Best Custom Mobile App Development Ideas That Enlist Your Brand On Top

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The Best Custom Mobile App Development Ideas That Enlist Your Brand On Top 

Nowadays, mobile applications or mobile apps are in link with every aspect of our daily lives. We communicate through apps, we track our fitness via apps, and we also watch music or videos by installing apps. There are many apps with ideal features rolling out across industries and helping them to reach a wide customer base.

The success of enterprises depends upon bringing great ideas into a unique mobile application. Users always search for apps that can save time, cut costs, and reduce stress in obtaining the services they look for.

Being the best mobile apps development company, Hyena focuses on developing the most advanced mobile apps that address the needs of your customers. With our vast experience in the industry, we compiled a list of the best mobile or web app development ideas that polish your app development strategies and assist you to create a powerful and profitable application.

Why Should We Invest In Mobile Apps Development in 2021?

Smartphones are worthless without having mobile applications that run using mobile data. We use the best mobile apps for online shopping, online medication and consultation, food ordering, travel bookings, and learning & teaching, etc.

Mobile apps are also the best platforms for promoting products or services digitally and reach audiences worldwide seamlessly. They quickly attract users, upgrade customer service quality and brand visibility. Hence, mobile applications lay the ground for enterprises to remain competitive in the market.

Here are a few facts that let you know why to invest in mobile app development now.

If you are running a business and looking to develop an application, the below statistics of the mobile apps development erases your confusion about mobile apps investment.

  • The usage and download of mobile apps have increased by 23.3% from 2020.
  • The mobile apps are anticipated to generate revenue of $935 billion by 2023.
  • On average, every smartphone user uses ten mobile apps daily.
  • Approximately 50% of people open an app at least 11 times each day.
  • The iOS App Store has nearly 2 million apps available for download.
  • The Google Play Store has nearly 2.8 million mobile applications for download.
  • Every month 88.5 thousand new mobile apps are released in the Google Play Store and 30,000 apps in the Apple App Store.

These statistics encourage startups and brands towards mobile apps development.

If you plan to enter as a startup with a powerful mobile application, then this is the right time. But, with intense competition-level in the mobile apps development industry, you must come up with the best mobile app ideas to hit the app stores.

Here, we listed a few app ideas that might help you stand in the list of the best service providers in the market.

20 Best Mobile Apps Development Ideas For Brands & Startups

  1. Restaurant Reservation Apps

There were days where we need to wait outside our favorite restaurants to get a dining table for our special evenings. With advancements in technology, the restaurant reservations apps facilitate users to book a table of their choice at a preferred time and day. The application shows the nearby famous hotels and restaurants with seat availability.

Hyena, the best restaurant reservation mobile apps development company, develops mobile applications with advanced features with artificial intelligence touch like virtual chatbot functionality.

Get our expert consultation to know the development cost of restaurant reservation apps for android and iOS.

    1. Food Delivery Apps

    Online food order and delivery apps are allowing people to order and get food right away at their doorsteps. The food delivery apps are the best solutions to order and enjoy favorite cuisines or meals all from the convenience of home.

    The food delivery mobile apps development is a lucrative idea for the startup to reach more customers and profits.

    You can hire a leading mobile app development company like Hyena to know the development cost of Food delivery apps like Zomato or Swiggy.


    1. Healthcare Apps For Android and iOS

    Healthcare application development will play a vital role and give huge opportunities for businesses in this pandemic. They help users stay fit & healthy by tracking their health conditions for a better lifestyle. The apps also allow users to book online consultations and get prescribed immediately in emergency cases.

    For instance, the Practo-like platform helps users get online consultations and aids to virtually communicate with a range of specialists in minutes.

    Further, the medical apps also allow users to manage their appointments, order medicines, medical tests from the comfort of home. So, mHealth apps development help businesses provide better healthcare services faster and stay in connection with the patients when they need them.

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    1. Gifting Apps

    With the busy schedule of reaching our daily goals, people sometimes can’t take out time to buy gifts for their special ones. But with gifting apps in hand, you can purchase and send the gifts directly to their address. Developers use blockchain technology that gives security to the user details.

    Apart from these, the users are more attracted to these apps because of the amazing gift collection and discounts. The gifting mobile application idea is worth a shot for the startups.

    1. Dating & Matrimony Apps

    It is one of the best mobile app development ideas in 2021. The process of finding the right life partner has quite changed from the traditional ways. People want to know about interests and opinions before the meeting. This is where the dating apps can help users to find similar people in their neighborhood. The matrimony apps will show the options according to your community which is more like conventional methods.

