How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Social Networking App Like Helo?

Cost To Develop A Social Networking App Like Helo

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Social Networking App Like Helo?

Social media is one of the best buddies for people who spend time on the internet to know what is happening around the world. The digital media platforms will help users to access the latest market trends, entertainment content, political content, and updates on various topics.

Helo app is one such application that is becoming a popular social media app and communication app that offers tons of content across various categories. It has reported over 50,000,000 downloads from the Android App Store and millions of downloads from the iOS app store. By replicating the features and functionalities of ShareChat and TikTok, the application is gaining popularity in the Indian social media market.

Today, in this article, we would like to guide people who are in plans to develop Helo-like, the best social media application in India. We will walk you through the features, functionalities, advantages, and future scope of social media app development.

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Helo App- A Popular Social Media App In India

Helo is one of the best social media apps in India. It is a convenient social platform where users can explore vast information and share instantly with simple clicks. This popular social networking app in India allows users to easily navigate and access various topics and categories that are available for free.

  • Google Play Store Rating: 4.5/5
  • Apple App Store Rating: 4.8/5
  • App Type: Free and offers in-app purchases
  • Number of downloads: 50 million-plus



Here are a few other reasons behind the million downloads of the Helo social media app.    

Why Helo App Become Popular In India? 

  • App Accessibility In Different Languages

To deliver more personalized and localized experiences to app users, Helo Android or iPhone application facilitates users to access features in 15 different languages. It is one of the best functionalities of the Helo-like famous social networking service app in India.

  • Variety Of Content Availability

The Helo app allows users to find and explore a wide range of content, including audios and videos. Latest news, funny and entertainment reals, movie clips, TV shows, music, inspirational quotes, industry gossip, and many more can be viewed, downloaded, and shared across social accounts free of cost. Developing Helo-like the best iPhone app in India will help the brand maintain engaging content and better interact with the targeted audience seamlessly.

  • Be A Member Of A Massive Community

Helo-like popular mobile app for entertainment and social content sharing app in India allows users to be a part of a community of like-minded people. It means that based on the user’s interests and content preferences, they can join groups to gather information and participate in debates on various topics they are interested in.

  • Stay In Close With Celebrities Virtually

Just like Twitter, Helo is one of the best Indian applications that allows users to follow their favorite celebrities and influencers.

  • Quickly Uploads Music Or Video Clips

Users can share or upload videos and audio in easy ways. They can share their views and thoughts in their communities or accounts any time on the go.

  • Simple Yet Secured Authentication Process

The Helo app offers simple signup and login ways to users. Mobile app users can easily register with their existing social media accounts, such as Facebook, Gmail, or Twitter. It will give easy, convenient, and instant access to the application.

  • GPS Tracking For Producing Localized Content

It is an advanced feature of Helo-like a top communication app in India. Helo App asks for user permissions to enable the location details. It will help in getting the local content.

Like these, the Helo app offers various user-friendly features and functionalities that grab the attention of users. If you plan to create an app like Helo, just add these features to your application to make it a buzz.

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  • Create Poll Feature Adds Spice To The Application  

Helo-like trending social media app allows users to create voting polls to know the audience preferences on a wide range of topics. It makes the application more interactive and increases brand credibility.

  • Security and Privacy Is On top

The chances of data breaches are high in social networking apps. Custom mobile app development companies should focus on security and privacy fears and build a software application with strong security features, like multi-level authentication features. It will prevent unauthorized app access and secures the user’s data. Helo-like the best social app in India is on top of security and privacy standards.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Build A Similar App Like Helo?


    Hyena is a top custom mobile app development company in India, the USA, and UAE. With 20+ years of experience in mobile software development, our app development consultants except that the cost of a Helo-like social networking app for Android or iOS will be around $25,000-$55,000 with medium-level design complexity and primary set of features.

    However, the cost of a full-fledged app depends on time limits, the team size of app developers, the location of the mobile app Development Company, the technology stack, and many other factors.

    Hyena, the best mobile payment apps development company, with full-stack software developers, builds bespoke native apps at an attractive budget.

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    Helo clone app development is a brilliant thought to let your users aware of current updates. With the availability of a wide range of videos, news, funny clips, political news, and celeb’s chinwags, the app facilitates users to augment social communications.

    Hyena is the best custom mobile app development company in India and USA. We have strong hands-on designing and developing interactive social networking apps for our clients. With a vision to deliver top-notch app services and keep your brand on top of the digital competition, Hyena’s expert mobile app developers build user-friendly applications within promised deadlines.

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