How Much Does it Cost to Create a Doctor Appointment App Like Okadoc?


How Much Does It Cost To Develop UAE’s Doctor Booking App Okadoc?

Create a Doctor Appointment Booking App Like Okadoc: Its Cost, key Features and Business Model

In this world of smartphones, mobile app development has the highest priority. Mobile application development is the best strategy for businesses to ensure great communication with a broader audience base.

Among all other mobile app development categories, online doctor appointment booking apps have stood as the best and most useful category in the mobile app development industry over the past three years.

Online doctor consultation booking apps are outstanding innovations of mobile technologies in this digital era. They are the lifesaving weapons for patients and doctors, especially in these touch COVID times.

Yes. Doctor booking applications are unmeasurable resources for the healthcare sector. mHealth apps for Android and iOS are allowing patients to book a doctor appointment instantly and prefer either video or audio consultations as per their convenience.

Through this article, we would like to discuss how the Okadoc app has emerged as a popular healthcare application in the UAE and other GCC countries. Being a startup, what features of this doctor appointment booking platform made it a top doctor booking app in Dubai, UAE.

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Okadoc App- The Best Doctors Appointment Booking App In The Dubai, UAE 

Okadoc Technologies FZ-LLC is a Dubai-based healthcare start-up established in 2018. With a vision to provide instant medical care services, the company has launched its online services for patients in UAE, Indonesia, and Saudi Arabia.

Okadoc is playing an essential role in improving the healthcare outcomes of the patients in all three operating locations.

Being the UAE’s leading doctor booking platform, Okadoc enables patients to book instant online video consultations or in-person clinic visits seamlessly. By comprising a list of the best hospitals and clinics and making hundreds of specialists available in real-time, the Okadoc app is ranked as the Number 1 doctor appointment booking application in the UAE.

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Features and Functionalities Of Okadoc-like UAE’s Most-installed Online Doctor Appointment Booking App 

Okadoc is one of the most popular and most used mobile apps for booking doctor appointments in minutes.

Do you know why it has occupied the top space in the UAE’s healthcare industry?

  • Hassle-free Appointment Booking Facility

Its user-friendly features and functionalities have made Okadoc as the best healthcare app in Dubai, UAE, for searching for specialists and booking their appointments online.

Based on the patient’s emergency, location, and available time slots, the app allows users to connect with doctors 24*7. It gives the flexibility to book in-person or online video consultations on the go.

  • Customized Search Filters

The customized filters of the Okadoc Android app version or its iPhone version allow users to find doctors, diagnostic labs, RT-PCR test & COVID-19 vaccination canters, local clinics, and multi-specialty hospitals with ease.

  • Zero Commissions & No Hidden Fees

Okadoc-like, a famous mobile app in UAE, allows users to book appointments at zero hidden costs. Apart from physician consultation fees, the app does not charge additional charges for booking appointments. It is one of the most reliable features of this popular healthcare app.

  • In-app Chat Assistance

An in-app chat facility with physicians will make Okadoc the best online communication platform that offers lifesaving consultations with highly experienced and top-ranked specialists in the UAE.

  • Making Telemedicine Available For Patients In The UAE

This popular UAE-based doctor appointment booking platform has entered the Telemedicine services industry. To deliver high-quality healthcare services for patients in remote areas across the country, Okadoc is offering virtual consultations with a team of 400 doctors.

  • User-Friendly Filters

Okadoc-like, one of the leading online appointment booking apps in Dubai, will make appointment booking simpler with its range of filters like insurance, gender, and language. By entering all these details, patients can refine search results and pick a time slot from real-time doctors’ availabilities.

Okadoc also allows the users to search for a physician by name, location, or specialties. It will save the user time while offering them personalized app services.

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    • Slot booking calendar

    Integration of slot booking calendar, let app users instantly check for doctor availability and book free slots for audio or video consultations.

    • Track Location In Real-Time

    By enabling user location, the app tracks the current location of the users and displays a list of the nearby hospitals, clinics, or available doctors for quick and easy booking appointments or visiting proximate doctor places.

