How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Healthcare App Like myAster?

Cost to Build a Healthcare App Like myAster

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Healthcare App Like myAster?

Healthcare App Development: Benefits, Features, and Development Costs

Continuous technology advancements are now the backbone of all industries, especially the healthcare sector. Assuring instance accessibility to patient care, facilitating seamless communication between physicians and patients, and enabling virtual video consultations, healthcare mobile apps are offering a multitude of benefits to patients and healthcare service providers.

Additionally, using the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, real-time monitoring of patient health data, secure remote access of patient data through Electronic Health Records integrations, and accurate diagnosis using symptom trackers assist service providers in delivering personalized treatments to patients. Further, integration of improved data analytics, medication reminders, refill updates, telemedicine, and 24*7 healthcare monitoring are other significant benefits of healthcare apps.

In this digital age, healthcare app development transforming care delivery services, thereby

empowering both patients and healthcare service providers’ seamless access and ensuring connected ecosystems. On one side they help patients get instant healthcare and medical services in emergencies and other side healthcare apps assist service providers in providing care services at the right time.

myAster is one such top medical application available for Android and iOS gaining momentum in the UAE’s online healthcare sector. This article would help companies who are in plans to build healthcare apps like myAster. Herein, we have discussed must-have features to create an app like myAster and the development costs associated with the healthcare application.

Let’s take a look at glance at myAster mobile app.


An Overview Of myAster 

Aster Healthcare is one of the biggest healthcare service providers in the UAE. The company launched myAster app in July 2022 and intends to provide a connective platform for doctors, clinics, hospitals, diagnostics centers, pharmacies, and end-users across the GCC region.

With over a network of one million downloads, 3.8 million lives touched, providing access to 700 physicians, 56 clinics, and hundreds of pharmacies that deliver prescription medicine and OTC products in just 90 minutes, all made myAster app the No.1 top-free medical app in UAE.

This UAE’s top healthcare app is available to download for free on the Google Play Store and iPhone apps store. Featuring booking in-clinic or online video consultations, rescheduling appointments, medical reports management, status notifications on appointments, online ordering and door delivery of healthcare products, simple checkout, and hassle-free payments, myASter app has been the one-stop solution for end-to-end healthcare services in the GCC region.

Healthcare App Development like myAster

What Features Making myAster Unique?

  • Flexible in-person and Online Appointments

With the myAster app, users can easily book online video consultations or in-clinic doctor appointments. Users can choose a doctor from over 600 specialists listed in the network and book consultations right from the application. This is a purely user-friendly feature that helps people check doctor schedules and view available slots. Hence, myAster app streamlines the appointment booking process and improves user experiences, and service accessibility.

  • Telemedicine Services and Video Consultations

Users can book video consultations from anywhere and get instant access to specialists in an emergency. It ensures remote delivery of healthcare services and improves physician availability to monitor health conditions. Further, the video consultations feature offers personalized experiences to patients and helps them communicate with doctors from the comfort of their homes.

  • Reschedule or cancel

The reschedule and cancel feature in healthcare app development like myAster ensures significant benefits to patients. Integrating this feature offers flexibility and great convenience to patients. It allows users to reschedule or modify appointments as per their emergencies. On the other side, this feature helps doctors free up their slots and optimize their appointment management process. Hence, this feature ensures increased communication between doctors and patients online.

  • In-app pharmacy

The popular myAster mobile healthcare app in UAE helps users buy an array of healthcare, wellness, and beauty products of approximately 10K inventory. It also helps people get door deliveries of doctor-prescribed and OTC products.

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  • Quick Booking

The famous e-healthcare app in UAE, myAster allows its users to book General physicians instantly right from the application.  Hence, users can instantly consult a doctor online and get treatment faster. To build an app like myAster consider adding this feature for building app reliability and acquiring user loyalty.

  • Push Notifications

This feature plays a key role in sending status updates on appointments, consultation timings, booking status, payment updates, and many more. Hence, adding this feature in healthcare mobile apps keeps the user as well as physicians updated on their activities.

  • Health record management

myAster-like is the most-used healthcare app in the UAE that allows users to manage their family healthcare records from one place seamlessly. Users can access and save all their lab test reports, vaccination data, and scan reports in the application. It helps users to easily access reports at any time and get connect with physicians from the app.

  • Efficient Insurance Management

myAster online healthcare app for Android and iPhone helps users link their existing insurance details and check network availability before making payments. This feature assists patients in claiming their health insurance and reduces the burden of medical expenses.

  • Online Payments

Providing secure and flexible online payments is one of the best ways to improve the reliability of your healthcare application. myAster medical app allows users to pay through easy payment and checkout processes.

  • Attractive UI 

Here is the most important feature that must be considered in Android app development or iPhone app development. Simple and attractive User Interface (UI) and User Experiences (UX) designs easily navigate users throughout the application.

  • Multiple Integrations

myAster application houses multiple integrations, including video consultations, online bookings, in-clinic visits, lab reports danceability, online pharmacy delivery services, and many more. Integration of numerous functionalities will optimize healthcare outcomes as well as application scalability

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  • In-app Chatbot

Artificial Intelligent chatbots are everywhere, including they have occupied space in healthcare apps. To provide instant user support and improve their satisfaction with accurate responses, healthcare app development companies are integrating AI chatbot features while developing e-healthcare applications. This feature will promptly address user needs and optimize their experiences.

  • Profile Management

This is a neutral feature that helps patients, doctors, pharmacies, and laboratories maintain unique profiles securely. Users can control their profile since this feature allows users to edit add or delete credentials that are not needed anymore. This feature also allows patients to monitor their payments and transactions and doctors to check their payment statuses and upcoming appointment bookings.

  • Social Media Integrations

Allow users to login the application through their existing social accounts, such as Gmail and Facebook for improving app experiences and user retention meanwhile reducing bounce rates.

  • Location Tracking Real-time

This is a must-have feature in myAster clone app development. Since myAster is involved in door delivery of medicals, healthcare products, and other beauty care products, adding GPS navigators and real-time location tracking features will help delivery agents to track the users’ location as well as help users to find nearby pharmacies in the app.


The Best Technology Stack For Healthcare App Development like myAster

The technology stack plays a significant role in the development of efficient and high-performing healthcare apps. Here is the best technology stack used for healthcare app development.

  • Front-end mobile app development languages: Java, Angular, CSS, HTML
  • Native Android app development languages: Java and Kotlin
  • Native iOS application development languages: Swift and Objective C
  • Back-end development languages: Laravel, NodeJS, Python
  • SMS or Push Notifications: Twilio
  • Storage: AWS and Google Cloud
  • GPS integrations: Google Maps for Android and MapKit for iOS
  • Payment Integrations: PayPal and Braintree
  • Database: MongoDB
  • Social Media integrations: Google, Twitter, and Facebook

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Healthcare App Like myAster?

 The cost to build a healthcare app like myAster will range from between $30,000 to $120,000. However, the estimated healthcare development costs will vary based on several factors, including:

  • Healthcare app development platform (Android, iPhone, and Windows)
  • E-healthcare platform type (Native app development, cross-platform app development, or hybrid app development)
  • Technologies and tools used
  • Features and functionalities included
  • UI/UX complexity
  • Average hourly rate of top mobile app developers
  • Team size of the mobile application development company you hire
  • Post-deployment maintenance and support services
  • Demography of the mobile app development company you select

All the factors impact the cost of healthcare app development like myAster. With incredible expertise and the best practices in healthcare app development, Hyena develops intuitive Android and iOS apps within the budget you expect.    

Are you looking to hire healthcare app developers? 

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