How Much Does IT Cost To Develop An App Like Talabat?


How Much Does IT Cost to Develop an App Like Talabat?

The online food and grocery delivery industry has witnessed massive growth in the pandemic season. Like the USA, Russia, and India regions, the foodservice industry has stretched its wings across the Middle East locations.

Post-COVID lockdowns, the food delivery industry in Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Kuwait-like Middle East markets have embarked with a jet rocket speed. Saudi Arabia with 173% and UAE with 61% of the growth rate in food delivery revenues are leaving intensified opportunities for online food and grocery delivery businesses in the region.

Talabat is one of the best examples of successful food delivery apps in the Middle East. With 55% of the revenue share of the food delivery market, Talabat is the leading food delivery company in the Middle East. This largest online food ordering company has generated a billion-dollar business in 2020 and 2021.

Today, through this article, we would like to guide businesses that are looking ahead to food app development companies in the Middle East. Herein, we have given brief information about what features and functionalities made Talabat the top food app in UAE and Kuwait. We have also given a detailed price estimation for Talabat clone app development in 2022.

All About Talabat Mobile App

Talabat is the largest online food delivery services Company headquartered in Al Kuwayt, Kuwait. The company is incorporated in 2004. Talabat app services are available to download and use on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows OS.

Since its establishment, driven by its consistency in delivery and quality of food products, today, the Talabat app is a leading and reliable Food & Grocery Delivery App in the Middle East markets. It has a strong presence in Kuwait, the UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Jordan, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.

talabat-app-development-costBy comprising hundreds of restaurants and foodservice brands like Pizza Hut, Burger King, Domino’s, and KFC, the Talabat app allows users to order a range of food varieties from popular brands. Such a range of restaurant listings on this platform made it the best grocery and pharmacy delivery app in the Middle East.

Being the best food delivery app in UAE, Middle East, it offers a range of fresh and hygienic food varieties. Japanese, American, African, Asian, Italian, Chines, and many more cuisines are available in Talabat and making it as number one (#1) food delivery app for android and iOS in the UAE, Kuwait, and other Middle East locations.

Reasons Behind The Popularity Of Talabat-Like Top Food Delivery App

  • Users can order food, groceries, and medicines conveniently and get them all at doorsteps
  • Availability of hundreds of restaurants and cuisines
  • Simple interfaces and easy-to-use filters make user search smoother
  • Users can toggle veg or non-veg by gently swiping
  • Tracking orders in real-time with estimated arrival time is another value-added feature of the Talabat-like most-downloaded food app in the Middle East.
  • Quick delivery within scheduled timings
  • The takeaway from the restaurants’ option
  • Exclusive discounts on food orders make Talabat a user-friendly online food delivery application in the UAE, Kuwait, and Saudi.

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    What Features Have Attracted Talabat-like Trending Middle East’s Top Food App?

    Features and functionalities of Android or iPhone food apps are the major resources for brands to create app credibility and increase the number of app store downloads. Here we have listed a few credible features of Talabat, Saudi’s most-downloaded food delivery app.

    User Panel Features Of The Best Food Delivery Mobile App

    • Quick Registration and App Access

    If you want to attract more users to install your applications on their mobile devices make sure that your new food delivery application has a simple registration form or not.

    A simple login form mandating two or three user credentials will enable quick app accessibility and save users time.

    You can also make your application accessible by verifying OTP (one-time-password). Further, giving flexible access through social medial logins is another user-friendly strategy that mobile app development companies should remember while integrating external APIs like Facebook and Gmail.

    • Pin User Current Location

    Once the user logins into your food application, either pin their location or let them confirm their location on the in-app map for ensuring better user experiences. Ask user permission to give access to track their location by offering them a list of nearby restaurants for quick door delivery.

    • Easy-To-Use Landing Page

    Here is the most important feature of online food delivery apps. Food delivery app development must need a simple yet attractive landing page with all the necessary details about nearby restaurants, featured food items, and offers & discounts.

    Hence, this feature will assist users in searching for their loved restaurants, ordering delicious food, and getting it delivered at an attractive discount price.

    • Search Console

    Food delivery mobile application development with a search feature facilitates your audience to find restaurants or food items by name faster and conveniently. Talabat-like on-demand food service app in the Middle East has included this feature and assists users to search and make orders with simple clicks.

    • Multiple payment Integrations

    Integration of multiple payment modes, such as net banking, credit/debit card, BHIM/UPI, Cash-On-Delivery, or in-app wallets, will let your audience make online payments securely. It is an important feature to add to food apps.

    • Exclusive Discounts

    You might come across 30% off, 45% off, or 50% off on using promo codes or ordering food from specific restaurants. Integration of such deals and discounts tab will delight customers and saves their money.