    • Reschedule Appointment Timings

    It is one of the best features that Okadoc offers for its users. App users can reschedule or cancel doctor appointments without informing physicians or support executives.

    This user-friendly feature of a popular healthcare application personalizes app experiences and increases its reliability in the UAE’s digital healthcare industry.

    • A Community Of Healthcare Experts

    Intends to improve the healthcare experiences of patients in the UAE, Okadoc has enlisted a community of thousands of doctors from nearly 50 leading healthcare service providers. It has comprised a wide directory of specialties, such as Pediatricians, dentists, gynecologists, dermatologists, and general physicians.

    Hence, Okadoc allows patients to access a range of specialty healthcare services all the time and let doctors provide instant care to their patients.

    The app gives you access to the doctors who are working for the UAE’s leading healthcare service providers, including Mediclinic, MedCare, Emirates Hospitals Group, HealthPlus, Danat AL Emarat, and so on. Thus, an Okadoc-like top-ranking online doctor appointment booking app will ensure operational efficiencies and reduce user dropout rates.

    • Booking In-person Facility

    Okadoc mobile application will allow patients to book direct in-person visits to clinics and hospitals.

    • Other Basic Features

    Quick app registration, simple user login, profile management, push notifications (appointment confirmation, payment confirmation, booking reminders, etc.), prescription suggestions, and convenient and secure multiple payment gateways are a few other significant user-engaging and user-friendly features of Okadoc.

    • Features required to Develop Doctor Panel

    If you are planning to clone Okadoc-like the best Doctor Consultation App in UAE, you must add doctor profile management, patient appointment management, and a database to list the history of the appointments with all the patients’ data.

    These are a few significant features that are required to build a Doctor Appointment Booking App like Okadoc.

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    The Cost To Build Okadoc-like On-demand Online Doctor Consultation Booking App  

    The cost of doctor consulting apps for Android and iOS might range from $30,000 to $80,000.

    Cost To Develop UAE’s Doctor Booking App Okadoc

    Let’s look at a few cost-impacting factors.

    • Healthcare App Design

    The design of app interfaces will impact the development cost of an Okadoc clone app. Mobile app development with complex design is quite more expensive than the application with basic design. Healthcare app development with an eye-catchy user interface will ensure easier and faster access to the application features.

    • Features & Functionalities

    It is the second most factor that east up much of your mobile app development investments. Yes. The development cost of creating on-demand healthcare apps will be greatly impacted by the features and functionalities that are added to your application.

    We mean to say that the cost of mobile apps with basic doctor consulting features will be less than compared the healthcare app development with advanced tech features.

    • App Development Platform

    Mobile app development companies will develop apps on Android and iPhone operating systems as their client demands. The cost of custom Android app development and iPhone app development is not at all same.   

    • Native or Hybrid Also Matters

    Based on the type of mobile application, the cost will be finalized. Okadoc is a hybrid application that runs seamlessly on Android, iPhone, and Windows platforms. It ensures high-performance and superior functionality on all operating systems. It is one of the reasons for the big success of the Okadoc application.

    So, before you commence the app development process, make sure that your app types, such as native apps development or cross-platform app development, or hybrid app development for estimating the total costs.

    • Experience Of Mobile App Developers

    Industry expertise and proven experience in delivering mobile apps are the most essential factors that decide the overall price of doctor appointment booking apps. If you hire a Custom App Development Company that has vast experience in the field, the cost might go beyond your estimated budget limits.

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      • Mobile App Developer Hourly Rates

      The hourly rate of mobile app development companies will vary based on the region. #Top mobile app development companies in UAE will charge $26 to $55 per hour. If you hire custom mobile app developers in Saudi Arabia, they might charge you $15 to $75 per hour.

      Likewise, the average hourly rate of custom software development companies in India, Singapore, and Vietnam-like countries will range from $13 to $80/hour. Similarly, the custom mobile app development agencies in Europe and American regions might charge around $100 to $150 per hour.

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      Final Words

      The future of online doctor consultation booking apps, symptoms tracking apps, fitness tracking apps, and online medicine delivery apps are expected to be lucrative. It is the right time for healthcare service providers to invest and introduce healthcare app development.

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