How Much Does It Cost to Develop Pharma Delivery App Like PharmEasy?

Medicine Delivery Apps

How Much Does It Cost To Develop Pharma Delivery App Like PharmEasy?

Digitization has touched every industry, including the healthcare and pharmacy sectors. Especially, the global pandemic times during COVID has raised the voice of Digital healthcare or e-Pharmacy platforms.

Yes, the coronavirus pandemic has created incredible opportunities for digital healthcare software solutions like online medicine delivery apps. Contactless medicine ordering facilities from nearby reliable pharmacies and door delivery within 30 minutes as the core drivers and the use of online pharmacy apps is increasing worldwide.

According to the research reports, the market value of e-Pharmacy valued at approximately $52.1 billion in 2022 and is anticipated to reach $62.3 billion by the next coming decade. The post-pandemic has taken the demand for ePharmacy solutions to the next level. Just like healthcare service providers, medical stores through mobile apps have accelerated online pharmacies and benefited during the pre and post-pandemic.

Today, we would like to give a complete guide on the development cost & key features of one of the most popular and most downloaded online medicine delivery apps in India-PharmEasy. Online pharmacy app development like PharmEasy ensures profitable businesses for medical stores while deriving brand value in the marketplace industry.

About PharmEasy Medicine Delivery Application?

PharmEasy is one of India’s top online pharmacy apps developed by Axelia Solutions Private Limited. It was introduced into the Indian E-pharmacy market in 2015.

PharmEasy online medicine delivery application allows you to order a range of prescription medicines, generic medicines, healthcare and OTC products, pet treats, and many more from the most reliable medical stores.

Online Pharmacy App Development like PharmEasy also allows users to book at-home blood sample collection or book diagnostic lab tests easily from the convince of their homes. All these features made PharmEasy India’s most trusted online pharmacy delivery app.

Currently, the PharmEasy medicine delivery app is available in PAN-India across 1200+ cities & delivering to nearly 22,000 Pin codes. The app offers 1 Lakh drugs and healthcare products, 500+ lab tests, and preventative health checkups.

On the downloads front, PharmEasy-like trending medicine delivery app in India has over 10 million active users and got an average ranking of 4.3/5 from Android and iPhone users.

Let’s look at what features makes PharmEasy more popular and the best medical app in India.

Top Features and Functionalities of PharmEasy Medicine Delivery App

Significant features of the best medicine delivery app for customers:

  • Easy Registration and Login

This feature allows users to register and login into the medicine delivery solution with the required credentials. Hence, the users can access the app’s features and functionalities 24*7 as per their needs.

  • User Profile

It is one of the must-have features in online delivery apps or ePharmacy marketplace apps like PharmEasy. This feature assists users in editing or deleting their details hence ensuring better management of their accounts.

  • Search Feature

The search feature acts like a heart of an eCommerce or ePharmacy, or marketplace app (Android/iOS). Offering custom filters like Pharmacy name, location, medicines name, product categories, lab tests name, and Search feature in online medicine delivery application will facilitate users to meet their needs faster and simpler.

  • Quick Upload Prescriptions

It is an advanced feature that plays a key role in making users’ searches faster and easier. Using the phone’s camera, users can take photos of their prescriptions and upload them easily. The in-built intelligent AI tools in ePharmacy apps will automatically read the receipts, order medicines, and generate invoices. It will save the user’s search time and improves app experiences.

  • Add To Cart

It’s a common feature in online delivery apps. Users can add medicines to their shopping cart where they can view the order details, including product names, quantity, discounts, final order price, etc.

  • Confirm Order 

It’s a feature where users can confirm their orders and proceed through payments.

  • Multi Payment Modes

It is a user-friendly feature that allows users to choose a convenient payment option to pay for their orders. Allowing users to pay using credit cards, debit cards, e-Wallets, or through the COD option improves app personalization and sales.

  • In-app Map Integrations

Adding an in-app map feature will help users to find nearby pharmacies or lab centers if they want to book medicine online and take away their medicine from the stores. Further, the location-tracking feature will also help delivery agents to reach user destinations seamlessly and ensure faster deliveries.

Moreover, location tracking functionality also helps admins or medical stores to find the customer locations and decide whether to accept the orders or reject them based on the distance.

  • Track Your Order

PharmEasy is the best medical app that allows its users to track the location of delivery agents right from the application. Adding this feature will improve the app’s reliability and customer loyalty.

  • Reorder

PharmEasy-like the most-popular and most-downloaded online medicine delivery app offers the best feature called Reorder. This feature allows users to reorder their prescriptions by clicking on previous orders without hassle.

