How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Dating App like Tinder or Bumble?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Dating App like Tinder

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Dating App like Tinder or Bumble?

As we are all aware that online chatting apps, social networking apps, and online video calling apps have the highest priority from the user perspective. Further, the mobile app industry has witnessed a drastic growth in dating app downloads. People are crazier to find, connect, and chat with strangers who met their preferences.

Tinder is the best online dating mobile app for iOS and Android. Though it was launched to clutch dating industry opportunities in the USA in 2012, the craze for the app is going global. Now, it is the biggest online dating application in the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, India, Canada, France, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, and many more countries.

This Los Angeles-based dating platform reports nearly over billion daily swipes per hour and approximately app users are unlocking the app functionalities on average 10 times a day.

So, Tinder-like trending app development in 2023 would be profitable and the best business strategy for ensuring long-term growth.

Herein, we have shared information about Tinder app features, the best app monetization strategies, and the development cost of the mobile dating app. 


Tinder Dating Platform

With occupying approximately 31% global mobile dating apps market share, Tinder is ranked as number #1 and the leading online dating platform in the world. Whether people want to find friends, chat online, or date, the Tinder-like hottest dating application is there to meet desired needs of users.

It allows users to browse millions of profiles, find their exact matches, Show their interest by gently swiping on the screen, and start their way to connect and char over online or offline.

It has developed with an advanced location-tracking feature. So that by enabling location on mobile devices, people can identify nearby tinder users and find their perfect matches.

Tinder-like the world’s most popular app, with its convenient and user engaging features is reporting nearly 26 million matches per day. As of April 2022, the app has been downloaded by nearly 100 million times from Google Play Store and over reported 6.5 million monthly downloads from the iPhone app store.

All these stats have made Tinder the most downloaded dating application in the USA and worldwide.

Here is the subscriber growth of Tinder or bumble app – like dating apps for the past five years.

subscriber growth of Tinder or bumble app

Features and Functionalities OF USA’s popular mobile dating app-Tinder

Being the best mobile dating app development company in the USA, we confidently give a statement that features and functionalities play a key role in the app’s success. Here are the best features of dating apps that enrich your user experiences and increase app installations, user base, and popularity.

Tinder-like most popular Android dating application’s features for User Panel: 

  • Quick registration and login for allowing users to access the app functionalities easier and faster
  • The social media login feature helps your audience to access the app features with their existing login credentials.
  • Tinder-like on-demand mobile dating platform should provide advanced security for user data. Hence, your app must authenticate the user logins in extremely confidential ways such as face authentication, OTP verification, fingerprint recognition, etc.
  • The user profile management feature helps them add their preferences and enter other information that would help them to find the perfect matches.
  • Upload or remove photo feature assist your users to link their photos to their profile.
  • Match, Swipe, & Connect feature is the heart of the Tinder mobile dating application. Using this feature, people can find their people and communicate with them.
  • Convenient swipe right and swipe lift features allow users to gently swipe right to like and show their interest and swipe left to ignore the profile.
  • Branded as the largest community of singles, the Tinder mobile dating application for iPhone or Android allows singles to find perfect matches online.
  • Geo-location permissions to track the locations and get notifications of nearby matches.
  • In-app chat with a message first or chat facility will enable privacy and make the connection secure and in the user’s control. It is the best feature of Tinder-like America’s top dating app.
  • Send Chat Invite feature is where people connect and build their network upon mutual understandings.
  • Tinder app is featured with customized filters for searching their matches effortlessly
  • Push notifications feature is used for notifying the users about their connections or friend requests
  • The virtual gifts feature is adding value to the popular Tinder-like Android or iOS dating application. It allows users to send or receive virtual gifts to/from their friends.

These are a few must-have features to develop a user panel for the tinder-like most-downloaded mobile dating platform in America and worldwide.

Being the best Android and iPhone app development company in the USA, we leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence (for enabling in-app virtual chat assistance), Machine Learning capabilities (for helping users in finding friends who accurately match their preferences), and Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality techniques (for allowing users to meet in a virtual space in real-time), and make dating apps more powerful and robust. 

Must Add Features To Consider For Admin Panel Development: 

Mobile app developers in the USA and other regions should also focus on building an admin panel with the most-specific features to provide better control over app performance and functionalities. Admin panel features of the Tinder-like dating app not only focus on managing user profiles but also ensure the security and performance of the application.

  • User Profile management
  • Location tracking and management
  • Features management
  • Ensuring page navigations with quick load times
  • Detecting fake profiles for making the app purely genuine with verified profiles
  • Managing alerts and notifications
  • Dashboard view for viewing reports and analytics


How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Tinder-like Dating App or Bumble App?

If you are looking ahead to a Tinder-like Dating App Development Company, you might think of how much it costs.

The actual cost of Tinder-like dating application development can be calculated by multiplying the number of development hours and the hourly price of mobile app development companies in the USA.

Custom software development companies will measure the application development cost based on the above two factors. Additionally, the development cost of Tinder will also depend on application features, development platform, design complexity, and application run type.

Being a top custom mobile app development services provider in the USA, Hyena delivers cutting-edge mobile and web software development services and solutions.

With our vast experience in the app development industry, we estimate that the development cost of Tinder-like dating apps with simple features and UI will cost around $30,000-$65,000.

If you are looking to target both Android and iPhone users, then go for cross-platform mobile app development. But, the development costs might increase. The development costs of building dating apps for dual platforms will reach or go beyond $100,000.

However, the estimated app development price will depend on your app e requirements and the specific needs of your business.

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How-Much-Does-it-Cost-to-Develop-an-App-like-tinderHow To Monetize Tinder-like Global Leading Dating App?

  • Display shopping ads on landing and internal pages of your application
  • Develop premium subscription models
  • Allowing brands to promote their products and navigate to their portals will let you create additional income from dating apps. 


 The primary reasons for the outstanding success of the Tinder dating app are its user-friendly and easy-to-use features and application user interface. The development of Tinder clone apps with all the features that the original app has will be the best way to strike out the competition in the dating app development industry.

Apart from the dating concept, Tinder-like apps are recognized as multipurpose apps. We mean to say that Tinder gives opportunities to find people with similar interests. So, people can build a community of a group of people with the same passions. Hence, the scope for Tinder-like app development is high in this digital space.

Let’s partner with Hyena, the best custom app development partner, and get dating apps developed with advanced AI features on Android, iPhone, and Web OS.

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