8 Best and Trending Artificial Intelligence (AI) Mobile Apps

AI Mobile Apps

8 Best and Trending Artificial Intelligence (AI) Mobile Apps

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is gradually taking the world in its arms. The capabilities and applications of this intelligent technology are incredible and can completely revolutionize the world.

Nowadays, enterprises of all sizes are adopting AI technology. AI can optimize work efficiency, automate repetitive tasks, and also assist companies in providing virtual customer support services. AI-powered mobile applications are also one of the best innovations of technology that help businesses reach targeted audiences globally and generate sustainable revenues.

The mobile app development industry is facing intensified competition with the increasing shift of businesses towards mobile application development. Such competition level in the mobile apps market is attracting enterprises to adopt digital trends to stay in a leading position in their business segments.

A few multinational technology companies like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and many other have integrated AI technology in their systems and devices to ensure seamless digital performance. They realized the significance of AI technology and also developed AI mobile apps to provide a more personalized mobile app experience and drive profits. Startups also started funding AI-based mobile apps to increase their brand awareness and to face intensified competition from brands with confidence.

According to Gartner, the AI deployment was tripled in the past year. Nearly 37% of the global brands, enterprises, and startups have implemented Artificial Intelligence technology. The companies are implementing AI technology in some form. Every year many AI-based applications are coming to the market and offering brand recognition to app developers.

This article lets you know what AI technology can make your mobile applications so popular and also listed the advantages of AI mobile apps development for businesses. We have also curated a list of the 10 best AI-based mobile applications that are ensuring seamless performance on both android and iPhone operating systems.

Firstly, we will dive into-

How will AI improve the mobile app experience for the users?

The applications of AI in mobile apps development are boundless. To make the brand name available for the targeted audience, enterprises mostly prefer to infuse AI chatbots, AI voice assistants, and conversational AI capabilities in mobile applications.

Further, AI mobile applications using the power of Machine Learning and Predictive analytics can also be widely deployed to forecast customer choices and market dynamics. I mean to say that AI app development assists enterprises in predicting their customers’ future actions by analyzing their in-app past purchasing behaviors.

Hence, through intelligent mobile applications, businesses can send push notifications to the users regarding the most relevant services or products they are looking for. This strategy will enhance the mobile app experience of the user and increase their satisfaction level.

Top Eight AI Mobile Applications

Depending on the mobile apps rating, user reviews, and number of downloads in the android and iOS app stores, we have extracted the 10 best AI-powered mobile applications for you. If you plan to invest in AI application development, this section might be useful to build an AI clone app.

Let’s get started!

  1. AI Education App: ELSA Speak

ELSA (English Language Speech Assistant) Speak one of the best and popular AI-powered education app offered by ELSA Corporation. This intelligent English learning application assists students and professionals in improving their vocabulary and pronunciation.

This AI in-built speech tutor uses speech-recognition and ML technologies to interpret user language and accents and suggest correct pronunciation according to the American standards.

Users can also attempt tests and check their English language speaking proficiency level. It is a great AI application for preparing for IELTS exams, TOEFL, and TOEIC exams. The app has over 10 million users from across 130 countries.




Notable Features of crazy English language learning apps like ELSA

  • English proficiency assessments
  • Speaking proficiency score
  • Bilingual ability
  • English conversations with learning games
  • Sentence Corrections and many more

AI technologies used for mobile apps development like ELSA- online learning app:  AI, Machine Learning, and Speech or Voice recognition technologies

What to know the development cost of ELSA like AI e-learning app? Let’s Talk.

    1. AI Retail Application: eBay

    We all well knew what eBay does. It is the most-used AI-based online shopping app where users can buy or sell products, explore shopping deals and discounts, and save big.  It is available on both android and iOS versions, and nearly 100,000,000+ users have downloaded the application since its launch.

    This application uses AI technologies to understand the user’s search patterns and displays the most relevant products on the page. This convenient shopping experience will save users time and enhances their app experience.

    This popular online shopping app also uses ML capabilities for recognizing the product image when a user uploads it in the search bar. Besides, the ML technology also helps vendors or admins compare the prices of rival products and offer the best price to customers for quick sales.




    Significant Features of famous AI-infused online shopping app like eBay:

    • Product Categories
    • Customizable Filters
    • Add to Cart
    • Wish lists
    • Purchase history
    • Saved Searches
    • Instant messaging feature
    • Bids/Offers
    • Push Notifications

    Which AI technologies were implemented in eBay: Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision,

    Upgrade your online shopping app with AI and get brand awareness like eBay.   

      1. AI Travel App: Hopper

      Hopper is an innovative travel mobile app that helps users in booking flights and hotels online quickly, easily, and securely.

      It uses AI to analyze billions of prices and accurately predicts the prices of flights and hotels in the future. It also notifies the users about instant deals on travel, if any. Hence, it allows users to save up to a minimum of 35% off on hotel rooms and flight tickets.

