How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like LuLu Shopping?

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like LuLu Shopping

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like LuLu Shopping?

The COVID-19 pandemic has opened doors for online shopping apps. The impact of lockdowns on restaurants, retail stores, and shopping malls is high and has dragged down all businesses financially.

On the other hand, during lockdowns, people were highly attracted and addicted to online shopping applications. Moreover, since get-togethers like meetings have banned during the pandemic, people completely went online.

Even though the world is now free from COVID and lockdowns and regulations on wearing safety face masks have all been eradicated, people are showing much interest in online shopping and getting their needs at their doorsteps. They also have great flexibility to pay for their orders in multiple online payment modes.

The advancements in mobile technologies are the core reason behind this convenience. Among other mobile application categories, online shopping applications have reached new heights driven by the global pandemic situation.

Online shopping apps help us to order a range of home or personal care essentials from the comfort of our homes. E-commerce applications also assist businesses to continue their operations in any kind of market conditions and reach out to globally spanned customers.

Today, we would like to talk about one such popular online shopping app in UAE- Lulu Shopping. If you are looking to launch your online services in the countries like UAE, you must know how leading brands like Lulu are targeting audiences through mobile apps.

Herein, we have covered a few core features that are contributing to the success of the LuLu shopping-like Number 1 e-commerce app in the UAE. We have also given the estimated cost of developing a LuLu Shopping-like popular and most-downloaded UAE app.

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What Is Lulu Shopping App? 

LuLu Shopping is one of the leading online shopping apps in the UAE. This popular e-commerce app is developed by LuLu Group International, a multidimensional retail giant in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

The company was established in 2000. In these over two decades of a long journey, the group is aggressively spanned across UAE and operates a chain of supermarkets and retail stores in the gulf region.

With a vision to become a global biggest e-commerce brand, LuLu Shopping focused on providing unique online shopping experiences for its customers by offering thousands of products across multiple categories.

LuLu Shopping application is now has become like a one-stop solution for ordering a range of products, such as groceries, fresh fruits and vegetables, bakery/confectionery products, electronic gadgets, garments and accessories, home and living appliances, personal care, and many more instantly.

Its reliability and secure offline or online services have made Lulu the finest and most preferred shopping destination for people in UAE, Egypt, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and approximately 201 cities across GCC countries, including Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, and Bahrain.

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Best Features Of LuLu Shopping-Like Top E-Commerce App In Abu Dhabi, UAE 

 UAE’s top online shopping platform LuLu Shopping is loaded with incredible features. From ordering thousands of products using the best deals and offers to finding the nearest LuLu supermarkets, the app has all user-friendly functionalities.

Here are a few significant features of LuLu-like the most trending online shopping application in the UAE.  

  • Quick Login

It is one of the best features of the LuLu Shopping application for Android and iPhone. Simple and easy to login app registration and login forms will attract more users and increase the number of downloads. Hence, the development of simple login modules will help e-commerce players in witnessing high user retention rates.

  • Catchy UI/UX

Online shopping apps or marketplace apps must have easy-to-use UIs for quick navigation. Simple user interfaces will let you better organize your products and services and also plays a vital role in improving user experiences.

  • Search Feature

LuLu Shopping is a popular e-commerce app for Android and iOS. Its Search feature allows its users to easily explore thousands of products from their favorite brands. It will save their time and improve app experiences.

  • Filters & Drop Down Lists

Customized filters are a great addition to the best online shopping applications of UAE. Whether you go for Android shopping apps development or iPhone shopping apps development, never forget to offer convenient features for your app users.

Customized Filters and easy-to-navigate drop-down lists will make your user’s search faster and easier. It helps them to find products and brands seamlessly. It means that adding customer-friendly filters to your online shopping app let users search for desired products in a fraction of seconds from a pool of thousands of products.

For instance, users can search by product category or search by brand. It will ensure app personalization and user satisfaction.

  • Cart Feature

E-commerce applications must offer these features to app users for fetching products that they want to purchase in one place. Using this feature, app users can add products and processes to checkout seamlessly. So, order confirmation and payment checkup will all go smoothly if you integrate the Cart feature to your e-commerce application.

  • Hassle-free Payments

Yeah. LuLu Shopping app offers multiple payment ways for its users. It is also one of the reasons why LuLu is acquiring the attention of thousands of users in all operating locations. LuLu’s app users can make their payments through credit/debit cards, UPI, and e-wallets/online payment apps.

LuLu Shopping apps in a few locations do not accept Cash On Delivery payment methods. So, you can take it as an advantage while developing the LuLu Shopping clone app.

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  • Order Tracking Facility

Seamless order tracking is a feature that improves app reliability and user satisfaction level. This feature allows users to track their orders on the go from the convenience of their homes at any time.

If your e-commerce app notifies users regarding delays in product deliveries, you can build brand loyalty and your pledge toward fast delivery.

  • Offers and Daily Deals

Why people are attracted more to using online shopping apps?

It’s all because of attractive Offers and Exclusive Discounts!

LuLu-like shopping apps in the Middle East offering its users amazing deals and discounts on brands. It is one of the reasons for its success in the GCC markets.

