How Much Does It Cost to Development a Hotel Booking App?

How Much Does It Cost to Development a Hotel Booking App

How Much Does It Cost to Development a Hotel Booking App?

The Ultimate Guide To Build Hotel/Resort Booking Apps!

Hotel booking apps are increasingly gaining popularity and attained remarkable growth over the past few years. These apps assist travelers who go on a vacation or business trip to find and reserve places that meet their desired preferences through their mobile devices.

Hotel or resort booking apps allow people to find and book hotel rooms, browse desired destinations, and track reservation status conveniently from anywhere at any time through their smartphone. This online process has helped users to make their booking experience tremendously quick and convenient.

Even though the app stores have many popular hotel/resort booking apps like Marriott, The Ritz-Carlton, Hilton, and available for Android and iPhone OS, this app category is still offering various business opportunities for brands. Driven by the increasing demand for online hotel reservation apps, it will be a good idea to invest in resort booking apps and earn profits in 2022.

This article will be helpful for enterprises who have plans to invest in online hotel/resort booking apps development. Hyena, the best Mobile App Development Company (USA, India, UAE, Kuwait), has decades of experience in mobile apps development. If you are in the dilemma of how much it will cost to create a hotel booking app in the coming year, this blog will help you out.

Here are the sessions we covered in this article:

  • What are hotel booking apps?
  • Must-Have Features of Hotel Booking Apps
  • How To Make Your Hotel Booking App Unique from Crowd?
  • Which Technology Stack Works Best For Hotel Booking app development?
  • How Much Does It Cost To Make An Online Hotel Room or Resort Booking App? 

What Are Hotel Booking Apps? 

We are living in an environment where we can get everything, every product, every work, every service with just a few simple taps with our fingertips on mobile screens. Mobile apps made our lives easier and removed hassle out. Online hotel booking apps help assist users in booking hotel rooms without the need of contacting executives or standing in a long queue in front of the hotel receptionist.

Hotel booking applications will comprise a list of thousands of brand hotels are allows people to find the best places as per their interest and make room reservations with a few taps comfortably.


Must-Have Features of Hotel Booking Apps For Android & iPhone

If you run a hotel and looking to hire a mobile app developer to digitize your services, never forget to add all the below features into your mobile application to give it a big success.

  • Simple Registration Form

It’s a heart for any online mobile booking apps. The development of an easy and simple registration form helps users to access the app features and functionalities with ease.

Development of lengthy registration forms modules with needless user credentials tends to consume more user time. The chances of app uninstallation rates are also high.

So, for Android-based or iPhone-based hotel booking apps development of a registration form with Email-ID, contact number, and person name (optional) are more enough.

Hyena can develop the most advanced Android/iOS mobile applications on-demand. We have expert native mobile app developers in the USA and India who have strong proven hands-on using Artificial Intelligence and ML-like trending technologies.

Talk to our app development experts and let them know your hotel booking app development idea

    • Login Via Social Media Accounts

    Along with User ID and password access, allowing users to log in through their existing social media accounts is a good and idea. This customer-friendly feature offers a comfortable login process and ensures a personalized experience. Besides, Mariott International like, the #popular hotel booking apps in the USA, has enabled the TouchID feature and gives flexibility to the users to log in through their fingerprint.

    • Profile Management

    Online booking apps development companies should never miss out on this feature to ensure a better user experience. Integration of this feature will help users to view their vacation trip details or edit their account data as they like.

    • Custom Filters To Find Places

    Search filters are helpful for users to find the best hotels at attractive fares. Users can apply various filters such as destination area, price, availability, and ratings and select the best and comfy place to accommodate and make their trip stress-free.

    Hyena Technologies, one of the top mobile app development companies in the USA, can design and develop features-rich hotel/resort booking apps that ensure a thrilling experience for your customers on use. Along with basic filters, we also integrate AI chatbot features, in-app calling, and calendar-like features to make your application more advanced. Let us know your resort booking app requirement, and our android app developers will create the best hotel booking app for your business.

    • Check-in and Check-out

    This feature help guests to make check-in on the way to the hotel speed up the verification process. Furthermore, give flexibility to the guests for extending accommodation dates or for a late check-out and let your app be more interactive with users.

    • My Trips

    This feature reflects like a mirror to all completed and upcoming trip details. Users can check booking details and track their journeys whenever they want. They can also save and re-plan the journeys to save time for reserving rooms again in the same hotel. It is a mandatory feature, and hotel booking app developers should not ignore adding this in the applications.

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    • Offers and Discounts

    Every online booking app user will attract to tempting rewards and discounts. Am I right? Of course,

    Online hotel booking applications must have this feature to attract more and more customers.