    1. Interior Designer Apps

    Interior designing of a home is all about implementing decorative thoughts attractively and cost-effectively. You need to know about purchasing and placing the decor items in perfect places.

    Interior designer apps analyze the structure of rooms and suggest the paint colors, wall stickers, curtains, and furniture. These apps will also show the best places to purchase items at a low cost.

    1. Packers & Movers Apps

    Moving the furniture and equipment is a difficult task. The packers and movers apps will take the complete responsibility of packing and relocating your furniture. Users can choose time and date to pick up things, quotes for shifting, and more. Online payments, vehicle selection, and checking driver reviews are a few highlights of these mobile applications.

    1. Travel Planning Apps

    Planning a trip requires many considerations like booking tickets, room reservations, and budget calculations. But with an efficient travel mobile application, everything becomes simple and easy.

    You can check for the famous places, restaurants, adventures in the foreign and local regions to explore and plan a memorable holiday trip. It is an excellent time to bring this mobile application idea to reality.

    Hyena develops best-in-class travel apps for android and iOS.

    Get a free quote for your travel booking app project.

      1. Online Learning or Education Apps

      Online educational apps have replaced conventional teaching or learning methods. The best e-learning apps have created a digital platform for students and teachers to share their knowledge.

      It offers users an effective curriculum and communication with tutors. Students can also track performance analysis on a subject easily. Hyena, the best mobile app development company in the USA and India, develops feature-rich online learning or educational mobile applications for enterprises.


      1. Chatbot Applications

      Chatbots are an effective way to provide 24*7 customer services. Chatbot apps using machine learning technology and artificial intelligence capabilities answer user queries like humans. Integration of chatbots apps assists startups or brands improve their customer satisfaction.


      1. Tax/Invoicing Apps

      The burden of calculations of tax and invoices is taken off by using tax/invoicing applications. Users can calculate the tax payment details according to their income. This mobile app idea is useful for individuals and businesses, which helps to handle finances easily.

      1. Social Networking App

      Businesses should have a social presence to expand brand recognition and reach customers. With increasing user spending rates in social media channels, the idea of developing a social media app like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is profitable.

      1. Cab Booking Apps

      Booking a cab or taxi or bike is stress-free with one click on cab booking apps. The doorstep pickups, safety, and low cost are reasons for the app’s success in the market. The increase in the usage of car booking apps has opened doors for many startups and travel agencies.

      Hyena, a leading cab booking app Development Company, builds clone apps like Uber for Android and iOS platforms.

      1. Car Parking Apps

      The car parking mobile apps will show the availability of parking slots using GPS before you reach the destinations. Users can search for free slots for parking cars safely.

      1. Language Learning Apps

      Learning a new language is now easy and interesting with mobile applications. These apps will show the pronunciation, usage, tenses, and spellings for the words. Users can also scan and know the meaning of words anytime and anywhere. It is one of the developing ideas of mobile applications.

      1. Cloud Applications

      It is a difficult task to collaborate with the team members and clients without cloud applications. These mobile applications will give access to automatic updates, feedback, flexibility, and more. Businesses are interested in using cloud applications for streamlining the work process.

      1. Disaster Alert App

      We cannot stop natural disasters, but we can prevent the harms and effects caused by them. These apps can detect the changes in the environment and warn users about cyclones, earthquakes, sandstorms, and others. It will also assist you with safe locations and rescue contacts.

      1. Real Estate Apps

      Real Estate apps form a common platform for buyers and agents to advertise their properties. Buyers or tenants can interact with the owners or sellers to discuss rents, land prices, and documents before visiting the place. These applications save a lot of money and time for both parties.

      Real-Estate-AppGet in touch with expert mobile app developers at Hyena to discuss your mobile app idea.

        1. Images & Video Editing Apps

        Many businesses post videos and images of their services on social media platforms for customers. They can make use of professional editing mobile apps to create attractive media documents. Developers should design easy user interfaces and user experience to make them flexible for non-professionals. This mobile app idea has many chances to bring revenue for startups.

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        1. Payment Apps & e-Wallets

        People are migrating to payment apps and e-wallets from cards and net banking. These digital transactions are rapidly growing by offering benefits for users and the merchant. Developers can add features like invoices, rewards, cashback, split payments to make applications more attractive. With the increase in usage of smartphones and cashless payments, this mobile application idea is excellent for startups.


        These are the top 20 mobile application ideas for startups or even brands that can build these interesting apps. Enterprises can start with any mobile application idea in partnership with skillful app developers.

        Hyena is the top mobile app development company in the USA and India and has a proven experience in developing various mobile apps for all industries. Let’s talk about the development process of your mobile app idea right now.

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