  • Online Doctor Consultation

It is an amazing addition to the online medicine delivery platforms. It takes traditional medicine delivery apps to new heights and increases the user base. Along with allowing users to book medicines, integrating the online doctor consultation feature will help users to connect with doctors and get tips for better health management.

  • Push Notifications

Push notifications are a general feature in online drug delivery apps. It helps pharmacies and admins to send notifications to users about orders, payments, discounts, etc. In addition, this feature will also help app developers to increase the opening rate of the application. Hence, along with creating a collaborative platform, push notifications feature would help in featuring the app.

  • Ratings & Reviews

It is a purely user-centric feature where users can give their feedback on app experiences and ratings of the application performance. This feature also helps app owners or medical stores to improve their quality of services and meet the needs of customers.

Key Features Of Medicine Delivery Apps For Medical Stores Panel

  • Simple Registration

Mobile app developers need to create registration modules for medical stores or pharmacies. It will allow medical stores to log in, create their profiles, and start digitizing their drug delivery services.

Upon registration and creating a profile, pharmacies can add store details, such as address and contact number for assisting people who wish to pick up their orders from the store.

  • Orders Acceptance/Reject

It helps medical stores to accept or reject orders as per the stock availability.

  • Inventory Management

This feature helps pharmacies to monitor inventory levels, set pricing, remove out-of-the-stock drugs, and upload new arrivals.

  • Orders Management

It is one of the key features of in online medicine delivery solution. It helps pharmacies to better manage multiple customer orders, automatically process invoices and store order’s information efficiently.  

  • Payment Status

This feature will help pharma stores to set the product price. By using advanced machine learning tools and technologies, pharmacies can monitor the competitor prices and set the best price for their products for yielding good sales.

  • Deals & Discounts Management

It helps medical stores to upload special discounts and deals on specific products for increasing sales.

Significant Features Of Admin Panel Development Of Medical Apps

  • A simple dashboard helps in monitoring orders, payments, discounts, product availability, vendors list, sales reports, etc.
  • App Monetization: Admins can implement premium-feature subscriptions and in-app ads promotion like monetization strategies to generate revenues
  • Medical Stores Management: This feature helps Admins to better manage registered pharmacies/medical stores
  • Push notifications management
  • Deals and discounts management
  • Online transactions management
  • Riders’ or delivery agent’s management
  • Reports and analytics management

Which Is The Best Technology Stack Used For e-Pharmacy Apps?

The technology stack always be like fuel for the design and development of mobile apps development. Be it only food delivery apps, e-Commerce apps, video streaming apps, or any other app’s category, the technology stack plays an essential role in developing robust applications.

Here is the best technology stack for online medicine delivery apps like PharmEasy:

  • Front-end development languages: Java, Angular, CSS, HTML
  • Android app development programming languages: Java and Kotlin
  • iOS app development programming languages: Swift and Objective C
  • Back-end development: Laravel, NodeJS, Python
  • Push Notifications: Twilio
  • Payment Integrations: PayPal and Braintree
  • Database: MongoDB
  • Cloud storage: AWS and Google Cloud
  • Location tracking or GPS integrations: Google Maps for Android and MapKit for iOS
  • Social Media integrations: Google, Twitter, and Facebook

Are you in plans to build an e-pharmacy app like PharmEasy on Android or iPhone? Then there is an interesting information that might be useful for you. Let’s take a look at the cost of PharmEasy-like online medicine delivery application development.

Cost To Develop Online Medicine Delivery Apps Like PharmEasy

How much would it cost to develop a Medicine Delivery?

You might be thinking of this since you have started reading this article. But, it’s a fact that no mobile app development company can estimate the cost of medicine delivery apps or any other software development. Until and unless you choose a fixed-price app development model, the cost of applications cannot be static as it goes through many changes in every phase as per the requirements.

The development cost of an online drug delivery app depends on the below cost-impacting factors.

  • App requirements and features
  • Software development platform (Android, iOS, Windows)
  • The complexity of mobile app’s UX/UI design
  • Tools and technologies used in the mobile application development process
  • Mobile app development company’s experience and team size
  • The geographic location of mobile app developers

These are a few significant factors that impact on the cost of online medicine delivery apps. By considering all these actors, the cost of online medicine delivery apps like PharmEasy will cost as low as $20,000 to as high as $35,000. However, if you want to build an online medicine delivery app with advanced AI features, the development cost might reach $50,000+.

Let’s discuss your project and get a free quote for online medicine app development!


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