8 Most Popular Android & iOS mobile apps in the United Kingdom (UK)

mobile apps in the United Kingdom

8 Most Popular Android & iOS mobile apps in the United Kingdom (UK)

According to a survey conducted among 10 smartphone devotees, it is noted that on average they will unlock their device over 50 to 60 times in a day. It is also noted that mobile users opening their devices and surfing through built-in apps (like phone, gallery, messages, play store/app store) or installed apps (like social media apps or entertainment apps, etc.) thoroughly without having a goal in mind.

I mean to say that the users are spending much of their time and unlocking their devices with no exact aim. We are habituated to frequently checking our smartphones and their applications times.

This trend towards increasing mobile apps addiction among smartphone users is leaving laying a solid platform for mobile apps development worldwide. Many enterprises are focusing on creating unique mobile applications with user-friendly features and functionalities.

Herein, we would like to talk about UK’s mobile app industry and the applications that are giving intensified growth opportunities for businesses in the country.

We have also given the list of the best mobile apps in the United Kingdom (UK). Cloning of the below-listed apps might ensure higher downloads and quick brand recognition in the UK’s mobile app development sector.

Smartphone App Usage Statistics By Type In The UK

The United Kingdom (UK) is one of the profitable mobile apps markets in Europe. In comparison to mobile apps downloads in Russia and Germany like eastern and western European countries, UK is a lucrative market for mobile apps development.

In the United Kingdom, chatting, communication apps, and social media or networking apps like Whatsapp and Facebook are the most downloaded apps in 2020. Followed by gaming apps like Candy Crush Saga, calendar scheduling apps, and music streaming applications are leading the mobile apps industry in the UK.

According to a survey conducted in the UK in 2020-2021 among smartphone users, over 60% of mobile users make use of Chrome or internet browser app, followed by messenger apps and e-mail services applications were given second and third leading positions in the country.

The below figure depicts the percentage of mobile apps usage by type in the United Kingdom.

app usage by category


Most-Downloaded Mobile Apps in the United Kingdom (UK)

Famous Communication and Social Media Apps In The UK

In a survey conducted by Statista in the United Kingdom (UK) during 3Q-2020, it is noted that WhatsApp is stood as the number #1 communication app in the UK with 3.2 million daily active android users and approximately 10 million iPhone daily active users.

Facebook is the second-largest social networking app in the UK, with nearly 15% of active users share. Instagram acquired 10% of the share and stood as the third-largest social media service app or top communication app in the UK during 2020.

  1. WhatsApp Messenger- A popular instant messaging app in the UK

WhatsApp is a free instant messaging or audio/video calling application. This application is using by over 2 billion users across 180+ countries. The best thing about WhatsApp is it ensures seamless services under poor network connections.


Features and functionalities of a global largest messaging app like WhatsApp

  • Private messaging facility
  • Group Chats
  • Domestic or international audio/video calling facility
  • One tap broadcasts messages to contacts
  • Instant location sharing in real-time
  • Status feature to upload photos or videos or any movements
  1. Facebook- A Trending Social Media Application for Android/iOS in the UK

Facebook is one of the best mobile apps that users in the UK like to check frequently. It is holding nearly 56% of the social media market share in the country.

Statista reported that As of July 2021, nearly 51.15 million are using the Facebook application in the UK. It was increased by 2.62 million in compared to the active users of Facebook in the country in July 2020.

This leading social network mobile app in the UK is available on both Google Play Store for Android users and Apple App Store for iPhone users to download for free.



Best features of highly downloading Facebook-like top biggest Social network app in the UK

  • Posts photos or videos
  • Send status updates
  • Create video chat rooms with up to 50 contacts
  • Albums feature to save photos.
  • Push notifications
  • Search for people
  • Buy/sell with Facebook Marketplace.
  • Live video watching facility
  • Share comments on posts
  • Get updates on the latest news and current events.
  • Profile editing feature
  • Along with these, Facebook is also popular for its advertising feature. Facebook is one of the best advertising platforms where businesses can promote their services or products, capitalize on them, and reach a wide audience base with ease.

Do you want to know the cost of Facebook-like on-demand social networks apps development in the UK?

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    1. Instagram- Most-used Online Photo/Video/Reels Sharing Social Media Platform in the UK

    Instagram is one of the trending social media applications in the United Kingdom (UK). As of July 2021, Instagram has 28.81 million active users in the United Kingdom (UK). Of overall downloads, nearly 31% of app downloads are derived from most people between 25 and 34 years old.

    Significant features of Instagram-like leading social media apps

    • Quick chat feature to connect with people on-the-go
    • INSTA Story tagging photos and videos clips
    • INSTA Feed for posting photos and videos
    • Facebook-owned photo and video sharing service
    • INSTA Reels feature for creating 15 seconds short videos
    • Search & Explore to find friends and follow them
    • Like, comment, and share posts of followers or brands
    • Discover brands, redirect to their sites, and buy products
    • Face filters, stickers, and funny emojis 
    1. Twitter- on-demand social media application in the UK

    Twitter is the best social media platform where individuals, celebrities, officials, government bodies, and anyone can interact and share their views.