    • Customized Filters

    Talabat-like UAE food delivery app has a toggle button on its home page. It allows users to switch their veg or non-veg preferences by gently swiping the feature. Further, exploring the menu bar will enrich the user experiences and let them select their interests by tapping on their mobile screens.

    • Push Notifications

    Push notifications are a beneficial feature that you can add to all four modules, such as the user panel, admin panel, restaurant panel, and rider panel development. Integration of this feature in the user panel will help them in getting notifications regarding order confirmation, order pickup, rider status, and order delivery.

    • Add To Cart and Check Out

    This feature enables users to add food items with quality to the cart and review the order details before they make payments.

    • Order Tracking In Real-time

    Talabat-like the biggest online food delivery services provider in the Middle East is allowing its app users to track their orders in real-time. They can track the rider’s location and the time is taken to get their orders at doorsteps. Since it is the COVID situation, displaying the rider’s temperature on the map is a safety feature.

    • In-app Calling Feature

    It allows users in calling riders if necessary.

    • Order History

    Users can view the orders that they placed yet. By adding the “repeat the order” or “re-order” button, you can give your users the flexibility to order food easier and faster.

    These are all must-haves and a few essential features of food delivery apps. Hyena, the best food app development company in UAE, Middle East, has a team of expert food app developers in the Middle East. We create on-demand user-friendly native mobile apps for foodservice companies and businesses across all industries.

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      Now, let’s move on to a few must-have features of food application development for restaurants.

      Significant Restaurant Management Features To Add In Food Delivery App:

      • Account Management

      This feature is the most essential feature to add while building mobile food applications. This feature assists restaurants in uploading their menu, discounts, special offers, and so on.

      • Orders View and Accept/Reject

      This feature allows restaurants to view, accept, or reject orders. Based on rider accessibility and customer’s location, the restaurants will confirm orders, prepare food, and deliver at the doorsteps within 30 minutes.

      • Dashboard View

      It will be used to display order lists, confirmed orders, delivering orders, and orders which are on their way to the customer’s location. It will also be useful for restaurants to track the rider’s location in real-time.

      • Check Payments

      The payment dashboard will allow restaurants to check the mode of payments that they receive from the admin.

      These are must-have features to consider for developing a restaurant panel. Similarly, food delivery app development also needs to integrate a few additional features for rider management.

      Food App Features For Rider Panel

      • Signup and Login

      Like customers and restaurants, online food order and delivery apps are also to be added with a simple rider register and login form.

      • Location Tracking

      Location tracking is the most useful feature for riders that navigates them towards the customer’s location.

      • In-app Call

      It is another rider-friendly feature to add to your food delivery application. This feature will assist riders in interacting with riders if needed.

      • Push notifications

      Push notifications will help riders track live updates regarding order delivery and if any location modifications are done on the user side.

      • Add Bank Account

      This feature will allow riders to add their bank accounts for receiving service charges or delivery commissions securely.

      The development cost of a food delivery app depends on the technology stack that is used in the development process.

      What Technology Stack Used By Talabat-like Best Food delivery app In The Middle East?

      • For Storage – AWS, Google, Azure, Digital Ocean
      • For Payment – Braintree, Stripe, Paypal
      • GPS Finding – MapKit, Google Maps, Google Location-tracking API
      • For User location tracking – Google Places API
      • For Registrations – Facebook SDK, Gmail SDK
      • For Analytics – Firebase, Google Analytics


      How Much Does It Cost To Develop Food Delivery Apps like Talabat?

      The cost of the Talabat-like trending food delivery app depends on the features and functionalities of the application. Further, the technology stack you preferred, app platform, app type, and design complexity will also decide the overall cost of the food apps development.

      The development cost of Android or iPhone apps for online food delivery will also depend on country and experience of the app developers that you hired.

      1. The development cost of food apps with primary features and easy design for Android or iOS platform will range from $15,000-$25,000.
      1. The cost to build food delivery application with mid-level complexity and third-party API integrations will be around $30,000-$45,000.
      1. Further, the cost of feature-rich cross-platform food delivery app like Talabat with integrating advanced features will go beyond $45,000-$55,000.

      Hence, mobile app development cost for food industry will depends on application requirements, development platform, and mobile app developer’s charges.


      Mobile app development is a growth pillar to running a successful online business. In particular, food delivery application development in 2022 will illuminate profitable ways for food service companies to flag their brand value on a global scale.

      Hyena, a top food delivery apps development company, using the latest technologies, UI frameworks, and tool kits will build feature-rich application within timelines as we promised.

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