How Much Does an App like Airbnb Cost?

How Much Does an App like Airbnb Cost

How Much Does an App like Airbnb Cost?

The demand for mobile travel apps development or online vacation rental booking apps is on the rise in the market. People are using travel apps to book tickets and plan their journeys according to their desires. Unlike visiting offline booking centers and standing in a long queue, travel apps assist users in planning their trip all at the convenience of their place. On the other hand, a few marketplace apps also facilitate travelers to book hotels and homestays for rent and make their trips delightful.

Such comfortable trip booking services are attracting people towards mobile applications. Google Play Store and Apple App Store have hundreds of travel and trip booking applications for android and iOS devices.


In this article, we walk you through the features of the best online hotel/home reservation app like Airbnb and how much does the Airbnb app cost.

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What Is Airbnb?

Airbnb is the best user-friendly mobile application for finding alternative accommodation when going on a family vacation or business trip. It is the best communication platform between hosts and travelers.

Users of Airbnb can explore millions of places to stay and make their trips comfortable and pleasant. The app is open to users to become the host and upload their free- spaces for travelers to stay on a rental basis.

Being the best marketplace application for trip planning, Airbnb charges fair prices from travelers and hosts on every confirmed booking.

Airbnb is a free-to-downloadable mobile app and is available for website, iOS, and Android mobile applications. 


Significant Features Of Airbnb That Helps Travelers Search For The Best Accommodation?

If you are planning to develop an Airbnb-like top home rental app for android or iOS, the below section will give you a brief knowledge on what features will help you design and create a successful Airbnb-like mobile application.

Here we go.

  1. Hassle-free Check-in For Last Minute Accommodation

When you plan to develop a replica of an Airbnb-like famous online rental booking app, you must add this feature. This feature help users to check for places or locations and book them if they are interested. And, Airbnb-like app also asks the users about the number of days they will stay at the accommodation. So, based on the user’s input, the app displays a list of destinations that matched their preferences at attractive prices.

  1. Single Day Check-in & Check-out Facility

It is another best feature that makes the Airbnb app more popular in its niche. When the customer clicks on Same Day Booking, the app gives the desired input and helps the users to visit the best place to stay for the day or night.

  1. I’m Flexible Feature

This feature adds spice to the app functionalities and is the best help for people who have no plans for their destinations. By clicking on I’m flexible features, users can find the best places and at the best price to make their family vacation comfy.

  1. Get Directions in Real-Time

Upon booking places, the app sends the host contact details of the hosts to the travelers. This feature help users get directions from the hosts and assist them in reaching destinations without any troubles. Or else, users can get direction over chat. So, when you are developing an app like Airbnb, mobile app developers must include this user-friendly feature.

  1. Store Places or Homes for Rental   

Airbnb-like apps allow users to save places or homes they took on a rental basis to visit again if they are interested. This feature encourages the users to re-book the place they visited without searching for a list of hundreds of locations again.

This feature also allows visitors to share and recommend others to visit the place. So, when you are developing a mobile application like Airbnb, never forget to give this requirement to the best mobile app development companies to include in your application.

  1. Facility To Find The Nearest Places

Giving facility to the users to find the nearest bars, restaurants, and secret spots in the desired location will be helpful and is a way to app success.

  1. In-app Messaging Feature

It is one of the best features that you must add to your Airbnb-like application. The development of the Airbnb clone app with this in-app messaging facility creates a bridge between travelers and hosts. In-app messaging feature help hosts respond on the spot to the travelers’ text and will help them know how to reach the destinations they booked.

You can either use bots for customer support and then actual people to reply for the in-app support or, just have actual resources for in-app support. Either way, you will be able to reach out to more customers and enhance the experience and engagement as a result.

  1. Alerts & Booking Notifications

Alerts on price drops and booking notifications in real-time help users get benefits to some extent. By sending notifications, recommendations, and alerts by analyzing the browsing behavior of specified users, the app offers the best locations to stay at the best prices.

  1. Become A Host

Yes, anyone can become a host. Airbnb-like the best mobile apps allow people to become hosts and list their spaces in the app. So, Airbnb-like apps make normal people entrepreneurs by kick-starting a rental business with Airbnb.

Airbnb clone apps development will be successful in adding this curative feature to your application. Hiring leading Android/iOS mobile app developers can help your business create best-in-class mobile applications in a short time.

  1. Integration Of Calendar For Quick Booking

Further, the availability of a calendar eases the quick section of dates for check-in and check-outs. The in-app calendar facility allows users to select the desired date for booking places to stay.

