Most-Used Programming Languages For Android App Development

Programming Languages For Android App Development

Most-Used Programming Languages For Android App Development

Android app development is a hot topic in the global markets. Since the users of Android devices are tremendously increasing year over year, businesses are focusing on developing Android mobile apps to promote their products and services and generate bold financials.

One of the significant benefits of Android app development is that companies can generate higher Returns-on-Investment (ROI) with lower development costs. Yes, the Android development platform offers companies a cost-effective and scalable opportunity to build innovative applications.

With the availability of the Android Software Development Kit (SDK), Android mobile app developers can use various development tools such as sample code, libraries, debuggers, and all the other stuff needed for native apps development.

Further, the flexibility and adaptability of the Android operating system is another advantage of application development on it. These features make Android OS compatible with the latest digital technologies such as Internet-of-Things, and Virtual Reality technologies. Security and customization are also advantages with the Android platform for app development.

Hence, whether you develop Android apps for mobile devices, smartwatches, tablets, Or Smart TV (Android TV), the application well blends with the entire Android ecosystem and ensures seamless performance.

All is well! Whatever we have discussed is all about the benefits of using Android OS for App development. As aforementioned, the operating system has incredible benefits than iPhone OS. But, here is my question!

Which programming languages are best for Android Apps development?

Today, through this article, we, being the #best Android mobile app development company, would like to know about a few significant programming languages for writing code for Android apps.

Top Programming Languages for Android Application Development

In this digital space, smartphone apps are playing a vital role in our daily lives. The mobile apps can be used for online conversations, virtual meetings, creating the network, information gathering, or also used to play games and have fun.

Uber, Facebook, Swiggy, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp, Skype, Teams, GoToMeeting, travel booking apps, trip planners, hotel booking apps, resort booking apps, medicine delivery apps, Amazon, Flipkart, and this goes on.

We have so many apps that meet our desired needs online. So, what is making these apps run without crashes and bugs?

My simple answer is the programming language and tools that the Android app developers use. Yes. The right technology stack used for application development lets the iOS or Android development team create a flawless app and ensure faster deployment.

Here is the list of the best programming languages used for Android mobile application development.

#1. Java

Java is the official and most preferred programming language for Android app development. Since the language is highly supported by Google, most of the Android app development companies pick Java for the app development on Android platform.

Availability of documents, code, tools, and great community support, platform independence, code reusability, and portability are a few benefits of choosing Java language for Android app development.

java_logo#2. Kotlin

It is the best alternative to Java for Android App Development. We gave a second position on this list. But, driven by its simple syntax and easy-to-read and understand code, Kotlin has hampered the usage of Java for writing Android code.

The best sizable advantage of using Kotlin for Android app development is it removes the burden of keeping semicolons at the end of every code line.

In 2019, Google declared Kotlin as an official language for Android App Development. Kotlin is also the best choice for iOS app development.

kotlin app development

#3. C++

C++ is also the best choice for Android developers. It is a popular programming language for graphics-heavy software application development. For instance, application development companies mostly use C++ for creating mobile gaming apps and video editing apps, etc.

But, the drawback of C++ is that the developers cannot create a full-fledged app using C++ alone. They have to use Android Native Development Kit (NDK) to implement app elements in native code.

So, compared to C++, Java is the best and most preferred programming language for Android app development. But, when you keep Kotlin in place, Java is not preferred by the mobile app development agencies since it does not offer all the required stuff.


#4. Python

Python is one of the most-used and popular programming languages for Android app development. It is a high-level programming language suitable to write code for small and extremely complex Android app development projects. On compared to C and C++, developers can write short and sweet code for mobile application development.

Now, it has become a popular choice for iPhone Mobile App Development too. Its easy-to-read syntax, auto code execution, auto declaration of variables, quick debugging, free-to-download and use source code, availability of vast libraries, and code portability are making Python language a leader in the mobile app development domain.


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    #5. C#

    The benefit of using C# for Android app development is mostly avoiding memory leakage. Also, its simple and clear-cut code syntax makes writing code for Android apps hassle-free and easier.

    Generally, it is the most suitable language for developing robust and secure web applications since it works with Microsoft’s .NET framework. But, with Xamarin, a modern open-source platform, the developers can explore a complete Android SDK and applications for iPhone, Android, and Windows with .NET. Hence, C# is also best to write native Android apps.

    This multi-paradigm programming language can be used for developing mobile or desktop gaming applications, education apps, enterprise, and software like AutoCAD, Office 365, and Visual Studio.

    #6. Ruby

    Ruby is best for writing code for Android and iPhone apps. It has a simple code structure that is highly interpreted and ensures productivity. This programming language is also ideal for developing cross-platform apps for iOS and Android that delivers a native feel and look.

     Scope For Android App Development In The Future

    Android app development will ensure enormous business growth opportunities for app owners. According to Statista, the number of available apps in the Google Play app store is nearly 3.5 million by the end of March 2021. The count is increased by 10% over Q12020. This number is expected to touch the sky limit with rocker speed in 2022 and the years ahead.

    The below figure let you grab the opportunities of Android App Development in the coming years.

    Though the investments in mobile app development were hampered in 2019 due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the demand for mobile apps is again on rise from the final quarter of 2019.


    Android is the world’s most popular mobile app development platform. Android OS lets businesses move with more sense and spread their presence worldwide in the form of an Android app. Android application development offers high business scope for all businesses across various niches.

    Now it’s upon you. Based on your app requirements and business objectives, pick the right programming language for Android apps development.

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