      Upon gathering travel dates and destination locations from the user, this AI travel application suggests flights with attractive fares and convenient places to stay. It can also analyze historic and current fares and predicts whether the flight fare will go up or drop in the future. Hence, the advantage of AI travel app development is that travelers find the discounted days to travel and accordingly plan inexpensive trips.




      Unique features of leading AI-powered mobile travel applications like Hopper:

      • Explore Flights
      • Book Hotels
      • Book Cars
      • Calendar View
      • Get Notifications
      • Filters and Search
      • Freeze Prices
      • Find Deals on Trips.

      Technologies That Made Hooper as the Best AI Travel app: AI, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analytics.

      1. AI Dating App: Tinder

      Tinder is an online dating application available in its free version on Android, iOS, and web platforms. With approximately 30 billion matches to date, Tinder ranked as the best free dating app in the USA. It is the best platform where users can meet people and match their preferences, can chat, and can also date.

      Since 2020, along with existing features like find and swipe to connect with people, Tinder is integrated with AI technology for analyzing user’s swipes and in-app behavior to offer them a perfect match to char or date. Moreover, with the potentiality of AI, the company also looking to detect violent messages and other content and increase safety levels.




      Features of trending dating apps in the USA:

      • Profile view and Profile Edit
      • Upload Photo
      • Right or Left Swipes
      • Chat/Connect
      • Super likes

      What Technology Made Tinder Dating App So Popular?

      Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Text and Image Recognition technologies.

      Want to build a Tinder-like similar AI mobile dating app for android/iOS? Get in Touch!

        1. AI mHealth App: Youper

        Youper is one of the best AI-powered mobile healthcare apps that work as a mental health assistant. It is a one-stop-destination for medication and therapy. I mean to say that users can get medicines delivered right at the doorstep and also get video consultations from an expert physician.

        It allows users to take a self-mental health assessment and monitor their anxiety and depression levels on the dashboard. Users can also get therapy exercises to control their anxiety and depression levels.

        Its in-build AI chatbot application is available 24/7 and assists users in suggesting therapy exercises based on their mental health information entered by the users. This user-friendly AI healthcare application also offers emotional practices that help users overcome all psychological concerns.



        Feature of the leading AI healthcare mobile app like Youper:

        • Anxiety and depression assessment
        • Online medical consultations
        • Therapy exercises
        • Mental health reports
        • Online medicine delivery

        Technologies used in healthcare app development:

        AI Chatbot, Text recognition technologies, and Emotional analysis

        1. Smart Home Automation App: Amazon Alexa

        Amazon Alexa app is used to control and organize all Alexa-enabled devices. It is a voice-based AI-powered digital assistant app. This app allows users to manage Alexa-compatible smart home devices, listen to songs, add items to the shopping cart, and get weather reports through voice commands on the go. It also offers hands-free calling, messaging, and so on.

        This app uses speech-recognition technology to understand user commands and quickly perform tasks accurately. The app converts given voice commands into the text to provide more precise replies to the questions asked by the users.




        Intelligent features of most-downloading digital voice assistant apps like Alexa:

        • Set Alarms or Reminders
        • Stream Audio
        • Connect to music
        • Control smart home devices


        • View and edit shopping lists
        • Hands-free Call or message
        • Browse Information
        • Note To-do List and organize your day

        Required technologies for Amazon Alexa-like digital voice assistants’ development:

        Natural Language Processing (NLP), Speech-to-text technology or Voice recognition technology, and WolframAlpha’s computation engine for answering math and science questions.

        1. AI-Powered Banking App: Cleo

        Cleo is an AI-powered FinTech application. With 4+ app ratings and half a million downloads, Cleo also takes place the list of best AI apps in 2022.

        It is the best budget management application that tracks all expenses, savings, credit scores, etc. This best budgeting app also shares money-saving tips with users. Further, the app also offers advances of $20-$100 to pay for the bills. Users can view expenses breakdowns on a weekly or monthly basis, and will helps in improving budget management skills.

        Along with budget management, this application has an in-built AI chatbot assistant with the roast mode that communicates with the user about excessive spending.   




        Features of AI-powered money management app like Cleo: 

        • Expenses tracking
        • Smart budget plans
        • Budget calculator
        • Credit builder
        • Set budget goal
        • Free advances up to $100
        • Money games and quizzes
        • Cashbacks and rewards

        Used AI technologies:

        • AI Chatbot Assistant


        1. AI-enabled Media and Entertainment App: Pandora

        Pandora is one of the popular streaming apps for music, radio, and live podcasts. This trending music streaming app occupied third place in the list of the best radio streaming apps for iPhone.

