Tips To Reduce Your Mobile App Development Budget?

Mobile App Development Budget

Tips To Reduce Your Mobile App Development Budget?

In this digital sphere, smartphones have occupied vast space and are like connecting platforms for organizations and customers.

Yes, today, enterprises are reaching their audience and increasing brand awareness in global markets through digital ways. 90% of them are choosing mobile app development as the first and the best way to target 99% of the audience spanned across the world. Hence, the bond between smartphone apps and brands is becoming stronger day by day.

If you are a food service provider, you can pitch and serve your foodies through the development of Online Food Delivery Apps.
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Or, if you are running a retail store or shopping mall and facing challenges to increase sales in this COVID season, mobile app development is the right decision to witness profitable sales during this third wave. Hence, e-commerce apps or marketplace apps development will assist retailers in generating unbelievable sales profits.
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Likewise, pharmacies can also go digital through the development of e-pharma apps. Online medicine delivery apps enable people to order from their nearest pharma store and opt for contact-less door delivery.
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It has proven the real fact of mobile apps development. Mobile applications are all over the place. They are facilitating people to get services and products they need all from the comfort of home. It will let them get their essentials at doorsteps and protect themselves from viral infections that are speeding right now.

Growth Of Mobile Apps Development

Statista says that Google Play has 3.5 million Android apps (native and hybrid) as of 2021. The Apple App Store has nearly 2.2 million iOS apps (free and paid) for download and use. These stores have thousands of clone apps that offer similar services.

It’s a fact that the demand for mobile apps with the same service continues to witness high downloads. This trend is creating digital competition among brands and making startups feel nervous.

Well-established companies can invest and create mobile applications to promote their business digitally. But, entrepreneurs have to face a few challenges to finance mobile application development.

The cost of mobile apps (Android/iPhone) might be affordable or exceed the budget margins. But, being an entrepreneur, they might not allocate huge investments for creating a mobile application since they are beginners.

How much will the mobile app project cost? This question will drill the mind like a termite.

This article will give you brief knowledge of development cost reduction techniques for startups and SMEs. You can know how to reduce mobile apps development costs with this information.

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5 Best Techniques To Stay Away From High Mobile App Development Cost

As we discussed in many of our app development articles, the cost of android app development/iOS mobile application development depends on below factors:

  • App features
  • App development platform (Android or iOS)
  • Mobile app type (Native mobile apps or Hybrid apps)
  • App UI/UX design complexity level
  • The technology stack used for mobile app development
  • Location and experience of the mobile app developers
  • Hourly rate of mobile app development agency

By following the below techniques startups, mid-size enterprises, brands can reduce app development costs to some extent.

  1. Hybrid or Cross-Platform App Development

Are you a startup and looking ahead to mobile app development?

Then, budget-friendly hybrid app development is the best decision to go ahead with. Instead of native android apps development or native iOS apps development, hybrid application development saves your budget.

Code reusability and platform independence are two significant benefits of hybrid apps development. Mobile app development companies can write code once and compile or run it on Android and iOS platforms. It will save the time that they spent on mobile apps development and charge you less. It is the best strategy to reduce app development costs.

Hyena, the best Mobile App Development Company, offers you the price for mobile application development. Being a leading hybrid app development company, we build feature-rich and flawless applications within your budget.

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    1. Agile Development Process

    Quick app development or Less Development Time is directly proportional to fewer costs. It can be possible only by using agile app development methods.

    A clear-cut and step-by-step software development methodology assists app development companies to commence the app development lifecycle with a clear vision.

    By implementing the agile application development approaches, Android or iOS app developers will break the app development phases into smaller modules and make the app procedure faster.

    Would you like to what process would lead to reduced costs?

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    1. Test, Test, and Test

    A few of the app developers will do testing at the final phase. But, errors in the final stage might lead to hefty additional costs. The application developers need to cross-check every phase for bugs and fix them.

    So, catching bugs in the final app delivery is not the right strategy and results in higher app development costs. Besides budget fear, handling exceptions at the end-stage will impact the quality, put pressure on developers/organizations, delays app deployment.

    Test the application in every phase of development and fix the errors, if any immediately. This solution will prevent bugs and reduce extra application development costs.

    1. Hire The Best Mobile App Development Company

    Hiring the best mobile app development agency is also the best solution for startups. You cannot create an app with the budget that you have estimated.

    For instance, the cost of mobile app development will range from $20,000 to 200,000+. But, based on the app features, design complexity, app type, technology stack, and app platform, this estimated cost might increase or decrease.

    We, being the leading app development firm, give a suggestion to startups that outsource your app development project and reduce the burden. Top mobile app development companies USA, India, Kuwait, or UAE, will all app development infrastructure and required app development team offer you a reasonable price. They develop your application by implementing a cost-saving strategy with industry experience and deep technical knowledge.

    1. Release MVP First To Know Users Feedback

    Launch of MVP or Minimum Viable Product is a cost-effective strategy where developers release a basic new application to determine its performance and know the user’s feedback.

    This feedback will be used to optimize the app performance and integrate the additional features that your customers are looking for. This cost reduction technique would also help organizations or developers to monitor the app performance, find functional bugs, and advance the functionalities.

    Along with this short-term cost-cutting method, developers have to build a long-term strategy to prevent additional application development costs in the long run. We suggest application developers maintain scalability and avoid app restructuring costs in the future.

    Points To Consider Before Kickstart App Development Process

    Till now, we have discussed a few result-driven approaches to develop an app within the budget limit. Hyena, a leading mobile app development services provider, counsels startups to follow the below strategies to create cost-effective applications.

    • Market Research

    Market research on competitors’ mobile apps, their positives and negatives, features and functionalities, performance, and user feedback will assist companies in creating a unique and efficient application.

    • Hire The Best App Development Firm

    Hiring the best and experienced mobile app development agency is mandatory for getting your app developed faster. A bug-free and efficient mobile app with less development time saves your budget.

    Outsourcing your project to a mobile app development company that has vast app development knowledge and a flourishing portfolio might help you in reducing app development costs.

    • Launch Simple App At Initial Phase

    A new app with complex features set and user interface might fail to grab the attention of most of your audience. Develop an app with basic features and do not overload your apps with unnecessary features at the initial phase.

    Mobile apps with more features will increase the app size and occupy more space in users’ devices. It means that mobile apps with 40 MB will have higher downloads than mobile applications with 55 MB.

    So, simple apps will increase download percent and give success to your brand. However, custom mobile apps development will allow developers to add advanced features whenever the market demands.

    • Application Operating System

    Be it Android app development or iOS app development, your step towards app development is appreciable. We suggest that instead of native app development, building app that runs Android and iPhone OS is profitable. It means that cross-platform app development will save money and time.

    • Priority To User Response

    Yes. Don’t ignore the app feedback given by app users. Once you release MVP, try to read user reviews and address a valuable solution to the issues that your audience facing with your app. This will improve the app’s performance and brand value.

    And, remember, Google Play Store and Apple App Store will remove the apps with poor content, poor rating, and poor reviews. So, give priority to the user feedback and upgrade the app to more user-friendly features.


    Wrapping Up

    These are a few useful app development tactics for startups to avoid painful costs. Hyena, one of the top mobile app development companies (USA & India), has over a decade of experience in building responsive mobile and web applications.

    With a team of professional Android and iOS mobile app developers and UX/UI designers, we create interactive mobile apps that stand in the front line in this digital space.

    We leverage the power of the latest mobile technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Internet-of-Things (IoT) and build apps that accelerate digital transformation in your processes.

    We offer:

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