How Much Does It Cost to Hire Mobile App Developers?

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Mobile App Developers

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Mobile App Developers?

In this digital era, Smartphones become hubs for a range of custom mobile applications. Every business is targeting its end-users through mobile apps. It has been a trend for many years since the evolution of digitization. Over 60% of traffic for businesses is coming from mobile applications.

Indeed, innovative mobile applications are playing a key role in streamlining enterprise operations and also creating a virtual platform between the brands and end-users. It is attracting many organizations to invest in mobile apps and generate value-driven business comfortably with low and one-time investments.

For developing top-quality and best-in-class mobile applications (Android and iPhone), an organization must hire the best mobile app development company. But, when it comes to hiring a custom mobile application development company, there might be a bunch of questions in investors’ minds and the cost of mobile app development is one of the first striking queries among them.

Yes, custom software development cost estimation or the cost to hire a top mobile app developer will be truly a complex task for companies. In this article, we would like to guide companies about factors that influence the hiring of app developer’s cost.

Estimated Cost To Hire Native Mobile App Development Companies

The final cost to hire a software development company will depends on various factors. Let’s discuss a few significant considerations that influence the cost to hire the best mobile app development company.

Mobile Banking App Development Cost

  1. Software Type

The type of software solution like native Android/iOS app development, or cross-platform development, or hybrid app development, will decide the final hiring cost of mobile app developers.

So, if you are planning to invest in the native mobile app, the budget to hire a mobile application development company would be high compared to cross-platform or hybrid application development.

Because, if you go with native development, the development team you hire needs to create two separate codebases for Android app development and iOS app development. But, for cross-platform application development, developers will use the same code elements for building software on different platforms. It saves their time and also quotes less budget.

  1. Mobile App Complexity

The time to develop a mobile application will also decide the cost that a mobile app development hub will charge. The development of Android/iOS apps will take nearly four to five months.

However, the period will depend on the feature’s complexity and number of integrations. It means that the design and development of advanced applications with custom features will take more time and it directly impacts the average price of mobile app development companies.

  1. App Developer’s Location

The cost of hiring an app developer will also be impacted by the geographical location. Take a look at the average cost to hire mobile app developers by region:

  • Hiring a mobile app development company in North America, you need to pay them approximately $50-$90 per hour.
  • On the other side, the mobile application development services provider in the Middle East will take $45 to $65.
  • Accordingly, the cost to hire a top mobile app development agency in Africa and India will be somewhere around $25-$45 per hour.
  • The cost to hire mobile app developers in Canada will be around C$40 to C$58 per hour.
  • Mobile App developers’ hourly cost in Brazil and Mexico will be around $30 to $40.
  • The hourly cost of mobile app developers is $25 to $50.

Like these, the cost of hiring mobile application development companies (Android developers and iPhone developers) will be influenced by the location/region of the offshore or onshore app development team.

  1. Expertise Of Mobile Developers

The cost of hiring one of the top mobile app development companies in India, USA, UAE, or any other market will depend on proficiency and brand value. Yes, the average hourly rate of mobile application development agencies will depend on their experience and proficiency in the field of custom mobile application development.

  1. Application Category

If you hire mobile app developers for basic mobile app development with a set of general features they might charge you less. But, if you hire a Software Development Company for building a business app with advanced AI-enabled chatbot-like features, then mobile app developers will charge a huge amount.

These are a few significant factors that impact the overall cost to hire the best mobile application development company. Now, let’s what features an organization must look for in an app development company before it hires.

How To Hire The Best Mobile App Developer?

Hiring an experienced and professional offshore mobile application development company or an onshore app development team is necessary for the design and development of flawless mobile apps. So, before you hire an app developer, here are a few essential features that you must look for in the development firm.

  • Go for budget-friendly app development firms
  • Developer’s proven expertise in the app development field
  • Brand recognition in the respective domain
  • Go through the portfolio and case studies of the software developer you hire
  • Hire top app developers with good infrastructure and the right team size
  • Check their geographical presence for ensuring the brand’s sustainability and reliability
  • Look at their client feedback and reviews

These are the core points that an organization must consider for hiring the best app developer from a pool of companies. Hyena is one of the most trustworthy and reliable Custom Software Development Companies. We offer a range of value-driven results-oriented software applications for Android and iOS devices.

Do you have an app idea and looking to hire the best mobile application development company?

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