Have Features Of Popular Cab Booking Apps Like Uber

Uber serves in nearly 85 countries. The app has been downloaded over 500 million times by global customers. Touching the benchmark of such a big number is not a simple task, but the Uber app made this possible. Uber-like, the most popular cab booking apps were added of a set user-friendly features and functionalities, achieved success, and stood on top in the list of the best instant taxi booking apps.

Here are a few significant features of the Uber app for Android and iPhone: 

  • User-friendly Registration and Login Procedures

The success of a mobile application depends on how much convenience and friendliness it provides to the end-users. A Native Android mobile app development company or iOS app developers make sure of the design of the app registration page. It should be simple and user-friendly.

The uber-like mobile application is facilitating the users to register by verifying the mobile number and social accounts by sending and confirming One-Time-Password (OTP). This four-digit authentication code will make the login process simple while ensuring high-level security to your details.

  • User Profile

This feature of an Uber-like cab booking application with a simple and easy-to-use interface is improving user experiences. Here, users can make use of the in-app wallet, trips details, notifications, and account setting functionalities.

  • Choose Ride to enjoy a safe trip that fits users’ needs

Uber-like famous online taxi booking apps offer users the flexibility to pick the ride type. The app allows users to choose a ride at their choice and convenience, such as:

  • Safe and hassle-free ride on Auto
  • Pick a Motorbike ride and beat the traffic
  • Uber Premier for a single ride or ride-sharing on super luxury passenger cars
  • People can plan and book outstation trips with the Uber intercity feature
  • Uber Rentals: users can rent vehicles smoothly through this feature

Integration of these many transport options grabbed the traveler’s attention, improved app experiences, and stretched the brand value across all operating locations.

  • Quick and Convenient Trip Booking

It is one of the best features of the Uber app that increases conversion rates. Since the app automatically tracks the user’s location, the app only seeks the destination address for booking a ride. Here, users can tap on the locations that they listed in the drop-down or locate them on the in-app google map for booking rides quickly. Hence, these features save users time and clutches more sales as a result of more rides.

  • Trip Details

It is one of the best features of the uber mobile app where the user can view all past, business, and upcoming trip details. Yes, it allows users to check all trips that they booked and re-book the trips in a few steps.

  • Tracking Rides in Real-Time

Uber cab booking mobile app facilitates users to track rides on in-app google maps. They can find driver details and ensure their safety. This feature made every trip with Uber safe.

  • Pickup From Airports and drop-off To Destination

Uber is the best for booking rides from/to airports. The app is available at over 600 airports. So, users can book rides in airports and reduce the stress of pick-ups and drops.

  • Preferred Payments

Uber accepts multiple payments such as cash payments, UPI payments, and wallet payments such as Amazon Pay, Paytm, credit/debit card payments, and gift card payments. Upon reaching destinations, users can make safe and secure online or cash payments for their rides.

  • Geo-Location Tracking of the User Location

It is basic functionality of cab booking apps. This feature tracks the location of users for making the booking process simple and hassle-free. Uber has this feature.

  • Push Notifications and Real-Time Feedback

Uber-like trending mobile apps for Android and iOS send alerts and ride notifications directly to the user’s mobile. Ride information, booking confirmation, and payment information everything will be updated and notified to the travelers.


Further, Uber-like, the best taxi booking application for Android and iPhone, also gives the riders the flexibility to give ratings and feedback about their trip and travel experience with uber. This will encourage service providers and drivers to maintain the same quality in the future.

Being a top native or hybrid mobile app developer, has a full-stack development team and builds cab booking apps on Android, iPhone, and Web platforms with the unique features set that our clients and users mandate.

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    Technology Stack Used For Cab or Auto Booking App Development

    • Programming Languages: Kotlin (Android), Swift (iOS)
    • Frameworks: AngularJS, Node.js
    • Web Server: Nginx
    • Geo Location: Google Maps, Google Directions, Google Places
    • API for Notification: Twilio
    • Web-based Cloud Storage: Amazon S3, Amazon EC2
    • DevOps: New Relic, TrackJS

    What Are The Best Alternatives For Apps Like Uber?

    Here are a few best alternatives to Uber-like leading online taxi booking applications.

    1. Lyft- A great alternative to Uber that is leading the North American online travel booking market
    2. Wingz- The best online cab booking service app with a presence in over 30 cities.
    3. Flywheel- A top taxi booking app in San Francisco, USA
    4. My Taxi- A famous online cab booking application in the Germany and USA. It is available for Android, iOS, and Blackberry platforms.
    5. Curb- The best travel app in nearly 65 cities across the USA

    These are only a few taxi booking apps in the United States and other regions. Since online cab booking services have become common, the demand for uber-like taxi/auto booking apps is higher in recent years. 

    Cost of Uber-like taxi booking app development

    The taxi app development cost depends on features, functionalities, app platform, application type, development time, and size of the mobile app development company in the USA or other locations. Here is a price estimate of the mobile application development:

    • Simple app development with basic features would cost around $20,000-$50,000
    • Mobile app development costs with medium-level design complexity will be $75,000+
    • Mobile apps development costs with ultra-modern in-app chatbot features will be $100,000+

    Besides of features and functionalities that you added to your application, the mobile app developer you hire will also play a crucial role in deciding the final app development cost.

    How To Hire the Best Mobile App Development Company?

    It’s simple.

    Based on the industry experiences, product portfolio, client feedback, team size, and brand reliability and value in the market, you can hire Android or iPhone app developers. is one of the best mobile app development companies in the USA and India. Driven by deep knowledge of mobile technologies, we offer bugs-free native Android apps, native iOS apps, and cross-platform apps for businesses across various industries.

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