Top 12 Ways to Get Your App Featured In The iOS App Store

App Featured In The iOS App Store

Top 12 Ways To Get Your App Featured In The iOS App Store

Apple or iPhone is one of the most expensive and prominent players in the smartphone market. The downloads of iOS apps through the Apple App store are growing and creating better scope for brand visibility, app traffic, and high installs.

In the USA alone, over half of the people have iPhones and using multiple apps to meet their needs. It is the reason why every business wants its mobile app featured in iOS App Store. So, getting your business application introduced and featured in the iOS app store is the first step towards app success. Yes, a mobile application launch in the Apple app store without any constraints is an achievement for developers.

But, a new version of the iPhone operating system or iOS continuously releases into the market to provide a better user experience with more advanced functionalities. It often releases new software development kits to assist developers in creating the best iOS apps.

If this is the case, if you wish to get your application featured on the Apple app store, you must develop an app with high-quality design and functionalities, and that must be compatible with the current iOS version to hit the market. It is one of the first steps to remember being creative app developers.

Stay updated with the recently released versions, tools, and technologies that help developers create an iOS app that matches the Apple App Store rules and regulations. It would also fasten your app submission and also help users find your app quickly from a pool of applications to download and use.

In this article, we would like to assist enterprises in getting their app featured in the Apple App Store without hassle.

How Do Featured Apps Increase Brand Visibility?

It is a fact that smartphones are just standard communication devices without mobile apps. Mobile users of both android and iOS can find and download applications from app stores on their choice from Google Play and Apple App Store, respectively.

Native mobile apps have changed our lives and delivering instant services to users. They are also generating dollars of business to app stores and mobile app developers.

As the article is all about Apple featured apps, I would like to more specific to iOS apps.

In general, the Apple App store magnets over 500 million global active users per week and generates billions of dollars to Apple. This credit goes to the mobile app development industry for developing best-in-class iOS apps using leading-edge technologies.

Apple always stands in front to acknowledge the efforts of the developers, picks quality apps, and displays them on the first page of the App store to attract user attention. Moreover, Apple features customized apps that support the latest iOS 14 version and tap diversified user preferences. Featured apps are visible on top and make the brand available when the users look for the desired services.

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    What Will Apple App Editors Consider To Feature An Application?

    Apple App Editors never had a checklist to feature the mobile application. It changes dynamically depending upon the latest technologies and shifting user expectations. However, being the top mobile app developer in the USA, Hyena has compiled a list of factors that the Apple App Store Editors look over for featuring the application.

    • App UI and UX
    • App functionality
    • App accessibility
    • Regular updates
    • App availability

    Let us dive deeper into the major factors to get a mobile app featured on the app store.

    The Best Ways To Get Your App Featured In The App Store?

    Getting your application visible on the home page of the Apple app store is not a simple task. If your app is not featured in the app store, all your development efforts will be drained. Here are the top 12 ways to get your app featured in the iOS App Store.

    #1. Attractive UI and Native UX

    It will be easy to get your application recognized in the app store if your application has an eye-catching User Interface (UI) and interacting User Experience (UX) design. Apple displays apps with elegant designs to attract more users.

    #2. Error-free Apps

    Error-free iOS apps development is the basic factor to consider before thinking about an app featuring in the Apple App Store. Because Apple App Store editors never promote apps that have many flaws. And, yes, the chances of removing your application (that has errors) from the app store is also more.

    So, choose the best mobile app development company in the USA and India for creating flawless iOS apps and get featured on App Store.

    #3. Build Native iOS Apps

    Instead of cross-platform applications, Apple shows more interest in featuring native iOS mobile apps. Apple believes that the native iOS apps maintain high quality and ensure seamless performance on iOS devices. So, building native iOS apps are the best choice to get featured in the app store.

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      #4. Better App Accessibility

      The ultimate aim of mobile app developers and Apple is to make the application accessible to all. It means that a person with physical disabilities like deaf, blind, or illiterate should also access the app features seamlessly.

      To achieve this, the developers need to use standard frameworks and integrate pre-built iOS app accessibility features such as VoiceOver, adjustable font size and color visibility, and reduced transparency, etc.

      #5. Use Apple APIs

      Apple love to publish apps developed using its Apple APIs (Application Programming Interface) such as frameworks, functions, etc. Being a leading mobile app developer, you must create a successful app path that aligns the Apple’s goals.

