Artificial Intelligence Vs Internet-Of-Things: Which Technology Makes Mobile Apps Efficient?

Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Vs The Internet-Of-Things: Which Technology Makes Mobile Apps Efficient?

The buzz of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet-of-Things (IoT) is all over across the industries. Both technologies are trending in the market right now. Every business is excited and thrilled to implement the most advanced technologies, AI and IoT, in software development.

Over 76% of enterprises and brands worldwide have faith in AI and IoT that adopting these technologies offers automation and efficient productivity.

In this article, we will talk about the major differences between Artificial Intelligence Vs Internet-Of-Things and what benefits the technologies will offer on their deployment in business processes.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing technology that power up machines to work like human but with more efficiency. With its automation, quick learning, and next-level intelligence capabilities, AI is widely adopting by enterprises and brands to make their workflows more effective and have control of machines remotely.

It was the primary reason for AI growth and now we can see AI use cases across all corners of the industries. The biggest technology giants like Microsoft, IBM, and many other are organizations have already launched multiple AI software applications and earning billions of dollars every year.

Artificial Intelligence AIWith the increasing use of smartphones, companies are investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) mobile applications development and launching the most advanced and intelligent apps for customer usage.

For instance, AI-powered digital voice assistants are one of the best examples of AI mobile apps that we found in mobile and web apps. Smart virtual assistants easily interpret customer queries and provide the most precise responses to customers virtually like a human.

Nowadays, most of the applications launched on Google Play or the iOS app store are featured with AI-based customer support chatbot services. Such innovative features facilitate the user to get immediate response at any time without the need of calling a customer support executive. This automated process enhances the user experience at the same time keeps your brand available at the fingertips of customers when they need you.

This has derived increased demand for AI mobile apps in the market. The AI software development market value is expected to climb to $126 billion (as of Statista) by 2025. You can observe the continuous growth of AI development over the past three years.

AI software development market value

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Now, we will look at the significant benefits of artificial intelligence in businesses.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Businesses

Here, we have compiled only a few major advantages of AI for enterprises. Let’s get started!

  • Better Customer Experience

As we discussed above, AI-enabled chatbots applications provide outstanding customer support services 24*7.  Quick understanding and little response time are highlights of AI chatbots. These innovative applications help enterprises achieve customer loyalty and increase customer base faster.

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    • Predictive Analytics

    With a blend of Machine Learning (ML) and AI technologies, businesses can do miracles. Mobile apps in coupled with AI and ML, can manage vast data and recognize patterns of user behavior. These patterns help businesses to explore valuable insights and predict what customers are actually looking for in your application.

    So, with the help of AI, enterprises can make informed decisions towards app improvements and deliver the most personalized services to customers.

    • High-level Data Security

    It is another significant benefit of using AI. Intelligent AI software can recognize vulnerable areas across a business network and prevent authorized access to confidential personal and business information. With its high-level data encryption capabilities, AI is a highly preferable technology for banking and financial apps development.

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      Every coin has two faces. Though AI is the best technology for software development, it has a few disadvantages.

      Disadvantages of AI Implementation

      • Higher Development and Implementation Cost

      AI apps development is a little bit expensive than other applications. The development of AI-integrated software applications takes more development time and needs expert AI app developers.

      Further, the implementation cost of AI-based software applications is also a quite complex and expensive process. AI apps need regular upgrades with continuous changes in the business requirements and it involves huge time and development cost.

      • Doesn’t improve with experience

      AI software can only learn from pre-fed data and work accordingly. It cannot do any creative things on its own. Hence, AI-powered machines or applications cannot upgrade themselves or improve with experience. So, whenever there is a change in the production environment, AI software needs to be re-trained and re-build.

      Well, these are a few pros and cons of AI technology. Now, we will look at the second-biggest technology that has altered the way businesses connect with applications, resources, devices, and many more.

      How AI Technology Give Power To Mobile App Technology?

      Artificial intelligence (AI) has transformed the way users interact with mobile apps. The best mobile apps developers in the USA and India are using AI technology to empower mobile technology and create next-level apps for their esteemed customers.

      AI, in coupled with exciting technologies such as image recognition technology, emotion recognition technology, voice recognition technology, natural language processing technologies, offers the below benefits on mobile applications.

      A few of the benefits of integrating AI in mobile applications are:

      • Facial Unlocks
      • Search through digital images
      • Search through voice
      • AI for translating words instantly
      • AI development to read human emotions

      What is the Internet-of-Things (IoT)?

