How Much Does It Cost To Develop EV Charging Station Finder App?

EV charging station finder app

How Much Does It Cost To Develop EV Charging Station Finder App?

The demand for Electric vehicles (EV) and usage has surged and approximately 10 million electric cars were sold in 2022 worldwide. With reduced carbon dioxide emissions and constant hike in fuel costs as significant drivers, the sales of electric vehicles in 2022 have touched the sky limit and is anticipated to generate USD 561.30 billion in revenues in 2023.

Let’s take a look at the below figure that reflects the constant growth of unit sales of EVs worldwide.

Cost To Develop EV Charging Station Finder App

This rapid growth in the unit sakes of EVS is directly giving intensified market opportunities for EV charging finder apps or Electric Vehicle Charging Station Apps globally. Like petroleum stations for general vehicles, EVS needs electric charging stations to refill their batteries.

As of Statista, approximately 1.43 million charging stations are available worldwide and the number is expected to increase by 2.8 million by 2027 to support the increasing sales of EVs. Hence, EV charging station finder apps are in high demand as they help people to find nearby charging stations online seamlessly.

If you are looking to invest in mobile app development, Electric Vehicle Charging Station Finder apps are the best choice to create a futuristic business in the near-term future. Here are the features that you must add to an EV charging station finder application.

Must-Have Features Of EV Charging Management Software

Here are the top features of the EV charging stations finder app that makes your application more user-friendly and offers a great experience. EV charging app development with the below features improves the app’s user-friendliness and gives a big hit across the app stores.

  • Simple Registration and Login

It is one of the most essential features that allow users to register and access the EV charging station finder app’s features. Mobile app developers should design the registration and login modules as simply as possible to avoid bounce rates and improve user retention.

  • Social Media Integrations

It is one of the best and most user-friendly features in an EV charging station finder application (Android/iOS). Allow users to login into the app through their mobile number or existing social media accounts and improve the app’s personalization.   

  • User Profile Feature

It will be primarily developed for users to upload their vehicle information like (vehicle type, model number, etc.,) charging information, payment details, and so on.    

  • In-app Map Integrations

Integration of Google Maps for Android app development or Apple Map kit for iPhone app development helps users to find nearby EV charging stations at a distance from their current location.

  • Location Tracking

Adding advanced GPS tracking features and functionalities to EV charging station mobile apps assists users in finding and reaching the nearest charging stations seamlessly.

  • In-app Payments and Transaction History

EV charging station app development with flexible in-app payments feature accelerates cashless transactions and faster payments right after the services. Top app developers should also add a transaction history module where users can view their payment details.

  • Pre-Booking

The development of an EV charging stations finder app with a pre-slot booking facility allows users to book their slots and make payments before they reach the charging stations. It will help the users to charge their vehicles as soon as they reach them and reduce the waiting times.

  • Custom Search With Filters

This feature allows users to search for nearby charging stations based on the vehicle type, model, and charging time.

  • In-app Support

Integration of an in-app AI chatbot will create a smooth interaction platform where users can ask queries about their issues and get instant support from the admins. It will improve the app’s personalization and user experiences. Further, by providing instant customer support services, you can also improve service reliability and achieve improved customer retention.

  • Push Notifications

Push notifications are one of the most common features in service delivery apps like Electric vehicle charging stations management apps. It helps users to get notifications on their slot bookings, payments, nearby stations, location-based details, etc.

  • Reviews and Ratings

User reviews and ratings are the best assets for measuring the app’s performance and quality. These reviews will help companies in analyzing the app’s performance and improve its features and functionalities.


How Much Does It Cost To Develop An EV Charging Station Finder App?

An EV Charging Station Finder App Development Cost will range from $35,000 to $200,000. But, be it Android development or iPhone app development, mobile app development costs will depend on numerous factors. Here are the top factors that impact the cost of EV charging software development:

Factors that affect the cost of building EV Charging Management Software:

  • Features integrated into the software
  • Mobile app development platform- Android/iOS/Windows
  • UI/UX design complexity
  • Technologies, tools, and UI frameworks used
  • Team size of the mobile app developers
  • Location of the mobile application development companies
  • App maintenance and support services

All these factors impact the final cost of Electric Vehicle charging stations finding apps. For instance, the cost of a simple EV charging stations finder app with basic features will be around $35,000 to $60,000.

On the other hand, the design and development of an Electric Vehicle charging management app with medium-level complexity will cost you around $55,000 to $150,000. Finally, an EV charging stations-finding mobile app with stunning UI/UX design, and complex features on dual platforms will reach $200,000 and beyond.

Final Words

Just like AI-powered autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles too anticipated to occupy most of the automobile section in the years ahead. The EV charging station finders app will help people to find nearby charging stations online, refill their batteries, and make their journey happier.

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