How Much Does Fleet Management App Development Costs?


How Much Does Fleet Management App Development Costs?

Fleet Management Software Development: Features, Benefits, and Development Cost 

Real-time tracking of fleet and logistics is one of the significant needs of organizations, especially businesses involved with production and supply. From the shipment of products from the warehouse to delivery at distribution locations, proper tracking of the fleet is necessary to ensure safe deliveries, track fleet performance, and business efficiency. 24/7 tracking admonition could not be possible with a manual workforce. Fleet Management software solutions can only do this seamlessly and help organizations track their fleet all the time from a central location remotely.

Top fleet monitoring and management applications Leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning, predictive analytics, and behavior analytics like advanced leading-edge technologies ensure transparency and visibility across the entire supply and logistics ecosystem. Fleet tracking apps address specific logistics and supply-chain challenges efficiently.

Additionally, delivering insights into driver behavior, fleet movements, vehicle performance, and many more, fleet tracking apps assist companies in monitoring fleet activities, making appropriate decisions in route navigation, and sending dispatch or arrival updates to customers. Hence, the purpose of fleet management software is to ensure safety and reliability across end-to-end fleet operations. Enterprises can monitor inventories, shipments, and deliveries from a single application, resulting in reduced operational costs.

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This article would be a guide where you can grab the information about what features will make your fleet management application robust and enterprise-friendly. With our expert analysts’ guidance, we have also given the estimated cost of fleet management applications for Android and iOS.

Let’s move ahead with must-have features to create a fleet management app.

Must-Have Features of Fleet Management Software

To create a fleet tracking and monitoring app, you must segregate the total list of features into three categories, supplier panel and driver panel development.

Significant fleet management software features for Supplier Panel Development

Logistics and freight management development require the following features for suppliers to ensure great control over fleets or logistics vehicles.

  • Registration & Signup/Login

This is a basic feature for any user-friendly or enterprise-centric mobile app that allows users to log in and access the features. Mobile app development companies will enable multiple login ways such as login through new credentials, social media accounts, and mobile OTP verifications. Such flexible login modes and two-factor authentication functionalities will optimize user experiences.

  • Fleet Details

An organization needs to maintain fleet logs, including vehicle details, products loaded, delivery points, and all. This information will help fleet managers to better manage their fleet operations and be aware of shipments.

  • Real-Time Fleet Tracking

It is one of the advanced features to be added to fleet management software applications. Using various IoT-powered sensors and GPS navigators, this feature will assist organizations in tracking the location of the fleet in real-time.

Additionally, fleet managers can also seamlessly view the fleet route, vehicle performance, engine temperature, air pressure of tires, and speed of the fleet all can be tracked and better monitored from a single platform. These details will help fleet managers focus on maintenance scheduling to reduce vehicle downtime. Hence fleet management apps offer enhanced visibility at lower costs.

  • Driver Behavior Monitoring

It is one of the essential features to integrate in fleet management software solutions. It helps admins or fleet managers to monitor the driving speed of the drivers, on-road activities, the direction they taking the fleet, and the time of product dispatches at the distribution centers.

Additionally, fleet owners can send managed notifications to the drivers related to the shortest routes for achieving the centers faster and improve customer satisfaction. By tracking all insights, fleet tracking apps build a transparent communication layer between the driver and the company.

  • Push Notifications & Alerts

This feature helps organizations get instant alerts on fleet performance, deliveries, updates on payments, and any other abnormal conditions of vehicles. Hence, custom fleet management software development with instant alerts or push notifications will improve the app’s quality.

  • Invoice Management

This feature helps companies to auto-generate invoices and share them with the customers to ensure secure and seamless payment processes. It also facilitates fleet managers to update or approve payments accepted by the drivers and improve the convenience of the services.

  • Secure Payments

Transparent payment systems help your customers pay for their goods delivered in flexible payment ways, such as card payments and wallet payments, etc. A top mobile app development company should integrate Blockchain-enabled payment in logistics for ensuing secure tractions.

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  • Dashboards

It is an interface where companies can view shipments, orders, payment statuses, fleet status, delivery status, and many other insights into fleet performance and condition. Hence, this centralized feature plays a key role in fleet-tracking app development. 

Must-Have Features for Driven Panel Development

  • Quick Login

Enable social media login or Mobile OTP to allow drivers to quickly authenticate their profiles and get started on the shipment.

  • GPS Tracking and Location-enablement

It ensures route optimization. This feature will help drivers to delivery track the locations and optimize the routes to reach the delivery or distribution centers with ease. Hence, GPS tracking would minimize fuel costs, improve route planning, ensure fleet security, and take full advantage of vehicle operation.

  • Payment Update

This feature helps drivers update the payment status to the fleet managers and ensure reliable product deliveries.

Here are a few other common features that take your fleet tracking mobile app development to new heights.

  • Chat Facility

It will be a truly new addition to your fleet management application. Top AI development companies making mobile applications more interactive to ensure personalized experiences. In-app chat is an important feature in fleet tracking apps that ensure seamless communication between dispatchers and service providers. 

  • Multilingual Support

Ensure to build a fleet monitoring app that helps drivers or fleet managers access the app content in their preferred languages. It will improve the app’s localization and user experience.


How Much Does It Cost To Make Fleet Management Software?

The estimated Fleet management software development cost varies based on its development process. Such as:

  • Basic mobile app development

The average cost of creating fleet management software with basic features on a single platform (either Android or iPhone) will range from $25,000 to $50,000. Mostly, the features such as registration, login, fleet monitoring, route management, payments, and alerts like general features will be included in the basic app development type.

  • Mobil application development with Mid-level complexity

Fleet monitoring mobile app development cost with medium-level complexity in the UI design and a set of cutting-edge features like real-time vehicle speed monitoring, capturing vehicle performance indicators, in-app chat assistance, etc. Here, the cost to create a fleet management application will fall between $40,000 to $80,000.

  • Fleet apps development with complex features

The fleet network of multinational or cross-national organizations will be large and they need extremely complex solutions for managing their fleet operations through a single platform.

Hence, the development of an interconnected customized enterprise-level fleet management solution with features like IoT, data analytics, and auto-report generation capabilities will range from $70,000 to $150,000. The time to develop such a complex custom solution will depend on the scope and features complexity.   

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Factors Affecting the Cost of Fleet Management Software Development

Here are the factors that influence the cost of fleet tracking app development.

  • Development Platform: Android, iPhone, Windows
  • Feature List: Basic Features, Mid-level complex, and Advanced Features
  • UI/UX Design: Simple, moderate, and highly customized
  • Technology Stack: programming languages, tools, UI frameworks, and agile processes involved
  • App Development Type: Native mobile app development, hybrid mobile application development, cross-platform mobile apps development
  • Mobile App Developer’s Location & Team Size: For instance, the cost to hire a mobile app development company in USA will varies from the cost to hire mobile application development agency in India
  • Support & Maintenance: Post-development and deployment costs will be included


These are the significant factors that impact the cost of a fleet management application. 


Wrapping Up!

Fleet management applications are the best assets for organizations to stay connected with their fleets. Your investments in on-demand fleet monitoring apps will be quickly appreciated in terms of lower operational costs, higher efficiency, and streamlined logistics and supply chain processes.

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