How Much Does It Cost to Develop an Online Shopping App Like Xcite?

Cost To Develop An Online Shopping App Like Xcite

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Online Shopping App Like Xcite?

Nowadays, online shopping apps are boredom-busters for adults, especially for ladies. Unlocking online shopping mobile apps, surfing across the products, buying online, paying online for products, and stress-free door deliveries make e-commerce apps more popular worldwide.

Today, we would like to discuss one such app in Kuwait called Xcite. It is one of the best Shopping Apps in Kuwait for iOS and Android users. Its user-friendly features, product search facility, and reliable delivery services are all improving online shopping experiences, and it has over one million app downloads.

It is the right time to grab the attention of mobile users in Kuwait with an Xcite-like trending online shopping mobile app.

Herein, we will walk you through the list of the best features of online shopping apps (Android/iOS). Organizations that plan to create an app like Xcite can also get a rough estimate on the cost of Xcite clone app development.

Xcite: The Ultimate Online Shopping Destination In Kuwait

Xcite is one of the top online shopping apps in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. It is available on Android and iPhone app stores to download for free and use.

The app has been designed and developed to offer convenient online purchasing of over 10,000 products from top-notch brands across Electronics, health & personal care, smartphones, small-to-large appliances, etc., categories.

Its simple UI and easy-to-access app features like the Search facility have made this app a more convenient and user-friendly online shopping app in Kuwait, Middle East.    

Top Features Of Xcite-like Popular Shopping Apps In Kuwait 

As we said in many of our trending app development articles, the set of features and the functionalities of an application decide the success of mobile apps. If your app has attained the craze as soon as its launch into the market, you can scale up your brand value seamlessly.

Let’s look at what features have made Xcite- the top online shopping app in Kuwait (Middle East).

  • Catchy User Interface (UI)

Xcite is one of the most-downloaded mobile shopping apps in Kuwait. Its simple landing page UI is an ultimate asset for Xcite to ensure an enhanced online shopping experience for its users. Simple user interface designs will allow users to log in and surf through the app without one’s assistance.

  • App Localization

Here is another top feature of Xcite-like most popular Android shopping app in Kuwait. The app has also been available to use in Saudi Arabia (Middle East). Xcite app asks users to select the country and language to access the application in the native languages. It will help in finding local brands and deals, thus improving app personalization.

  • Enhanced Shopping Experiences 

A Search feature and grid view of product categories of Xcite (the best online shopping application for Android and iOS in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia) offers amazing and hassle-free online shopping experiences to users.

So, if you plan to develop Xcite-like a similar mobile shopping application, make sure to integrate the Custom Search feature makes user search easier, increases user retention, and offers huge sales opportunities.

  • Hassle-Free Payments

Xcite-like a famous online shopping app in Saudi Arabia offers its users flexible and comfortable card payments or a Pay on Delivery facility. Hence, users can choose a payment method and pay their orders. It will improve the app’s personalization and optimize the users’ retention.

  • Flexible Deliveries

Here is another reason behind the popularity of Xcite-like a trending mobile online shopping app in Kuwait and KSA. Xcite offers its users to schedule their deliveries at their convenience.

Currently, it is offering Next-Day delivery, 1-hour express delivery, and 3-hour express delivery models to its users. Such flexible delivery options will improve application personalization and credibility.

  • Store Pickup

It’s an advanced feature that adds value to the Xcite-like online shopping app. This feature allows app users to order their essentials online and pick them up directly from nearby stores.

  • GPA Tracking

Xcite-like, the best mobile app for online shopping in Kuwait, was designed with the Xcite Stores Locator feature. This GPS tracking functionality will help users to find the store location and pick the products they ordered.

  • App Notifications

For any on-demand service apps, online shopping apps, or delivery apps like Xcite, the Push notification feature will be like a connecting platform between brands and users. It helps brands automatically send alerts on deals, discounts, orders, and payments.

Hence, the app’s click rate will be improved along with user personalization by integrating Push Notifications feature.

  • Instant Sharing Feature

This feature allows online shopping app users to instantly share their favorite products on their social media accounts or with their contacts. Along with creating sales opportunities for the app users, these features help app developers in brand expansion.

  • In-app AI Chatbot

It’s purely Artificial Intelligence based feature. It is an automated communicative platform that provides accurate and instance responses to the user’s queries. Since the AI bots will use NLP, MP, and deep learning potentialities, they can easily understand the user queries and provides them 99% accurate information.

  • Other Basic Features

You must add User Account, Add to Cart, Checkout, Wishlist, and Orders History like basic features to Xcite-like online shopping applications. These are a few mandatory features and should be added to your new online shopping app. These features would help app users to manage the profile information, monitor order history, track payments, etc.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Online Shopping App Like Xcite?  

The cost of mobile shopping app development might range from $20,000 to $50,000+. But, it’s a fact that estimating the cost of a shopping app like Xcite will be a complex and challenging task for mobile app development companies. It will depend on many factors, like features, app type, app development platform, technologies & tools used, and location & team size of E-commerce mobile app developers.

These are a few cost-impacting factors of any mobile application development. Mobile application development companies also consider post-launch maintenance and support services in preparing the quote for e-commerce development.

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    Wrapping Up 

    Availability of 1000’s products under the fingertip, hassle-free online purchasing facility, User-friendly Pay on delivery, Secure online payments, and Store Pickup like features, online mobile shopping apps are gaining popularity worldwide.

    AJIO, Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, LuLu, and Xcite-like popular online shopping apps in the USA, UAE, Kuwait, and India, are flagging profitable businesses and expanding their application scalability.

    On the other side, by adding advanced features, top app developers to make online shopping apps more powerful. In-app chatbot assistance like features will turn shopping apps more user-friendly by resolving customer issues with the application.

    If you are looking to hire a top mobile app developer in Kuwait, Hyena would be your best software app development partner in Kuwait. Our dedicated team of expert E-commerce app developers in Kuwait will deeply analyze your app specifications and built best-in-class and bespoke shopping apps like Xcite. We help you meet your business objectives with your one-time investments in custom mobile app development.


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