How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Delivery Hero?

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Delivery Hero

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Delivery Hero?

Have you ever ordered food, groceries, or medicines online?

No. I need to correct this question. Well!

How many times have you unlocked food delivery apps this week?

Yes. It is the right question that I can ask my readers.

Driven by the fast, convenient, zero-contact, and hygienic services, the use of online food ordering and delivery apps is increasing at a rapid speed.

According to Statista, the revenues from food apps have reached USD 343.80 billion in 2022 and are expected to reach USD 474.3 billion by 2026. So, food delivery app development is the best choice for generating a continuous flow of revenues in this digital age.

Today, in this article, we would like to give a brief guide on the benefits of Hero-like popular multinational online food delivery application.

Being a leading mobile app development company, we guide you also would like to guide you on the best app monetization strategies for generating additional revenues from your mobile application 

All About Delivery Hero Online Services

Delivery Hero is the world-leading online food ordering and delivery platform. It has a strong footprint in over 50 countries across Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, and the Asian region.

Since its incorporation in 2011 in Berlin, Germany, Delivery Hero is moving ahead with great confidence with a vision to deliver within minutes to customers’ doorsteps. It lets users order and get groceries, ready-to-eat food, medicines, fresh and fragrant flowers, ready-to-drink chilled beverages, and many more instantly.

The brand continues to extend its community of network with thousands of restaurants, local food delivery vendors, Dmarts, and riders. Currently, the company has nearly 50,000 restaurants in its network across all operating locations.

Foodora, Talabat, DámeJí,, Foodpanda, Hungerstation, mjam, PedidosYa, Yemeksepeti, Foody, InstaShop, and Baedal Minjok are major global brands of Delivery Hero that are leading the food delivery industries across 50+ countries.

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The below figure reflects the massive growth of Delivery Hero over the past three years.

total revenue of delivery heroSource: Delivery Hero 

Delivery Hero Revenues Q2 2022:

Accumulated Revenues Generated from Delivery Hero and Its local and international food delivery brands:

Q2 delivery hero growthSource: Delivery Hero

The above figure represents the profitable business of Delivery Hero-like best food devilry application in the USA, UAE, Germany, UK, and other regions.

If you are looking to hire a leading custom mobile app development company, you are in the right zone. Hyena creates best-in-class Android and iPhone apps for food delivery service companies of all sizes.

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    What Feature Made Delivery Hero As The Best Competitor In The Global Food Delivery Industry?

    Delivery Hero-like Germany’s top online food ordering and delivery marketplace app has pretty much attractive and user-friendly features. If you are looking ahead to Delivery Hero clone apps development, here are a few must-have features that you should add to your application for making it a buzz in the industry.

    • Application Design

    Its simple design and easy to access restaurants and their menus make food orders faster and easier. An attractive and easy-to-use user interface of Delivery Hero is a primary reason for the success of the application.

    • Easy App Access

    Design and develop a simple login form to let your audience register and access the features of your mobile app of their choice. Delivery Hero-like popular food delivery app in Dubai, UAE, allows users to develop a simple registration form or gives them access to the app using their social media logins.

    • Easy Search Option

    A lot of factors need to be remembered while developing mobile apps. Until and unless you offer hassle-free and convenient access to your application, getting success in this digital era is not possible.

    The search module is an essential feature that needs to be added to marketplace apps. In particular, in food delivery apps, the search feature allows users to search for restaurants or food items that they would like to order with ease. So, users can browse restaurants faster and easier.

    • Door Delivery or Take Away

    Delivery Hero, one of the best food delivery apps in Europe, facilitates its app users to order food and opt for either home delivery or takeaway. This takeaway facility prevents users from waiting a long time and pick their food directly from restaurants. This feature will also help restaurants to manage orders when there is no availability of riders.

    • Quick Payments

    Hassle-free online payments are one of the best functionality offered by marketplace apps. Delivery Hero-like online application enables its users to pay for orders using credit/debit cards, UPI payments, and PayPal-like e-wallets. The app also allows users to opt for cash-on-delivery flexibility. Such feature improves user convenience and enriches their app experiences.

    development cost of Delivery Hero

    • Geo-Location Tracking

    Integration of food delivery apps with a real-time location tracking feature will help users to locate their current locations. This feature is useful for customers to get a list of nearby restaurants and order food from their favorite food courts.

    On the other side of the coin, the location tracking feature is beneficial for delivery agents to navigate the customers’ destinations and ensure smooth and fastest deliveries.

    • Rider Tracking or Order Tracking

    E-commerce apps or marketplace apps must add an order tracking feature that enables users to track the current location of the riders.

    • Develop Apps That Support Multi-Platforms 

    It is one of the key strategies that provide a big hit to your application. You can target more audience base if your application supports multiple platforms, such as Android, iOS, and Web OS.

    • User Profile

    Here, users can view, change, or edit account details.

    • Order History

    This feature allows users to view all the orders that they made through the application. Adding a Re-Order button just below the previous orders will help users to reorder their favorite dishes with a single click. This will improve app experiences and create more sales.

    • Push Notifications

    This feature is to notify users regarding their order and payment confirmations and order arrivals.

    These are a few basic and primary features that you must add for developing a custom module of online food ordering and delivery apps.

    Mobile app development companies need to add a few more features for developing restaurant panels for food delivery applications.

    Here are a few best features of food delivery apps for restaurant panel development:

    • Restaurant listing
    • Account Management
    • Content management
    • Uploading or deleting food items
    • On-click order accept or reject
    • Order history
    • Payment history
    • Upload flat discounts and offers

    These are a few must-have features that custom mobile app developers need to add for developing restaurant panels.

    Yeah. Not at done. Delivery Hero-like, the best food delivery app development for Android and iOS, also needs a few additional features for riders or delivery agents. With a proven track record of online grocery delivery app development, Hyena’s expert app development team has listed a few must-have features for rider module development.

    Here we go.

    • Quick Register and log in
    • Accept or reject deliveries
    • Location tracking facility
    • Status updates on orders
    • Deliveries history
    • In-app calling or chatting facility to interact with restaurants or customers
    • Push Notifications to get notifications on order deliveries and payment updates

    Hyena, the best custom application development company, has years of experience in Android app development and iPhone app development at an affordable budget within promised deadlines. 

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    How Much Does It Cost To Develop Best Food Delivery Apps Like Delivery Hero?

    Cost To Develop Best Food Delivery Apps Like Delivery Hero

    The development cost of Delivery Hero-like popular food apps development with basic features listed on a single platform will cost around $20,000-$35,000. However, based on the application complexity in features development and the set of technologies and UI frameworks that app developers use will impact overall development costs.

    We mean to say that the development cost of food application development with the most advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based in-app chat facilities, Geo tracking features, and multi-language or multi-mode payment facilities will be higher than expected but enriches the application value.

    On average, the development cost of customized online food ordering and delivery apps like Delivery Hero with complex and advanced AI/ML features will go beyond $50,000. So, based on application requirements, the cost will be changed.


    Online food delivery app development is one of the best app categories that promise profits in this digital space. Hyena is one of the best custom mobile app development agencies (USA, UAE, Kuwait, & India). We design and develop best-in-class and results-driven mobile apps for Android, iOS, and desktop.

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