How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like ShareKaro Lite?

Cost To Develop An App Like ShareKaro Lite

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like ShareKaro Lite?

File sharing or document sharing has become a regular and routine task of individuals and business professionals. From making copies and sharing work reports to sending/receiving business quotes, anything can be shared with zero effort through file-sharing mobile apps.

File sharing apps for Android or iPhone allow users to transfer all types of files, such as Bitmap, Jpeg, Doc, Pdfs, Gif, Videos (MPV4, MOV), XML, PSD files, and many more with high speed. By switching Bluetooth on devices, users can share photos, videos, files, apps, and anything faster and easier.

Though we have many file-sharing applications, an app like ShareKaro Lite is witnessing millions of downloads in India. It is the best alternative to SHAREit- the most popular file sharing app worldwide with over two billion active users. From a total of two billion global users, SHAREit has nearly 500 million active users in India alone.

But, since the app belongs of Chinese origin, the use of SHAREit is banned in India. It has increased the popularity, downloads, and demand for ShareKaro Lite. Today, ShareKaro has stood on top of the list of best file-sharing apps in the country.

It is the right time for businesses to come up with ShareKaro-like trending file sharing & data transfer apps. Yes, building a ShareKaro clone app is a results-driven and profitable idea.

In this article, we would like to guide organizations, enterprises, and startups that are looking ahead to create a clone of the ShareKaro-like sensational and number #1 file sharing app. 

ShareKaro Lite App Overview

ShareKaro Lite is a popular file-sharing app in India. It is designed and developed with 100% user-centric features that allow users to share all kinds of files across devices. Users can share video clips, apps, games, photos, and many other file types without an internet connection.

This fastest file transfer app in India let users send or receive megabytes of data in just a few seconds with just a single tap. The app works offline and transfers files at missile speed by accessing the user location and device storage.

A ShareKaro-like most downloaded application is attracting many users with its QR Code scanning and sharing functionality. This feature allows senders to scan the QR codes of receivers, ensure a secure connection, and transfer large files in seconds smoothly.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like ShareKaro Lite

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Top User-friendly Features Of Popular File Sharing Mobile App Like ShareKaro Lite 

ShareKaro Lite is one of the top Indian file-sharing apps. It is the best file-sharing software with offline access. Leading file sharing applications like ShareKaro Lite with the capabilities of cloud-based synchronization, sharing, and storage, ensuring safe and high-speed data transfer across cross-platforms.

If you are looking for ShareKaro clone app development, here are the top features that you must add to your new file sharing application to hit the file sharing clone apps world.

  • No Size Limit

ShareKaro Lite is one of the best Android and iOS apps for sending or receiving small, medium, and extremely large files within seconds. For instance, you can send a file of 30MB size in just 3-4 seconds. Such a faster sharing facility is clutching the attention of millions of smartphone users to continue with the ShareKaro Lite data sharing app.

  • No Mobile Data Needed

One of the advantages of the ShareKaro sharing app is it transfers files at jet speed without consuming mobile data or Wi-Fi. Users need to toggle their location on and open the device Bluetooth to establish a secure connection with the receiver.

Hence, hire the best custom mobile app development companies who can build apps that offer unique app experiences to users.

  • No Registration & No Login

ShareKaro Lite is a super-fast files or folder sharing application in India. The best thing about this application is users can access the app features without filling out long and messy registration and login forms.

After download and installation, this popular data-sharing mobile application only asks user’s location, camera, and storage permissions. That’s it. Users can access the features and send/receive files at any time from anywhere with ease.

  • Supports All File Types

ShareKaro application helps users to transfer various types of files. Photos, videos, text documents, PDFs, and anything can be shared 200 times faster than any other Bluetooth-enabled file sharing application.

  • Quick Transfer With QR Scanning Feature

Top file sharing applications like ShareKaro Lite are designed and developed with QR scanning functionality. It allows users to scan the QR codes, build a connection, and send files without any data or Wi-Fi connection.

  • Share Across Multiple Devices

ShareKaro iPhone version or Android version is a powerful and robust cross-platform transferring software solution. Users can transfer files from Android to iOS, iOS to Android, or mobile to PC. Users can share files of any size across all devices. Such flexible device compatibility will make your clone app more effective and enhance app personalization.

  • Clean Junk Files

This feature will assist your users in cleaning junk or unusable files. The simple UI of ShareKaro allows users to find unnecessary files faster to clean up useless documents. Hence, users can better manage downloaded files.

  • Document Viewer

This feature will allow users to view all stored files in specific formats. The downloaded files will be categorized into .doc, .xml, and .pdf-like formats to quickly and easily find and access the documents.

  • Simple User Interface (UI)

On top of all the user-friendly features, the User Interface of the ShareKaro application is one of the reasons for the massive growth and success of the application in India.

It’s simple and easy-to-understand UI with icons like Home, Send, Receive, Invite, Files, Clean junk, Share to PC/iOS/Android/Jio, and User Profile will help users to click on the desired button and fulfill their app needs.

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  • Rate Us Feature

ShareKaro Lite-like trending file-sharing application will ask its user to rate the app performance. Integration of a Rate Us-like feature will help companies to scale the customer satisfaction level. 

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A Few Crunchy Features Of ShareKaro-like Cross-Platform File Transfer App

  • Quick Download

This feature of ShareKaro Lite app allows users to download their favorite videos, photos, or anything from top social networking sites like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other popular user-engaging websites faster.

  • Transfer Bulk Files

Users can send one or many files at once using the ShareKaro app. It saves users time in browsing their devices multiple times for files and sharing them one after the other.

  • Play Videos or Music

ShareKaro-like the most popular file sharing mobile application also used as the best entertainment app. Users can search for trending music or videos and watch them on the go.

These features are enriching the user experiences and optimize the application functionality and performance.

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    How Much Does It Cost to Develop A File Sharing App Like ShareKaro Lite?

    Though the companies have the best business model, the list of the most advanced and user-engaging features, and the right of technologies and UI frameworks, the budget aspect to develop the ShareKaro clone app drills them inside.

    As we discussed in many of our articles, the cost of mobile app development (Android or iOS) will depend on various factors. Application operating systems, design, app features, technologies, app size, pre-development costs, team size, and experience of app Development Company will all impact the final cost of file sharing app development.

    Being the best mobile application development company, we consider all the above cost influencing factors and estimate that the cost to create the ShareKaro Lite clone app will be around $20,000-$75,000.

    Hire a top File Sharing App Development Company In India like Hyena for the development of outstanding mobile apps.

    Hyena Information Technologies is the number #1 app developers in Bangalore, India. The company is also famous as a best #app development agency in the USA. Depending on the features, required functionalities, and application vision, we create a bespoke file transferring app at an affordable budget.

    Final Words

    Investments in file sharing app development are profitable in this digital era. If you are looking to hire a ShareKaro-like popular file transfer app, Hyena is the best Mobile App Development Company in Bangalore (India), Chantilly (USA), and Dubai (UAE). Our team of mobile app development experts, designers, and testers has gained best-in-class practices in creating collaborative Android and iPhone apps that offer you a profitable business.

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