Best Android App Development Company Never Let Your Brand Go Down!


Best Android App Development Company Never Let Your Brand Go Down! 

We are living in a mobile world. No No. Android mobile world!

Driven by cost ineffectiveness and availability of flexible and high speed 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G networks, the demand and usage of smartphones are increasing rapidly. Of which, compared to iPhone mobile devices, with 85% of smartphone market share, Android mobiles are giving stiff competition to iOS devices.

It is 100% fact that Android apps development has a bright future since most of the population are buying and addicted to chrome or internet services through these mobiles.

As of Statista, nearly 28 billion apps have been downloaded from Google Play Store and over 7.9 million iOS apps have been downloaded from iPhone App Store in 2022. Noticing the rise in android apps downloads and active user count, businesses across all sizes are in rush to develop android mobile apps for their businesses.

This trend has given birth to android app development. Yes. The upsurge in the use of android devices and installations of android apps have given wide growth opportunities for android apps development.

Android app development companies by adopting the latest programming languages, mobile app development technologies, and advanced UI frameworks, are helping organizations in launching world-class mobile applications on time.

But, firstly, successful mobile app development needs the support of an expert Android app development company. The best android mobile app developer will blend their experience and technical knowledge and create intelligent and extremely talkative user-friendly applications.

Then, how to attract your android users with mobile apps?

Here are a few tips for mobile app development companies and organizations to make the users get connected with your application.

Tips To Make Your Audience Keep Using Your Android Apps 

  1. Reduce Your App Size For More Downloads

The size of an android mobile application decides how fast your app downloads and how much space it occupies on users’ devices. But, being the best mobile app development company, we suggest that an android app with a small size enables you to clutch more downloads shortly.

  1. Try To Add 99.9% Unique User-specific Features

There are hundreds and thousands of Android clone apps in the Google Play Store. If this is the case, you can only make your android app unique by integrating such features that your competitor’s apps do not have.

  1. Use Latest AI Technologies In Development Process

Developing your android apps with modern Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies will make your application stand out of the box of the crowd. Leveraging AI, machine learning, in-app AI-based Chatbot assistance, and smart Internet-of-Things (IoT) like advanced technologies enhance the uniqueness of your applications.

User Experience
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  1. Easy To Understand & Use Interface Can Grab User Attention

Here is another best tip for android app development companies USA to give a big success to your novel applications. The application interface should be simple in design and meet the purpose of your targeted audience in a few clicks. So, try to develop an app with the desired features and a simple UI design.

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  1. Engage Users With Push Notifications & Alerts

This feature helps your brand stay in touch with the audience all the time. If you are planning to develop an online shopping app, the integration of push notifications helps you better engage your audience and increase app opening rates by sending price drop alerts and exclusive product discounts.

  1. Feedback & Reviews For App Customization As Per User Needs

Feedback and reviews module development help organizations know about the functionalities, performance, and user feedback on your application. You can deeply listen to what your users are thinking of your mobile apps and customize the features according to their needs.

These tips would help you design a user-friendly application and make your app more user-friendly and unique.


The Future Of Android App Development

The popularity of Android apps is spreading all over the world with device usage diversity. Mobile application developers are giving more priority to the Android platform for developing their client applications.

Since there are millions of android applications in the Google Play store, the craze and number of android applications are increasing continuously. For making digital payments, online shopping, booking cabs/taxis, and ordering food, service providers are offering desired Android software applications for use and getting services instantly.

Hence, Android mobile apps are improving customer service experiences, optimizing the operational excellence of organizations, and altering the way businesses approach their clients.

On the other hand, Google is making the Android architecture is more developer-friendly making android app development easier. Hence, an Android operating system is offering wide opportunities for Android application developers throughout the world.

Android app development will leave a lot of opportunities for businesses and smartphone users in the future. Here are a few crispy statements that let you know the significance of Android app development in 2022 and beyond. 

Why Android App Development Does Have Bright Future?

  • Android smartphone users are occupying 1/3rd of the share in the total smartphone industry.
  • Since the demand for android clone apps has been increasing, developers have an opportunity to build more advanced and unique android applications.
  • Android app developers can benefit from Android OS benefits such as open-source software, customizable interfaces, community support, cost-ineffective app development process, etc.
  • Organizations can gain from rapid returns.
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Which Industries Need Android Apps?

The opportunities of android app development are not restricted to any industry. Starting from retail, e-commerce, travel, and security to healthcare, medical, banking and finance, every industry is reaping from mobile app development.

Businesses are witnessing bold sales through their mobile apps. They are elevating their brand name on the global front. Through mobile apps development, companies are closely dealing with and offering services to their targeted audience located across the world. Hence mobile application development, specifically android development is beneficial in this mobile-first world.

Here are a few benefits of Android app development to companies that serve across various industries.

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Benefits Of Android App Development To Industries 

  • Advantages of Android App Development For Healthcare Industry

The world of healthcare or mHealth or workout or fitness apps has been steadily growing year over year. As of Q1 2021, there are nearly 53 thousand mHealth apps are available to download in the Google Play store, representing a 6.5% hike over the previous quarter.

Mobile healthcare apps benefit patients and service providers. Here are the applications of the best healthcare apps for Android

  • Android apps for the medical or healthcare industry will enhance online physician and patient conversations
  • Reduces the burden on in-clinic visits
  • Improved patient health data access through EHRs and enhanced care level
  • E-Pharma apps help pharmacists deliver on-time medicine delivery
  • Virtual video consultations with doctors improve patient experiences and personalize the online interactions
  • Benefits of Android Apps Development For Retail/E-commerce

Mobile apps have occupied 98% of the retail industry. It is one of the industries that is highly benefiting from mobile apps development. Retailers are switching to app development to digitize their services and extend their brands across the world. The use of android apps in e-commerce or retail is now a billion-dollar business.

  • Advantages of Android apps for retail

  • Impressive sales
  • Users can get thousands of fashion brands at their fingertips
  • Brands can send real-time notifications and improve sales
  • Improve conversion rate and productivity
  • Ensure the best convenient shopping experiences for users

Hire the best android development company USA and build powerful mobile apps for retail. Hyena’s enthusiastic android app development team develops bespoke android apps that give life to your online retail or e-commerce business.

  • Pros of Android app development for Banking and Finance

Banking, finance, investment, insurance, and FinTech is an industry that is still open for mobile apps development. Though, every bank is offering mobile app services, there is still good progress in banking or Fintech app development.

  • Benefits of Android applications for the banking industry
  • Customers can collaborate with banks anytime and get services instantly
  • Banks can make credit approvals, instant lending decisions, and check the eligibility of customers in a fraction of a second and save their valuable time.
  • E-wallet apps, BHIM/UPI apps, and in-app wallet integrations make online transactions faster, safer, and easier.
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Similarly, we have plenty of android apps for logistics, transportation, education, and travel to make user’s life easier and more convenient.



It’s a damn truth and an agreeable fact that Android App Development has excellent scope in the future of online businesses. As discussed, every industry has unique benefits of android apps development.

Mobile app development companies by using artificial intelligence, machine learning, Blockchain, AR and VR, and IoT, are making on-demand android apps more interactive.

Hire Hyena app developers for your Android mobile application development faster!

Let us know your android app idea and get a free app quote right now!

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