      The IoT technology connects a range of devices that are equipped with sensors and software over the internet for quick and secure data transfer between devices and applications without human involvement.

      Nowadays, IoT is widely using for mobile app development for smart home automation. It is also used in the healthcare sector. The IoT-based healthcare solutions are the best platforms for connecting patients and doctors virtually.

      IoT technology

      The IoT-powered mHealth apps gather vital signs of patient’s data, including BP, heart rate, weight, and many more through smart wearables. The data is stored in the cloud, and physicians on the other side can access it for further diagnosis.

      Further, IoT technology is also playing a vital role in controlling connected machinery devices and connected cars from anywhere at any time.

      Depending on this market demand for IoT applications, Statista says that the global market value for IoT development is expected to reach USD1.6 trillion by 2025 from USD212 billion in 2019. Here is the market growth of IoT software development from 2017-2025.

      market growth of IoT software development

      Hyena, the best IoT mobile app development company in the USA and India, provides end-to-end IoT software development services for enterprises.

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        Advantages of the Internet-of-Things (IoT) for Businesses

        • Improved Productivity

        The Internet-of-Things solutions and applications help businesses minimize operational and maintenance costs by continuously monitoring connected devices. It is a competitive advantage for industrial manufacturing. The IoT technology facilitates manufacturers to monitor production equipment from remote locations and improve production outcomes.

        Further, IoT technology also aids manufacturers in predicting when a device or machinery needs overhaul services. Thus, the manufacturers can take immediate action before the machinery gets damaged. This remote-monitoring process gives full control of machinery and reduces maintenance costs.


        • IoT for Interpreting customer behavior

        Customers are the pillars for the success of any business. If you fail to find out customer preferences and what they are in your applications, your entire application development efforts will be drained.

        The most popular IoT technology helps you here. Using IoT, enterprises can collect data from various sources such as the internet, social media channels, and other applications and explore insights into customer-specific data. It aids businesses in understanding the needs of customers and update services and product offerings as required.

        • Improved Customer Retention

        The IoT trend for android app development and iOS apps development is continuing at a rapid pace. Using IoT, service providers can gain data through smart devices and address their issues with ease. This IoT use case widely used for tracking data of potential customers automatically and improve customer retention rate.

        Enterprises can also use IoT mobile apps to monitor employees, machinery, and equipment and optimize internal operations. If you are in plan to create IoT-based iOS apps, get in touch with a leading IoT mobile app development company.

        Disadvantages of IoT Technology

        • Network Faults

        As the IoT technology interconnects a manifold of devices and collects and transfers enormous amounts of data, the IoT networks are highly prone to hacking or cyber-attacks.

        • IoT Development Costs

        The IoT mobile application development costs for android or iOS will be around $50,000 and beyond. But, the implementation of an IoT infrastructure in a business environment needs huge investments.

        For instance, the development of an IoT solution for the manufacturing industry involves both hardware and software. A business has to build a network of connected smart devices and also needs to invest in a communication network for controlling the devices and processes. This process demands high costs.


        We have come across the basics of AI and IoT technologies. Now, we will look at the major differences between these technologies.

        Know The Difference Between AI And IoT

        Being a top-notch Artificial Intelligence mobile application development company, we found a few interesting factors that differentiate modern AI and IoT technologies.

        Here we go.

        • Cloud Computing

        As discussed, AI software is trained to mimic human tasks and facilitate automating repetitive operations faster than the manual workforce. The competitive advantage of IoT over AI is that IoT Cloud can handle massive amounts of data.

        • Data Vs Sensors

        Artificial Intelligence is all about understanding the data patterns and extracting useful insights for achieving better business outcomes. The IoT technology involves sensors and the cloud for data collection, storage, and access.

        • Algorithm

        AI development depends on machine learning and deep learning algorithms for analyzing patterns and behaviors of systems or users. IoT is used for creating an algorithm for ensuring better communication and deriving the behavior of the device or system.

        • Scalability

        The scalability of artificial intelligence applications and systems is less occupied by devices or systems space. The IoT system’s scalability for data processing depends on the cloud size.


        Forget about the differences and drawbacks that exist with AI and IoT technologies. Both technologies will set the best trends and remain leading in the near-term future. Instead of saying AI Vs IoT, it makes sense if we use AI +IoT to taste competent business outcomes.

        Hyena, one of the best AI development companies, is all set to provide intelligent AI and IoT app development services. We have a team of skilled AI app developers and IoT app developers to create the most advanced mobile applications that fuel your business growth.

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