    In terms of active app users, United Kingdom is the fourth largest country for Twitter. As of July 2021, the social media network Twitter has nearly 17.55 million active users in the UK. The USA with 73 million, Japan with55.5 million, and India with 22.1 million active users stood in the first three positions in terms of app usage.

    Features of Twitter-like apps

    • Tweet, Retweet, Reply to Tweets, Share, or Like
    • Search trending content using hashtags
    • Share web links, photos, and videos
    • Build networks of people
    • Profile customization
    • Tweets with hashtags
    • Stay tuned with news content, etc.

    Get the estimated development cost of Twitter and Facebook like the best social media apps in the UK.

       Most popular business apps in the UK

      1. Zoom – The best mobile app for businesses

      Zoom is the #1 most popular business application in the UK. It is the best solution for video conferencing, chatting, and virtual cloud meetings, etc. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Zoom application helped companies connect with the workforce and their audience seamlessly.

      In the UK, Zoom has 1.7 million daily active users by the end of 2020. This video commutation app got popularity and increased its active users during the year.

      Not only businesses but also this virtual meetings app is also ideal for academic institutions to run online classes at the convenience of home. Here are a few significant benefits of Zoom-like on-demand business apps in the UK.

      zoom-app-development-costUnique Features Of Zoom App

      • Virtual video meetings with best video quality
      • Mobile screen sharing in real-time
      • Share photos or files
      • Instant messaging feature
      • Emojis to respond and express views
      • Private or group chats
      • Call or video recording feature
      • Voice mails
      • Zoom Webinars and invite links
      • Make or receive calls 
      1. Microsoft Teams

      Microsoft Teams is another business application that recorded higher downloads worldwide during the pandemic. The number of active users of Microsoft Teams was increased from 75 million users in 2020 to 145 million as of the first quarter of 2021. Such a growing number is depicting its demand in the global markets, including the UK.

      microsoft-team-app-development cost

      Feature of highly encrypted business chat apps like Microsoft Teams

      • Connect securely with teammates or individuals
      • Group chat and video calls
      • Set up a video meeting and send invite links to people
      • Express words with GIFs, emojis, and message animations
      • Assign and track tasks lists, and set due timelines
      • Instant document sharing while chatting
      • Cloud storage for quick document access anywhere at anytime
      • Screenshare feature
      • Digital subscription passwords to keep confidential data safe and secure

      Get the development cost of a Microsoft Teams-like app and create your own space to generate profits in this pandemic.

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         Trending Gaming Apps In The UK

        Roblox, Coin Master, and Pokémon GO are highly downloaded from Apple App Store in the UK during the first two quarters of 2021.

        Likewise, with its thrilling features, Coin Master also stood as the most popular Android gaming app in the UK. This leading UK’s android app generated nearly USD 7.3 million revenues from Android users to the company. Followed by Candy Crush Saga with USD 2.2 million stood as one of the most popular Android gaming apps in the country.

        Here is a deep overview of the popular mobile game applications in the UK.

        1. Coin Master- Top Android Game App in the UK in 2020 and 2021

        Coin Master is a trendy mobile game application in the United Kingdom and other overseas markets. It has over 100 million installs yet. The free version is available on both Android and iOS app stores. Besides, the users can also access premium features and the price of in-app products ranges from $0.99 – $399.9 per item.

        This gaming app allows players to fight and gain gold coins with a common aim to protect the village from attackers and keep it on top. There is a spinning machine where the users can spin and win additional coins.

        Attracting features of Coin Master-like thrilling mobile game apps

        • Spin to Win Coins
        • Raids to get loot and build the village
        • Collect all the Cards feature to build a village and move to the next ride
        • Get rewards and treasures by trading cards
        • Join Facebook Friends and Play 
        1. Roblox- The most-liked mobile game app by children

        With a 4.4 out of 5 ratings in the android store, 4.6 out of 5 on the iPhone apps store, and 100,000,000 downloads, Roblox is a top-rated mobile game app in the USA, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, and many other countries.

        It is also one of the most popular game apps used by children and adults in the United Kingdom (UK) during 2020. According to Kinds Insights, there are nearly 1.5 million children are playing Roblox in the country.

        Features of Roblox android and iOS game app

        • Profile Creation
        • Avatar Customization
        • Discover Friends
        • Join or create a group
        • Invite friends through message
        • Choose a game to start playing
        • Group or private chat feature to chat with other players on-the-go

        Tinder, Snapchat, Disney+, Netflix, and YouTube–like dating apps, chatting apps, and online video watching and sharing apps are also generating millions of revenues to the business owners.

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