How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App like Cars24?

How Much Does An App Like Cars24 Cost

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App like Cars24?

How Much Does An App Like Cars24 Cost?

In this article, we would like to discuss how to create an app like Cars24-like online marketplace app for Android or iPhone. Herein, we have discussed the features and functionalities, benefits, and development costs of an on-demand car buy or sell app like Cars24.

A Brief on Cars24 Online Marketplace Mobile App

Cars24 is one of the top mobile apps in India for buying or selling used cars in just minutes. It is the largest online marketplace application in India and is available for Android and iPhone users. With its cool features and availability of over 4000 top-quality second-hand cars, Cars24 has become a famous marketplace app in India.

This top used car selling and buying platform in India allows users to choose, select, and book appointments for the nearest stores for a test drive and get it delivered instantly to their doorsteps. Attractive prices, quality vehicle body, and a flexible loan facility with zero-down payment are all a few cool features of the Cars24 app. Easy return and 100% refund policy is an added feature of Cars24 which is extending the popularity of the app and increasing customer loyalty.

Overall, the Cars24 platform is the best place to buy or sell used cars in India. This trending online car selling or buying app is now available to use in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Kochi, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Kolkata, and Ahmedabad locations. The application is also famous in UAE, Thailand, Australia, KSA, and Indonesia. 

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What Are Benefits You Can Provide To Customers Through Cars24-like App Development?

Here are the benefits that you can promise to your customers through a Cars24-like online marketplace application.

  • Used cars can be traded (buy or sell) on-the-spot seamlessly
  • By uploading vehicle details, car-selling agents can give detailed information about the vehicle to the customers through the app
  • Top car selling/buying apps in India can provide the easiest way to sell or buy used cars from the comfort of home
  • Offer thousands of used cars across Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Honda, Tata, Mitsubishi, Mercedes, BMW, Mini Cooper, Chevrolet, Volkswagen, and Audi-like top brands
  • You can provide digital loan processes with zero-repayment options and improve customer experiences
  • Easy to increase car listings and boost sales
  • Car sellers can enhance brand loyalty by offering a 100% money refund policy
  • Paperless and hassle-free digital or online payments facility
  • Car owners can efficiently interact with prospects online and improve conversions
  • Customer-friendly home delivery will improve customer comfort
  • Brands can offer seamless purchase experiences to the customers

These are a few benefits of online car buying and selling apps like Cars24. Since people’s luxurious switch to having their car and ride on roads is increasing, the growth opportunities for online marketplace apps in India are incredible. Online used car buying or selling apps like Cars24 will have a bright future in the Indian automotive market.  

Let’s discuss Cars24-like online car buy and sell app development costs!


    Would You Like To Develop a Cars24-like Online App For Instant Car Selling/Buying?

    Then, here are the features that you must add to the new Cars24-like online car selling marketplace app.     

    Must-add Features In Cars24 Clone App Development 

    Currently, Cars24 has over 10 million downloads from Google Play and Apple App Store. Driven by its user-engaging and user-friendly features and smooth performance in car buying and selling used cars in India, the application has crossed the benchmark of million downloads.

    To get such a brand mark and million app downloads, Cars24 clone app development needs to be added with a few features to increase the download rate. Here are the top features of Cars24 mobile or web applications.

    • Simple and attractive UI with filters such as location, price, year, model, and KMs traveled, warranty & guarantee details, etc.
    • Easy to check the availability of cars
    • Find Your Car feature with customized search filters for making the user selection process simple
    • Book appointment feature for a test drive in real-time
    • 360° view facility for inspecting exteriors and interiors online
    • Secure bank linking and smooth online payment processes
    • Get Financing feature to get paperless and zero-down payment vehicle loans with flexible EMI options
    • Pay On Delivery enabled door delivery services and improves user convenience
    • Delivery tracking features
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based in-app chatbot feature for ensuring 24/7 customer support services
    • Free RC transfer and tracking its status in the app
    • Provide convenient car inspection services at branches or homes as per user desire to improve service credibility
    • Easy return and refund services of Cars24 are augmenting the application quality
    • In-app camera for assisting sellers to upload car images
    • Location tracking in the real-time ability for helping customers in tracking the delivery status of vehicles
    • Push notifications for sending alerts, recommendations, and reminders to the customers about new car listings, price alerts, and offers & discounts
    • Reviews and ratings to know the customer feedback and upgrade the application performance

    Adding these customer-friendly features will surely encourage an increased number of app downloads and boosts sales. Hire one of the #top mobile app development companies in India or the USA and get the best price for a Cars24-like online marketplace app.

    Let’s connect and get the best price quote for a used car buy or sell app!


      How Much Does Mobile Apps like Cars24-A Buy-Sell Used Car App Cost?

       How much does it cost to build an app like Cars24? Or How Much Does It Cost to develop an app like Cars24? 

      You might be looking for the exact mobile app development cost of the Cars24-like application. The app development consultants are estimating that the development cost of buying/selling a used car app in India will range from $30,000-$80,000.

      It is just an estimated development cost of Android/iOS apps. The development cost of mobile applications for Android or iPhone depends on various elements. We, being a top mobile app development company in India, are very much confident that the development cost of an online marketplace app for Android or iOS will depend on the below factors: 

      • Cars24-like online used car selling application depends on mobile app design (UX/UI)
      • The cost of Cars24-like mobile apps depends on the application platform
      • Cars24-like native android development cost or cross-platform application development cost depends on the size of the application
      • Online marketplace apps development costs depend on features and functionalities
      • The actual mobile app development cost will go beyond the estimated cost of app development based on its complexity level
      • The location of #mobile app development companies USA, India, UAE, or software development companies will also impact the estimated cost of mobile application development.

      All these elements will influence the cost of Cars24-like mobile application development. The final cost of an online car selling-buying app like Cars24 can be decided based on all the above-discussed factors.    

      Are you looking to build an app like Cars24? Share your requirements and get a free quote!


      Final Words

      The cost of Cars24-like trending online car buying app development is a brilliant idea to derive business from car buyers as well as used car sellers. Since over 85% of smartphone users are looking to buy their essentials from e-commerce apps or on-demand marketplace apps, Cars24-like mobile app development creates more business opportunities for app developers or organizations who invest in mobile applications.

      Hire Hyena- an award-winning mobile app development services provider in India and USA. Our app development services help you create a replica of Cars24 and let your brand achieve success and grab the user’s loyalty just as the Cars24 application attained.

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