How to Set Up Your Business Application for Million App Downloads?


How to Set Up Your Business Application for Million App Downloads?

Your Mobile Application Has Achieved One Million Downloads!

It sounds great, but reaching one million milestones is not a simple task.

Yes, every business develops an application with a common aim to get a million downloads for their application. With the biggest number of available applications across Google Play and iOS app stores, attracting users to download your business application is a challenging task.

Though you have built a unique mobile app that offers world-class features and functionalities in its niche, achieving a million installs is a quite complex task in this competitive digital era.

This competition level is getting even more nerve-racking with enormous clone apps available in the app stores. The startups or brands have to follow some tricks to get thousands and millions of app downloads with ease. No matter how many apps your business has, but the innovative thoughts towards achieving a higher installation rate are mattered a lot.

Being the best mobile apps development company, Hyena suggests enterprises a few tips for building an app that can rule various app stores, get a million installs, and grab the user’s heart.

We have segmented the article into two major parts for letting you understand the topic-How to get million mobile app installs clearly. Firstly, we will discuss how a pre-launch app campaign can prepare your application for one million downloads. Secondly, we will focus on tips to increase the number of mobile app downloads post-launch.

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Tips To Get 1 Million Installs From Pre-launch Activities Of Your Application   

Kick start the pre-launch activities when your application is at the final testing phase. Efforts you put before app submissions into the stores will help you explore more app success tips. We, being the top mobile apps development company, assure you that the efforts you put in this stage will ensure increased app downloads and app success within a short time.

Yes, pre-launch drive creates curiosity among the targeted audience and helps businesses clutch audience interest before your app hits the app stores. Build a pre-launch buzz of your app by running frequent advertisements on social media portals, marketplace applications, and your web portal.

Here are a few things to consider before app launch in the stores to make it a successful application. Your app can get maximum downloads by resolving complexities existing in the below technical factors.

How to get million app installs by resolving technical issues?

  • The App should be free of bugs and crashes.

It is the foremost thing to consider for getting higher installs and app ratings on the app stores. The user instantly abandons your application from devices if it has many bugs. To overcome this challenge, developers should build an app that offers highly responsive services.

So, before you launch the mobile application on the app store and play store makes sure that the app is free from errors and crashes. To keep your app free from technical errors and crashes and ensure a seamless performance implement various tests and make it perfect.

Get our expert consultation to know how to keep your app away from frequent crashes?

    • Go For An Appealing App User Interface (UI)

    The way your app looks will play a crucial role in the app experience you provide to the esteemed users. Nowadays, users are demanding simple applications with efficient performance.

    It means your app design should stand out of the box; otherwise, your application cannot hit a million installs. So, to make your application successful on the app stores, the app’s UI should match audiences’ of all genres to access the application content with ease.

    User Interface Design Rules

    • App Launch On The Right Platform

    The probability of getting higher installs also depends on the app platform on which you developed your application. The platform you choose should have vast amounts of users in the locations where you want to introduce it. It ultimately increases app visibility and app download rates. Hence, it is significant to launch your futuristic application on the perfect platform.

    • Get Your App Tested On Best App Testing Platforms

    Test your mobile application before it gets launched on app stores to assess its performance on the client’s devices. To ensure brilliant app performance, test it on diversified devices and operating systems of various versions. This strategy not only useful for more downloads, but it also plays a big role in securing user’s information.

    How To Get Maximum App Downloads Through App Marketing?

    • Through Pre-launch app campaign

    Run app promotions on the website, the social media channels, and other platforms where your audience visits and uses most often. Without revealing the app logo, create curiosity among your audience and attract their attention for the app launch.

    You can also publish app-related information articles that reflect app benefits and functionalities in your web portal. This pre-launch app marketing strategy drives traffic to your website at the same time creates suspense in users about what you are supposed to launch soon for them.

    • Promote your app through Media

    No matter how efficiently develop an application, without app promotion through media or press, no one knows your application. Before 10 days to the actual launch of the app in the market, cover your app launch event details and release app uses and benefits content to the press. This marketing strategy lets people know about your application.

    Moreover, if your application is published by a prominent media platform, it further enhances value to your app’s value and fame. It also builds a successful first step to get quick app store rankings.

    • Invest in Pay-Per-Click Campaign

    Your valuable investment in the Pay-Per-Click program makes app marketing more aggressive on Google and ensures app success. Businesses can run Google Ads with application-related keywords to rank them on top of the Google page. This paid marketing strategy keeps your app content on top and makes it visible when users search with those keywords.

    PPC-advertisingTips to Witness Post-Launch Success Of Your Application 

    It is where all your dreams would come true by erasing all the efforts that you come across during mobile app development. But, until and unless proper app maintenance, the probability of app uninstalls are high after the first use itself.

    Here are a few tips to overcome post-launch challenges faced by 99% of the app developers/owners.

    How To Touch Million Download Mark Post-Launch Of Application?

    • Go for the Referrals and Earn Program

    An in-app referrals program is the best way to promote your application across the audience. You can promote your business or application by asking existing app users to invite and recommend their friends or family members for use. Hence, the implementation of in-app referrals campaign helps enterprises to reach out more audience with ease.

    • Bold the User Ratings And Reviews

    Upon launch of your application on app stores, you will shower with user reviews or feedback. They might be positive reviews or negative feedback about the functionality and responsive speed of the application.

    But, as a customer-centric services provider, you should value both positive and negative reviews. Take positive reviews as strength and negative feedback as the first stepping stone for the app’s success.

    Check app functionality, conduct performance analysis, update the mobile application as per your customers’ needs, and finally, get a million installs. Remember, if your application has a high app store rating and positive feedback, you can build customer loyalty quickly.


    Know more about post-app launch strategies and increase your app downloads!

    • In-app Advertisements

    The next step is to open doors for in-app advertising models. Check with the most popular android and iOS apps developers and ask them a little space to promote your app advertisements in their applications. This in-app advertising marketing strategy will increase the app visibility score and explore at least 30% of app downloads through it.

    • Exclusive Discounts on Subscriptions or Installation

    It’s an entertainment cum useful tip to increase app downloads. If you develop a paid mobile app, you can increase the number of users or installs by offering them certain subscription plans for free for a few days or months.

    You can offer a few prime functionalities at a discount. It will attract users and brings success to your application.

    So, by reading this article, you might be aware of what matters in the long run. Instead of focusing on building highly advanced mobile applications with complex design and functionalities, being the top mobile app developers, you should focus on how well the app is developed, what it can offer, and how quickly it is responding to your users’ needs.


    Scaling your app performance and updating from time to time might help you reach the target of million app downloads. By following the smart tips which we articulated here might help you turn your dream into reality.

    Hyena, one of the top AI-powered android and iOS apps developer, has a pioneer in the mobile app development industry. Our app development expertise and proven strategies enable us to create outstanding mobile applications.

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