    Exclusive deals and discounts on new exploring places is also a significant reason for the high demand for Private home rental or hotel booking mobile apps. Hotel booking app developers are grabbing user attention by integrating special deals and discounts on exploring new places every time. Users can earn points on every trip, redeem them, and enjoy thrilling free stays, unexpected delights, and access to delicious discounts on food, and many more.

    • Push Notifications

    Here is a feature to improve app personalization. Integration of push notifications feature will help hotel management or app admins to send reminders about their check-in, check-out, and other booking-related notifications to guests. It will help hotels to send reminders and do follows up with their visitors.

    • Ratings & Reviews

    The ratings and reviews feature makes people notice your hotel quickly. This feature helps users give their feedback about the respective hotel and their services and ask them to star ratings. This data would help new guests to know about hotel services and help hotels increase conversion rates.

    • Multi Payment Modes

    In-app payments for confirmed reservations ensure safe and encrypted transactions. Hotel owners can receive payments safely and on the customers’ side, this feature helps them do secure payments through convenient modes- such as credit/debit card payments, UPI payments, net banking transactions, and digital e-wallet apps, etc.

    By hiring a mobile application development company you can customize the app features and functionalities tailor to your business requirements.

    The best mobile app development compan in the United States Of America (USA) can make a futuristic Marriott-like famous hotel booking app with multiple payment modes.

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      • Hassle-free and Zero-cost cancellation

      Integration of this feature will allow users to book or cancel hotel reservations of their choice. It will be profitable and user engaging. A few resort or hotel booking apps offer full-refund within the first 24 hours of booking rooms and impose cancellation charges after it.

      So, mobile app developers or app owners make sure to upload an updated refund policy with clear-cut guidelines. It will build brand value and trust in application services. 

      How To Make Your Hotel Booking App Unique from Crowd?

      • Price Estimating Tools

      Technology is becoming more advanced every day. We have tools to calculate budget, manage expenses, and so on. Likewise, we have tools to forecast the prices of hotel rooms.

      The prices of hotel rooms will vary based on the season and market dynamics. Hotel booking apps with price estimators will help users to know the estimated cost of the rooms that they wish to reserve. This intelligent feature considers deals and discounts released by hotel owners and forecasts a fair price to the users.

      • Virtual Tours

      Leveraging the power of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), mobile app development service providers are creating wonders. You can improve app personalization if your hotel booking app provides high-resolution photos and videos of hotel rooms with a 360-degree view.

      • Currency Converter

      It is the most advanced feature that adds spice to the on-demand hotel/resort booking apps. Based on the user location, if your application offers them currency or language converting services, then you can grab their attention.

      Likewise, in-app travel guide, analytics dashboard view are all a few advanced features that make your app unique and let it stand out from the crowd.

      Which Technology Stack Works Best For Hotel Booking app development?

      • Programming Languages for Android App Development: Java, Kotlin
      • Programming Languages for iOS App Development: Swift and Objective C
      • Programming Languages for Cross-platform App Development: React Native, Flutter, and Xamarin
      • Data Storage: Amazon S3
      • Push Notifications: Twilio,
      • Payment Integrations: PayPal, Braintree, Stripe, eWallets
      • SMS or Voice-controlled systems: Twilio, Nexmo
      • Maps: Google maps API and Google places API
      • Cloud Storage: AWS

      How Much Does It Cost For The Development Of Hotel Booking Apps?

      Approximately the cost to build an app like Marriott will be around $20,000-$85,000. But, being one of the best mobile app development companies, Hyena has compiled a list of factors that impacts the development cost of a hotel booking application.

      • Features list

      App features that you want to integrate will decide the price. Clone apps development takes less time but needs to add a few advanced features to make your application look unique. Being the best mobile app developer, Hyena can estimate the maximum time to accomplish each feature. Here we go.

      • App Size

      You can measure the app size with the set of features and functionalities that you integrated into your application. An android or iOS app development with more advanced features will increase the app size and development cost as well.

      • App Development Platform

      The online hotel booking apps cost depends on the development platform. The development cost of Marriott-like hotel booking applications on Android costs higher than iOS as it takes much time to develop.

      • App developer Team Size

      It is also one of the significant factors that impact overall development cost. Adequate resources put less burden on App Development Company. Otherwise, they need to hire more resources. It will increase the development costs.

      So hire the best mobile applications Development Company that has all the required resources to create mobile apps.


      Wrapping Up 

      This article is useful for those businesses who are looking to hire mobile app developers to bring their app idea into reality. Hyena is the best mobile app developer in the USA. From planning and design to deployment and maintenance, we provide end-to-end app development services to brands and startups.

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