  1. Simple Registration and Login

Any mobile application registration and login for accessing the functionalities of the application. So, Airbnb mandates registration to use the app. But, you must remember that an app with simple registration always grabs the user’s attention to install and use. Otherwise, the users will quit the app at the installation phase itself.

Moreover, allowing the audience to register in multi-ways will improve app personalization and increase user experiences. Airbnb-like mobile apps allow users to register and log in through Google accounts like Gmail and social networking profiles like Facebook.

  1. Customized Filters

Filters are like a heart for mobile apps. They will assist users in finding places or locations in minutes. Airbnb-like best-in-class mobile app for android/iOS offer users a bunch of filters (for both customers or guests and hosts or owners of the locations), such as

Filters For The Hosts:

  • Location of the house to know the preferences of the guests to stay
  • House Type (Entire place, private room, hotel room, and shared room
  • Number of people can accommodate for displaying most comfortable places for the visitors
  • Price to provide detailed information to guests about the price for a single night or day stay at the location

 Filters For The Guests:

  • Find Location
  • Quick Check-in & check-out with calendar facility
  • Number of guests by category, such as Adults, Children, and Infants
  • Home type and Price.
  • Number of beds and rooms requirement
  • Multi-lingual support


  1. House Type and Rooms Count

Mobile apps like Airbnb for android or iOS provide various available homes with spacious according to the user’s needs. Users can decide the home/place based on reviews, ratings, and location photos. This guide will help the guest to select the best place to stay.

  1. Integration Of In-app Maps

This feature will help the user to search for a traveling location using the in-app maps. Users can easily find the nearest hotels and other places surrounded by your place.

  1. Language Translator

Apps like Airbnb must and should have this feature. The translator feature of the Airbnb-like app ensures good communication between hosts and guests. The Airbnb-like mobile app for android will use Google translator internally for the translation process.

  1. Settings

This feature will help you organize different settings in the Airbnb-like rental booking app, such as wish lists, Push notifications, in-app messages, multi-payment modes and previous booking history, and many more.

Get the cost of mobile apps development!

    How Much Will It Cost To Develop An Airbnb-like On-demand Mobile App?

    The total cost of creating an app like Airbnb on Android or iOS platforms will fall from approximately $10,000 to $40,000. But, based on features, functionalities, app design, app type, platform, the development cost of travel apps will vary.

    What Factors Would Adversely Impact the Airbnb-like Mobile App development cost?

    The development cost of an app like Airbnb depends on the functionality and features it has. Here are the factors that decide the development cost of apps like Airbnb.

    • App Design

    The simple and attractive design is an essential factor while creating apps like Airbnb. Intuitive app designs increase the download rate and improve the user retention rate.

    The user-friendly app design costs more than basic apps. But using advanced design tools, the cost can be reduced to some extent. FuGenX does this superbly.

    • App Platform

    Would you like to develop your mobile application on Android or iOS?

    Airbnb-like app development cost on the iOS platform will differ from the development cost of the app like Airbnb on Android or Windows. Airbnb mobile app on Android costs higher than iOS as it needs to support many devices. The development cost of apps like Airbnb is affordable by implementing the best platform-specific development practices.

    • App Size

    App size means the total number of features and functionalities the app will comprise. You can reduce the cost by considering only core features in the first stage, and later on, you can update the app like Airbnb with advanced features.

    • Mobile App Developer Geography

    The development cost of mobile apps like Airbnb will also depend on the geographical location of the mobile app development companies that you hire.

    • The best mobile app developers in India $10 to $80/hour
    • Top mobile app development companies in Australia $50 to $150/hour
    • Leading Android or iOS mobile app development companies in Eastern Europe $20 to $150/hour
    • The best mobile apps developers in the USA/Canada $50 to $250/hour
    • Popular mobile app development services providers in the UAE, Middle East $20 to $150/hour

    If you are planning to create an app like Airbnb for android, make sure you choose the right developers who can provide with you an excellent mobile app within your budget.

    FuGenX, the best android/iOS/web apps development company in Bangalore, India, develops mobile applications for travel agencies, e-commerce, retail, e-learning, logistics, and many more industries.

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      If you have an idea similar to Airbnb, you must integrate all the above-discussed features to get rapid cash flows from the application. These features help businesses deliver enriched user experiences through apps and create a profitable path.

      Let’s share your app idea with us. Being the best Android app development company, we deliver profitable mobile app solutions for all businesses. We also have a strong brand mark as a leading iOS/iPhone app development company in Bangalore, India. We have a proven track record of Airbnb-like home rental apps development. With required app development resources, we deliver mobile apps within deadlines and help you get a brand mark in the market.

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