      I mean to say that if Apple is planning to promote its newly released APIs, you should develop an application with these APIs. This strategy helps your application get featured by Apple in the app store.

      #6. Push Regular Updates

      Regular app updates are one of the best ways to get your application on top of the iOS apps list in the app store for a long period. App Store editors pick updated apps and display them in the App Store to offer the best iOS applications for visitors. So, keep your application up-to-date and try to fix bugs, if any, based on user feedback and reviews.

      #7. Optimize Product Page in the App Store

      The app’s product page is the best place where people can read and get aware of app functionalities. Enterprises will have a few seconds to draw user’s attention when they open the app’s page. So, the apps page should give information regarding app description, features, and benefits in a crystal-clear representation. This will helps in achieving higher downloads and increase the chances of the app featuring in the store.

      Developers can also optimize the page view by adding functional screenshots and preview videos for better engaging visitors. Every element of App store content contributes to increasing the app visibility that drives more traffic and downloads.

      #8. Increase App Availability

      Apple doesn’t display apps that are available in only a few countries. It is because Apple has users from all over the world. So, increasing your app availability and facilitating user to translate product page content as per their convenience will feature your application in the app store.

      Besides, your iOS app listing title in the app store should have a precise volume of keywords that drive more traffic.

      Developers can also improve many app localizations in one interface using the best ASO (App Store Optimization) tools.

      #9. Creative App Icon

      Design an appealing and easy-to-remember app icon that reflects the app’s functionality and your brand name. So, design a creative mobile app icon and enjoy the rise in click-through rate to your iOS App products page.

      #10. Maintain 4.5+ App Rating in the store

      Apple is more likely to feature an app that has high ratings and decent reviews. The reviews and ratings are the two most significant factors that are the bedrock for achieving higher or lesser app downloads. These ratings are highly dependent on user satisfaction.

      Hence, app reviews help people know the application functionalities, highlights, and drawbacks. By giving responses to app users, businesses can also increase brand visibility, create customer loyalty, and increase app ratings. Hence, based on the app ratings, the Apple editors pick your application to display on the home page.

      #11. Create A Pre and Post Launch Buzz

      With the availability of approximately 2.1 million apps in the Apple app store, getting your new application featured on top is a complex task. But, by conducting a few marketing tactics, enterprises can bring their application to the app store home page.

      Yes, create curiosity in people about your upcoming or existing application to get featured on the market and the iOS app store. Promote pre-launch app details along with the benefits of installing social media channels. Post-launch marketing activities will also keep your application available at the fingertips when the users need your service.

      #12. Talk To App Store Editors

      The App Store editors receive thousands of pitches from businesses to feature their mobile applications. To stand out from the crowd, attract the App store editors by explaining your app highlights and unique features. You can also send recent updates that you made to an application to provide a better user experience. This strategy helps to get a featured spot in the app store.

      These are all a few strategies to make your app featured in the app store.

      Though you keep all the above factors in mind while iOS apps develop, frequent updates of the current iOS version might impact your application standard for getting featured.

      How Will Frequent iOS Updates Impact the opportunities Of Getting App Featured?

      The previous versions have made app discovery easy for users, but the latest versions of iOS operating systems have taken a further step to make this more personalized.

      A survey states that App Store draws 50% of app installs and out of which only 21% of mobile apps are featured in the App Store. Featured apps are great opportunities for boosting downloads.

      The recently released version of iOS 14 and its features facilitate developers to build more innovative mobile apps that are advanced in functionalities and performance. With leading-edge features of the iOS 14 version such as Augmented Reality Tools, picture in picture, compact calls, app clips, app library, and much more growing as a modern operating system.

      So, being the best native or hybrid iOS app development company, Hyena uses the best iOS SDK tools for iPhone app development and matches up to the iOS 14 speed. It helps us create world-class mobile applications that ensure brilliant performance and allow enterprises to get higher app downloads.

      Final Words

      Getting featured in the App Store will increase the awareness and success of the mobile application. We never have an exact way to achieve this, but the strategies discussed in this article might drive you on the right path.

      Get in touch with Hyena, a leading USA-based mobile app development company. We are experts in native iOS apps development and hybrid or cross-platform iOS apps development. We also provide end-to-end android apps development services to startups, enterprises, and brands.

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