Biggest Challenges Faced by Android App Developers

Biggest Challenges Faced by Android App Developers in 2021

Few Biggest Challenges Stood In front Of Android App Developers

Mobile application development is a trend in the market. For promoting products, services, brand names, enterprises are using mobile apps as weapons. The COVID-19 pandemic is stagnated the performance of businesses and decreased the enterprise-customer interaction level. But, mobile apps can reach a targeted audience and offer increased outcomes to the business.

The development of user-friendly and productive mobile apps is not an easy task. Moreover, mobile app development with the capabilities of emerging technologies is another challenge for the best mobile app development companies.

The requirements of mobile apps will change based on the industry type. For instance, the features of healthcare applications will vary from the e-commerce or marketplace app. Based on the customer needs, you have to build an intelligent application that meets the needs of the users instantly. It means that if a mobile application addresses a solution for user needs, your business app hits the app stores with ease.

Being the top android apps developer, we have highlighted a few challenges that every app developer will face during the mobile app development process.

Challenges Faced by Android App Developers are Here

Here are some significant challenges that any android app developer has to address before the development process.

#1. Software Fragmentation

Sometimes you might be experienced an Android version incompatible error when you install the latest version of the mobile application. It is where software fragmentation comes into the picture. It is a tough challenge that stands in front of Android app developers during the development process.

Google regularly updates and releases a range of Android apps with different features and versions. But, not all Android devices are compatible with these latest versions. So, developers need to design android mobile apps that support every version of the Android operating system.

Hence, it is helpful for Android app developers to know the features of all the OS versions. It helps to reduce app uninstalling rates and not miss the targeted audiences.

Hyena, the best native android apps developer in the USA, builds full-fledged android apps that offer better compatibility.

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    #2. Hardware Fragmentation

    Android operating system facilitates smartphone manufacturers to customize the operating system and develop devices with different standards. It means that the same version released by any two brands can have different buttons, display, keyboard formats, resolution, storage, and other hardware features.

    The Android app developers always need to consider the user experience of an app with various devices before developing the mobile application.

    #3. Testing Fragmentation

    The development of a flawless mobile application enhances app performance and improves brand visibility. No mobile application releases into the market without completing the testing process. As the compatibility of the Android operating system is more and the application built on android OS should undergo various tests.

    Developers need to test UI performance, code efficiency, device computability, etc. It requires a lot of experience in using testing and debugging tools. Hyena, one of the top android apps developers in the USA, has a team of professional android app developers. We test each element and deliver error-free applications that keep your business on top in the industry.

    #4. User Interface Design Rules

    The User Interface (UI) of the application plays a vital role in increasing user retention rate. It fixes the app look and feasibility of all features on a single page.

    Google does not provide any standard user interface (UI) design for developing android apps. Every enterprise develops custom UI interfaces according to their preferences and standards. The Android developers need to explore different ways to create UI design that is responsive across various devices. They should be cautious at this stage as it directly affects the user experience of the Android application.

    User Interface Design Rules

    #5. Programming Languages

    Many programming languages are available and come in handy for developers to build diversified mobile applications. Among them, Java and Kotlin are the most preferable code languages that suit android app development.

    Android App Development Best Programming Languages for It

    Java is the oldest programming language but requires more lines of code, whereas Kotlin needs less code scripting. Both languages provide tools that help to build error-free mobile applications faster.

    Hyena, the best android apps developer in the USA, uses a proven technology stack with a blend of the right programming languages, frameworks, and tools for creating a best-in-class application for your business.

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      #6. Integration of third-party APIs

      It is another challenging factor for android app developers in the mobile app development process. Integration of APIs in mobile application development will reduce the development cost `and time. The developers can adopt third-party APIs to increase the compatibility standards of apps. But, integration of other APIs is a challenging task.

      On the other hand, Android developers can also build a single API that works for all Android versions. Crossing this step to develop a user-friendly application is not that easy for the developers.

      #7. Security Issues

      The application that you develop should provide security to the user’s data. Since android is an open-source and customizable OS, there is a high chance of data attacks.

      However, Google fixes security flaws in the Android OS regularly. But, the hardware changes by developers will weaken the security level and lead to information theft.

      We have many situations back in the past where millions of Android users have been affected by bugs. It is the responsibility of the Android app developers to include robust security and data encryption to ensure the security of the user’s information.

      #8. Data Integration

      The process of accessing the data using SQL and back-end databases is important for excellent app functionality. Designing a mobile application with easy data integration is another challenge for Android app developers.

      Hyena, famous android apps and iOS app developer in the USA and India, has over two decades of experience in mobile app development. We being the top iOS/android apps developer, can develop quick responding mobile apps for businesses.

      #9. App Visibility

      There are millions of mobile apps available in the Google Play Store. Mobile app availability growth on the Google Play store increased by 10.6% in the first quarter of 2021 compared to the fourth quarter of 2020.  There approximately 3.48 million apps are available in the play store, and most of them are free-to-download apps.

      The figure depicts the quarterly growth rate of android apps available in the Google play store. 

      app store

      Everyday new mobile app with innovative features releases in the app store. Until you develop an application with ultra-modern features, you cannot satisfy your customer’s needs.

      This trend puts pressure on developers to develop an application that stands out of the crowd and grabs user attention. They can use unique app icons and graphics, high-resolution images, social media ads to engage users and promote the application aggressively in the market.

      #10. Patent Issues

      Here is the other biggest challenge for Android app developers. Unlike the iOS app store, Google Play Store does not impose any restrictions on app submissions. You find many mobile applications with the same concept because of this ignorance.

      In some cases, the developers have to redesign the application after launch to get patent approvals. So, Android app developers have to know the rules before they commence the development process.

      #11. Market Research Cost

      In-depth market research to know the pros and cons of the application that needs to be built is helpful for developers to create a unique app for enterprises. This market survey also helps Android developers to understand the user requirements and know what they are looking for. This process consumes the developer’s time and requires a lot of time and money.

      #12. Battery Consumption

      Smartphone users always complain about mobile applications are decreasing their device battery life. This condition may decrease the user retention rate. Developers should design an Android application that consumes less battery power and provide a good user experience with all the latest features.

      #13. App Scalability

      Scalability is one of the most factors that need to consider for developing a mobile app. The app with increased scalability can handle an increased number of app users. App developers need to maintain the app’s scalability and data consistency.


      The app features, functionality, design, and compatibility slightly differ from one app to another. Android app developers need to handle more challenges than iOS app developers. This article will help Android app developers to come up with development challenges. One can build an efficient application by considering all the challenges and addressing solutions for each issue.

      Hyena, the expert in Android app development, can overcome these challenges and build effective Android mobile applications within deadlines.

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