This feature will also help brands in many ways. They can offer special offers and display discount coupons on the wall to improve online conversions.

Hence, adding offers and deals feature into your marketplace app is beneficial for retaining users and increasing sales conversions.

And, remember one thing, the landing page of your online shopping app should be on-clink navigation into the functionality that your audience searching for. Make sure of adding the “Offers and Discounts” icon in a place that strikes your user’s eyes at first glance upon login to your application.

Hyena, the best e-commerce app development company in UAE, can create eye-catchy User Interfaces (UIs) that better engage your users and ensures overwhelming online profits.



Let’s talk to our app development experts, know your requirements, and get a free app development quote!  

    • Push Notifications

    Notifying users regarding orders, payments, devilries, returns, offers, daily deals, discounts, or any app updates is essential for e-commerce applications. If your app is sending updates on recent activities, your brand can always stay in touch and interact with targeted users 24*7. On the other hand, the push notifications feature will also play a key role in increasing app unlock rates.

    Let Hyena (top #Custom Mobile App Development Company in UAE) build a bespoke e-commerce application like LuLu Shopping with best-in-class features. Our team of mobile app developers will take your online shopping apps to new heights.


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    • Return, Refund, or Exchange Policy

    If delivered products are not up to the standards that customers expect, the LuLu Shopping app offers them an easy way to refund or exchange products. It will improve customer loyalty toward your brand’s services. So, e-commerce app development with an easy return policy would be a promising step towards app success.

    • Feedback Section

    Give your users the flexibility to say about their app experiences, app performance, app flaws, and so on. Gathering reviews and app ratings from genuine users will help in upgrading app features, optimizing the application functionalities, and improving overall performance.

    • User Profile or Account

    User profile or User Account is a mandatory feature to add while LuLu Shopping clone app development. It allows users to manage their profile data, check their order history, add/delete bank details for online payments, and so on.

    • Store Locator

    LuLu Shopping app is featured with Geo-Location Tracking capabilities. By tracking the user’s current location, the LuLu shopping application help users find the nearby LuLu supermarkets. The app also notifies the users about in-store offers. So, users can find and visit the nearest store and purchase products at the best deals.

    These are a few must-have features of an online shopping platform. Offer something unique functionalities to your users to attract them and be competitive over your rival applications.

    Hire an expert mobile app development company to create an application with some unique and user-oriented features.

    Hyena is a top online shopping apps development company in UAE, USA, and India. We help you introduce full-fledged and feature-rich bespoke e-commerce apps within promised deadlines at an affordable price. Our app developers will write secure app code and the highest priority to safe and secure purchase and transaction processes.


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    How Much Does It Cost To Develop LuLu Shopping Like The Most Used E-commerce App In UAE?

    The cost of an e-commerce app like LuLu Shopping in UAE will range from $45,000 to $110,000+. However, it is very tough to predict the exact development cost of online shopping applications like LuLu. The final development cost of mobile applications will depend on the below-listed factors.

    • Added Features

    Features and functionalities that you integrate into your eCommerce app (UAE) will impact its final development cost.

    For instance, the cost of e-commerce application development with a set of primary features like user registration, login, search, account management, cart, checkouts, filters, notifications, and payments might range from $25,000-$45,000. This estimation is only for native app development. The cost of hybrid app development or cross-platform app development will surely exceed this estimated budget limit.

    Well! Take a look at the other side of the coin.

    The cost of a marketplace or online shopping app development with the most advanced features, like multi-language compatibility, multiple payment choices, geo-tracking, AI Chatbot assistance, Social media sharing facility, and Wishlist might be around $75,000+.

    • User Interface Design

    Though e-commerce apps have been loaded with thousands of products across manifold categories, hundreds of brands, unlimited offers zone, and many more, we never feel hesitant to order products that we need. Of course, we feel comfortable using online shopping apps and spend most of our time surfing for products.

    Do you have any idea on Why & what’s the reason behind this?

    My answer is an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand design of the mobile application.

    Yes. The simple yet attractive app design of eCommerce applications is playing an essential role in better engaging users, providing seamless shopping experiences, and increasing sales conversions.

    Hence, create simple and attractive UI designs for your application using eye-catchy icons and eye-pleasant color themes. Being one of the best mobile app development companies in UAE, we estimate that the overall cost of the e-commerce app design would cost around $10,000-$18,000. Maintenance, support, and updates are all other hidden costs.

    • Will You Go For Android or iPhone OS?

    It is a significant factor that impacts application development costs. The cost of an eCommerce app development will depend on the operating system. So, Android development cost varies from iOS application development.

    Likewise, the cost of marketplace app development will depend on the location and team size of the mobile app developers you hire. Because the hourly charges of mobile app developers will be different from region to region.

    For instance, custom mobile app development companies in the USA will charge around $100 to $250 per hour. Accordingly, the mobile app developers in the UK will charge $60 to $170 per hour. Similarly, the app development agencies or iOS/Android Mobile Application development companies in Dubai, UAE will charge $30-$45/hour.

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