Best Android Apps That Ensure Thrilling Experience In Offline Mode


Best Android Apps That Ensure Thrilling Experience In Offline Mode

80% of us are crazy about the internet or mobile data on our smartphones. Even though the price of data packages is touching the sky, it’s mandatory in our smartphones to browse the internet and access diversified mobile apps such as banking applications, travel-ticking booking apps, streaming apps, and many more.

Nowadays, most of us are engaged with mobile data or Wi-fi to fulfill our needs. Internet connection plays a key role in fulfilling our data needs and in accessing desired features and functionalities of mobile apps. People will become annoying when they face poor net issues while surfing apps or browsers for some urgent works. Isn’t it?

With a blend of technology advancements and high-speed internet services, the smartphone with internet availability is not for communication and entertainment purposes, but it is also keeping healthcare, education, travel, and tourism enterprises stay just under the fingertips of the targeted audience.

But, one must remember that only having mobile apps on your smartphone is not enough. If you want to experience full-fledged app functionalities, you must have a mobile network.

Wait! Wait! Wait!

Through this article, we would like to share the good news with all our blog readers. There are a few applications that run seamlessly without any mobile data or Wi-fi connection.

Yes. To address a solution for poor or no mobile data connection issues, the leading mobile app developers in the USA and India are focusing on creating apps that ensure thrilling performance, even in offline mode.

These offline-mode applications offer the users’ flexibility to access the app functionalities anytime without mobile data. It will also benefit the enterprises in terms of increased customer loyalty towards the brand, higher downloads, and improved customer retention rates.

This article also covered why to make mobile apps faction in offline mode and the benefits of making the app available offline.

Why Should Mobile Apps Develop with Offline Mode Functionality?

A few significant reasons behind the increasing popularity of android mobile apps developed with offline mode features-

On Users Front:

Speed and availability of internet connection might vary from location to location. Apps with an offline mode facility give users to stay connected with the app on the go without mobile data.

On the business Front:

If a business app has more downloads from particular geography and that location has poor connectivity issues, app users might shuffle off in few days. Hence, the target audience of a business promptly shifts to rival apps without having any second opinions.

Hence, the integration of offline mode functionalities into mobile applications is the best choice for quick market reach. Top mobile app development companies like Hyena will create powerful Android and iOS apps with a blend of offline features. Let’s Talk!

    We like to go deeply into the significant benefits to businesses with integrating their apps with Offline visibility.

    Here we go!

    Key advantages of integrating Offline Feature in Mobile Apps

    Here are a few significant benefits of offline mobile apps development for enterprises:

    • Mobile apps with offline functions improve customer reliability and will attract customers to your brand.
    • Apps with offline mode feature load content quickly and kicks online buffering.
    • Watching videos or movies online consumes most of the battery power due to continued net usage. But, offline mode mobile apps development saves battery and keeps users stay for long on your app.

    The best Android apps that function in offline mode

    Here are the best android apps that work without an internet connection.

    1. Google Maps

    Google Maps is one of the famous mobile apps that help users to navigate and find places faster. The app suggests the shortest and traffic-free route to reach destinations. Real-time GPS navigation and voice-over best features of Google Maps that can be accessible even by a physically disabled person. Further, it also offers indoor maps that help users in finding destination locations inside a building or a mall.


    Besides, this best android app offers advanced functionalities, such as exploring places in offline mode. Yes, through its offline maps, the app allows users to select ad download maps and view them without the need for mobile data.

    Want to know the development cost of a quick navigation app like Google Maps with online and offline accessible features?

      1. Spotify

      Many videos or music streaming apps allow users to view podcasts or listen to the songs they love in offline mode. Spotify is one of the best music streaming app developed with offline functionality.

      Spotify app offers unlimited entertainment to users with nearly 13 million tracks. It allows users to listen to endless music and podcasts in multiple languages, all at their convenience at free of cost. It enables users to find albums and songs and share the playlists with ease.


      Why we selected Spotify as the best android app that runs even on offline mode? Because it enables users to streams and saves music to listen to when they are offline. The app allows users to synchronize their favorite playlists or tracks with Wi-fi or mobile data and listen to them in offline mode when there is no internet connection.

      This offline mode feature of Spotify is very much useful for users to listen to songs on travel or in spaces with poor net connection. However, these kinds of advanced features are the best ways to reduce mobile data usage and protect the environment from radiation.

      Hyena, the best mobile app development company in the USA, India, UAE, and Kuwait, builds best-in-class android mobile apps for enterprises across various verticals. Our Android mobile app development services assist companies in creating the most advanced mobile applications that engage their audience and fill bags with profits.

      We can create a Spotify clone application within a few months. If you are on the same track, let us know your project idea. We create an astounding mobile application for your business. Let’s Talk!

        1. Pocket 

        Pocket is a popular android app used for capturing a broad range of content such as stories, articles, news, sports, and videos from any device or any app. Users can capture and save content that they find online and add them to their pocket list for reading at their convenience at any time.


        Besides, the users can listen to articles or any online content with the application’s listen-to feature. This feature offers hands-free reading and personalizing the user experience.

        By toggling the instant Sync feature, the app allows users to synchronize news, videos, web pages, and many more.  After syncing saved items, Pocket will automatically download these items to the device to read them later in offline mode.

        1. Google Podcasts

        Here is another best-in-class android app enriched with offline mode features. This 4.6/5 rating android app assists users in listening to favorite podcasts or TV shows at any time from anywhere.

        Google Podcasts also offers the flexibility to download popular TV shows like comedy, news, sports, and episodes to listen on the go. It means that users can download favorite podcasts and listen to them offline mode. The best thing is that the content that users download will be automatically cleared once you listen to them.


        1. YouTube

        YouTube is one of the trending applications suitable for watching videos, music, movies, TV shows, and serials in offline mode.  It has over 10 billion downloads in Google Play Store.

        youtubeTo view YouTube content in offline mode, users need to save and add the video file to their playlist online to watch later. You can find the saved video lists in the library inside the YouTube app. By clicking on this library icon, you can view all the videos that you downloaded without the need for an internet connection.

        Similarly, Netflix and Amazon Prime-like the biggest video-streaming platforms will also allow users to watch their favorite channels, movies, and other videos offline by downloading and adding the content to their playlists.

        Hyena, one of the best android apps developers in the United States of America (USA), build feature flawless video streaming apps like Netflix and YouTube with advanced offline mode features. Get a Free Quote for your project right away!


        Mobile apps development with interesting offline mode features is the current trend in the app development industry. Most of the businesses are focusing on investing in offline mobile apps development to grab user attention and let users enjoy the plethora of benefits of such apps.

        If your business application was not integrated with Offline Mode Functionality, get it right away by partnering with the top mobile app development company in the USA, Hyena. We build custom-made Artificial Intelligence apps, machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT), Android and iOS apps for enterprises and brands.

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