        It uses artificial intelligence technology for analyzing user’s playlists and offering the music they love to listen to. The AI-enabled voice mode feature of the app allows users to listen to the piece of music they want to enjoy. Hence, with the implementation of AI, the Pandora app is offering a more personalized listening experience to the users.




        Features of Pandora-like most-downloaded AI music streaming app:

        • Pandora modes to customize the listening experience
        • My Station to stream and listen to favorite radio channels
        • Deep Cuts- list of popular songs with more likes
        • Novel voice mode to search, play, pause, adjust volume & thumb up music with voice commands
        • Stream podcasts

        Which AI technologies are implemented in Pandora app development?

        • Voice and speech recognition technologies
        • Machine learning
        • A voice-enabled virtual AI assistant 

        Want to know the development cost of AI music streaming apps?

          Benefits of AI Mobile Apps Development For Businesses

          Artificial Intelligence in mobile app development or software development is accelerating digital transformation and driving the growth of businesses worldwide. There are a plethora of AI innovations we can see in the market.

          The role of AI in mobile apps development is a hot topic. Businesses are using the AI potentiality in mobile apps and focusing on providing hassle-free services to their audience.

          The enterprises that invest in AI-powered mobile application development are likely to witness unbelievably profitable business in the coming years. The companies that integrate AI technology into their mobile application development can unlock manifold business opportunities in the near term future.

          Here we have listed a few significant advantages of developing AI mobile apps for enterprises.

          • In the near-term future communication between brands and customers will happen through AI mobile apps. AI mobile apps automate B2C interactions through voice or text communications.
          • AI technology-powered mobile applications assist companies in predicting market demands.
          • AI apps mitigate the time taken to perform repetitive tasks.
          • AI mobile apps help businesses make better decisions from insights explored from customer data.
          • An AI mobile application development in travel and tourism helps travel agencies identify the fastest routes and make their traveler’s journey comfy and safe.
          • AI implementation for e-Commerce or retail mobile apps development is the best strategy for analyzing customer purchasing behaviors and increasing sales through offering relevant product recommendations.

          Advantages of Trending AI Mobile Applications Development For Users

          Artificial intelligence technology is the best solution to develop smart and unique mobile apps that improve user experience and ensure app personalization and satisfaction.

          • AI-based Face Unlock ensures high-level security to devices or apps.
          • AI chatbots personalize user experience.
          • Mobile apps powered by AI technology create a comfortable environment and allow users to operate smart home devices at anytime from anywhere.
          • AI mobile apps send alerts and notifications to users in real-time regarding their tasks, schedules, etc.
          • AI technology help users in optimizing the searching process 

          The Future Of AI In Android or iOS Mobile Apps Development

          As we discussed in the advantage of AI in mobile application development, AI will reshape the future of mobile apps. Hence, AI-powered techniques will be expected to greatly adopt by enterprises in the app development process to make applications smarter, to analyze the user’s choices, to bring automation, optimize resource utilization, send auto-replies to customer queries, and increase the conversion rates.

          The mobile applications developed using the potentiality of AI, ML, NLP, and other technologies provide a personalized experience to the application users. The voice and image recognition technologies are a major pillar for the success of AI mobile apps. Their capabilities are attracting more organizations to implement in mobile applications.

          Machine learning applications are also in high demand from marketers to automate the sales processes and generating more leads.

          According to the market research reports and being the leading AI mobile apps development company, we have concluded that AI and ML in software application development will reach over USD 90 billion in the next five years.

          Implement AI in mobile apps development and make apps productive and efficient.

          Development Cost of AI Mobile Apps

          How much does it cost to build an Artificial Intelligence (AI) mobile application?

          If you plan to invest in AI mobile application development, you might be very eager to know the cost of AI mobile apps.

          Am I right?

          Well. With increasing development in technologies, the cost of artificial intelligence app development projects is surprisingly affordable. Now, this modern technology is not only affordable for brands, small and medium enterprises, and startups can also invest in AI projects.

          The AI mobile app development projects cost:

          • The cost of AI development with basic features list for one platform (either for android development or iPhone development) will be around $25,000-$40,000.
          • The development cost of an AI project with medium-level complexity for two platforms or a single platform might be around $45,000- $100,000.
          • An AI app development project with enormous features and multi-platform compatibility will be around $150,000.

          However, based on the features we added or AI mobile apps developer that we choose, or app platform, this estimated development costs of AI projects might increase, decrease, or lie between the given range.

          Final Words

          Artificial Intelligence technology will play a leading role in mobile apps development in the future. The advantages of mobile apps that are developed using AI technology are marvelous. Intelligent mobile apps developed with cutting-edge AI technologies encourage automation in business processes and offer hassle-free app services to end-users.

          On the other side, the technology also provides mobile apps developers plenty of opportunities to create more advanced and intelligent software applications. Driven by the increasing demand for AI mobile apps, application development service providers will have a bright future if they have adequate AI resources.

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