How Much Does It Cost To Develop A File Sharing App Like Xender?

Cost To Develop A File Sharing App Like Xender

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A File Sharing App Like Xender?

Instant file sharing on the go without the need for mobile data is a pretty good concept that assists people in transferring documents at any time from anywhere. Xender is one such mobile app that is emerging and gaining popularity with this perception.

Xender is one of the most popular file sharing app that transfers large files without using mobile data. It allows people to share files with unlimited size in flash speed. Driven by the design simplicity, user-friendly features, quick sharing of versatile file format facility, and device adaptability of Xender are attracting millions of people.

Currently, it has over 100 million app users across its operating locations. This trending mobile app for file sharing is transferring approximately 200 million files, including apps, music, photos, videos, excel documents, and zipped folders successfully in a day.

cost to develop the Xender clone app

If you are planning to develop an app like Xender, here is everything you must know about its features, functionalities, benefits, and development cost. Let’s get started!   

The Best File Sharing App: Features and Functionalities Of Xender 

Xender is a top file sharing app for Android and iPhone. Here are a few cool features that grabbed the user’s attention and played the biggest role in reaching the 100 million benchmark. The below-listed set of features are important and must consider during Xender clone app development.

  • Multi-platform Sharing Facility

Xender-like the largest file sharing app ensures better device synchronization and aids high-speed file transfer across cross-platforms. It supports android, iOS, Windows, PC/ Mac, and Tizen. Such device adaptability and flexibility in sharing files are two major reasons behind the success of the Xender mobile app.

If you are looking for Xender clone app development, make sure that your application is supporting multiple platforms to better engage more users to get featured in the file sharing clone apps world.

  • High-speed File Transfer Facility

It is the best file sharing application that allows users to share different types of documents and files without mobile data. It is a Bluetooth-enabled mobile app that allows users to transfer files with 40Mb/s of highest speed. Such faster and easier file sharing ability of Xender Android app is keeping it on top of the clone apps world and giving it a big success as the best data sharing app.

  • Supports Files With Unlimited Size

Xender-like the best file sharing app for Android and iOS allows users to share any kind of file with unlimited size. The app shares files without reducing the actual resolution and quality. This best alternative to the Google Drive app ensures smooth and encrypted data transfer over a secured Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection.

  • Runs Seamlessly Without Internet

It is a key corner where Xender is attracting more users since its inception into the market. Xender app ensures seamless performance by just enabling Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. By giving location access permissions and toggling Bluetooth, the app pairs up with the preferred and nearby device and let users securely share files of their choice.

The best custom mobile app development companies can build Xender-like popular music file sharing apps with unique features and functionalities.

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    • Download, Install, and Start Sharing

    Xender-like super-fast file sharing applications will allow users to access the functionalities as soon as they download and install the application on their device.

    • QR Code Scanning Feature

    File sharing app development with the QR Scanner feature is an added benefit that ensures user-friendly functionality. It allows users to scan the QR codes, find devices, verify connections, and build a secure connection to send or receive files without the need for mobile data.

    • View or Delete In Simple Clicks

    Users can store received files and categorize them in specific formats. It will help in viewing documents in various formats and quickly access the desired files. Xender-like the best file sharing app for iOS will also allow users to clean unusable files that they received. It will help users to better manage their storage space.

    • Multi Language Support

    Xender-like popular file sharing applications for Android and iOS are offering content in multiple languages. It will improve app localization and enhance user personalization. Currently, Xender supports 21 different languages.

    • Attractive User Interface (UI)

    Xender is attracting a million users with its easy-to-use and simple User Interface (UI). It’s simple and easy-to-understand UI with pleasant icons and themes to assist app users in easily redirecting throughout the app.

    • Convert From Video File To Audio

    It is one of the best features of the Xender app. The mobile application allows users to convert a video file into audio or transmute a voice record into a caller tune.

    • Swift Download and Instant Sharing Facility

    Xender mobile app facilitates users to download videos or photos right from social networking platforms and share them with their friends with simple taps on their screen. Such instant sharing functionality is one of the core benefits of Xender-like file sharing apps.

    These are a few basic and primary features of a popular custom file sharing app like Xender. If you are looking ahead to hiring the best custom app developers from USA or India, Hyena would be your right choice. Let’s meet top #Custom Mobile App Developers today and get your app developed with the best UI design and theme!


    How Much Does It Cost to Develop A File Sharing App Like Xender?

    The cost to develop the Xender clone app will be ranged from $25,000-$60,000. However, the cost to develop file sharing app with some sort of complex features will go beyond $90,000. However, the technology stack, design complexity, application size, app developer’s experience, hourly charges, and hidden support and maintenance services might hamper this estimated budget.

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